The Waves (The Island, #2)

The Waves (The Island, #2) The First Memory I Have Of My Grandfather Is Of A Moment That We Share TogetherI M Sitting On His Knee Looking Out Over The Harbor Grandpa Is Smoking A Pipe He Points At The Horizon Look, Walt Our Ships Are Out There And One Day, Another Even Beautiful Ship Will Appear At The Horizon A Mighty Ship To Take Us All Away And Annabelle Will Be At The Front Deck With Open Arms, Inviting Us All To Join Her On Board Why Don T We Sail To Her Ourselves I Want To Know Because She Promised She Would Come, Granddad Replies And In That Promise We Trust It S Only The Unbelievers Who Think They Can Do Everything Themselves They Have No Faith In The Goddess Walt Lives In Hope Harbor, An Island Community That Has Put Its Trust In Salvation From Across The Sea The Townspeople Wait Patiently, Build Their Ships To Sail Out And Welcome The Goddess, And Piously Visit The Temple Every Week Horror Stories To Scare Their Children Are Told About The Unbelievers On The Other Side Of Tresco But Not All Is What It Seems Walt Has Questions That No One Can Answer, And When His Best Friend And Cousin Yorrick Is Killed In An Accident, He Digs Deeper To Find Out The Truth About The Origins Of Hope Harbor S Society And The Secrets Of The TempleReturn To The World Of The Island And Discover What Walt S Life Was Like Before And After He Met Leia

was born in the Netherlands and lived in Austria, Belgium and the UK during her studies She learned how to read at the age of three and has never stopped reading since Her favourite books to read are YA paranormal fantasy, sci fi, dystopian and romance, and this is reflected in the stories she writes In her home country, she is a trade published author of paranormal romance and chicklit Across the border, she is a self published author of poetry, paranormal romance and dystopian fiction Her books are already available in English, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Afrikaans.She currently resides in The Hague where she works and lives with her husband and two noisy zebra finches.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Waves (The Island, #2)  By Jen Minkman –
  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • The Waves (The Island, #2)
  • Jen Minkman
  • English
  • 09 December 2018
  • 9781492303787

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    I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest reviewAlso reviewed for Addicted2Heroines.I have a rule Anytime an author emails me with an offer to review their self published title, I ignore it.It s a good rule.I occasionally tend to be an ass if I don t like something, and a book is like an author s baby And I know what I would do to someone who was being an ass to one of my babies insert Psycho shower scene music here So.Why did I make an exception to the Golden Rule Well, I d already reviewed Minkman s first book in this trilogy The Island, and I only gave it 3 stars It was a weird little book that made no sense until the end, but it stuck with me Now, I ve seen authors go apeshit over reviews like the one I gave her book.Hence, The Rule And I do not feel like getting cyber stalked by some indie author with too much time on their hands.But.Minkman was very dare I say it cool about the whole thing Dorky inside joke about comments on the thread Sorry. So, yeah Turns out I like this author very much.It won t change the way I rate her books, but I thought it was only fair of me to mention it.Ok, enough of that, it s Review Time Warning possible spoilers for The Island ahead Right off the bat, The Waves just made waaay sense than The Island Now, it might have been because I already knew how this society came into existence, but I don t think so Walt s community is much conventional than Leia s, because it wasn t built on some kid s fan fiction diary On Walt s section of the island, you have the traditional culture all around.People worship goddesses at the temple, children are raised by parents, and there is a structured leadership in place It s not some crazy version of Lord of the Flies.If you ve read the first book, then you already know what will happen at the end of this one.However, this time around, you re hearing it from Walt s point of view No, it s not the same story There are a few parts of the book toward the last half that match up with The Island, but other than that, you re reading something entirely fresh.Another thing I liked about this one, was the lack of a Twilight Zone feel to it The character s in Walt s world were realistic, and less feral Even the people I thought were going to be painted as villains, had an incredible amount of gray in their personalities, which made it of an interesting read And the budding romance between Walt and Leia seemed quite a bit fleshed out than in the first book The whole tone was justdifferent, but in a good way.My interest in this world is officially piqued, and I m pretty excited to see where these characters end up in the last installment

