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The Vincent Brothers He May Have Given Her Up Without A Fight, But Sawyer Vincent Is Far From Over Losing The Girl He S Loved All Of His Life Instead Of Giving Up His Best Friend And The Girl He Thought He D Spend Forever With, He Gave Ashton And His Brother Beau His Blessing However, Adjusting To Seeing Ashton Wrapped Up In Beau S Arms Isn T Easy Complicating Everything Even , Ashton S Cousin Lana Is In Town For The Summer Sweet, Kind, Soft Spoken Lana, Who Gets Under His Skin Just Being Near Her Makes Him Forget All About Ashton And His Broken Heart Lana Is Everything He Wanted Ashton To Be Except She Isn T Ashton She Lacks The Backbone To Stand Up For Herself And Confidence That Ashton Wears Like A Crown Lana McDaniel Has Lived Her Life In Her Cousin S Shadow While Lana Struggled With Her Grades No Matter How Hard She Tried, Her Mother Praised Ashton S Intelligence She Hadn T Been Blessed With Ashton S Blond Hair And Flawless Skin, But That Didn T Keep Her Mother From Lamenting Her Naturally Red Hair And Freckles But None Of That Would Have Mattered If Ashton Hadn T Always Had Sawyer Vincent Wrapped Around Her Finger The Only Boy Lana Wanted Once Ashton Let Sawyer Go, Lana Had Been So Sure That He D Move On Determined To Make Sawyer Finally See Her, She D Talked Her Mother Into Letting Her Spend The Summer With Ashton But Sawyer Is Still In Love With Ashton, And Lana Isn T Going To Be Anyone S Rebound Girl No Matter How Yummy Sawyer Vincent S Kisses Taste

Abbi Glines is a 1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party and Existence series She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be Britis

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    5 sexy Southern drawl Stars The Vincent Brothers is the second book of The Vincent Brothers series This time, it s about Sawyer and Lana In the first book which is The Vincent Boys, there wasn t much anything about them that was interesting since they were just childhood friends and Sawyer was deeply attached to Ashton But in this book, they met again and became romantically involved when Lana went to Grove to spend time with Ash and to temporarily get away with her family issues Lana was, at the same time, aiming to finally get Sawyer s attention who was her secret childhood crush Things, however, were not that simple because despite the sexual tension between them, Sawyer still hasn t moved on from his heartbreak over Beau and Ash s romance.I totally loved this book It was so much better than the first one The ultimate reason was of course, SAWYER VINCENT This guy and his sexy Southern drawl swoons I didn t expect myself to like him better because his character in the first book seemed off and shallow But here He s a total Mr Hottie McHottie and his character improved a lot I admit he was a total a hole in the first parts of this book but throughout the rest of the book, I understood him even better and I ended up falling for him.I simply love the romance here It was emotional and there was so much sexual tension between Sawyer and Lana All throughout the book I found these two so cute and adorable They ve got the chemistry that I rarely feel in some romance books There was also a lot of things that happened here I loved the adventure Sawyer and Lana experienced together with their group of friends I also loved the push and pull thing between the couple and the series of conflicts that was resolved in a sweet manner Other than that, there was also family drama which made me cry.And that HEA It was so perfect The moment I closed the book, I practically hugged it with a smile on my face I need books like this Rating

