Through Our Eyes Only?: The Search for Animal Consciousness

Through Our Eyes Only?: The Search for Animal Consciousness What Goes On Inside The Minds Of Other Animals Do They Have Thoughts And Feelings Like Our Own To Many People, Particularly Pet Owners, The Answers Seem Absurdly Obvious Others Feel That The Issue Of Animal Consciousness Is Beyond The Scope Of Science In Through Our Eyes Only, Marian Stamp Dawkins Presents The Exciting New Evidence In Animal Behavior That Points To The Existence Of Higher Consciousness In Some Species Here, Dawkins Argues That The Idea Of Consciousness In Other Species Has Now Progressed From A Vague Possibility To A Plausible, Scientifically Respectable View Wild Vervet Monkeys Seem To Know Which Members Of Their Group Are Reliable Messengers Of Danger And Which Commonly Cry Wolf Vampire Bats Often Give Food To Starving Companions But Only To Those Who Have Helped Them In The Past Through Our Eyes Only Is An Immensely Engaging Exploration Of One Of The Greatest Remaining Biological Mysteries The Possibility Of Conscious Experiences In Other Species Written In A Lively Style Accessible To The General Reader, The Book Aims To Show Just How Near And How Far We Are To Understanding Animal Consciousness

Marian Ellina Dawkins n e Stamp CBE is professor of animal behaviour at the University of Oxford Her research interests include vision in birds, animal signalling, behavioural synchrony, animal consciousness and animal welfare Dawkins was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE in the 2014 New Year Honours for services to animal welfare from Wikipedia

[Reading] ➸ Through Our Eyes Only?: The Search for Animal Consciousness ➮ Marian Stamp Dawkins –
  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Through Our Eyes Only?: The Search for Animal Consciousness
  • Marian Stamp Dawkins
  • English
  • 07 May 2018
  • 9780198503200

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    I give this an objective four stars, even though for me personally it probably rated slightly less through no fault of the author or the work, simply because I am already really familiar with much of what she presents here, and also because it is now 20 years on out of date with current research into animal minds That said, I think Dawkins does a great job of putting together the evidence for animal consciousness in a scientific way trying to argue past both those sceptics who want to deny the existence of animal consciousness altogether though I m not sure how many of them there still are today and those who would excessively anthropomorphise animal experience She presents possible evidence, then cuts through it with sceptical claims to try and reveal what remains as a solid foundation for the claims that there is something it is like to be many animals She avoids drawing explicit ethical conclusions, but it is clear that she thinks that if there is evidence for conscious experience in animals, that should influence how we treat them something I would agree with I think this is a great book for people with a general interest in animal minds.

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    Good discussion, scientifically accurate engaging read

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    Excellent, and well argued I think she makes one logical slip, though, and I slightly disagree with her conclusion because of that.

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    Science bitch

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