TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many

TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many Best Books, TheProsperous Few And The Restless Many By Noam Chomsky This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book TheProsperous Few And The Restless Many , Essay By Noam Chomsky Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, political activist, author, and lecturer He is an Institute Professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Chomsky is credited with the creation of the theory of generative grammar, considered to be one of the most significant contributions to the field of linguistics made in the 20th century H

[Epub] ➝ TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many  ➢ Noam Chomsky –
  • Paperback
  • 95 pages
  • TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many
  • Noam Chomsky
  • English
  • 12 March 2017
  • 9781878825032

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    A gentle introduction to Chomsky, as it is a series of short questions and answers in an interview with David Barsamian And by gentle I don t mean soft or empty of hard truths Not at all In very few words it is full of clear examples of the brutality of America s foreign policies and the role of the media in disseminating delusion Even though I am very familiar with Chomsky s critiques of American global hegemony, I still came across some new gems For example, here is an American intellectual s justification of colonialism It is interesting to see how colonialism is treated in the West these days There was an amazing article in the Wall Street Journal Jan 7, 1993 sic criticizing the intervention in Somalia It was by Angelo Codevilla, a so called scholar at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, who says Look, the problem with the world is that Western intellectuals hate their culture and therefore they terminated colonialism Only civilizations of great generosity can undertake tasks as noble as colonialism, which tries to rescue barbarians all over the world from their miserable fate The Europeans did it and of course gave them enormous gifts and benefits But then these Western intellectuals who hate their own cultures forced them to withdraw The result is what you see general poverty and third world status.You really have to go to the Nazi archive to find anything comparable to that Apart from the stupendous ignorance ignorance so colossal that it can only appear among respected intellectuals the moral level is so low you d have to go to the Nazi archives And yet this is an op ed in the Wall Street Journal 61 .And in a rare comment, I read him refer to one of his books suffering from a publisher s editorial cuts That which was cut was very interesting He elaborated on that in the section near the end of the book, sub titled Human Nature and Self Image is racism something that s learned, or is it innately endowed Chomsky s initial response is I don t think either of those is the right answer. He then elaborates on the nature of being an animal of the human genus The people who are in control, who are harming others those people will construct justifications for themselves They may do it in sophisticated ways or non sophisticated ways, but they re going to do it That much is in human nature One of the consequences of that can turn out to be racism It can turn out to be a lot of other things too.Take the sophisticated ones One of the intellectual gurus of the modern period in the United States was Reinhold Niebuhr He was called the theologian of the establishment He was revered by the Kennedy liberal types, by people like George Kennan He was considered a moral teacher of the contemporary generation.It s interesting to look at why he was so revered I went through his stuff once There was supposed to be a chapter about him in one of my books but the publisher thought it would be too arcane for the audience, so I didn t include it The intellectual level is depressingly low you can hardly keep a straight face.But something made him appealing his concept of the paradox of grace What it comes down to is this No matter how much you try to do good, you re always going to do harm Of course, he s an intellectual, so he had to dress it up with big words, but that s what it comes down to.That may well explain why Niebuhr was so appealing to American intellectuals in the post WWII period They were preparing to enter a life of major crime They were going to be either the managers or the apologists for a period of global conquest.Running the world is obviously going to entail enormous crimes So they think, Isn t it nice to have this doctrine behind us Of course we re super benevolent and humane, but the paradox of grace Again, if you are an intellectual, you dress it up and write articles about it The mechanisms, however, are quite simple 72 4.There is a great deal I almost stood up and cheered when Barsamian and Chomsky mocked David Frum for lying or at least exaggerating about Chomsky s having had a big presence in the op eds of The New York Times 85 I thought it very funny And what brought me to my feet is that whenever I see Frum talking I see either a full blown liar or the epitome of intellectual stupidity and sycophancy the like of which has little to compare outside of Fox s creative news entertainers.

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    Chomsky is one of the few authors who makes me want to be a better person.

