Their Reluctant Bride

Their Reluctant Bride Emily Woodhouse Is A Penniless, Homeless Widow Thanks To Her Recently Deceased Husband His Gambling Ways Have Placed Her In A Desperate Situation Faced With Working Off His Debt In The Basest Of Ways, She Chooses Instead To Accept Tyler And Xander S Unconventional Marriage Proposal She Won T Be Marrying One Man, But Two Tyler And Xander Know Instantly That Emily Is The One For Them Not Only Does The Widowed Young Woman Rouse Their Protective Natures, She Knows Of Their Customs Regarding A Two Husband Marriage Despite The Fact That Emily Needs The Safety They Can Offer, She Isn T Eager To Remarry She Might Be Reluctant, But They Will Show Her What It Will Be Like With Two Men To Cherish, Protect And Possess Her But The Past Catches Up With Them In The Most Dangerous Of Ways Only In Facing The Past Can They Forge A Future Together Bridgewater Where M Nage Meets Marriage If You Like Lexi Blake S Virgin Series, You Ll Love Bridgewater Book Their Kidnapped Bride Book Their Wayward Bride Book Their Captivated Bride Book Their Treasured Bride Book Their Christmas Bride

Vanessa Vale is the USA Today bestselling author of over forty books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don t just fall in love, they fall hard When she s not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, a

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  • 01 August 2019

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    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.It s been a while since I ve read a spicy book like this We are taken to the unique Bridgewater Ranch community and we follow the tale of Emily Emily is a widow and very financially challenged Her husband has left her with nothing but debts and heartache Her life changes when two men offer to marry her Xander Tyler are nothing like her late husband They are confident, strong and very, very interested in her.Having no option, she will accept and get lost in a world of passion and seduction.I liked the book It was fast paced and very sensual We enter a world where nothing is frowned upon and Emily will be momentarily overwhelmed by everything that is thrown at her.The two men will protect her, but when a big secret comes out will they feel the same The book is a pure fantasy If you go in, don t expect it to be realistic There is insta love and characters that fall too quickly But, it is a great way to escape reality and great for a light and quick read.For me it lacked a bit of character development, but like I said, this was a trip to fantasy land so, enjoy it for what it is If you like some extra spice in your books, then try this one 3.5 Stars

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    I recieved an ARC in exchange for my honest review.If you would like to read about Their Reluctant Bride please visit my blog, Carlene Corrupted, where I have an excerpt I am sharing.Xander and Tyler are visiting Bridgewater Ranch when Tyler s cousin insists they meet Emily, a new widow Surprised by her beauty and age they offer her the opportunity to become their wife Willing to do anything to save herself from her husbands past, Emily reluctantly accepts, but when her secret gets out there may not be a relationship to have.Wasting no time at all, Vanessa Vale introduces us to Xander, Tyler, and young widow Emily, their menage relationship not yet begun, but is full of promise Fast paced and full of sexy scenes, Their Reluctant Bride is all that fans have come to expect of the western Bridgewater Menage series The three main characters are immediately likable, the men in their alpha ways and Emily for her strength and innocence despite trying times There s a villain to protect Emily from, but also a big secret that could tear apart the new relationship What starts as a reluctant relationship soon grows into that of a sexual and loving one I really enjoyed all three characters, their unique voices, and how the three worked together in this fantasy novella The multiple POV s brought depth to this book and the entire story is very well thought out Though it is short, this standalone is a complete book, however I do recommend readers check out the others in the Bridgewater Menage series.

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    What an enticingly descriptive tale I enjoyed how this was not only an erotically charged and explicit tale, but also how the real relationship between the characters was developed It was so much than simply erotica The dose of suspense on the side increased the action and intensity factor as well I couldn t look away Vale s novella is 2ell written and edited The plot was well thought out This novella was a complete story in and of itself that was next to impossible to put down The multiple POVs gave a well rounded view of the relationship, kicking up the heat another notch Emily s situation broke my heart Regardless of the historical correctness of her first marriage, no one should have to live through that Her strength and loyalty shone through regardless, showing her endless strength of character Xander s alpha control shines throughout, making it easy to fall under his spell, while Tyler s subtle insecurities were so endearing that I couldn t help falling for him Is this a new to me author that I ll be watching avidly for releases You can bet your last dollar on it Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    ARC received from author for reviewAnother great Bridgewater Menage book It s nice she s not a shy retiring virgin but a widow who had an idiot for a husband It was nice seeing some of the Bridgewater gang again, but I m sad they won t be living there so we won t get to see lots of them in the future On a side note I don t think I d want a wooden plug up anythingcan you say splinters

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    Their Reluctant Bride Bridgewater Menage Series Book 6 The love story of Emily, Xander and Tyler Emily must make a chose marry again or became a prostitute for a ma her late husband own money to Tyler ask Emily to marry them, no he ask her to f % her Which chose will she make Great story.

