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The "What If" GuyYou guys, I fell into tingly happy amazed book love with The What If Guy by Brooke Moss almost immediately In fact, let me go ahead and tell you now that my main complaint is that this is Brooke s first book so there is no back list to go fanatically hunt down and read I didn t have particularly high expectations since I had no idea what to expect, but let me tell you the book blew me away When Autumn and her son move back to her hometown to take care of her father, she runs into Henry, her what if guy the one she never got over As they get to know one another again, she also mends fences with the friends she left behind after graduating high school.It is, and I cannot stress this enough, very much a character driven novel The conflicts are few and the plot is mainly served up via the daily lives of the characters If you like your romance with high drama and tense situations this probably isn t the book for you Obviously I by no means found it boring I absolutely loved getting to know the characters Autumn was a clumsy basket case, her son Elliot artistic and sensitiveand Henry double sa woon He was actually a little too perfect if I m being completely honest, but I quickly discovered I didn t care I fell in love with everyone from Autumn s town drunk father to the town s large supply of gossipy old women I couldn t get enough of reading about the small town life.Since I grew up in about the smallest town you can imagine, I love reading books set in rural areas So many authors don t get it right though it s rare that they can get all the vibes down correctly However, Brooke Moss excelled in that area If I understand correctly she actually grew up in the same town the book was set in.As I claimed earlier, Henry and Autumn s path to romance was a little smoother sailing than we usually see in contemporary romance novels They spent the majority of their time together in the novel extremely happy and I really enjoyed reading it I felt really cynical because I kept waiting for horrible things to happen Not that they didn t have bumps they did, and one or two were pretty major, just short lived I loved them though, they had really great chemistry, another thing Brooke excelled at writing.But let me tell you, one of the main strengths of the novel was that it was absolutely hilarious Seriously, I lost count of how many times I laughed aloud something I normally try to avoid when I m alone so I don t feel clinically insane Autumn really knows how to squeeze every last bit of awkward out of every mess she gets herself into, but her voice was awesome so much fun to read Here is an exampleIt is extremely difficult to eat a holiday meal with your ex boyfriend sitting next to you I took a modest helping of everything, then pretended to nibble on a slice of turkey every time Henry s eyes roamed in my direction When his attention wandered elsewhere, I rammed spoonfuls of the gloriously fattening homemade stuffing into my mouth See Pure fun I recommend this very highly to contemporary romance readersas long as you can appreciate the fact that the book is about the characters and revolves very much around them versus a specific plot structure I believe it ll be released in August, but is available now via NetGalley Really great book, and you can bet I ll be reading whatever Brooke Moss comes up with next TITLE The What If GuyAUTHOR Brooke MossPUBLISHER Entangled PublishingIn, The What If Guy, Brooke Moss tells the story of a single mom who has lost her job and finds out her father is in the hospital She reluctantly decides to return to her hometown to help her father until she gets back on her feet financially Her twelve year old son is not happy about moving from the city to a very small town But then, Autumn Cole isn t too happy about returning to resume her role as the daughter of the town drunk On her son s first day at the new school, Autumn runs into an old love Can he help her learn to forgive before it is too late This book is very entertaining but yet somehow feels like it could happen in real life Brooke Moss created fully developed characters with just the right touch of both internal and external conflict to keep the story moving along and keep the reader on the edge of their chair This story was both happy and sad at times.fully riveting.I would definitely recommend this book to all of my friends.DISCLAIMER This book was provided to me free of charge by Net Galley in return for an honest review The opinions in this review are my own. This is exactly what I needed The What If Guy was such a warm and sweet story about family roots, finding your way through life and second chances It s a story about Autumn Cole who was in love with a guy named Henry Tobler but broke his heart and hers in the process when she found out she was pregnant with another mans child.Years later, Autumn and her son go back to her small town of Fairfield to take care of Autumn s alcoholic father when sure and behold who happens to be the new teacher in Elliott school Why, Henry of course Old flames and a love that never died, these two souls were fated for happily ever after.There was so many moments that made me smile I loved every single one of these characters I loved that Autumn dad got the chance to set things right and even though he seems like a mean cuss he s actually very sweet I loved that Henry was charming and kind and understood and accepted Autumn for all her flaws I loved that Autumn was such a nervous little klutz around Henry and he has the war wounds to prove it I really loved Elliott, and thought his voice for a twelve year old was spot on But what I loved most about this book was the togetherness of a small town The over crowded festival, nosy neighbors and enjoying something as simple as sledding and drinking hot coco The friendship and the endless family support as a community My favorite moment was when Henry asked Elliott permission in the very end of the story That has to be the most