This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.

This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike. If You Re Fat And Fail Every Diet, If You Re Thin But Can T Get Thin Enough, If You Lose Your Job, If Your Child Dies, If You Are Diagnosed With Cancer, If You Always End Up With Exactly The Wrong Kind Of Person, If You Always End Up Alone, If You Can T Get Over The Past, If Your Parents Are Insane And Ruining Your Life, If You Really And Truly Wish You Were Dead, If You Feel Like It S Your Destiny To Be A Star, If You Believe Life Has A Grudge Against You, If You Don T Want To Have Sex With Your Spouse And Don T Know Why, If You Feel So Ashamed, If You Re Lost In Life If You Have Ever Wondered, How Am I Supposed To Survive This This Is How

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❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike. Author Augusten Burroughs –
  • Hardcover
  • 230 pages
  • This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.
  • Augusten Burroughs
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9780312563554

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    May 25, 2012 UPDATE News flash for Burroughs fans I wrote this review long before the book was released Now it has been out for a few weeks, and it is receiving a big thumbs down from people who have loved his other books Personally, I found his previous books dark than funny, but I seem to be in the minority So pay attention here THIS IS NOT LIKE HIS OTHER BOOKS There are a lot of angry readers out there who ordered the book without reading advance reviews, and now they re all bent out of shape because it s not what they expected.If you ve read the author s autobiographical works, you know he s been through ugliness than most of us Here he shares a distillation of his life s lessons, and the techniques that did and did not work for him along the way This Is How is a catch all self help book for the desperate, the disillusioned, or the merely curious The laughs are there, as expected, but Augusten Burroughs is very much in earnest with his messages There are 28 short chapters ranging from How To Be Fat to How To Let a Child Die Burroughs is the kind of friend you want to have around when it s time to stop whining and wallowing and get serious about change He ll give you that boot in the backside followed by a gentle exhortation to be hopeful and optimistic Stop lying to yourself, but don t you dare give up is the overarching theme in the book A lot of what you ll find here is common sense, but Burroughs s delivery motivates you to use that sense in a practical way His style is often hard hitting, occasionally punctuated by coarse language What s surprising, though, is the tenderness and insight that accompany his boldness One size fits all looks a little different on each person, but there s something here for everyone What I found irrelevant may be just what someone else needs to hear Even the parts that don t apply to you will have information to help you be sensitive to the struggles of others For me this is the best out of all of Burroughs s books.

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    I found this book in an unusual way, but it turned out to be the best thing I could have read right now.You see, my mother died a few weeks ago She had cancer and I had been caring for her for months, but losing her was still a shock I think losing a loved one must always be shocking, no matter how much time you have to prepare One day they are there, and the next they aren t The physics of it just don t make sense.So, I was overwhelmed with sadness and looking for ways to cope Because I am a reader and typically solve problems by going to a library, I decided to look for a book on grief Specifically, I wanted an audiobook, which I could listen to privately and no one would see me carrying around a bereavement handbook I searched Overdrive for grief and This is How showed up I was so pleased to see Augusten Burroughs name I had read and enjoyed several of his memoirs, but I had never heard of this book I silently thanked the universe for sending it my way This is How is a self help book, but it s told in such a brutally honest and humorous way that only Augusten could have written it He shares stories of his own ordeals and what he s learned, and also the experiences of friends There are chapters on fear, anxiety, dreams, love, confidence, failure, addiction, and, of course, grief I found comfort and insight in much of what Augusten wrote, and it reminded me of why I liked his earlier books so much He s like a good friend you meet for coffee, and he would listen carefully to your story, give you a hug, and then he would tell you the truth about what you need to do next.If you need a little honesty and humor to deal with a difficult situation, I recommend this book Favorite Quote When the person you love is gone, even if it has seemed to you for so long only a small part of them has remained, you see now how much of them was really there You see, too, that it was the last few moments hardly enough of them to walk from the far end of the parking lot to the front door of a mall and yet these several moments were the most pure, most essential, and most alive moments in your life.

