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Thin Ice First In A New Series Set In Alaska From Beloved Author Paige Shelton, Thin Ice Will Chill Your Bones Beth Rivers Is On The Run She S Doing The Only Thing She Could Think Of To Keep Herself Safe Known To The World As Thriller Author Elizabeth Fairchild, She Had Become The Subject Of A Fanatic S Obsession After Being Held In A Van For Three Days By Her Kidnapper, Levi Brooks, Beth Managed To Escape, And Until He Is Captured, She S Got To Get Away Cold And Remote, Alaska Seems Tailor Made For Her To HideoutBeth S New Home In Alaska Is Sparsely Populated With People Who All Seem To Be Running Or Hiding From Something, And Though She Accidentally Booked A Room At A Halfway House, She Feels Safer Than She S Felt Since Levi Took Her That Is, Until She S Told About A Local Death That S A Suspected Murder Could The Death Of Linda Rafferty Have Anything To Do With Her Horror At The Hands Of Levi Brooks As Beth Navigates Her Way Through The Wilds Of Her New Home, Her Memories Of Her Time In The Van Are Coming Back, Replaying The Terror And The Fear And Threatening To Keep Her From Healing, From Reclaiming Her Old Life Again Can She Get Back To Normal, Will She Ever Truly Feel Safe, And Can She Help Solve The Local Mystery, If Only So She Doesn T Have To Think About Her Own

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thin Ice book, this is one of the most wanted Paige Shelton author readers around the world.

[Epub] ➛ Thin Ice ➜ Paige Shelton –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Thin Ice
  • Paige Shelton
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9781250295217

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    I m somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars.I ve commented before just how much I love books set in Alaska It doesn t matter what kind of book the imagery of the wilderness and wildness , even the danger posed by the elements both animal and meteorological fascinate me That was definitely one of the characteristics that led me to pick up Paige Shelton s new mystery, Thin Ice , but boy, it s so much than just its setting.Beth Rivers is known to the world as best selling thriller author Elizabeth Fairchild There are times she really can t believe a woman who started out a secretary to her police chief grandfather in Missouri could be a best selling author But when she is kidnapped and held captive in a van for three days, everything changes She must overcome her fear and the ways her kidnapper has restrained her to escape, or she ll face certain death, if not worse before that.She is able to escape the van one day but sustains a brain injury in the process But with her kidnapper still at large, she worries how she can live the rest of her life without being afraid and looking over her shoulder every minute So when she s mostly well enough, she decides she s going to run as far away as possible to the remote town of Benedict, Alaska It seems like the best solution, at least until the police find the suspect.When she arrives in Benedict she discovers that a lot of people come to Alaska to run away from something, so while her presence drums up some curiosity, she probably fits in better than she would in most places She also finds out that she booked herself a room at a halfway house for women rather than the historic inn she assumed she was, but she takes some comfort in knowing these women aren t violent felons, and the house is run under the watchful eye of Viola, a tough, take no prisoners type of woman.As she settles in, she finds that the fickle nature of the weather takes some getting used to, but she enjoys the relative isolation the town provides her At the same time, she starts remembering bits and pieces of her kidnapping, which cause her to experience fear and paranoia, and prevent her from the full recovery she desperately needs But when the local police chief, who knows her real identity her pen name was how most people knew her , asks for her help looking into a suicide that doesn t quite look like one, it both gives her an opportunity to stay busy, and it forces her to confront some of the fears that sent her into hiding in Alaska.I really enjoyed Thin Ice and read it in just a few hours It s a mystery with lots of twists and turns, and while the culprit wasn t quite surprising although I suspected the heck out of everyone who appeared in the book, which is my usual way with mysteries and thrillers , I love the way Shelton told her story I m hoping the cliffhanger type ending means this is the start of a new series, because I really enjoyed these characters and the small town setting.I m fairly critical of mysteries and thrillers because there are so many out there and many seem to share similar characteristics Thin Ice hooked me from the get go, and while it relies on character development than action and danger, that s perfectly fine I hope we ll see of Beth and her fellow citizens of Benedict in the future See all of my reviews at can follow me on Instagram at