precious move I ve ever seen a character make I also really appreciated the epilogue It was the perfect touch and made me sigh in contentment.Bottom line, I really enjoyed myself with this book Autumn and Henry have one of those fairy tale stories where you think to yourself what would happen if you ever meet your what if guy again It makes you believe in love and fate and captures real moments where you want to hold on for just a little bit longer Second chance stories have always warmed my heart and made me smile and I m pleased to say that this book did exactly that.Well done 3.5 starsAt times the pacing of this book was a bit sluggish for me However, I did like this story line It made me smile, happy, skim parts, and even cry a little bit WHAT I LOVED 1 Henry and Elliot s relationship2 When Autumn and Henry finally express their feelings to each other3 Henry and Autumn s first date4 Henry and Autumn s love for each other their tender relationship5 The endingwhen we see how Autumn and Henry turn out and how Elliot turns out as a man 6 The embarrassing accident prone moments with Autumn that always ended up injuring Henry. The What If Guy was the best Cont Rom I ve read this year Last year, I was in love with Julia London, this year I ll follow and bother Brooke Moss Sorry Brooke, there will be serious siren stalking.Quick Review All joking aside, this story made me remember my first true love I had a long deliberation last night on whether or not he would qualify as my what if man and sadly he didn t At least not in the Henry Tobler way Wow, now here s a hero that we can all love Smart, artsy, and than a little patient Who wouldn t love a man who s waited for his love for 13 years Well, sort of, there was the nasty little divorce issue.And Autumn is smart, flawed, and not a hottie, at least not in her own eyes I loved that And I loved that the book was in first person and I got to experience her love with her She s a rocking single mom that doesn t always get it right, but who does Every character in the book was well developed and drove the story so hard and fast that I stayed up until the weeeee hours in the morning reading, caught three hours sleep and then finished Seriously loved this story and every juicy bit of humor, hardship, and lust oh the lust but in a sweet way Closed door sex in this baby, and surprisingly, I didn t mind.5 Stars and a recommended read if you have kids, a father, a lost love, a hometown you miss, and a desire to be absolutely entertained Big Siren s squeal to Ms Moss.http Reviewed by KateBook provided by publisher for book tourI wanted to read this story because of one of the first lines in the blurb Autumn Cole clocked hers with an encyclopedia After accidentally hitting my husband with a 2x4 among other things and all totally accidental, I swear , I could relate The opening language had me completely hooked see Favorite Quote , but I didn t have my hopes up for the language and style to continue Boy, was I pleasantly surprised Brooke Moss The What If Guy was not all humorous, but also very poignant and managed to capture various emotions so perfectly, you felt like you were talking with your best friend and seeing her heartache.Autumn Cole is a single mom who just lost her job in Seattle and is heading back to her small hometown, the place she vowed never to return I could identify with her character and the need to not return to a small town upbringing, once you have been to the outside world The author did a wonderful job of capturing that small town mentality, where everyone knows everybody else s business, whether you want them to or not Autumn s character ran away, and now has to go home and face the music of her actions such as, when she didn t want her best friend to know she had become pregnant and had to drop out of school Because of her shame, Autumn never spoke to her childhood best friend, Holly, since then.All of the characters in this story are perfectly drawn The forgiving best friend, who opens her heart and welcomes an old friend back home, as if nothing had happened The couple who own the local store and know everything that is happening in the small town of Fairfield The town drunk, who learns before it s too late that family is important The local school teacher who comes from San Francisco with big ideas that help those students who don t quite fit in The student who is a little bit odd but learns to fit in as well as stand up to the local bullies The woman who comes home, in ways than one The characters are all a little different, which is so refreshing to see There is nothing worse than reading a book where everyone has the same speech pattern, and you get no sense of who they are as an individual That is definitely not the case here.This being said, it is of a character driven storyline, than one based on a prescribed plot It is the story of a woman going home and what she finds there Having been conditioned by so many plot driven contemporary romances, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were There were a few shoes placed lightly on the floor, but nothing too shocking or that throws the story completely off kilter, making you wonder if they will ever get together I actually enjoyed the change quite a bit It wasn t cliche, it was a story of people.The What If Guy by Brooke Moss is now one of my favorites, and one that I would heartily recommend The language was wonderful and the story flowed at a perfect pace It s rare to come across a book were the ending didn t seem rushed The word that comes to mind again is poignant This reader felt a part of Autumn s world and her story, feeling her pain and her wonderment I wanted to sit down and share a plate of Haystacks with Holly and Autumn, have them as my best friends. OK OK I got to admit it.I m a small town girl, from a small town Population of Napavine, WA., when I lived there was around 400 And low and behold I moved back there to raise our kids So you can imagine how surprised I was to start reading The What If Guy by Brooke