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    Currently working on the sequel to The Island, which is this book I m planning on having the novella ready in Dutch by the end of July, and will work on a translation in August and September Stay tuned

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    E book gifted by author for reviewThe Waves is the second installment in The Island series, this time told from the perspective of Walt.As with the first book The Island you are given an in depth and moving tale of life and what it is like for the people on the island of Tresco You see Walt come to realise that what he has grown up believing slowly come undone with truths revealed and deceptions uncovered Unlike the first book, you get a sense of hope from the people They, unlike the people on the other side of the wall, believe they will be rescued from the island and wait patiently for their goddess to return for them After the death of his cousin, Walt starts looking for answers as to who killed Yorrick, and why.Another beautifully descriptive offering from Jen Minkman that wraps you up in the warmth of her characters takes you on an emotional journey, and you can t wait to see what happens next I hope with all my heart that there is a third installment in this series, one where we see the people from the island of Tresco discover the long lost land on the other side.

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    Click Banner to enter to win YOUR copy of all 3 books in 1 What lies beyond the wall The answer to that question is in The Waves, book two in The Island Series, by Jen Minkman Meet Walt, the boy Leia found in book one, The Island told from his perspective, on the other side of the wall, in Hope Harbor, where its citizens believe a powerful being will come for them and until then, all is good, almost too good Walt is restless, he wants to explore the world he has never seen, and with his cousin Yorrick, they were to take they future into their own hands and create their own destiny What happened next will forever change Walt as he alone meets Leia and sees her world, so near physically, yet light years apart in their way of life Is power destined to create corruption if it is not tempered with integrity and knowledge Can two worlds so different find a common ground Once again, Jen Minkman colors her world with bold and dark strokes, filled it with shady characters and defining the main character crisply Is there a message in her words I believe her style of writing allows the reader to add on mentally and draw their own conclusions, while still enjoying this detailed, yet short read Definitely put this on your Dystopian to read list I received a review copy as part of The Island and The Waves Book Tour stopping at Tome Tender November 29, 2013.Series The Island, Book 2Publication Date September 30, 2013Publisher Jen MinkmanGenre YA Dystopian Fantasy Dark FantasyPage Count 174Available from Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    I agree with another reviewer who said that this would be a good rainy day novella This is a well written, enjoyable story that makes a great cuddle up by the fireplace kind of book For me, the most enjoyable part of this book was the relaxed way it was written The main character is fun to listen to and the writing flows beautifully This is the kind of book that you are sorry to see end when it is finished I liked the way events unfolded in this story, slowly and carefully, allowing the imagination of the reader to examine each thing and come to their own conclusions The setting is beautifully described using vibrant word choices It was like being there with the characters, and the cover truly does this book justice absolutely beautiful This is a lovely companion book and I would recommend it to anyone who values well written literature This review s based on a digital ARC from the publisher and Netgalley.

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    I had been eagerly awaiting the release of this book I really enjoyed The Island and wanted to find out what happened next with Walt and Leia The book surprised me by telling a story about Walt and The Fools It was just as thrilling and fast paced as the last instalment Now I just have to wait for the next novella to be released in this series The Island series is simply the most entertaining novella s by far, and now readers will have an insight into Walt s life leading up to meeting Leia, and beyond On both sides of the island, the inhabitants have segregated long ago, with one group believing in a Goddess that will be their salvation, with the Unbelievers taking their cues from a children s Star Wars book.I absolutely love this mini series of novellas, it s uniquely brilliant As with the first, The Island, I would love to see these turned into full length novels Jen Minkman has created a strange segmented community in a post apocalyptic world that you simply can t put down

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    I knew that The Waves was a sequel to The Island but I had no idea what to expect Would this examine the sea journey or the new world I was delightfully surprised that it s actually a parallel story exploring the culture on the other side of The Wall It was fun to see how the harbor developed so differently from the manor, to see the how fully formed that world is in such a short story But most of all, I liked getting to know Walt better I liked the way his character evolved through the story and being able to understand of who he was and what brought him to that moment when the world s collide.