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    Thin Ice by Paige Shelton is a well written suspense novel The story is set in Alaska and centers around Beth Rivers, a successful thriller writer She was kidnapped by a fanatic fan, escaped from him, but sustained a brain injury and she cannot remember what he looks like While the police are still looking for him, she decides to recover and hide in Alaska until he is captured While there she gets involved in an investigation of the death of one of the small town s inhabitants.This is a suspenseful and riveting story that hooked me with the first paragraph and kept me interested throughout From the small town residents to the descriptions of Alaska to the various mysteries, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.Beth s character was well developed for a first novel in a series as well as those of several of the town s residents Secrets are numerous and add to the enjoyment of the book.Overall, it was a solid mystery that was engaging, suspenseful, fast paced and compulsively readable While it does leave one major plot point unresolved, all other items were resolved This is the first book in the Alaska Wild series and I look forward to reading the next one Many thanks to St Martin s Press and Paige Shelton for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.

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    Thin Ice is the start of a new mystery series set in Alaska Beth is on the run, and of all things, she s a thriller author A fan of hers, Levi, has become obsessed with her, and she has no choice but to go in hiding after she manages to escape his kidnapping attempt When a woman is found murdered, she can t help but think of Levi Has he harmed this woman, too Beth begins to wonder if she ll ever feel safe again.Thin Ice checks all the right boxes for a new mystery I LOVED Beth I loved the atmospheric setting I think it laid the groundwork as the start of a series, and I can t wait to hear from Beth Of course I think a thriller writer makes for an amazing main character I received a free copy from the publisher.Many of my reviews can also be found on instagram tarheelreader

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    I enjoy Paige Shelton s Scottish Bookshop and Country Cooking School cozy mystery books When I saw she had a new series starting, I jumped right on it This new series is a bit serious than the usual light hearted cozy fare Nothing graphic But, there is a bit meat to the characters and mystery plot Loved it Beth Rivers is an authora well known one After a kidnapping incident where she was traumatized, she relocates to Benedict, Alaska to recover and hide out Her kidnapper is still free.and she wants as far away from her memories, and him, as possible She wants to hide her identity as an author and get her life back Just as she starts trying to settle into her new remote Alaskan home, a resident of Benedict is murdered The crime brings back memories of the hours she spent locked in a van, victimized by her kidnapper But she s determined to help solve the crime I enjoyed this story The characters have real personality I liked the setting in a small rural Alaska town with its quirky citizens and its own culture Beth is a strong and intelligent main character The mystery moved along at a nice pace, with plenty of investigation and suspects While the story started with quite a bit of background Beth s kidnapping, relocation, the town, etc the story didn t get bogged down in it The mystery got started relatively quickly.with Beth s previous experience enhancing it, rather than taking away from it All in all, an entertaining read I m definitely going to read of this new series I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book from St Martin s Press via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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    Beth Rivers is a best selling author who has run away to Alaska to hideout and recover from a kidnapping that has left a devastating physical and mental assault on her body and spirit and to make matters worse she has amnesia from the the assault and is fearful her kidnapper will find her again The day Beth arrives she discovers that the town is remote than she could have imagined with barely any cell phone or wi fi signals available but that only makes her feel secure with her surroundings until she finds out that a body has just been found moments after she arrived What will happen to Beth now Is she safe or has she now made the biggest mistake of her life This was a very clever and enjoyable read for me It was not a cozy mystery but it was not the dark type of story I usually read The characters were quirky and fun, I enjoyed th at there were several mysteries happening within this book at one time and I really didn t have the story completely figured it until the end, so that made this book a very worth while and entertaining read It was also a nice break from my hardcore books.I want to thank the publisher St Martin s Press and Netgalley for allowing me he opportunity to read this book I do recommend this story to any mystery reader and have given a rating of 4 Clever Stars

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    Thin Ice by Paige Shelton is a totally new direction for Ms Shelton I have enjoyed several of her cozy mystery series so I was intrigued to read this suspense story I am so glad that I did because I was pulled into the story from the first page.Ms Shelton s descriptive writing made me feel like I was with Beth Rivers throughout the story Benedict, AK became so real to me as I read that I felt like I could find it on a map of Alaska Beth s character is well developed in this book and several of the secondary characters are developing into real people for me I love that many of the town s residents have their own secret reasons for moving to Benedict In spite of the reason why Beth chose Benedict to hide in, she is becoming an integral part of the town A quickly paced plot with suspense made this a book that I didn t want to put down Although Beth s main reason for being in Alaska is not resolved, the secondary mystery is complete by the end of the book I am definitely going to be watching for the next one in this series.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Minotaur Books via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own.