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    Sawyer has always been the one for Lana Ever since they were childhood playmates, it was always Sawyer and Lana against Beau and Ash When Beau and Ash would torment her, Sawyer would come to Lana s rescue She s nursed a long time crush and had to watch Ash and Sawyer together for three years, knowing Ash didn t fully appreciate him Sawyer s always been the right Vincent Boy in her mind Now that things are over between Ash and Sawyer, Lana visits, hoping to finally catch Sawyer s eye Remember prim, proper, and polite Sawyer from The Vincent Boys, with all his polite and chaste kisses for Ash Well after Ashton breaks up with him to be with Beau, Sawyer goes through a bit of a change When Sawyer catches sight of Lana, he s beside himself Was Lana always this sexy and tempting And why should he resist now that Ash has broken up and moved on A new plan of distraction and fun forms in Sawyer s head, and if Ash is jealous, well that s just a fringe benefit jerk Lana brings out in Sawyer what Ash never did She stirs up overpowering feelings and desires he never knew he had Here s a sample of what Lana does to Sawyer Sawyer You think I m a better choice than Beau He s the bad one, you know The dangerous one Girls like bad boys I shivered as he took another step closer, his eyes never leaving their study of my lips Forcing myself to remain calm, I responded, Not all girls Hmmm He raised his hand and gently ran the pad of his thumb over my bottom lip I mentally imagined biting his thumb and pulling it into my mouth to suck but I didn t Instead, I just stopped breathing They are as soft as they look.maybe softer, he whispered, then he lowered his head and before I could take a calming breath his mouth was on mine Faints What starts out as no than a distraction in Sawyer s mind, quickly turns into something else, something Oh my Sawyer is far from perfect in this story and he screws up a number of times I wanted to smack some sense into that boy, but turns out I didn t have to With every stupid action he makes, he counters it with a heart stopping, sweet and loving one Sawyer notices that Lana is closed off and doesn t easily confide in people, and he wants to be the one she confides in, the one who comforts and protects her So much for just a summer distraction Even though I couldn t help but fall for Sawyer, Lana is the one that steals my heart in this story She is so sweet, understanding, and innocent Never bitter, even though in my opinion, she has reason to be Lana having to hear and deal with her parent s messy divorce, broke my heart They cared about themselves than her well being No child should be put in the middle of bickering parents Don t even get me started on the Dad He failed Lana miserably Ugh To me, she should ve been angry with Ash a couple of times, but she never blamed her I was a little afraid to read this because I loved The Vincent Boys so much, I didn t want anything to mess with Beau and Ash s story I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I loved this story as much, or maybe even a bit than The Vincent Boys I didn t think I could love Sawyer as much as Beau, but I was wrong As an added bonus we get a perfect epilogue that make you sigh and go awww Abbi Glines also posted a extra bonus scene, you can find it on her blog here So if you haven t read The Vincent Boys or The Vincent Brothers what are you waiting for Go, go, go You can find this review and on The Readers Den

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    After speaking with some friends, I decided to come back and revise some of my extreme ranting and raise my rating to a solid 3 star I thought this finally might have been the book from Glines that would get me to go up to a 4 star rating but insert fist shake at the heavens the last 75 pages or sosigh No go.Important things first These covers make me want lots and lots of candy, specifically caramel apple pops because this new lollipop looks like a green apple I don t recall there being lots and lots of candy consumption among the pages Someone s toying with me, trying to get me to associate candy and sex I m not complaining I like candy and sex or the song Sex and Candy I m just not sure how it relates to the Vincent Boys.I admit, I liked the book overall, even though I still had a few complaints.Story wise, it had me like cute little kittens and puppies have me You want to cuddle with the adorable little kittensuntil the little turds scratch you Have you ever been scratched by a kitten Talk about miniature claws of doom Who would think that something so tiny and adorable could be so scary Thank the heavens that Sawyer stepped up his game Finally The boy has a working male part, it s good to know For whatever reason, he never managed to figure this out during his 3 year relationship with Ash Is he for real What hormonal teenage boy not counting those with actual reasons, such as personal or spiritual beliefs doesn t want to get it on with his girlfriend Because he thinks she s so brilliantly perfect Uhyeah I guarantee you that no teenage boy is going to be with any girl for 3 years and not ever try to get past 1st base Come back to the real world, Sawyer I call BS on this statement of his Never, did I think about being inside her Whoops, I forgot that I was still in the pros section, not the cons section Let me reel this in and say what was great about the story I liked caveman Sawyer better than caveman Beau. Yep I said it Sawyer used his primal urges for the forces of good I also appreciated that there was a bit of game playing and questionable behavior Not everything during the teen years happens in a get from point A to point B manner Misunderstandings and making people jealous and beating around the bush does come in to play when you re unsure of how the other person feels As long as the story doesn t get overrun with it which didn t happen , a little bit of this does provide some accuracy when it comes to the world of teen dating and relationships I really liked how Lana was working out her bizarre behavior in her head and trying to justify her thinking because most of us have done this at one point or another Maybe the healthy response would ve been to stand my ground and force him to accept I was my own person But I didn t I wanted to be wanted. Something else that worked for me was seeing how both Sawyer and Beau thought the other Vincent had everything handed to them The grass is rarely greener on the other side of the fence, no matter how much we think it is The dual PoV s worked well in this series because the story became interesting when we got to see how Beau and Sawyer s minds worked The biggest positive Sawyer never fell too hard, too fast He knew that he was still carrying a torch for Ash and was honest with Lana about not being completely ready to move on Huge points for this This book is worth the read just to see this love story unfold The timeline was handled perfectly.And there was some nice sexual tension in this water boarding not the torture kind scene Hmmmthat s nice, Sawyer whispered into the curve of my neck I tightened my hold on him and buried my face in his shoulder A warm sexy chuckle vibrated within his chest.We were up and going before I could think about anything else My legs clamped down on his waist so tightly the hard arousal I d felt earlier was now firmly pressed against me Ah, hell, he whispered in my ear and I shifted, wondering if I weighed too much or was holding on too tight Please Lana, don t move I can t concentrate when you do that The smoldering gleam in his eyes sent my body into a warm frenzy Am I hurting you Sawyer shook his head and pressed a kiss to my forehead Not the way you think Hang on, I m going to give you a little bit of a ride Lana and Sawyer s story was enjoyably easy to read Thankfully, their story does take up most of the book.Moving on to the I want my money back part of the review The recycled characters and scenarios keep on happening I want to be wowed by seeing something new We had another issue with a parent cheating on another parent with a much younger woman It s Because of Low all over again mini spoiler ahead, click at your own risk How about view spoiler siblings finding out they re related after so many years hide spoiler