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    The story was well written, with vibrant descriptions and characters that brought this dystopian world together It has the feel of stories like The Giver, with a society content with how things are despite the evils that are most likely going on just behind the scenes It takes one character to change the game and this one happened to be Walt He captures the essence of what questioning the social norm is meant to be In many ways I hope that I would be the Walt if I ever faced a similar situation and yet, isn t it better to be content At least that s what most people say I always enjoy dystopians for that exact reason It is about questioning everything sometimes even yourself.Walt is the main character of this story, filled with less confidence than the typical hero of a novel In fact, I am pretty sure he would be the type of guy that feared everything including himself However that seems to make him adorable to me than I care to admit As the story continues he begins to act like Yorrick, which in someways makes me sad because I loved the tongue tied shine little boy that I met in the beginning It s amazing what meeting a girl can do to a guy s temperament He manages to not only silently challenge the norm and bring about great change in the best sort of way.Yorrick is his cousin and the heir to become the future leader for Hope Harbor He will become the future Bookkeeper, the man with the most knowledge about the past of the island they live on and the Goddess they believe in All of this knowledge has certainly made him a know it all and arrogant in certain ways but he always cared deeply for Walt They were each other s best friend and greatest allies Together they wanted to push the boundaries of their society but sometimes things don t work out like you hope they will.There are only two people that I am going to talk about in his family is Grandpa Thomas and his Grandma His grandfather is an interesting character and you can see from the very beginning that Walt admires him greatly They have a certain close relationship where once a week they went to the temple together and he respected his grandfather s wishes But Grandpa Thomas was clinging to a past that had long since gone A lost love that he could never reclaim because she ran from the society that he believed in This made him determined to never allow that to happen to his new wife and daughter Both relationships ended in sadness His grandma faced a great deal of heartache throughout her life First, the man she loved never truly loved her the way she wanted She watched him fawn over a lost love and go insane over the idea that this fate might again happen with her and their daughter His determination to only observe the religion in its fullest and never ask questions eventually led to their divorce At that moment she truly lost all connections with her family and was not allowed to see her grandson She continued to mourn the loss of many things.Annabelle is goddess of this society They say that she had long ago made a promise to the people that she would return by ship and bring them home again It is this promise that leads them to keep surviving and maintain their society, always hoping always searching for the woman that is meant to save them But Walt must face and challenge this promise this goddess during his journey to find out what is real and what is not.Alisa is the girlfriend of Yorrick and she centered him in a way that many people couldn t She managed to see beyond his facade and into the real man that he was meant to be After facing terrible heartbreak, she becomes Walt s biggest support and is determined to know the truth about their society s beliefs She fears the what ifs of the world and suddenly the world she has once depended on is no longer the world she thought it was A beautiful friendship blooms between Walt and Alisa but it remains there She is in love with Yorrick, despite everything, and cannot see beyond it I believe that Walt and Alisa become each others greatest support because they both lost something special.Leia is someone very special to the story An Unbeliever A girl that captures Walt s affections and makes him turn into his cousin I adore her for never giving into his attempts at flirtation although her cheeks without fail always become bright red This book is a lovely read and I think you can certainly read this as a stand alone novel if you so chose Definitely check it out This book was received from the author None of the thoughts or feelings expressed in this review are influenced by the author and are entirely the reviewer s personal opinions.

