This all happened: A fictional memoir

This all happened: A fictional memoir The Commodity A Fiction Writer Sells Is His Own Life, His Spirit This Is Especially True In Fiction That Draws From Autobiography In Michael Winter S Journal Clef, This All Happened, We Are Exposed To The Kernel Of Truth That Exists In Each Day Told From The Viewpoint Of Gabriel English, The Work Opens Windows Onto A Richly Textured, Fast Paced Filmic Compilation Of Daily Vignettes Over One Calendar Year If Fellini Were A Newfoundlander Gabriel S Promises And Actions Early In The Year Have Their Repercussions By The End Gabriel S Passion For Lydia Murphy Leads Him Into Paroxysms Of Jealousy But He Never Abandons His Shrewdly Witty Perspective On The Vagaries Of Modern Love Concrete And Delicately Rendered, This All Happened Depicts A Man S Descent From Love To Fury

Author of five books The Architects Are Here, The Big Why, This All Happened, One Last Good Look, Creaking in their Skins His novel, The Death of Donna Whalen, is slated for publication in 2010.

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    At August , I wrote I am enthralled in currently reading I have since finished reading I wanted to reread the book all over again straight away Instead, I copied entire portions, by hand, just to get a sense of what it would feel like to write like this Needless to say, I highly recommend reading this book,published back in 2000

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    I didn t intend to read any books by Michael Winter after The Architects are Here , but, then I saw him at a reading He and Boyden who was the real reason I attended the event were launching new books Winter was so hilarious, likeable, and lacking in fashion sense that I just had to support him and buy one of his books The book seller didn t take debit and I had limited cash after buying Boyden s monolith and so was left scrounging the bottom of my purse for spare change and managed to scrape together just enough to buy the cheapest book on Winter s table I even had the nerve to take it up to get signed I m so glad I did The book is great Winter perfectly captures the tensions and insecurities that underlie relationships He is also a shrewd observer of personality I m so glad he had Gabe and Lydia break up and stay broke up That was one toxic relationship Anything less would have ruined the integrity of the book for me I have only one gripe Hey, Winter What s this supposed to mean on page 208 and what am I to do now that my wife has all but told me she s had an affair and with a New Brunswicker the only thing lower than coming from Corner Brook.I m a New Brunswicker, born and raised, and I take offence

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    Loved this and I almost don t know why It is such a seemingly simple book but the slow build up is deeply affecting Winter s conjuring of his faux fictional memoir s protagonist s jealousy and obsession is brutal in its subtlety And his love interest s casual, ALMOST unintentional torture of him is maddening I loved this and for so many reasons.

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    Why oh why have I not read Michael Winter before now I ve got no excuse Before I read this book, I d had five, yes five, unread Michael Winter books languishing on my shelves In fact, I denied myself the purchase of Donna Whalen for that reason No sense in having six unread books.I m not sure why I picked this book over his previously published short story collections, or for that matter why I chose to read Michael Winter at all just now You d think I d have had enough of Newfoundland after just finishing 830 pages of Kenneth Harvey s Blackstrap Hawco I suspect it was the cover picture that did it The guy spying on the world through his binoculars I do that everyday, ostensibly to look for birds in or around my backyard But when there are no birds, I spy on everything else the couple that walks along the other side of the river most days, stopping to sit on a bench, surveying the river, seldom talking I like to imagine what s going on in their heads the ice forming on the river now the muddy lines on the trees that mark the height of the river at this past spring s flood and bark, I love to look at bark.Gabriel English, the author of this fictional memoir, spies on his surroundings through his binoculars too They let you focus on what you want to see and block out, like blinders, what you don t So I felt a bit of kinship with him in that.Gabriel English is supposed to be writing a novel Maybe he is but he seems unable to get down to the actual writing of it He did manage to write a short story for the CBC short story contest during the course of this one year in the life of memoir only to be rejected And again I felt a little kinship Not that I have ever sent in a short story, but if I did, it would most certainly be rejected and I could relate to the rejection But mostly he is writing little vignettes on a daily basis, a journal or diary of his daily life and ruminations Most of those ruminations have to do with the disintegration of his relationship with Lydia Murphy He s in love with her, or rather, he s in love with being in love with her From page one, the reader has a pretty good idea that this relationship is not the true love once in a lifetime til death do us part sort Even Gabriel knows Here it is page 1, January 1 and Gabriel is already resentful that Lydia is laughing with another man, paying attention to someone other than him He wants to punch the guy and he questions whether he can love a woman like that But he wants to Oh how he wants to.The book is deceptively easy to read Words flow unfaltering despite the absence of quotation marks in dialogue and apostrophes in contractions They flow like a song, the particular song reflective of the mood and events reported I m sure if Gabriel was waltzing the words would flow in 3 4 time I love writing like that I also liked the format of the book, 365 days, like those page a day calendars with inspirational thoughts, quotations, words of wisdom for each day of your life I read with interest the entries for those days of significance to me my birthday, wedding day, Christmas, kids birthdays to see whether Gabriel had any significant words of wisdom for me Admittedly, there were days that were less interesting and one wondered why bother with an entry at all, but those were rare Some days were so filled with human frailty, especially toward the end when you ve come to know Gabriel, Lydia, Maisie, Max, Alex and Oliver and the rest of his cronies well, that even though you knew how things would be, your heart aches anyway.Funny as all hell to me was the day they all play badminton and Gabriel ends up in emerge after lurching for a birdie I still cruelly snicker Like someone else on the Goodreads site, I too have written out whole passages from the book Words that resonated with me, like Max s comment in November Some people never become themselves because they re afraid to be fools Gabriel s in October We spend the afternoon gardening and it is easy and sad We are kind to each other, but our hearts are heavy with rain Sigh This will not be the last Michael Winter book I ll read.

