The Warlord Wants Forever

The Warlord Wants ForeverThe Warlord Wants Forever The Sensually Charged Novella That Started It All In This Scorching Series Opener, New York Times Bestseller Kresley Cole Introduces The Captivating Immortals After Dark Series The WarlordNikolai Wroth, A Ruthless Vampire General, Will Stop At Nothing To Find His Bride, The One Woman Who Can Blood Him, Making His Heart Beat And Filling Him With Strength Coldly Interested Only In The Power His Bride Will Bring, He Can Hardly Believe When Myst The Coveted Awakens Him Body And SoulThe SeductressFamed Throughout The World As The Most Beautiful Valkyrie, Myst Has Devoted Her Life To Protecting A Magical Jewel And To Fighting The VampiresWroth Provides Her With The Perfect Opportunity To Torment Her Sworn Enemy For With His New Heartbeat Comes A Consuming Sexual Desire That Can Only Be Slaked By Her Denying Him, She Flees, Struggling To Forget His Searing, Possessive KissThe Hunt Is OnShe Eludes Him For Five Years, But He Has Finally Chased Her To Ground And Stolen Her Enchanted Jewel, Giving Him Absolute Power Over Her Now That She S His For The Taking, He Intends To Make Her Experience First Hand The Agonizing, Unending Lust She Subjected Him To For Half A Decade Yet When Nikolai Realizes He Wants Far Than Vengeance From Myst And Frees Her, Will She Come Back To Him My dearest Immortals, I know I am about 10 years late BUT I think it is about time to get acquainted with each otherI ll begin with the most basic What are you Pussy Cat Doll And this is how I was introduced to Valkyries The female immortal bloodthirsty warriors And this is how vampire Nikolai Wroth has met his Bride, i.e Valkyrie Myst who was really a vampire hater But Wroth convinced her that vampires are not that bad.I love the concept of destined mates in my PNR books I love it when the couple cannot avoid the inevitable and they are struggling with their feelings and their raising passion until they fall in love with each otherI will be good to you, Myst I will protect you You are mine This series is definitely a winner for me I am looking forward reading stories about magnificent monsters. Do you know a woman who s bitchy, non compliant and difficult According to Cole, the answer to this is that she s just too damn empowered and has too many rights Surely relinquishing her unappreciated freedoms and rights will make her abundantly happy and compliant and sluttyI hear an objection from the Kresley Cole fans and in the interest of fair media representation, I ll relay it to the rest of you But Kat, the novels ends with Wroth and Myst in an equal relationship where Myst has her freedom and Wroth is remorseful for his treatment of Myst That s very true But this happens AFTER Myst has been tamed and brought to heal like a bitch in heat It also happens after Myst, who is a two thousand year old woman of immense power and knowledge, contemplates how happy she is now that she s no longer in charge of her own life.I am not exaggerating, either She reminisces on how, unknowingly, she s been waiting for a man stronger than her to come along, overpower her and take away those burdensome choices Stop lying You re just angry because you don t have a kitchen to go home to Note to men Despite how insanely beautiful and attractive I am, I can assure you that any attempt to kidnap or control me will not end pleasantly on your behalf Despite my Super Slut Powers, I m less than likely to fall to pieces at the sight of your sizable manroot and decide to exchange regular access to it for my freedom I really actually enjoyed how this novel started because Myst was just so badass She reminded me of Holo out of Spice and Wolf, which is a great anime if you re new to the genre and are looking for something to convince you that the Japanese aren t all weird and creepy perverts My issue with Cole is that she interprets female strength, in this novel, as using your sexuality as a weapon and deceiving men with the illusion of sex I don t think sexuality mingled with deception is women s greatest weapon or strength any than I think a man s greatest weapon is his physical strength In fact, Myst never even really tries to outsmart Wroth, as if it s a useless attempt Dude, you have like 1300 years on the guy You don t have one trick up your sleeve that doesn t involve handjobs image error This was a great paranormal novella I have to admit that I needed to lookup several terms, because I wasn t up to snuff on knowledge of mystical beings For example, I had no idea of what the term blooded meant Luckily, I was able to figure everything out and it didn t take away from my enjoyment of this story.I ve been meaning to make it back to this series ever since I read A Hunger Like No Other , which was fantastic by the way I finally made my way back, and this short read did not disappoint In under 200 pages, Ms Cole crafted an addicting, steamy story This is a story of forbidden love between natural enemies It is full of supernatural beings and intense sexual situations Talk about sexual tension The main characters, Myst and Wroth, seem to want to kill each other about as much as they want to get it on They definitely kept things interesting.It has been a while since I ve read A Hunger Like No Other , so I could be wrong, but I didn t notice a strong connection between the two stories The stories might be distantly connected, but it seems to me that they are easily read as standalone stories Overall, this was a fantastic choice for a quick and steamy read It was entertaining, sexy and intriguing I was sucked right into this story from beginning to end. DNF at I have no bloody shrimping idea And frankly, I don t give a damn I was so furious when I stopped reading I didn t even bother to check I wish I had time to write a full length review to properly convey how much this piece of crap pissed me off But I don t, so I ll give you the short of it And I ll start by the worst of it I CANNOT STAND books that promote rapey behaviour And bringing women to submission against their will And taming them because, you know, women are not supposed to be strong badasses They re supposed to be compliant wimps HELL NO.And I don t give a damn if the f cking hero regrets his actions at the end of the story You do not romanticize this type of behaviour NO YOU DON T And why is it that it is always female authors who write such CRAP Why To make things worse, our thousands of years old, supposedly ass kicking heroine is fine with it Yay Why don t I give up my free will and let the big, strong male take over I am nothing but a lame, weak female after all I obviously cannot think or choose for myself Life is so much easier when Macho Man is in charge Yay again I m such a lucky girl I m pretty sure feminism just committed suicide again Must be a PNR thing If this wasn t enough, the story is also ridiculous, stupid, boring and the world building is confusing as hell A PhD might be required to fully understand what is going on here And I still haven t figured out when this is supposed to be happening the Middle Ages 2012 1854 No freaking idea To make things worse it looks like the author couldn t choose what sups and mythological creatures to use in her story so she just threw them all in there Yeah, Kresley Cole is an equal opportunity kind of gal Everyone gets a chance in her books, from Valkyries to Vamps Yay Anything else Apart from the AWFUL writing you mean And the PNR Tropes Fest Nah, that s pretty much it Congratulations Kresley Cole, you just made it to my Black List From Hell.

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