The Wizard of 4th Street (Questar)

The Wizard of 4th Street (Questar)This book was amazing There were parts that i should have seen coming but i didnt and i would frequently just gasp loudly in the middle of silent reading in school and shout Oh my god I cannot BELIEVE that just happened and then i would get in trouble i know, i know, i get in trouble for being enthusiastic about a book at school my school is retarted but i highly recommend this book for anyone who likes wizards and magic and a good book. The reading date listed above is a bit of a lie I first read this series of books when I was in Jr high They were fun, fast paced, had just a bit of sex, and contained a completely new idea for the future of our society.They still are.However, time brings maturity which brings, hopefully, a bit of necessary critical faculty Meaning, these are not the best written books I have ever read There are info dumps, overly long explanations of mundane events, chapter long recaps of the previous books, and a host of other pulp traditions one does not usually see in modern fantasy publishing.The central idea here, is that Merlin was put in a tree, as per legend Our society s polluting ways eventually lead to the Collapse of technology and civilization Merlin is released from his tree and sets about putting the world right by setting everything up on a magical energy standard and teaching people how to use magic Fast forward a hundred years and we have our protagonists, three disparate people who are bonded by three magical jewels The three are set with the tasks of stopping the Dark Ones, ancient wizards from pre history who see people as nothingthan cattle.It is a good premise, and an excellent basis for a series The characters are fun and engaging, and, for all that the plot is formulaic, it is fast and exciting The stories take the protagonists all over the world, confronting evil and growing as people.As I said, I loved these books as a young reader, and I still do Unfortunately, the reality of growing older has taken away some of the magic they had when I was younger. First of a series and I enjoyed this book so much I bought the second on Kindle which I ll soon start to read There are some well drawn characters here and there s a lot of fun seeing them get to know and to interact with each other Set in a dystopian future which functions with an uneasy blend of magic and science, it s a good story that can be read again I d happily recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good yarn with plenty of action and adventure. Spent years trying to come up with an Arthurian style story without finding one that suited my dreams This is a treasure of a book, weaving the distant past into a distant future. Simon Hawke uses a lot of tropes that are common in movies and on television I see a lot of cliche characters, but he has fun with them He is having fun with the story, and I am right there with him This story reads fast and is very entertaining Wyrdrune, Kira, Modred, and Merlin have a special chemistry when they are together in Hawke s world Although it seems there is no interest in reviving this series, republishing it, or creating electronic books, I personally think that this and the rest of the series would make an awesome basis for adaptation to television as a short limited series or miniseries The characters in this and the other Wizard novels are very entertaining and evocative, and I imagine how actors might portray these characters on screen.The premise sort of speaks to our current economic situation and springboards from speculation about what it would be like in a post collapse world in which magic is the standard form of energy It would make a very hip television show or movie. Update 3 8 16 Another reading funklots of work reading, plus two monster books in progress The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and Lisa Randall s Warped Passages , as well as a big ADD Tom Peters work Re Imagine, recovering from a trip to ItalyI look to old standbys like this to break it Yes, evendated But yes, still quite fun Enough that I ll keep going, again As I read and re read traditional science fiction lately, I find that many of the classic authors don t grab me like when I was an adolescent Niven Pournelle and Chalker still can, as does Herbert except the many Dune books after Dune Messiah , but I m discovering a lack of imagination in straight up sci fi that is hard to overcome with just space trappings Simon Hawke writes light, fun and imaginative fantasy The Time Wars series does weave in sci fi elements, but it is still fantasy The Wizard of 4th Street is a welcome diversion from the plodding of Asimov I m still working my goal of reading all of his Foundation universe this calendar yearon Foundation s Edge right now Goofy, dated, but still fun. This was one of the first series I ever read that I suppose you could not classify as urban fantasy though there were no werewolves or vampires in it The premise is that Merlin returns to a world that has passed him by and become, well, our world Technology and civilization have mostly replaced mysticism and the fantastic, and Merlin decides to return magic to the world, to give it back what it once had Or something.Anyway, the series is fun, light with dark undertones , and I blew through four or five novels in this series in a week or two, as I remember They are, amazingly, still on my shelves as I write this, despite 10 or 15 moves over the decades. I was first introduced to Hawke with the incomparable sorcerer series, and while none of the other material of his I ve read has topped that, most of it has been pretty good I am struggling with this one, though.The idea is quite a novel one and the characters and setting work well, but something didn t quite grip me I found myself reading and drifting, coming back to it then, before I quite realised, the story was all over and everything had happened.Still there s plenty of leeway for a sequel or two, so I ll probably pick at those at some point and see where things go. I really enjoyed this series a lot Very hilarious and fun I forget when I read it exactly, but I think it was an easier read. The Prequel To This Series Is Called The Wizard Of CamelotWyrdrune Is A Student Wizard With A Penchant For Botching Spells When He Meets Kira, A Street Wise Cutie, At An Auction For The Mysterious And Powerful Euphrates Rune Stones But He Has No Idea, When He Tries To Steal Them, That The Stones Have Already Chosen Him For A Great Adventure From The Author Of The Popular Timewars Series

aka J.D Masters, Nicholas V YermakovHe was born Nicholas Valentin Yermakov, but began writing as Simon Hawke in 1984 and later changed his legal name to Hawke He has also written near future adventure novels under the penname J D Masters and a series of humorous mystery novels.

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