The Tutor's Daughter

The Tutor's Daughter Emma Smallwood, Determined To Help Her Widowed Father Regain His Spirits When His Academy Fails, Agrees To Travel With Him To The Distant Cornwall Coast, To The Cliff Top Manor Of A Baronet And His Four Sons But After They Arrive And Begin Teaching The Younger Boys, Mysterious Things Begin To Happen And Danger Mounts Who Does Emma Hear Playing The Pianoforte, Only To Find The Music Room Empty Who Sneaks Into Her Room At Night Who Rips A Page From Her Journal, Only To Return It With A Chilling Illustration The Baronet S Older Sons, Phillip And Henry, Wrestle With Problems And Secrets Of Their Own They Both Remember Emma Smallwood From Their Days At Her Father S Academy She Had Been An Awkward, Studious Girl But Now One Of Them Finds Himself Unexpectedly Drawn To HerWhen The Suspicious Acts Escalate, Can The Clever Tutor S Daughter Figure Out Which Brother To Blame And Which Brother To Trust With Her Heart

and her husband have two sons and live in a suburb of St Paul, Minnesota.

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    Julie Klassen is one of those authors I knew I would love even before reading her I was agreeably surprised to discover that her style is a pleasant mix of Jane Austen and the Bront sisters This novel combines to excellence well drawn and fascinating characters, mysterious settings, family secrets and gothic atmosphere I was swept away in the story within the first few pages and had a really hard time putting it down, because I simply had to know what would happen next Emma Smallwood and her father arrive in Cornwall where Mr Smallwood has accepted a position as tutor to the two youngest sons of the Weston family of Ebbington Manor Strangely, although Sir Giles Weston has invited them, there is no one to welcome them upon their arrival, and they are made to feel unwelcome at Ebbington by Lady Weston s chilly reception Already, the reader is aware of a tensed atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, and that atmosphere only gets better and heavier as the story goes on.Soon, Emma is aware that someone is entering her room at night she finds a toy soldier on the ground, receives strange love notes and her diary goes missing Who could be entering her room and why And why does it seem as though everyone had a secret at Ebbington Manor Sir Giles seemed to have forgotten that he d invited the Smallwoods to his estate and Lady Weston is obviously displeased to have them there Emma also meets Lizzie Henshaw, Lady Weston s ward, and though the girl seems friendly enough, she is clearly hiding something Then, there are the four Weston brothers Julian and Rowan, who will be tutored by Mr Smallwood, and Phillip and Henry, whom Emma already knows, having met them while they attended her father s academy in Longstaple Phillip had been a kind friend to her in the old days, always attentive and smiling, while Henry had teased her mercilessly and had shown himself arrogant and overbearing She hesitates in blaming him for the pranks however, as she can see that he is a boy no longer and surely has enough maturity by now to forgo such silly teasing She remains on her guard, but will soon learn that there is to him that meets the eyeEmma was a truly wonderful heroine, and I could relate to her in many ways her love of books and order, having a designated spot for everything, writing in a journal, having a special teacup, making lists of all kind, calm and tranquil demeanour and secret romantic aspirations Emma is clever, courageous and noble, and she was the perfect heroine for such a complicated tale of dark secrets, love tangles, forbidden north wing, strange whisperings, romantic tension and dangerous Church tower.The hero of this novel was a true swoony knight in shining armour and I loved him from the beginning Also clever, courageous and noble, he was the perfect match for Emma, and also the perfect man to set everything to rights at Ebbington manor There were many touching and heart warming moments throughout the story, which offered a nice contrast to the otherwise tensed and dark atmosphere.Filled with suspense, romance, adventure and danger, The Tutor s Daughter was an amazing read, perfect for reading on a dark rainy afternoon, wrapped in a warm blanket and drinking tea from a special teacup Strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for an engaging tale of romantic suspense in a light Gothic Regency atmosphere.