Moss, and the heroine of this book had to move back to her small town in Eastern, WA., to help take care of her alcoholic father who was seriously ill She brings her 12 year old son home with her to a town that she turned her back on as soon as she graduated high school, as well as her best friend all thru school Thenon the day she takes her son to enroll in school, who does she run into by the boy from college that she turned away when she realized she was pregnant by her former loser boyfriend.Luckily I started this book on a day where I didn t have to follow thru on a lot of responsibilities Cause, once I started it, One minute I was laughing, the next I was crying, and then I ended up staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it This is a book that is gonna stay with me for a long time, and it DEFINITELY one that is going to remain on my KEEPER list.I love finding new authors and I really think I hit the jackpot finding Brooke Moss Her books will be an auto buy for me from now on I will start with a confession It was the above eyecatching beautiful cover which first caught my attention and made me notice Brooke Moss debut novel But then when I read the blurb I was a goner I love small town romances and second chance love stories even , and Brooke Moss surpassed all my expectations It is a wonderful, heartwarming, romantic, emotional yet chuckle out loud story The What If Guy is the story of how Autumn Cole a thirty something young single mom leaves Seattle with her teenager son and moves back to her small hometown to take care of her ill, alcoholic father Autumn was a delightful character She is clumsy and endearing, and such a girl next door, that the reader can easily identify with her and her feelings and fears.Henry and Autumn went out when she was twenty and at college He was the love of her life Then she discovered she was pregnant and their paths split, but she was never able to forget him And now 13 years later she runs into him in the last place she would ever think in her own hometown, in the middle of nowhere Henry is the ideal man, he is dreamy He is gentle, warmhearted works as a middle school teacher people and irresistibly charming In Autumn s own words He s the perfect mix of rough and soft And he has this way about him Strong, yet so incredibly gentle Of course sparks fly as soon as these two just glimpse each other, and Brooke Moss witty writing made the development of their relationship extremely entertaining and touching It is extremely difficult to eat a holiday meal with your ex boyfriend sitting next to you I took a modest helping of everything, then pretended to nibble on a slice of turkey every time Henry s eyes roamed in my direction When his attention wandered elsewhere, I rammed spoonfuls of the gloriously fattening homemade stuffing into my mouth Yeah Friends It wasn t what I wanted I wanted us to admit that we were still in love, to recreate one of our hot and heavy make out scenes from college, then ride off into the sunset together And fear not, because when those spark ignite, the passion between Henry and Autumn is hot hot hot My legs trembled I grasped Henry s shoulders and steadied myself Our kiss was like a tornado, whirling and tossing me in fifty different directions at once But at the same time their love has plenty of tender and heart flutter inducing moments I don t tear up often or easily when I m reading or watching a movie, but Brooke Moss managed to make my throat close up several times and I had to swallow that treachorous lump when reading about everything these two went through to end up together.Henry s eyes moistened You re the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep at night We wound up in Fairfield together for a reason Brooke Moss has a way with words How lucky that she decided to share her talent with us and become an author Her story not only flows naturally, but whirls the reader right along with the events and characters Some romance novels tell you a love story and you are merely a spectator, but in The What If Guy you will feel included and not just as if you were looking in on what is happening behind closed doors.Besides the wonderful romance of The What If Guy I have to applaud Brooke Moss for the emotional depth and variety she brought to a contemporary romance she explores the rebellious state of mind of a teenager who had to move from the only home he knew to an unfamiliar place full of strangers, the problems and fears of a single mom, what it feels like to grow up with an alcoholic parent, to be the unpopular kid at school who doesn t fit in, and I could go on But most of all she portrays wonderfully how family relationships are and evolve And she tops all of that by interspersing moving scenes with Autumn s dry and sarcastic humour which makes for an explosive combo Chill It s a holiday And what a holiday it was turning out to be I d had pies in the oven by seven a.m and had slaved over my sweet potatoes while the two of them watched television and argued about football versus MTV So far, the only thing I was exceptionally thankful for this Thanksgiving was Tylenol My son acted as if he were bound for a Turkish prison every time he got on the school bus And to end my review I will leave you with the very last paragraph of the novel so if you d prefer not glimpse it now is the time to close your eye, though I don t think there is too much spoiler material in romance novels , because it shows wonderfully everything I love and praised about this novel I still work at the school, teaching history to uninterested sixth , seventh , and eighth graders I spend my days talking over the sound of text messaging, whispering, and note passing, and I wouldn t change a thing Why Because every night, I come home to the most beautiful woman in the world, tangle my hands in her wild, red hair, and kiss her so long and so hard that my knees go weak And yes, even after all these years together, my knees go weak sighs Now tell me in all seriousness if it left you cold and