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    Okay, so I literally couldn t put this book down When I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about when I could get back to it Burroughs has such a candid way of writing He s full of humor, insight, and I felt like he was sitting right next to me chatting I do understand why the long title now as he took on so many different topics, the topics that matter most in life For me, the chapters on disease and dying were the best I ve ever read Others on race and relationships, or emotions such as shame, resentment, and anger were all top notch Here s a couple of small quotes I loved, The past does not haunt us We haunt the past, or Try to see the therapist as like a hooker Seriously, you could throw away every self help book, or actually the self help industry would die with one reading of this book Yup, I loved it

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    I am not a fan of self help books The few I ve read have been full of unrealistic psychobabble, generic overused cliches and generally not applicable to me and my problems Having said that, I couldn t resist entering the Goodreads giveaway for this particular book simply because of it s title I was interested and skeptical to see how one book could address all of these issues I half expected it to be a satirical work I was just plain curious.Having sat down and in a matter of a few hours consumed this book I found that it s not your traditional self help offering It doesn t give you step by step methods of fixing yourself or your life Instead it offers a new way of thinking about and looking at a myriad of situations, traits and long held beliefs Some of it is so basic and common sense that I found myself wondering why I hadn t thought of it myself Some involves removing layers of truths about myself and my world that I ve accepted without ever examining It s a book of ideas to think about than a how to guide.The title could have included a much longer list of subjects that this book could apply to.I loved this and plan to read it again and maybe again and possibly periodically throughout my life It s truly a treasure I congratulate the author for sharing his insight, honesty and knowledge of what makes us tick.

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    Update. this book was brought to my attention a few moments ago thank you da It s wonderful I still own my copy If you haven t read it consider reading it It s not what you expect It s let self help but is helpful lol is just VERY moving wise hard to pull away from this little sleeper of a gem I read this book for no other reason than. Augusten Burroughs wrote it I was not searching for tips on how to overcome shyness, weight loss, find love, or be confident, happy, etc I just happen to dig Burroughs and have enjoyed his other books Augusten is FRICKEN INSPIRING He can be pretty darn funny to boot ALL of his books have a raw truthful refreshing edge to them I had the rug pulled out from under me in this book I was expecting to laugh, laugh, laugh. I laughed a little but , I was just impressed with how inevitably healthy wise powerful and at cause he is of his life This book is a self empowering book less self help book I came away feeling empowered in several areas 1 In the chapter called How to Remain Unhealed , I felt stronger empowered if you will, just from his gem of a sentence Heal is a television word He went on to write about valuable truth on the topic of healing there are some things in life from which you do not heal..but holes are interesting etc etc Its a wonderful chapter read the book, I ve only touched on this subject 2 Why Having it all is Not another excellent topic very empowering 3 How to Lose Someone You Love THE BEST chapter in the book I ve been married almost 34 years My husband and I are both healthy I m 60 but hey, the day may come, many years later would be preferred , when one of us has the opportunity for a GOOD death in a bed as Borroughs speaks about This chapter is sooooooooooooooo damn empowering Heck its HELPFUL information GREAT little book I can think of many of my friends and family who will enjoy reading it

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    I picked this up from my library s Lucky Day shelf and thought Oh, I dig Burroughs Can t wait to read his latest snarkful memoir This is NOT a snarkful memoir This is what it says on the front cover, a self help book My heart sank as I realized this, but I figured I d wade in anyway in the interests of a snarkful review Ha The only self described self help books I ve ever liked have been by Byron Katie The rest are useless, warm and fuzzy and in my opinion at least, totally worthless This book by Burroughs is not useless Oh, I m sure at least part of the reason I dug it so much is because much of it sounded like what I say to people who ask me for advice but it s than that It s bleak, it s realistic, it s cauterizing, and it s clean And helpful Did I mention helpful Yeah.If you like your truth served up stark and caustic, this is the book for you If you want to hear about how worthwhile you are, how you can do anything if you just dream big enough, how love conquers all, you should stay the hell away.Wavering between 4 5 stars Probably going to buy this and hand it out liberally to teenagers I love ETA This is the gom jabbar of self help books.