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    3.5 stars, rounding up This is a pretty good historical romance, with a little bit of semi gothic mystery and suspense mixed in, sort of like a Christian version of an old Victoria Holt novel Emma, the daughter of a widower, accompanies her father to Cornwall, where he will be the in house tutor for the younger half brothers of Henry and Phillip Weston, whom she knew as younger boys when they used to attend her father s academy for boys Phillip was the outgoing, friendly one who flirted with her his older brother Henry was the one who was awkward and standoffish except when he teased her They re wealthy gentry while Emma just helps her father teach school, so of course there will be no romancing going on Of course.The plot is thickened with some run ins with local villagers, who rely on shipwrecks which often happened in the dangerous Cornwall coastal area for salvaged goods that they can keep or resell, vs Henry, who s trying to rescue shipwrecked seamen and help them protect their cargoes There are also mysterious noises in the house, a secret the family is obviously trying to keep from Emma and her father, and someone sneaking into Emma s room at night and stealing things from her room There are also some friendly, semi love letters left under her door from some unnamed admirer which actually struck me as rather out of place and out of character at the time for the person doing this, but whatever.There are expressly stated Christian themes in this book the hero is encouraging the heroine to find God again It s not too overwhelming and doesn t overpower the plot, and it s nice that the hero is such an honorable guy, not a jerk in the least just trying to make up for a few jerk moments from when he was a teenager, hah The heroine is one of the quiet, practical sort, not gorgeous but quietly attractive She thinks she s tall and gawky, but the guys seem to like the way she looks.I m not a huge Julie Klassen fan, but every once in a while I pick up one of her books I have to say that this is one of the better Klassen books I ve read It s not terribly deep, and it gets a little slow in spots I succumbed to the temptation to peek ahead , but it s a satisfying historical romance if you like or at least don t mind some religious content So far this one and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall have been the Klassen books I ve liked best of the five I ve read, with Fairborne Hall having the edge as the slightly better book.

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    If I were rating this book solely on the first half of the book I probably would give it 3 To a certain point I really like Klassen s writing That point would be when about half way through the book it begins to draaaaaaag on And on And I start holding it up and comparing pages to see how much longer it is going to last and think SURELY I have to be further than this Because although Klassen is an interesting, perhaps even entertaining, author, she just doesn t have the chops to sustain interest for 400 pages, particularly not when one can easily figure out within the first 50 just where the story is going and who, in the end, gets the girl If you like Christian fluff fiction with an historical bent, you ll probably enjoy this She s decent at the genre Don t look for depth of writing or really anything remarkably interesting to happen with the plot Definitely no plot twists, not if you ve read anything else by her, or in this genre And the one remotely unpredictable mysteryjust who that girl is whose name I ve already forgotten Yeah, that s going to be dispensed with in about 2 sentences Maybe a full paragraph Sigh We COULD have had some intrigue there.

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    UPDATEI just realized that I somehow forgot to add this book to my read shelf Concerning the book, all I can say is that it I actually liked it which is an absolute shock for me since I had already determined that I would dislike it, but I really enjoyed the story In fact, this is the only Julie Klassen book that I like Every other one I ve read was boring or the characters seemed plain to me With this book however, I was totally invested in the plot and needed to know what was going to happen Plus the romance was really sweet and I enjoyed seeing flashbacks of the main characters as children They were adorable In addition, the mystery in the novel actually kept me guessing, and was written skillfully so I was hooked However the best thing about the story was that there was no love triangle What a relief.4 surprising stars for me.2016I really wanna read this, but I smell a love triangle, and I can t stand those I always find myself rolling my eyes at them Maybe I ll try it, but if the love triangle is a big part of the book, I ll put it down.