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    Ya no ramos yo Beau y Ash contra el mundo.Ten a a Lana y ella era la n mero uno en mi equipo BuenoMe gust m s que el 1ro pero hay algo molestandome, los chicos Vincent est n bien, tienen errores y cosas buenas, pero no logr sentirme bien ni con Ash ni con Lana En el primero nunca vi a la Ash salvaje de la que tanto se hablaba y Lana era realmente insufrible Arg, quer a algo m s de ella Las 4 estrellas s lo por Beau, Sawyer Ethan y Harris al final que medio intenta algo con Beau.

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    I have to say it I sorta felt like I was cheating on Beau when I started reading this book I fell in love with Beau in the Vincent Boys, and I loved his hot bad good boy ways But now, if I had to choose, it would be a difficult decision Sawyer was really sweet, but rather dull in the first book But oh my, not in this one He got flustered and jealous His chemistry with Lana was smoking hot Guess it just goes to show you what the right woman can do for a man And Abbi shows us Sawyer in a brilliant, steamy, sexy way Loved this book and am writing this review at 4am because I had to finish it It s just that good.

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    RATING 3.5 Vincent Hearts When I m with you, my world is complete When I touch you, I understand the meaning of life When I lost you, I completely shattered You Own Me The Vincent Brothers is a charming sequel, giving us a sweet romance and well placed drama in true Abbi Glines fashion Although this has one of the most loathsome and frustrating conflicts in contemporary reads lack of communication it, surprisingly, works in this, not at all hindering the enjoyment, instead delivering a sweet love story with likeable enough characters.Sawyer is a hero we can t help but love the moment we meet him in the first book, his good boy personality, sweet gestures and love for Ashton easily winning us over In this however, he goes from nice to being an ass, eliciting many frustrating emotions and dimming our previous attraction for him Fortunately for us though, he redeems himself by the end with his tender declaration of love for Lana and finally getting over Ashton Lana is not nearly as fun as Ashton, yet she s no less likeable Though her continuously forgiving Sawyer for his every moment of utter stupidity grates on our nerves, when she finally develops a backbone, we appreciate her tenacity and applaud her realization that she isn t meant to be anyone s second best, our sympathy for her overflowing, and wanting nothing than to reach in and give her a big hug for all that she has endured The romance, albeit sweet, leaves a little to be desired, emotionally quiet enough that it pales in comparison to the love we experienced between Ashton and Beau in the previous installment Nonetheless, the steam is ever present, leaving us in a satisfying place Overall, The Vincent Brothers is a delightfully pleasant read, reinforcing why despite its predictability we as readers enjoy a Abbi Glines romance, the allure of true love and teenage dreams always bringing us back for Posted September 4, 2015

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    4.5 starsMy conclusion after finishing this book My most favorite of all Abbi Glines books I loved this I love Sawyer, I love Lana, I love Beau and Ash, I love the ending In short I love every freaking thing I laughed, cried, swooned and swooned and swooned and yeah, definitely swooned Abbi Glines s books give off this feeling that get me this sh t eating grin on my face that never got off even after I finished the book and had me giddy the entire time And yes, The Vincent Brothers did just that or I guess, even Sawyer s character didn t really strike me anything when I first met him in The Vincent Boys, in fact I thought he was boring and dull BUT, six months later I realized I was so so wrong This boy was never a bore and this time his character did actually strike me Hard And boy did I fell in love.Sawyer definitely took me by surprise by a lot of things First, of course, by this sexy and flirty side of him then him being so sweet and caring to someone other than Ash and there was also this jerk side of him which really annoyed me I love how his character changed and developed throughout the entire story and as he realized that he could get over his heartbreak over Ash and care and fall in love to someone who s not her Lana was a very strong and sweet girl And I just simply adore her She was so nice and understanding that you would definitely be angry when someone hurt her With all she d been through it was hard not to have this protective feeling over her, even from Sawyer But I was glad that she was the one who punch some sense to him I also loved the idea of her getting out of her shell and did herself a make over She was never oblivious of her beauty and charm yet she remained so nice and down to earth This was the book that made me least frustrated and worried when it came with the dramas and conflicts from all the books of Abbi Glines I ve read That s probably why this became my most favorite It was surprisingly easy and it covered every aspect it should have covered without getting too dramatic So to conclude, this was a very enjoyable, sweet and steamy read I had so much fun reading this I loved Sawyer and Lana s chemistry and of course, those sweet, swoon worthy, hot and steamy moments between them that I am sure most of you will enjoy Abbi Glines offered a very wonderful epilogue too that left me utterly satisfied with this series I highly recommend this Read this This review is also posted at Book Overdose

