The Venetian Betrayal

The Venetian Betrayal Locating Alexander The Great S Final Resting Place Unknown To This Day Remains A Tantalizing Goal For Both Archaeologists And Treasure Hunters Now The Quest For This Coveted Prize Is About To Heat Up After Narrowly Escaping A Fire That Consumes A Danish Museum, Cotton Malone Former US Justice Department Agent Turned Rare Book Dealer Learns From His Friend, The Beguiling Adventurer Cassiopeia Vitt, That The Blaze Was Part Of A Campaign Of Arson Intended To Mask A Far Diabolical Design From The Ashes Of The USSR A New Nation Has Arisen The Central Asian Federation At Its Helm Is Supreme Minister Irina Zovastina, A Cunning Despot With The Single Minded Desire To Surpass Alexander The Great As History S Ultimate Conqueror The Federation Has Amassed A Harrowing Arsenal Of Biological Weapons, And Only One Thing Keeps Zovastina From Setting In Motion Her Death March Of Domination A Miraculous Healing Serum, Kept Secret By An Ancient Puzzle And Buried With The Mummified Remains Of Alexander The Great In A Tomb Lost To The Ages For Than , Years Together, Cotton And Cassiopeia Must Outrun And Outthink The Forces Allied Against Them In Order To Unravel A Riddle Whose Solution Could Destroy Or Save Millions Of People Depending On Who Finds The Lost Tomb First

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  • Hardcover
  • 608 pages
  • The Venetian Betrayal
  • Steve Berry
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780345485779

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    This is my first book by Steve Berry, I haven t read any of the previous books in this series I don t know Cotton Malone beyond this book or any other character It wasn t a serious issue, but I couldn t overlook it totally too It made difficult for me to attach to Malone, for example To those who know him from previous book he already is a three dimensional, complicated character I m sure To me he isn t that developed as a hero I still like him but I would like to know him Or spend a bit time in the book with him I believe he can be a very interesting hero.The plot is pretty okay The conspiracy theory linked to the Alexander the Great is well thought and has no major inconsistencies It s entertaining and attention grabbing I ve got a degree in political science, in international relations particularly, and sometimes I find the alternative arrangement of political forces or the whole political intrigue terribly tendentious or completely implausible or even against any existing political theories It makes me pretty mad Fortunately, this part is quite well made in this book The scholar in me would still have some doubts, but for the sake of fiction I can ignore those and enjoy the plot Still, there is something missing in this book, I m not really sure what Maybe it s my inability to fully attach to the characters or maybe something else that stops me from giving this book than 3 stars I recommend this book anyway as an easy and nice read but to be totally honest I have had better ones.

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    Got this one for Christmas I d never read Steve Berry before He is of the Dan Browne Robert Ludlum ilk international thriller It s good escape and the fact I ve been to Venice made it even enjoyable High body count, interesting characters,a nasty lesbian villain and short chapters what can you ask Many of the chapters are subdivided as they change scene from one group of protagonists to the other As the book nears the end, these changes come quicker and quicker and it all gets a little Pattersonesque.The only thing that really bugged me is Berry s use of she made clear or he made clear as a form of attribution Maybe once in a novel is OK, but this got to the point where you start looking for it, and that is never good.I m looking forward to his next one, as it starts in Garmish, Germany, where I visited the year following Venice Is this guy following me and writing the books I should be, or what

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    You re killing me Steve Berry This book really dragged for me I found myself zoning out quite a bit which is surprising considering the amount of explosions that occurred I liked seeing Stephanie and Cassiopeia again but UGH this story seemed to never end and not in a good way A problem that I see in many of Steve Berry s novels is that he practically drowns his story in historical facts until it s hard to find the plot That much info, while informative, makes it feel like you re reading a textbook I was also surprised about how little there was about Alexander the Great which is what encouraged me to read this I suppose you know a book isn t that good when you re thinking only a few pages before I can read something else.