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    I really liked this new series set in Alaska In fact I was a little lonely this morning because I wanted to read what was going on with Beth and the other residents of small town of Benedict, AK Luckily the ending left no doubt that there will be books coming and I can t wait Beth Rivers is a well known author who is kidnapped by a crazed fan and held for several days She is severely injured during her escape and has lost her memory but it is coming back slowly and erratically The kidnapper has not been found so Beth decides to hide out in remote Alaska She has made a good choice It is hard to get to and snowed in for much of the year and has very spotty cell phone and Internet reception She accidentally books her self into a half way home for criminals and is totally unprepared for the weather She has health problems Yet she slowly merges into her new life and becomes the new volunteer editor of the newspaper and the object of curiosity Then there s a murder and Beth is involved in the investigation She worries its connected to her kidnapping The characters in this are delightful It has a great story line with two separate mysteries, Beth s kidnapping and the town murder The setting is breathtaking I have read the author s series of a girl who gets a job in a Scottish bookstore which I enjoyed but this is even better It has depth and heart I look forward to Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this in exchange for a fair review.

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    Damnit, the second I read Alaska, female author protagonist, and creepy stalker fan, I was so excited to read this, but it was a major letdown.For a little positivity I ll go over what I liked the setting, mostly Paige Shelton mentioned visiting Alaska to make sure she got it right, and that paid off in spades There are moments I d swear I could feel the cold or the rain and the sense of scale was similarly well communicated The central idea of the book was great too, just read that synopsis But unfortunately for me, the execution fell short, and largely it was in the main character The woman is so, so damn stupid And I HATE writing that But would you go out into an Alaskan storm when you re not in proper winter gear Would you later approach A WOUNDED BEAR when you literally have to leave a nice safe building to do so Would you THEN go out into the woods by yourself when you think you ve uncovered a murder, and have zero survival equipment It s not endearing, it s infuriating This is a woman who has a successful book series and managed to survive a kidnapping by an obsessed fan Not to mention the using your real name instead of your pen name to make sure said obsessed fan doesn t find you It s not like obsessed fans ever want to know about the object of their obsession than a pen name.That was the most annoying of it, but there s to it some of the writing is clunky, particularly toward the start, but I tend to forgive that in a debut, or I would were it not for the rest Writing is damn hard and getting a book out into the world is nothing to sniff at There s some unravelling going on in the plotlines too, and unfortunately we hit a pet peeve of mine with a fricking cliffhanger ending How many times, people, if you have to trick people into coming back for the next book with a cliffhanger, you re doing it wrong This all sounds really harsh, and I genuinely don t like being harsh in my reviews I did finish the book and I might even come back for the next one, but damnit if this book didn t hit some really big buttons of mine.

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    Beth is on the run She was abducted, held for several days, and somehow escaped Because of an accident that resulted in a brain injury, she doesn t remember a lot of what happened to her.She s a writer, so she can go anywhere she wants maybe using a different name Until her abductor is caught, she s afraid of anyone knowing who and where she is.She winds up in a small town in Alaska where it seems a lot of people who are also hiding who they are Beth accidentally booked herself in a halfway house, run by a woman paid by the state to take care of women only law breakers.She s okay with this until she s told there has been a recent death Murder or suicide when the local police ask for her limited help, she s than happy to comply Can she get back to normal, will she ever truly feel safe, and can she help solve the local mystery, if only so she doesn t have to think about her own I enjoyed the Alaskan setting I liked most of the characters the ones I didn t like were written than way I like small town mysteries plenty of suspects, and you just know that not everyone is who they say they are The mystery is good maybe a step up from a cozy.Beware this is part of a series and although one crime is solved, there is to come and it ends with a huge cliff hanger.Many thanks to the author St Martin s Press Minotaur Books Netgalley for the digital copy of this mystery Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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    I really enjoyed this one A little bit of mystery set in the wilds of Alaska made for a new twist on this type of book I m hoping for in this series very soon

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