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    From my newest critique partner Abbi For those of you into alpha s you re going to LOVE this Abbie delivers from the very beginning and continued through the very end Sawyer is one hot sexy alpha through and through and my goodness I did not think I could fall any in love with Beau than I had in The Vincent Boys but sigh view spoiler She also gives us something very special that had me squealing hide spoiler

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    Okay, so this was one of my most highly anticipated books for the year, and I m SO glad it s finally out Vincent Boys was one of my all time favorite stories, I fell in love with Beau and just couldn t get enough of him and Ash I wasn t sure how I d feel with the sequel because I knew it was Sawyer s story It must be a very daunting task for a writer to take a character that you purposefully made somewhat expendable relationship wise in one book to suddenly be a heartthrob in the sequel That s kind of how I felt about Sawyer he was sweet and lovable, but Beau s sexy, cocky, bad boy personality just blew right through him for me But Abbi nailed it in Vincent Brothers, creating another side to Sawyer that I never saw coming and very much enjoyed Oh, and the added bonus of seeing Beau and Ash happy and unable to keep their hands off each other Sawyer is still pretty hung up on Ash this time around, but he s trying so hard to get past it all Enter Ash s cousin Lana When he sees Lana and realizes that the plain Jane is now a foxy lady, I just loved his reaction He practically molests her with his stare, much to her delight The fact that Lana had loved him for years and never thought she d have a chance b c of Ash really brought their story full circle After we learn about Lana s family and what she puts up with, my heart just broke for her when she had to deal with Sawyer s behavior Her feelings are so hurt by his selfish comments and inability to stay out of Ash s problems, and it was so crushing every time he makes her feel unwanted God, this poor girl just could not catch a break, and I wanted to slap Sawyer and shake Ash for not stopping to think about her Of course, Sawyer was hurting too, and having to be around Ash all of the time without being the one she goes to still felt wrong after so many years It was like they were stuck in this whirlpool and Sawyer couldn t drag himself out of it to see what he had right in front of him with Lana.Sawyer s behavior wasn t the only thing that changed for Vincent Brothers, and boy was that a pleasant surprise He was such the good boy in VB that I was never expecting the dirty little mind this boy has grown into It s not easy to make a virgin, straight laced character suddenly be oozing in sex appeal, but boy was I ever fanning myself over Sawyer He s definitely moved past his shyness about going farther than first base, and he and Lana have some serious sexual tension going on Whew I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I absolutely loved having time with my Vincent boys Seeing Sawyer s side was an awesome way to wrap up their story, too, and he and Lana were just perfect for each other It was like Lana was just what Sawyer needed to finally move on, and he made her become the strong woman she needed to be This was a sweet, hot, heart pounding, fun story and I just wish I didn t have to say goodbye to my boys I loved the way it all wrapped up in the epilogue, though, it was a beautiful ending to their journey

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    I wasn t sure if I m going to like this book because I m not a fan of Sawyer Vincent Still, I m intrigued how will he move on after losing his girlfriend, Ashton over Beau Vincent It hurts to see the girl he once loved with another guy As the story continues, Ashton s cousin, Lana McDaniel came in the picture She had a long time crush over Sawyer and she will take a chance to see the real her Hoping that he will like her as much as she did Also hoping he is over with her cousin I find this slightly better than the previous book.Lana is likable than Ashton She s such a sweet, selfless, understanding and genuine lady Even if Sawyer was a total jerk on most parts of the book and hurt her feelings, she forgave him I just love this lady Beautiful inside and out Sawyer s character development is really good He totally tested my patience for him being an a hole Lana didn t deserved to be treated the way he did I loved it when he finally get to his senses and realizes how truly he hurt her He made sure that he s going to win Lana back in his life That changes my impressionon him Call me a hopeless romantic but I swooned when he pulled off that letter That left me speechless and emotional I just find it romantic The chemistry between these two are just so good I really like it.Overall, it s a great conclusion for the series Final rating 4.5 5 stars

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