The Trial (The Tree House, #2)

The Trial (The Tree House, #2) Lynam gave me the opportunity to review The Trial just a few weeks ago after I reviewed book 1, The Treehouse Going into this story, I thought, it s a sequel It s not going to be that good Admittedly, I was wrong The main focus was on Jack If you ve read the first book you ll know who he is However, if you have not read it yet, I won t spoil it for you The story is told in 2 parts One from Jack s point of view and the other from his brother Lynam does an amazing job describing everything I felt every emotion, all the tension while reading this It really does suck you in and keeps you interested I look forward to reading the next installment Well done Copy given by author for an honest review WOW Again Shay Lynam completely gripped me from the first page I loved the suspense that had me on the edge of my seat It felt like I was holding my breath to the very end Simply amazing I loved seeing Jack and Ben together and how they came to the tree house with the others I already loved Jack and really loved seeing another side of him All I can really say about Ben is WOW I don t want to give anything away, but I love Ben I really was intrigued by learning about Ben and everything he has gone through and what has brought him to the point he is at.If you read and loved the Tree House, then you have to read this If you enjoy suspense, then this series is a must read. Having previously read, and enjoyed, The Tree House I couldn t wait to read this book It serves as a prequel to The Tree House but new readers can read the series in either order in my opinion.Jack was one of the main characters in the first book and being able to read about his story prior to that of The Tree House was a huge bonus for me It allowed me to fully understand his character, the things he has done and said, and get beneath the exterior image he portrays.The relationship between Jack and his brother Ben is extremely well written They are friends as well as brothers and that shines through in this book.I liked that the author has written this story from both Jack and Bens points of view This allows the reader to get inside their minds, see from their perspectives exactly what they are going through being put through It also explains a lot of what went on in the latter part of book 1.I cannot wait to read the next book in this series, especially after reading the first chapter of it at the end of this one. Coming straight from The Tree House, first book in the series I was completely shocked about the direction the author took the book In the first book The Tree House I was left wanting to know about the characters and how did everything come to that point Is the author reading the readers mind That is exactly what you get I liked the better understanding of the characters and the background of how the events unfold I read the teaser on the next installment and another SHOCK in the direction Good stuff A must read Didn t think it was possible This book was even better than the first, in my opinion Now I need to see if the third book is available I MUST read it now Excellent job Shay Jack Morgan S World Comes Crashing Down Around Him The Day He Receives A Strange Letter From His Parents Urging Him And Ben To Disappear Feeling Betrayed And Confused, The Brothers Instead Decide To Go Searching For Answers Neither Of Them Could Have Ever Imagined The Truth Behind Their Parents Desperate Message And That Ben S Mysterious Past Is Coming Back To Haunt Him

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  • The Trial (The Tree House, #2)
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  • 14 July 2018
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