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    From my blog tried really hard not to spoil anything but if you haven t read The Island, you really should before reading this review The Waves is the second novella in the series The Island, written by Jen Minkman In this sequel, you can read about Walt s adventures before he met Leia It s through his point of view that we discover his universe and the community called Hope Harbor At the age of 15, Walt starts to understand that his world is a web of lies and that his family and the people he s supposed to trust are not so innocent Fortunately, Walt can count on his cousin, Yorrick, the Librarian s son The latter has a plan and is ready to fight for the truth, even if it means going where no one wants to go Unfortunately, Yorrick dies before being able to carry out his projects Walt understands that it is now up to him to take the matter in his own hands and achieve the projects of his best friend and cousin.I had high expectations for the developments in Leia and Walt s adventures And I was not disappointed I was happy to be able to read from Walt s point of view and to discover his city and his side of the island What is interesting is that it doesn t start where the previous novella ended Walt is 15 at the beginning of The Waves, he is very close to his grandfather and his cousin, his faith has not yet been destroyed and, other than his mother s death, he has a happy life But soon enough, revelations from his grandfather and his cousin will change everything Why did his grandparent split Why does the Librarian keep to himself some information and knowledge from the books What is really behind the wall Or on the other side of the waters In some way, much like Leia, Walt has to grow up understanding that if he wants answers, he will have to look for them himself He can t count on his grandfather any, and the death of his best friend and cousin changes him Of course, when Walt meets Leia, it s also a shock A shock between two cultures, a discovery of one another which leaves neither of the protagonists indifferent Finally, without revealing too much, the end of this novella is very promising and I can t wait to read the next one Now I m going to talk a bit about the characters, starting with Walt At the beginning of The Waves, Walt seems like a quiet and reserved little boy, who is getting and curious Of course, he s going to lose this little boy side to become adult and responsible He is very influenced by the opinion and behavior of his cousin Yorrick, and his grandfather is also very important to him The Walt is confronted to difficulties and dangerous and overwhelming situations, the he changes, without losing his qualities and still keeping a certain fragility He s a character with two faces but he is easy to understand He has a keen sense of what is fair His relationship with Leia develops with ups and downs, but it s normal, they are so different and both a bit lost I find them so adorable and touching A real tenderness appeared between these two I feel like they can count on one another It may seem fast but the circumstances of their encounter and the fact that they are both so endearing makes this relationship really believable and unique.Even though Yorrick disappears towards the middle of the story, I have to say a few words about him He s an important character for Walt It seems that even after his death, he doesn t leave his cousin I can imagine Walt wondering what would Yorrick do So he has a great influence He is brave, funny and smart All his qualities can be found in Walt Then there is Alisa, who will become his best friend She is also endearing, sensitive and strong She is also very important to Walt.What I like in this second novella is that you can find the same dystopian theme, but without being repetitive or boring It s logical since the story of the island is completed with the point of view and the stories of Hope Harbor There may be a little less action in this sequel but the author brought a new reflection and elements which make me want to read I can t wait because Jen managed to keep a big part of the mystery, the third novella can only be even better I hope that you enjoyed my review of The Waves and that, just like me, you are excited to read the rest of The Island series I will soon interview Jen Minkman to ask her questions about her career and her books Thank you for reading Enjoy your reading