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    4.5 starsPublication date 1 Jan 2013, 28 Feb in the UK according to UK The Tutor s Daughter is an well written and engaging romantic mystery set in Cornwall in the early years of the 19th Century, at a time when the Cornish coast was a haven for smugglers and wreckers locals who would plunder the goods of foundering and wrecked ships, often ignoring the plight of the crew in favour of saving the cargo.Emma Smallwood lives with her widowed father at his small boys school in Devonshire, but since the death of her mother two years previously, Mr Smallwood has not taken a great deal of interest in his school which has led to a decline in the number of pupils attending Following the departure of their most recent pupil, Emma decides to try to drum up some business this is their livelihood, after all and to that end writes to Sir Giles Weston, father of Henry and Philip Weston, who attended the school some years ago, to ascertain if he has any interest in sending his two younger sons twins Julian and Rowan to be educated at the school.Surprisingly, his response is to invite Mr Smallwood and Emma to his home, to tutor the boys there, a proposal which Mr Smallwood is keen to accept.Emma has fond memories of Philip Weston, but not so of his older brother who used to tease her unkindly and continually subject her to pranks so while she is keen to see Philip and even harbours some romantic feelings for him, she is apprehensive about meeting Henry again.I really enjoyed the story There is a Jane Eyre ish quality to the early part of the book in that there appears to be a mysterious stranger in the house who is prone to wandering around late at night That part of the mystery is, however, solved about half way through the book and the attentive reader will probably have made a reasonable guess as to the solution by then anyway , but there are many sinister goings on at Ebbington Manor which kept me anxiously turning the pages The Weston family is clearly hiding than just a madwoman in the attic , however The second Lady Weston rules the roost Sir Giles is often apathetic and usually goes along with his wife s wishes in order to have a quiet life Their teenaged sons Rowan and Julian are surly and rude, and her ladyship s ward, Lizzie Henshaw is at one moment a vapid girl desirous of nothing than pretty dresses and town gossip, and the next is spiteful and catty, a mass of contradiction Emma hasn t had a lot of female companionship in her life and initially hopes that they can be friends, but it soon becomes apparent that Lizzie is rather unstable and only interested in herself I don t like to say too much about the plots of the books I review so as not to spoil them for potential readers, and I think it s even imperative that I don t give too much away when reviewing a mystery story Suffice to say that I found the mysteries and their resolutions to be satisfying and that although I had my suspicions as to how certain characters were tied together, there were still some surprises along the way.Running alongside the mystery is the story of the deepening friendship between Emma and Henry Initially, she distrusts him intensely, believing him to be the same boy who tormented her at the school This may seem very na ve and in fact there was the odd time I rolled my eyes and thought that she needed to realise that Henry has grown up in ways than one but it s very clear that Henry s pranks and teasing cut her quite deeply and so I suppose it s natural for her to retain her suspicions of him until he begins to prove to her that he can be trusted.But prove it he does Henry and Emma strike up a tentative friendship which quickly turns into mutual affection and understanding Emma is surprised to find herself attracted to him and the romance between them develops at a good pace it doesn t feel rushed, although I did think that the reasons that briefly separated them towards the end of the book were somewhat flimsy.If I have one quibble about the book, it is with Henry s questioning of Emma s faith or lack of it Clearly, this is a book with a Christian message, and I have no problem with that, provided that message is handled subtly which for the most part it is I just felt that the passages in which Henry tried to restore Emma s faith in prayer were somewhat jarring when set alongside the presentation of the rest of the story I would almost say that those sections felt like conscious insertions rather than an organic part of the novel as a whole That said, however, I thought that the part where Henry tried to talk to his brother about God and his concept of Him worked much better contextually.Taken as a whole, I found this to be a very enjoyable read The characterisation is consistent, the various plot threads are skilfully woven together and the romance is charmingly done.Recommended With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy.