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    Thomas Jefferson s goal at the very left liberal end of the spectrum, was to create a country free of blot or mixture meaning no red Indians, no black people, just good white Anglo Saxons That s what the liberals wanted The first secretary of defense, General Henry Knox, said that what we are doing to the native population is worse than what the conquistadors did in Peru and Mexico He said future historians will look at the destruction of these people what would now be called genocide and paint the acts with sable colors John Quincy Adams late in life developed a stronger conscience and said he had been involved in a crime of extermination of such enormity that surely God would punish them for these heinous sins No one has thought Capitalism is a viable system for sixty or seventy years if ever The reason the U.S never gets condemned by the Security Council is because it merely vetoes the resolutions The invasion of Panama brought two Security Council condemnations that were vetoed General Assembly resolutions get passed all the time but they are not binding they re just recommendations Israel is not a small state It s an appendage to the world s superpower The only way to justify an occupation is to be a racist to blame the victim It is perfectly true that Israel wants peace So, did Hitler Everyone wants peace The question is, on what terms Try preaching non violence when you are in the front lines like Dave Dellinger , it s much harder Britain singlehandedly turned Bengal, one of the richest places on earth, described as a paradise, into a land of famine by first destroying its agricultural economy, then destroying its textile industry During India s forced de industrialization, Britain was saying, it had to be done for the Manchester mills to survive And now Bengal is Bangladesh At the height of British power in India there was no than 150,000 British in India 90% of the control over the Indian people came from other Indians Divide and conquer In France, people were rounding up Jews faster than the Nazis could process them Look at the parts of Europe that were colonized, like Ireland, there is a noticeable third world element From 1980 to 1988, U.S backed South Africa was responsible for about a million and a half killings., plus about sixty billion dollars of damage and that s only in the region surrounding South Africa Nobody cared because South Africa was our ally Huge massacre in Burundi in the 70 s No problem When you have your boot on someone s neck, you have to justify it There are five hundred years of reasons why migrants aren t going from Europe to Africa Only two groups are allowed to discuss class in the U.S the business community and U.S planners Both of those groups have to worry about class Reinhold Niebuhr becomes famous among sold out liberal theologians because of his concept of paradox of grace The concept means that when you try to do good, bad will also come out of it That s wonderful because you can now explain away every terrible thing the U.S does with the paradox of grace we meant to do well, but, you know, that paradox of grace Noam says you have to go and chat with old women in Sicily to find beliefs similar to the U.S where three quarters of our population believe in religious miracles Noam says 9% of the U.S population believes in evolution Is it any wonder why Noam in other writings has called the United States a cultural backwater David Hume s importance is his comment in a book of political theory, where he states that even though the population submits to the governed, force is always on the side of the governed Another great book by Noam.

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    Truth be told, I was poised to give this 3 stars until I hit the latter sections The first half consists of mile a minute punditry on bad behavior by US state corporate entities, at home abroad It might be brilliant, but you need intimate familiarity with 1980s 90s politics to fathom what he s saying This I lack So I felt like I was dog paddling through a sea of vaguely familiar references In the second half, I woke up and enjoyed myself Here, Chomsky riffs on class, racism, and human nature, and how these operate to sustain oppressive structures He gives a thought provoking critique of Gandhi and a pithy breakdown of how modern society is set up as a prisoner s dilemma that makes collective action unlikely and invaluable I don t regret slogging on to the end But if you re new to Chomsky or to this kind of material, start with What Uncle Sam Really Wants

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    A great introduction to Chomsky, discovering a wide range of topics, although not getting into too much depth on anything an easy an interesting read although we think fundamentally different things about how the world works.

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    Classic quick Chomsky.

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    A fascinating state of the world report from the man the New York Times called arguably the most important intellectual alive Here are a few excerpts We now have an international economy and we re moving towards the international state creating , to quote the business press, a new imperial age with a de facto world government NAFTA is a secret document whose decisions will override those od Congress, states, localities It s a real success in the long term project of depriving democratic structures of any substance Biotechnology, genetic engineering, designing animal species, etc is potentially vastly important than electronics In fact, compared to the potential of biotechnology, electronics is sort of a frill Much of the disparity between blacks and whites is actually a class difference, and the gap between poor and rich whites is also enormous But you re not allowed to talk about class in the US As soon as you say the word, everybody falls down dead.

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    I am certainly biased when it comes to anything written by Chomsky because I really love him He is one of the people I d adore to talk to In this small book filled with his answers to an interview I re experienced what I felt upon reading my first book of his, complete bliss Its just all that he says strikes a chord with me, it truly does If this book was mine I d constantly be re reading it honestly I want everyone to read this book honestly, it s short and worth every single millisecond.

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    One of the better Barsamian Chomsky interviews.

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    Everything happening in the world around me makes so much sense after reading Chomsky The question and answer format of this book makes very heavy topics palatable Very informative read

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