The Wicked Day (The Tormay Trilogy, #3)

The Wicked Day (The Tormay Trilogy, #3) The Third And Final Volume Of The Epic Fantasy Saga That Began With The Hawk And His Boy, And Continued With The Shadow At The Gate, The Wicked Day Tells The Conclusion Of The Story Of Jute Tracking The Kidnappers Of Giverny Farrow, Jute And His Friends Discover The Dark Is On The March Tormay Teeters On The Brink Of War, And The Duchies Look To Jute As Their Last And Best Hope But There Is An Ancient Evil Waking That Even All The Power Of The Wind Cannot Hope To Defeat

Christopher Bunn was born and raised in California After serving his obligatory sentence in school, he hit the road and spent years wandering around the world He s worked on all the continents except for Antarctica Among other jobs, he has worked in a shoe factory in Israel, ran a post office in a UN refugee camp in Thailand, done construction in the jungle, crewed on TV documentaries an

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  • The Wicked Day (The Tormay Trilogy, #3)
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  • 13 September 2017

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    This review applies to the whole trilogy The individual books don t stand alone very well.The writing is technically correct, for the most part, with only a few nitpicks For example, the author seems confused about the difference between further and farther he uses further in every case He s trying to be flowery and sophisticated, with lyrical descriptions of scenes and the like I found myself skimming a lot of that I m sure many readers will like it, but I get impatient with it.Those who like nonstop fantasy action should like this story It s a series of rising and falling hopes, with the low points lasting longer than the high That s not my cup of tea, since I read fiction largely to get away from the depressing facts of real life Of course, there has to be a feeling of desperation for the salvation of the plot to be effective There s just too much here for my taste.There s plenty of magic here, but there s no system to it no explanation of why magic would exist It s all tied up in a fictional theology, where magic somehow comes from the power of what amounts to demigods and demons I prefer a magic system with some kind of rational explanation.Also lacking is any hint of romance Since the main character, Jute, is a teenager, it would have been possible for him to have a romantic relationship For me, the lack of romance seriously detracts from the plot.I m glad I finished the trilogy, but I don t think I ll seek out further books by the author.

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    This review is for the entire trilogy.I hope this doesn t sound snobbish, but this trilogy forever changes my mind about indie books Up until now I ve been either ho hum or actively looked down on all the self published Kindle books out there In my defense, a lot of that was due to all those spam books in the Kindle store On the other hand some was also due to the fact that I always figured that if a book was really good, someone would pick it up Guess I was wrong Anyway, back to the books This was a great installment of the standard boy meets wizard, goes on quest with band of trusty helpers, boy saves world trope in epic fantasy When done correctly as this one is , it will remain an oldie but a goodie.There was a good mix of humor, magic, mystery and a few twists that I didn t see coming In the end, not all evil was defeated and not all of the good guys got their HEA which surprised me, but made me wonder if it wasn t an opening for another book or two I m all for that Favorite Lines All from Book 3 I tried a new quote system that failed miserably for books 1 2 though all agree that the painted caravans of the Farrow clan were never again seen trundling about the duchies of Tormay Declan was the last of that blood Note Awww I was hoping the Farrows got their HEA Not fair They died, cursing and spitting and calling out defiance even as and ranks of the enemy marched over the ruins of the walls to join the fray Note This part of epic fantasy stories always seems stupid to me He is the fire that always burns He was the eldest of the anbeorun Note Didnt see that coming Your neck Do you hear I ll snap it like a twig Very well, my lord The steward managed to look both alarmed and honored at the prospect of being strangled by the Lord Captain of the Guard Note Haha Try to manage that.Book 1 BBook 2 B Book 3 B

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    I just finished The Wicked Day and when I closed the book I simply couldn t stop smiling altough I was supposed to be studying for an exam These books entered my dreams and the characters definitely conquered my heart the scenes where like paintings constantly changing and yet firm before my eyes, a mix between William Turner s seas and skies and the restlessness of Giorgione s Tempesta The ending was perfect, whith the just amount of sadness and hope These are some of the best books I ever read, the kind of books you can t put down and will reread a lot of times The Tormay trilogy is marvelous and should be published worldwide Note I didn t just finish the book now but I wrote this review when I had just finished reading it

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    My full review do not normally review than one book in a series at the same time However, I feel that this trilogy reads much like one book in three volumes and that each of the titles cannot really be treated as a stand alone book.Disclaimer I was given this trilogy free by the author via a Librarything Member Giveaway, in return for an honest review.The world building is well done and we are rarely presented with piles of exposition There is an interesting magic system based upon the use of words of power that can be used to take control of things I especially liked the idea of the magical wards, which had a variety of uses varying from simple alarms when a door was opened to disguising a person s identity We are also provided with a creation myth and a far portion of history relating the battle between the Anbeorun and the Darkness that seeks to destroy all life Elements of this did seem a little similar to Tolkien s creation story, as outlined in The Silmarillion, but was sufficiently different to keep me interested One aspect of this world that I particularly liked was the interaction with animals Some, like the Hawk, were able to speak to all humans, but mostly we saw exchanges between Levoreth and the various animals that she encountered There was one particularly delightful scene with her helping a squirrel by asking a tree to grow a branch towards another tree so that it could gather nuts without crossing the ground and being harassed by foxes.On the whole this was a fantasy with some elements of epic scale, such as battles and whole nations plunged into conflict However, in the great tradition of Tolkien, it kept a firm grounding in the actions of individuals and their connection to the homes and families.