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    Julie Klassen does it again, delivering a deep, engaging novel you just can t stop reading Once again, I found myself staying up late at night, in need of answers, turning page after page, sinking in the mystery and romance, dashed with gothic suspense, this book has to offer This author is definitely one of the best I ve ever read, and her passion and commitment for storytelling are visible in the pages of each of her books The Tutor s Daughter is a wonderful gothic romance set in the coast of Cornwall, that starts when Emma Smallwood and her father leave their academy for boys and go to live and teach the younger children of Ebbington Manor, home of the Weston family, whose older sons, Henry and Phillip, both studied with Mr Smallwood as kids Emma remembers both from the past, as they played lots of pranks on her as children, and is eager to see Phillip than Henry, since she recalls him being the kindest, most attentive from the two brothers But trouble starts head on From the moment they arrive at Cornwall, things start going oddly wrong No one shows up when they were supposed to be picked up by a carriage, their rooms aren t ready when they get to the Manor, the masters of the house have completely forgotten they would arrive that day And from there, things start to go wrong.I confess that a part of the mystery didn t engaged me, simply because I could predict what was going on The mysterious nocturnal visits to Emma s room, the handprint on her mirror, the piano playing on its own in the empty music room That was no ghost From the moment I read Lady Weston forbidding them to visit the house s north wing, I knew that the mad man woman locked up and isolated plot was coming It isn t badly written, but it can be seen coming from miles away, and instantly reminded me of another, classic novel with a mad woman locked up in a mysterious, dark, echoing attic you all know which I m talking about It s not a wrong decision from authors to choose this path, but the thing is that, in my opinion, that other book I mentioned is the first thing that pops into our heads upon reading it Again, it s well put, but it s been read a lot of times before, it s an overused plot point Although, as we get to know, this particular madman isn t exactly crazy I guessed he was another Weston brother after the brief conversation between Henry and Lady Weston that Emma manages to overhear, but the surprise part for me was to read that Adam wasn t aggressive, and never meant any harm he was just curious, as a child, and although the book doesn t say so, his case sounds like a case of autism than insanity It is horrible that having such a child was considered shameful for these grand families, that decided to give them away to be elsewhere, but I loved how Henry still remembered he was his brother, wanted him to have a loving, comfortable home, and loved him for who he was, in despite of everything.As usual, this book is full of deep constructed characters, and there s some you love, and some you hate Emma Smallwood is utterly adorable, and I loved her She s smart and organized, and isn t afraid of anything, she s bold enough to do whatever is needed, no matter what I loved the fact that nothing could stop her once her mind was made, and didn t need anyone s approval to go ahead with her plans and ideas when she slapped Lizzie, she did something I had been longing to do myself Somehow, I felt I could be friends with Emma Julie Klassen s characters are always deep and passionate, with both virtues and flaws, and I could truly see some of me in Emma, in her doubts and fears, especially as a Christian, and in that feeling of not belonging, of not being there, but neither here As tutors at Ebbington Manor, Emma and her father aren t servants, but neither part of the family They are somewhere in the middle, and for the well organized, always in control Emma, that s a difficult position in which, I believe, most of us have been, are, or will be And creating a relatable character is key in any piece of fiction, because it can make the reader connect with the character on a deeper level And Henry I loved him from page one He acknowledges he did wrong in the past, and wants to become a better person and Christian He has to keep his head cool and think as his family s heir, and that means watching for the state and its grounds, managing finances, and of course, marrying the right woman, which his stepmother already chose to bear the Weston last name she doesn t care which brother marries her, as long as one of them does He is a hero for me, in the way that he doesn t care what happens to him if that means he can avoid a greater evil He s seen enough of men drowning in the sea during storms in the coast, and when his time comes, he does his best to save as many lives as he can It was very impressive, and mostly because the rescue is based on a real rescue occurred in the area, when a man on horseback was able to rescue sailors from the sea after a shipwreck Again, Julie Klassen proves how well she knows how to use her research, and how much she cares for historical accuracy.Even when I was afraid, for a moment, that this book would contain a love triangle I hate them , I was relieved to find out that it didn t I never thought, not even for a moment, that Emma would end up with Phillip She had fond memories of him, but clearly, she wasn t going to fall in love with him She was too smart for someone like Phillip, who always felt like some foolish, soft guy, not at all at the level of what Henry could be Unlike his brother, Phillip is guided by his feelings and acts upon them, he leaves Oxford at midterm to see some girl of humble origins he s in love with I mean, it s not like there s too much space for doubting and guessing Phillip is clearly depicted as somewhat inferior to Henry, and there was no reason for Emma to fall for him, and I m glad she didn t, for her relationship with Henry had me rooting for them the entire book, eagerly waiting for them to kiss, and when they did sigh I read that kiss over and over again, it was beautiful, emotionally open, and raw honest, they stopped thinking and for once listened to their hearts It s not like I feared for their lives, but I imagined myself in the whole situation, and it gave me goosebumps for the record, the flooding chapel, not kissing Henry, but it could be applied to both Although Emma doesn t acknowledge her feelings for a big part of the book, she sees Henry s superiority of character and personality, and how he struggles to improve every day, but knows, the whole time, that he can t marry her, given her station as the tutor s daughter I ve read many other books in which the characters want to be together, but they struggle to hide their feelings and remain apart from one another simply because they shouldn t, whatever the reason for that mostly social standing, but also money conditions, stubbornness, reluctance to accept feelings you know, the usual , and I liked very much the fact that Emma and Henry know the barriers between them, but they avoid this endless rambling that normally takes lots of pages about all the reasons why the shouldn t be together And that s great, because it speaks of an author behind the book that cares about not exhausting her readers with repeated information, assuming they are smart and don t need a constant repetition of the same thing over and over again, which happens a lot with other authors After the disaster in the Chapel, I was engrossed with the whole explanations around the mysteries build as the novel moved forward The plot around Lady Weston was engrossing and I felt outraged, because it was justified Many times, villains don t have a believable goal, they exist for the sole purpose of opposing the hero, but you can t figure out why exactly But in this case, it has a purpose, and I even understand it I know why she acted that way, thinking as a mother, going beyond the law for her sons to have something for their future lives I loved that Rowan decided, in the end, to do the honorable thing, proudly calling Henry his brother and apologizing to Emma for all those pranks, bordering cruelty But Julian That prepotency Upon the ending of the book, seeing him talking to his father and brothers like that, I was thinking please, sir Giles, slap him as the disrespectful brat he is, he deserves it But he didn t, instead sending him to the navy Not everyone gets a happy ending in this book.There s something I would like to mention, that doesn t get completely clarified Was Phillip in love with Lizzie That s probably the only loose end, because everything is an assumption, there s no clear affirmation that they actually wanted to get married and they don t On the other hand, Aunt Jane s happy ending left a big smile plastered on my face, because even when she had little part on the story, she was an adorable character and I was very happy that she got to make her delayed dreams come true.Not much else to add, except that I loved this book, and I wish to do justice to all the awesome little details it has All authors need the passion Julie Klassen expresses with each page, and of course, I ll eagerly grab any book with her name on it, because it s guaranteed to be excellent If you like what you read, you can find me in my blog for reviews and other articles