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    I loved this continuation of the life and times of Gabriel the bumbling, beautiful and charming Newf chasing his dreams and girlfriend with almost equal measure His writing is like how cowboy coffee tastes when you spike it with Irish Cream and sit on Canadian Shield overlooking motor boat free water and smelling cedar and tamarack at the same time Splendid

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    I loved the introspection of the novel, his life advice thoughts But I hated the two main characters Lydia is a bitch Gabe is a controlling prick.

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    This book is about strange, dysfunctional people who cannot seem to grasp that they are consistently engaged in destructive, broken, and abusive relationships It is one incredibly long livejournal blog entry spanning a year of Michael Winter s or less real life, and I don t really know why I read it the whole way through.Gabe s character is fictional in the same way, I assume, that Henry Chinaski is fictional I can appreciate Gabe at times as I see a lot of myself in my early 20s in him Except he s 34 I don t understand how this is such a popular book The story or lack thereof is one long grimy emotional ride I ll save you hours of your life by giving you the book s plot in one line The main characters have tumultuous relationships in each other and have a hard time dealing with it.While I didn t enjoy this book for the most part, its somewhat saving grace is that Michael Winter adds a nice poetic touch to things that would take me away from the nastiness of the rest of the book at times Case in point He says, Now you with Lydia I ve never seen a man so cuntstruck I thought about that word all day Cuntstruck I had to go out for a walk with it It was a little dog that I put on a leash and let wander ahead of me Sometimes, I say, it feels like you dont understand me You dont like how I behave You wish I were another way Yes, she says I agree with that But I also resent that you compare me with others I say, I should be cherished every day Lydia suddenly laughs, agreeing And there is a melt between us I m not sure what I want to do tonight I may just go home She d said, You can come down if you want There is something so uninviting in that If you want I wanted her to want me to come down I didnt want her to shift the want to me There are several other genius lines in this book, but it just doesn t make it enough for me to recommend it to anyone else Pass on this one.

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    I was put off by the first chapter and only kept going because of the book being Canlit It did get better once I got into the rhythm of the prose The book reads less like a novel than a notebook, documenting the activities and thoughts of the narrator who is a would be writer The group of characters in the book seem destined to flit from relationship to relationship without ever achieving a solidly intimate partnership I enjoyed the details of place, one of those books that make me want to go to where it is written, in this case St John s Newfoundland.

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    Incredible book Highly recommended.

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    Was I really tossed this book in June I suppose I was By a friend, in passing A poetic friend who liked this sort of prose.What a deep and wonderful book this is It tells the year day by day of writer Gabriel English as he lives, exists, in St Johns It s a fantastic read A dreamy entry for each day of the year Vibrant friends with their own unique voices It is not exactly the kind of book I would choose to read It s not poetry that you immediately recognize But it is So much .How did she describe the book to me A book where nothing happens.Certainly things happen but it s just the passing of time, the events in enough detail that you might consider them how you would recall memories, just enough to say you d been there, you d done that.I m not entirely sure if This All Happened is Gabriel s journal, it s not clear that it is, but it might be Maybe.On conversation is particularly profound, for me And I felt like I couldn t say anything to you because you d take it the wrong way and write it down in that journal.You read it.Yes.Lydia.Everything you write about me is rotten.I write down things that vex me I don t write down the good things.Well, why don t you Happiness is too hard to write and boring to read p.190 Many times I found the sentiments written in this book to be very true and they resonated with me.In a way I wish everyone would read this book It s very human It has many lessons, and it s like being the third person in a silent conversation, that you are being shared with It s a story we all know, with people we are familiar with, just enough.It s not outrageous, it s life, but told in such a way that you know if could be your own, or a dream you might have had.In a lot of ways it made me better about my life But I could hardly say it was a book written for me It took a long time to finish, not to read I read half of it for the first month I had it, then, I suppose because my friend went AWOL I didn t want to read it any And it, the book, was filed away I hear from her now and then, and realized I should finish reading it, so I did, in a day There wasn t much left I was the best part I think I can relate to Gabriel English, as a writer This All Happened reminds me of Virginia Wolf s The Waves but much contemporary, and told by only one character I didn t like The Waves but I very much enjoyed Michael Winter s writing I hope it does become a movie.

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