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    Basically a Clive Cussler rip off After the historical fiction about the death of Alexander the Great, we get a rash of arson in European museums to cover up the scheme of a Russian oligarch She wants to use an ancient healing serum to take over the world Cotton Malone has to stop them.Not bad, but nothing memorable.

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    This is the third book in the long running Cotton Malone series about a former Justice Department agent who has retired to sell old books in Copenhagen but keeps getting dragged into archeological and geopolitical conspiracies I read the previous one not long ago, but while there are recurring characters, each book seems to be a separate adventure.Cotton s friend Cassiopeia is investigating a series of arson attacks in small museums across Europe, as someone appears to be collecting rare coins from Ancient Greece Cotton is drawn in to help and, together with Henryk and Stephanie from the last book, they uncover a plot involving the ruthless Supreme Minister of the fictional Central Asian Republic, whose obsession with Alexander the Great is pushing her to try and expand her territory through the release of a killer virus.I ve been interested in one day travelling to Central Asia for a while, and by complete coincidence ended up watching an episode of a BBC reality TV show called Race Across the World, where pairs of competitors travelled overland and sea from Baku to Tashkent Some of them stopped in Samarkand Uzbekistan which I had heard of but never seen images of, so it was strange to pick this up a few days later and discover that not only is Samarkand one of the major locations, it also includes a detailed description of the barbaric game of Buzkashi, like polo but with a decapitated goat carcass instead of a ball, that was also featured on the TV show Anyway, this was another competently written fast paced adventure, with a nonsensical premise, diabolical baddies willing to let millions die for profit glory, double crossing each other left right and centre, and a medically implausible wonder cure I knew virtually nothing about Alexander the Great so that was interesting once again the author reveals which bits are real and which he made up in the afterword My biggest complaint is that Cotton is completely devoid of personality, has no sense of humour and shows no emotion but he s not a psychopath, I just think the author only writes people in 2D I would read from this series if I come across cheap copies but won t be in a rush to hunt them down as there are too many other series with much interesting protagonists.3.5 rounded up for the entertainment value of the action and the historical snippets.

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    Toil and risk are the price of glory, but its is a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving an everlasting fame Alexander The GreatWhat happens when the fate of humanity rests upon the tough guy skills of a retired spy, one who happens to also possess a deep knowledge of ancient history, including that of Alexander The Great, Saint Mark, Ptolemy, Achilles, Greek Fire and Elephant Medallions These are the skills and knowledge necessary to track down and stop an evil organization bent on using biological warfare to destroy its enemies Answer times like these require the special talents of Cotton Malone, former agent of a U.S agency known as the Magellan Billet and, basically, a major badass The author, Steve Berry, tells a tightly weaved story line Some have referred to his Cotton Malone series of books as the thinking man s version of Da Vinci Code This book, Venetian Betrayal, is full of strong, colorful characters, including a clever Vatican priest, a rich and mysterious Dane, a Spanish Muslim version of Katniss from Hunger Games, a Central Asian lesbian seeking world domination, and a Venetian virologist who s developed multiple strains of deadly viruses It helps to have read some of the prior books in this series for a better perspective of the central characters, but it s not essential to do so.

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    Yet another Cotton Malone book, this time with an all star cast reunion Not only do the faithful readers of Steve Berry s books get to see Henrik, Casseiopa and Stephanie again, but even Colin Michener makes a guest appearance.Unfortunately we already know much of the depths of these characters so there was no real character development, hence less emotional involvement for the reader The book had no surprise twists waiting to catch the reader off guard, just the usual trying to figure out which double agent is a triple agent, etc.The plot was decent, just not the wild romp through history at a breakneck speed.The funny thing is that even Steve Berry s worse book to date is better than many other author s best.

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    This is my fourth Steve Berry book and I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with Cotton Malone and the other characters While the book was slow at times, I found that I could not put it down I enjoyed the Alexander the Great story and the fictional Central Asia Federation Not to give away the plot, but the book definitely makes you consider the potential of certain things happening e.g with the former Soviet republics in Central Asia and of certain things existing I am looking forward to picking up his latest book.