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    TYLER, XANDER, AND EMILYThese stories by Vanessa Vale will take the reader on a fascinating journey of dominance, submission, passion and erotic sexual scenes The cast of characters is fierce, loyal and passionate in and out of the bedroom, the women are strong but willingly submit, and the men are dominant and very protective Bridgewater men possess their wive s in both body and soul Nothing is considered inappropriate These stories are extremely explicit in sexual detail in a loving and fulfilling relationship.These stories are part of an ongoing series of the Bridgewater Menage series, and each book focuses on a new group and can be read out of order Recently widowed Emily Woodhouse has been left penniless, soon to be homeless, and threatened by a man claiming her late husband owed him money, and he expected her to work in his saloon, on her back to pay off the debt Friend Olivia forces Emily to attend a picnic along with her cousin Tyler and friend Xander Olivia knows they are just the men for Emily, in the tradition of the Bridgewater ways, where m nage meets marriage Can Xander, Tyler and Emily make a marriage where she can submit to two viral men who want to claim her together How far will they go to protect their woman Disclosure As part of a review team, I received a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thought, opinions, and ratings are my own.

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    This is the first book I have read by this author Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone A new widow, Emily Woodhouse, is about to lose her home If that is not bad enough, her husband owed Ralph money that he has come to collect expecting her to work on her back to pay the debt Encouraged to marry for her protection, she meets Tyler and Xander She knows of the towns custom of two husband marriages, and isn t eager for this kind of relationship Faced with paying off her husband s debt or this type of marriage, she agrees to marry Carrying a secret into her new marriage, she struggles with telling her husbands the truth Once they discover it, they take matters into their own hands to put an end to it.The story was an easy read, fast paced, and had enough heat to singe the pages I enjoyed the story, but I would have liked conflict or of Ralph s story That character seemed to be eliminated too easily He deserved to be punished on the pages It would have brought suspense to the story I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review 4 Stars

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    This is the 6th book in the Bridgewater Menage series It can be read as a standalone, though it has several of the previous characters in it.Emily is recently widowed from her abusive husband who was an alcoholic and left her with his gambling debts Tyler, and his friend, Xander, are visiting Tyler s cousin, Olivia at Bridgewater ranch and selling some of their cattle Olivia introduces Emily to Tyler and Xander at a church picnic They know they want her as their wife She knows the multiple husband situation per wife of the Bridgewater men Emily is about to be homeless without family to turn to for help She agrees to Marry Tyler and Xander for their protection and security when a woman didn t have many working options in the Montana Territory Will they learn to trust each other and share their secrets Can their mutual needs lead to love This plot is the most involved in this series and made it enjoyable above and beyond the sexy scenes.

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    Recommended I liked the little twist in this story Instead of a virgin this woman was a recent widow I also found the differences in the men to be interesting Some of the stories in the series appeared to me to be following a defined outline or script Just changed the names and a few circumstances, a new story was born Largely the same as the others I had stepped back for awhile This story was just a bit different I have been noticing a few tendencies in many stories that I will mention here because this is an example Hopefully Ms Vane and or other authors and editors will n I tice as well I m speaking of telling a complete story In writing a love story, for example The writer, editor is so intent on the I love yous ending they forget to satisfactorily conclude the circumstances surrounding the couple In this story, what went down with Ralph, the villian The other irritation is the time line being consistent throughout the story and series How many years was she married We are made to think it was many years but it also mentioned just 2 Which is it Just how old is she

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    This is book 6 in this series While overall I have enjoyed the series, but after awhile, it because a little too repetitious Still I do like that each book has a good storyline on the how the bride meets and weds her men Sex scenes could have been entertaining if they d been different for the characters in each book That part became too repetitive.

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