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    3,5 5 no ha sido el mejor libro que he le do por el momento de la autorame ha faltado m s misterio, m s trama, m s todo.

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    Emma Smallwood s life suddenly changes when she decides to move to Cornwall to help her widowed father teach two sons of Sir Giles Weston and cheer his low spirits up But after they arrive strange things begin to happen and Emma starts thinking she may be in danger Someone sneaks in her room at night, steals her journal and leaves strange handprints on her mirror and wall The only member of the family she is happy to see again is Phillip, the second son of the baronet who attended her father s Academy years before as the elder son Henry did Phillip was always very nice to her and very friendly On the other hand, Henry was a mischievous boy who was always ready to tease her and argue with her When things get dangerous and someone tries to send her back home, will Emma learn who is worthy her trust Will she be able to understand what and most of all who her heart truly wants I do not know if I can perfectly explain how much I loved this novel I loved everything I was completely enchanted and hooked by Emma s adventures and the people she dealt with, especially one of the Weston brothers but I will not tell which one because I do not want to spoil anything I wanted to finish it soon to see how it ended but I did not want to finish it because I was very sorry I could not read it any I know, I am a little crazy Anyway, I enjoyed reading about the places Emma visited and the descriptions of the landscapes she explored I was thrilled about all the mysteries, secrets, misunderstandings she experienced with some people in the mansion Every time I imagined what would happen there was an unexpected twist that pleased me I felt close to Emma because she is a passionate, clever girl and book lover like me, also she prefers a good book over a long afternoon spent shopping I liked the strength of the words used to speak about God and religion and I was pleasantly surprised to read about first impressions that were totally wrong, about different characters Truly, there is nothing I did not love I even liked Lizzie Henshaw s Lady Weston s ward lack of privacy and Lady Weston s pride Everything was perfect.For those who love Historical Fiction, this is the book for you Those who do not like this kind of stories well, you must read it It is well worth reading.

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    Klassen s latest addition did not disappoint I loved the combination of romance, intrigue and mystery it was perfect.Just when I thought I knew what was coming, there would be a plot twist that totally took me by surprise Klassen definitely excels at giving the reader just what they need to know but not too much The supporting characters were delightfully complex and perplexing They are all hiding secrets, both malicious and benign, and figuring out who is hiding what kept me turning the pages until the very end For me, this plot had better pacing than some of her other novels I never felt like the story line slacked off or that the tension lessened I didn t care for the prevalence of flashbacks that she used, but they were never very long, so it wasn t too much of a bother.Cornwall was the perfect setting for the story It seemed to be such a brooding, slightly wild place, and it made for a lovely backdrop I also must say that Klassen excels at endings My biggest complaint about endings is when they are too abrupt and don t answer all of the questions I like how this one came full circle without dragging on with unnecessary details I liked this nearly as much as The Lady of Milkweed Manor, which is my favorite Klassen novel This is definitely my favorite since reading that one Just an all around fun, romantic historical Fans of this period and type of setting will not be disappointed.

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    I m so glad that the first book I read in 2013 was a Julie Klassen book Her books are always so well written with intriguing settings and characters reminiscent of the classic romances As was the case with her previous novels this starts out slowly but continually builds so much so that you can t put it down At first I was bit worried that this was going to be too much of a Jane Eyre copycat with a mysterious ghost at Weston manor causing all sorts of mischief but I was genuinely surprised by just who that said ghost really was The Tutor s Daughter not only is a romance but a unique look at what life was like for those who were considered to be different in the 19th century It s what touched me the most in this book and I couldn t help but fall in love with such endearing characters like the elder Weston brothers, both the hero and his brother All aspects of this story were perfection and The Tutor s Daughter has earned it s spot as my new favorite Julie Klassen read and quite possibly a favorite book of 2013 I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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