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    I d give The Venetian Betrayal 2 1 2 stars if it were an option It s definitely my least favorite of Berry s books that I ve read, largely because the plot didn t maintain my interest The characters lacked human ness if I had not read Berry s previous books, I wouldn t have felt I knew them at all Still, I was pulled into the Alexander the Great storyline, and the imaginative portrayal of the Central Asian Federation, so I ll round this one up to three stars.

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    THE VENETIAN BETRAYAL opens in true Steve Berry fashion with a historical scene that lends to the background of the plot In this case we find Alexander of Macedonia the Great brooding over the loss of Hephaestion, his friend, warrior, and possibly lover who has died In his grief he blames Glaucias, the physician for his death, and is executed, but not before we learn that Alexander is ill Berry immediately shifts to Cotton Malone, the main character for the author s series of historical novels Malone is a former US Justice Department covert operative who retired two years ago and purchased a bookstore in Copenhagen Malone notices a door to a Greco Roman museum is open so he enters only to find himself in grave danger and is saved from an arsonist s work by Cassiopeia Vitt, an archeologist, scholar, and a women of many martial talents Vitt and Henrik Thorvaldsen, a Danish philanthropist among his many interests have appeared in previous novels as has Stephanie Nell who was a member of the Magellen Billet, an undercover Justice Department operation, and with similar agendas they work well with Malone.The story is a complicated one It seems that when Alexander the Great tried to conquer India around 323 BCE he was met by soldiers riding elephants which he and his army had never experienced and were decimated It appears elephant medallions were created and minted to highlight this episode and a number of individuals want to acquire the eight or nine that still exist The characters that are developed include Enrico Vincenti, the leader of the Council of Ten that governed the Venetian League, a group of 432 powerful men and women who resented the obtrusiveness of the Italian government The Council replicated the 14th century version of this governing body and their membership had their own concept of wealth and government Vincenti is a wealthy man who is the largest stockholder in Philogen Pharmaceutique, a Luxemburg corporation headquartered in Venice but has a complex in Xingyang located in western China Philogen s chief scientist, Grant Lyndsey has developed important viruses and their antiagents that may be weaponized The other major character is Supreme Minister Irina Zovastina, the leader of the Central Asian Federation, a grouping of former republics of the Soviet Union that have formed their own political entity, and is obsessed with Alexander the Great Vincenti and Zovastina are deeply ambitious and it is interesting to see how their relationship unfolds and how they deal with each other s goals that do not totally dove tail Further confusing the plot line is Viktor Tomas, a double or possibly a triple agent who seems to be in the pay of all sides that appear in the novel The question that underlies the novel is how these characters relate to each other and how does the elephant medallions, Lyndsey s work, and the divergent agendas of the main characters come together to form a suspenseful thriller.A further plot line which overshadows the first part of the book has to do with the final resting place of Alexander the Great Zovastina is convinced that if she can find his remains she can use it as a symbol to spread her federation westward to defeat Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan before she made a move into the Middle East She saw herself as replicating Alexander the Great who originated in the west and moved east, Zovastina wanted to reverse the process by moving from the east toward the west Enhancing this line of the plot is a secret cure called the draught that was used in antiquity to conquer disease Further, is the work of Ely Lund, a researcher in a museum in Samarkand, who uncovered a number of important ancient manuscript pages that were linked to the medallions and Alexander the Great s final resting place Malone and company are drawn into this entanglement which includes the Vatican, the president of the United States, biological weapons, and a host of unsavory characters.Berry does a remarkable job shifting scenes and creating tension His historical and Bill Bryson like descriptions are to be commended as HIV research becomes a major component of the story, in addition to the Greek fire, an arsonist s solution that seems to engulf museums across Europe If you enjoy fast action, counterfactual history, and strong character development you will enjoy Berry s work For myself I look forward to THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT, the next installment of Berry s Cotton Malone series.

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