didn t make you go aww.Verdict The What If Guy is Brooke Moss debut novel and it is fantastic It is a heartwarming small town romance, reminding me of Kristan Higgins stories as it is emotionally deep and spotlights family relationships besides the romantic storyline As it was stated in the backcover bio of Brooke Moss, she loves to write stories that are equal parts hilarious and heartwrenching , and I can tell you, The What If Guy will make you tear up then laugh til it hurts Brooke Moss navigates the emotional rollercoaster brilliantly taking you from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other all the while never relenting her grip on the reader s heart and interest A must read Plot 9 10Characters 10 10Ending 10 10Writing 10 10 Cover 9 10 What Would You Do If Your What If Guy Showed Up At The Lowest Point Of Your Life Autumn Cole Clocked Hers With An Encyclopedia After Losing Her Job At A Swanky Seattle Art Gallery And Finding Out Her Father Has Been Hospitalized, Single Mother Autumn Cole Reluctantly Returns To Her Tiny Hometown Of Fairfield, Washington, To Put The Pieces Of Her Life Back TogetherHer Disgruntled Twelve Year Old Son Isn T Thrilled About Going From Hip To Hick, But Autumn S Got It Worse She Resumes Her Role As The Daughter Of The Town Drunk, Promptly Facing A Crisis With Her Father That S Been Decades In The MakingRunning Into Henry Tobler, And Nearly Breaking His Nose, Is Almost Than She Can Handle, But Can Rediscovering Love And Herself With Her What If Guy Teach Autumn To Forgive Before It S Too Late This is the second book I have read by Brooke and I am starting to develop a small crush on her Her stories are so honest and emotionally endearing I always leave feeling like I made new friends The What If Guy starts with Autumn Cole breaking up with her college love Henry Tobler because she found out she is pregnant with another mans baby She doesn t feel worthy of his love and leaves him high and dry, well not dry because she leaves him in the pouring rain on a dreary Seattle day Once the prologue ends you pick up 13 years later to see Autumn moving back to her home town of Fairfield Washington to stay with her dad with her 12 year old son in tow She is less than thrilled to be back seeing as how growing up she had to drag her alcoholic father around town when he couldn t take care of himself Growing up in a small town isn t easy, I ve been there, so watching Autumn struggle to get back on her feet was something I am familiar with She holds resentment towards her father for the way she had to grow up, always in the town spotlight of gossip It was just her and her dad because her mother abandoned her when she was 8, which we find out is the main reason her dad fell apart As her and her son Elliott get accustomed to living with her ornery father and she enrolls him in school she gets the surprise of her life when she finds out her sons teacher is none other than Henry She is so caught off guard by seeing him that she embarrasses herself and her son by busting his nose with a book Talk about cringe worthy, you want to hide behind the couch because you feel so bad for Autumn Henry doesn t appear to be happy to see her like she always hoped if she ever saw him again Once the shock of the moment wears off and they figure out how they ended up in the same small town, they try to be friends Her son Elliott is having trouble fitting in at his new school but Henry being his teacher looks out for him and helps him find his niche in after school programs Throughout the book Autumn is trying to take care of her father whom she discovers has a serious illness, she tries to keep her son happy and starts focusing on her art career Things between her and Henry start to warm up and they develop a relationship again but Henry has a previous attachment that may cause problems for him and Autumn During a really rough time for her that attachment shows up in the form of his soon to be ex wife Things go from bad to worse when he leaves town to go back to California with his wife leaving Autumn an Elliott back in Fairfield I m not going to spoil it but I just want you to know this book was really good I got emotionally involved in the story of Autumn and Henry These two you knew loved each other even from the first moment they saw each other again What they think is the town being nosey and meddling in their business turns out to be them trying to get these two together and it was so adorable to watch Autumn is a very Private person she doesn t like being there and ultimately wants to move back to the city She realizes that she can no longer do everything on her own without friends and family and that was such an endearing thing to see She slowly starts to build friendships with the towns people and watching her and her dad connect brought tears to my eyes The best part of course is Henry He is such a cool down to earth guy and the way he treats her son is beautiful He was encouraging and thoughtful, he looked out for Elliott and taught him things like a dad would He was so good to Autumn also, he never stepped on her toes parenting wise and he stood by her side when she needed him the most The main reason I am becoming a huge Fan of Brooke s is because when she writes an epilogue it is in the guy s perspective It s a reflection of the things they have gone through and the things they look forward to from his eyes That right there is what tugs at my heart strings You see the majority of the book through the woman s eyes and then at the end you are given this beautiful gift of seeing into the heart of the man I was in tears by the end and I don t cry often if I can help it I try to be all tough and unmovable but sometimes a good story just tugs a little to much at my heart strings and the water works start With an epic romance, a little bit of drama and a heart warming conclusion The What If Guy is a hit in my book and I can t wait to read from Brooke as she turns these stories out.

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