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    I won this book in a First Reads contest.This book provides a satisfying conclusion to the Tormay trilogy The trilogy s continuity is very good, and most of the characters that appeared in the series have a role in the conclusion Some parts of the story are left open ended, as the author mentions that he intends to write books about Tormay.The climax of the series involves a battle scene that I find to be well written, and interesting than battle scenes that appear in other fantasy series.My main issue with the series is that certain characters disappear from the action for many chapters before their story continues This causes the pacing of these characters stories to be a lot slower than the pacing of the main story For example, a character who last appeared halfway through The Shadow at the Gate does not appear again until close to the end of the The Wicked Day The story has an epilogue that fills that last few chapters The epilogue provides a lot information for some characters than for others However, the way that the epilogue is written allows the author to write Tormay stories in the future without contradicting the epilogue.This trilogy is very interesting and exciting The characterization is interesting, and the plot is tight nothing appears in the trilogy without being set up many chapters beforehand I am looking forward to reading other books that Christopher Bunn will write.

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    Jute and his friends wrap up their battle with The Dark It was bloody and reminded me of some of the battles from LoTR Lord of the Rings , specifically Healms Deep I mean that in a good way Battle scenes can be tricky A writer needs to explain what is going on while also expressing the feelings of the characters involved In fantasy, the writer must also take the reader to other important scenes thus shifting the perspective constantly Bunn did an excellent job He tapped into my inner Dungeons and Dragons big time I can t even recall the last time I read something that accomplished that I am a girlie girl for the most part but will crumble for a well done sword fight Thanks Mr Bunn There is no way to describe this book without spoilers I can t even say who made it this far in the story So I will say this read it Seriously, it s excellent I can t find a single fault that I can speak to without spoilers Meaning there may or maynot have been some head scratching None the less, no cliffhanger so I can only hope Mr Bunn will take me back to this world someday as it is indeed a place I would love to visit again.

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    4 StarsNow that I have read all 3 books of this series I have enjoyed it It was a little long,and slow in parts In others I wanted You have to read all 3 books to have the story finshed.It s a tail about good versus evil Light against Darkness Magic warriors, heroes.Their is servants of Darkness that is creeping into the land It only destroys never creates Their are 4 guardians to stand against darkness Earth,fire,water and wind The main character is Jute who becomes the wind but the power needs time for him to learn it and grow with it.Levoreth is the earth guardian and animals are her friends.Liss is water and she has compelled Knife to protect Jute and she will help through a pearl she gave the Knife.Don t learn about fire till later on.Severan is a scholar who helps Jute and protects him.Their is a ghost who gets scared that Jute meets and follows him everywhere.Their is a hawk that is teaching Jute he can also talk to anyone.Their are lots of battles with one or two creature of darkness and then a major battle.I am glad to have had the chance to read these books I was given them in exchange for honest review.

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    The Wicked Day is a decent ending to the Tormay trilogy To my regret, the final installment did not fulfill the high expectations I had due to some very interesting worldbuilding There was always a hint of something very profound and intricate about the magical system, that I waited for a twist that never really came Apart from that, despite a constant tension and sufficient action, The Wicked Day was a bit slower than its predecessors, and suffers from a less than smooth storyline and halting character development Jute developed very little, to my regret Owain remained solid, but lacked a bit of depth, and the ghost became and annoying Severan, one of the characters I liked most, got a late re introducton near the end of The Wicked Day, but it was too little, too late The saving grace was Declan, by far the most interesting character in the series, who kept developing also in the last book Do not get me wrong, The Wicked Day has plenty of good scenes, and a plot that keeps moving as well as the expected showdown between good and evil It just seemed a bit rushed and missed that little extra something to make it a really good read.

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    The Wicked Day by Christopher Bunn is the conclusion of the Tormay Trilogy The book continues to follow the same cast of characters with a few stepping the importance of their roles up a bit This book also has the final confrontation with the Dark and show Jute continuing to mature with the use of his abilities as the Wind As the third book in the series if you are considering this book because you enjoyed the first two then there is no reason for hesitation Christopher stays true to the writing style that he has established for the series and that is an excellent thing His skill with descriptive narrative is once again on display in this book Honestly with this being the conclusion there is not a lot of info needed in a review and I really don t want to provide any kind of spoilers, so I ll say that if books one and two held your interest at all do yourself a favor and finish the trilogy Bonus points for some fantastic cover art as well Review copy provided by the author.

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    Great wrap This was a solid light vs dark fantasy series While it stuck with some fairly typical fantasy tropes, there were enough departures from generic story lines to keep it the pages turning The language was smooth and the editing was great As with the previous two books, some of the descriptions were a little long and flowery for my taste I love descriptions, but I personally feel they could have been pared down a little and it really would have tightened the story up I also thought the change in narration and tone in the last chapter was a little funky, but not in a bad way.The only thing that disappointed me, and this is really just a reflection of my personal taste and not the author or the story, but I was hoping for a epic battle of the elements The big reveal really wasn t a surprise to anyone but the characters, and I was feeling a lot of anticipation for what ended up being a big, but not epic, final battle.This is definitely a worth while series for the price.

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