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    Die Handlung Walt lebt auf einer Insel in Hope Harbor, abgeschnitten vom Rest der Welt Er und seine Leute glauben daran, dass irgendwann eine G ttin kommen wird und sie auf die andere Seite des Meeres mitnehmen wird Die Insel von seinen Leuten ist durch eine Mauer getrennt Hinter ihr leben die Unbelievers, Gestalten, vor denen jeder in Hope Harbor Angst hat und als erbitterten Feind ansieht Nachdem Walts Cousin ermordet wird, berst rzen sich die Ereignisse und Walt wird eins klar Er lebt in mitten von L genMeine Meinung Ich wei immer noch nicht, ob dieses Buch oder sein Vorg nger besser war und das werden auch die wenigsten von euch wissen, wenn ihr beide B cher fertig gelesen habtDieses Buch h lt eine v llig neue Idee f r den Leser parat Es gibt zwei verfeindete Parteien, die auf einer Insel leben, getrennt durch eine gro e Mauer welch Ironie des Schicksals, dass ich mit diesem Buch auch noch am Tag der deutschen Einheit fertig geworden bin Zum einen gibt es die Unbelievers , Menschen, die nicht an eine Rettung von der anderen Seite des Meeres glauben und sich mit der Zeit ein unabh ngiges Leben aufgebaut haben, und dann gibt es noch die Fools , Menschen, die ihre ganzes Leben auf die G ttin Annabelle warten, die sie auf die andere Seite des Meeres bringen wird, weg von dieser kleinen einengenden Insel Aber Moment mal Irgendwie kommt einem die Geschichte doch bekannt vor Das k nnte daran liegen, dass Frau Minkman die gleiche Geschichte schon einmal geschrieben hat Unter dem Namen The Island Diese ist jedoch aus der Sicht von der weiblichen Protagonistin Leia geschrieben The Waves gibt einen Einblick in Walts Erlebtes und Gesehenes Walt geh rt zu den Unbelievers und kommt gleich von Anfang an sehr sympathisch r ber Er ist facettenreich dargestellt, hat von allem etwas, sei es Humor, Intelligenz oder Sch chternheit, und bleibt doch realistisch Sein Charakter ist nicht durch und durch perfekt, wie von einigen seiner Kollegen aus anderen B chern, und das macht ihn greifbar Er hat Leute zu denen er hochschaut, er lernt und er entwickelt sich mit der Zeit auch sehr weiter, vom sch chternen und scheuen Jungen zum selbstsicheren jungen Mann, was nicht zuletzt an den drei Jahren liegt, in denen dieses Buch spieltAuch die anderen Charaktere haben Tiefe, was auf 150 Seiten fast unm glich gewesen w re, hier aber geschafft wurde Was mich sehr berrascht hat, war aber die Geschichte selbst Ich habe mir Sorgen gemacht, ob es nicht langweilig sein wird, die selbe Geschichte noch einmal durchzukauen, m nnlicher Protagonist hin oder her Aber ich lag v llig falsch Die Handlung spielt vor Leia und schmiegt sich dann zum Ende hin an den 1 Teil, bis sie dann v llig darin verschwindet So ist es v llig egal, ob man aus Leias oder aus Walts Sicht beginnt, beide bieten neue Dinge auf, mit der getrennten Gesellschaft als gleiche Grundidee.Die Beziehung zwischen Walt und Leia nimmt zwar nicht gerade den wichtigsten Platz in diesem Buch ein, aber trotzdem ist sie authentisch und sch n Es gibt einige Aaaaw und Aaaah Momente, an denen man das Buch am liebsten umarmen m chte, weil es trotzdem nicht zu kitschig ist.Der Schreibstil von Jen Minkman ist sehr locker und leicht zu lesen Beim ersten Band hatte ich die zu wenigen Beschreibungen kritisiert, doch hier wurden genug Beschreibungen eingebaut, um einen mit auf Walts Insel zu nehmen.Zwar habe ich das Buch auf englisch gelesen, aber ich war schnell damit fertig Jetzt lie e sich nur noch dar ber streiten, ob das wegen dem Schreibstil, den 150 Seiten oder doch der spannenden Geschichte lag.Und da w ren wir auch schon bei der Spannung angelangt Und Mann, ist die pr sent Es ist, als bekommt man mit diesem Buch gleich auch einen Kleber f r die Augen mit Einmal angefangen kann man sich n mlich sehr schlecht wieder davon l sen Also mein Tipp Lest dieses Buch nicht vor dem Schlafengehen oder kurz vor dem Mittagessen, denn dann wird es zu keiner dieser T tigkeiten kommen, bis ihr mit dem Lesen fertig seid The Island und The Waves sind wie Schl ssel und Schloss Sie bieten beide etwas v llig neues und doch haben sie die gleiche Grundidee, n mlich diese wundersch ne Geschichte zu bewahren Das Fazit Holt es, lest es, liebt es Auch dieser Band ist perfekt f r einen sch nen regnerischen Abend geeignet Wobei ich euch raten w rde, die beiden B cher nicht gleich hintereinander zu lesen und einen zeitlichen Abstand zu lassen, damit der Effekt besser wirkt

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