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    I didn t know this was going to be so self helpy I didn t know what to expect, to be honest I just knew that a lot of my Goodreads friends were reading and mostly loving Augusten Burroughs books, so I thought I d give one a shot.If I had to pinpoint my notions of what I was about to get into, I guess I was expecting something akin to David Sedaris, but with a sharper edge and less humor I read This Is How let s just skip that ridiculously long subtitle and, while I m not sure the edge was much sharper, I did get less humor It was replaced with a self help directive.We are going to fucking fix you, is This Is How s message Sometimes it s almost shouted, but generally it s spoken in a calm, collected and sensible tone Direct and to the point It s not Sedaris memoir, it s like autobio when necessary to make my point.No, not everything herein is going to work for you and your problems Most of the time I felt like Augusten Burroughs hit the nail on the head Every once in a while he smacked the board Hey, he s only human Hell, if he were perfect and had all the answers I d call him something like New Jesus and begin collecting members for my cult.

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    This is, without a doubt, the most candid self help book I have ever read It covers a vast range of subjects, from how to deal with optimist do gooders when you re down, all the way to mourning the death of a child And the ironic part All of these situations, the book teaches, can be handled with a single, powerful, simple tool Absolute honesty with yourself This Is How spends 230 pages repeating the same honesty mantra in so many different ways, that it s a profound experience when it finally clicks So many different examples are used that, at some point in the book, you re garunteed to find something that speaks to you, and when you do, the point hits home.Everyone has issues Some people than others And it seems to me that no matter how light or extreme your life difficulties are, this book will definitely help give a second perspective on your situation.I read this book in a day and a half exceptionally long for only 200 pages of text But the words invoke a lot of thought, a lot of conversation, and offers something that lasts beyond the turn of the last page.

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    Audiobook.I don t get it The title sounds like a self help book, the call number was in the humor section, and what it actually felt like was a self help book that was trying to be funny but failed Further, to me, the vibe I got from reading this was one of contempt for people who read self help books It felt like the author thought, oh my god, it s so easy just GET OVER IT look, i ll write a book that even says that problem solved I realize he has lived through than his share of difficulties in life, and the chapters that reflect his real, personal experiences are borderline helpful But no, Augusten Burroughs, you don t get to tell me what you would do if you had a daughter and if she was anorexic and call that an advice book or how to tell a child they re dying You ve never been there or had to do that the nerve to even suppose that you know what it s like is insulting And yes, you may be a recovering alcoholic, but I can t believe you would tell a woman whose son died drinking to death that he died doing what he loved Every now and then, when he was talking about something that he actually had experience with, I found a nugget of truth, or a little gem of good advice but not enough to make it worth the time.

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    I have read most of Augustin Burroughs books and I enjoyed all of them I know there is controversy about the whether or not his memoirs are truly memoirs or not, I don t care If the book entertains me I don t care if the author used a creative license here and there on parts of the book, especially if it improves the book, just as long as it s not a total fabrication Some of you might think I m wrong and that s fine.So I get this book based on who wrote it It is a self help book usually annoying , but knowing the author I knew it would not be typical It s not I was blown away by how much I liked it I was pleasantly shocked by it It s candid, funny, cynical, and heartbreaking It is not at all about positivity, double rainbows or unicorns that fart glitter, it is a straight forward this is what happened to me, it sucked, and this is how I survived it The book starts with Augsten in an elevator after a bad break up and looking every bit as unhappy as he was, when he has an unwanted encounter with a People Person She told him whatever it was it s not that bad And that all he had to do was smile and he would feel better I don t know about you, but I really don t like it when someone tells me to Smile What I feel like doing when someone says that to me is to punch them in the throat Augusten felt similarly, I think what he thought was Die bitch But he did question why that made him so angry, the lady was just trying to help him He then immediately saw an article on his computer that stated a study that positive affirmations only work on people who are already positive It makes things worse for those on the negative side I thought duh So he decided to right a self help book for people like him, he certainly went through enough crap in his life to have enough material.Here s a list of the chapters How to ride an elevatorHow to feel like shitHow to find loveHow to be fatHow to be thinHow to feel sorry for yourselfHow to be confidentHow to failHow to get the jobHow to shatter shameHow to see the truth behind the truthHow to end your lifeHow to remain unhealedWhy having it all is notHow to get over your addiction to the pastHow to be a good mental patientHow to make yourself uncomfortable and why you should How to finish your drinkHow to hold on to your dream or maybe not How to identify love by knowing what it is notHow to live unhappily ever afterHow to feel less regretHow to stop being afraid of your angerHow to be sickHow to lose someone you loveHow to let a child dieHow to change the world by yourselfThis is why

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