To Crown A King

To Crown A King Scotland, The Kingdom Is On The Verge Of Rebellion John Balliol Wears The Crown, But Even His Powerful Comyn Kin Cannot Break King Edward Of England S Insatiable Desire To Conquer The Northern RealmFor Christina Bruce, Neither Man Is Worthy Of Being Called King Of Scots Born Into The Influential Bruce Family, The Only Noble House To Rival The Comyns, She Is Expected To Obey Her Father And Side With England But When A Chance Meeting With An Outlaw Named William Wallace Brings Her Into The Conflict, She Risks Everything To Get What She Wants Most FreedomFrom Award Winning Author Raedene Jeannette Melin, To Crown A King Is The Empowering Tale Of Christina Bruce And Her Struggle Between Family Loyalty And Scottish Freedom Discover Her Untold Story And Follow Along As She Takes Her Destined Place In History Find Raedene on Facebook and Instagram or follow her on Twitter RJMBooks.

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    Other then what I learned while watching Braveheart, I know very little about the history of Scotland This novel intrigued me as it focuses on a young woman from an influential noble family in 1295 Scotland Christina Bruce, a descendant of Celtic Norman kings, was an influential person during the Scottish Wars of Independence, however, very little is truly known about her While her father pledges loyalty to England, she is left to make tough decisions for herself her family.What I loved Christina s character She is brave, fierce loyal to a fault sometimes The author takes great detail in fleshing out Christina s life her role in the Scottish War And there is a lot of history historical events that I really enjoyed reading about And Christina s relationships with her family the heads of the other noble families is full of drama I also loved the special relationship Christina develops with William Wallace What I didn t There are a lot of characters to keep track of Some that disappear for a bit then show up just when you ve forgotten about them The story struggles with pacing can be a bit slow in parts lots of riding back forth It is also very heavy on the history which I actually enjoyed However, there were parts where the events felt rushed through that should have been elaborated on fully character s motives detailed a bit To Crown A King is rich on history and drama What it lacks in pacing, it makes up for with a strong female character, an interesting family dynamic leaves you wanting I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley BlogInstagramTwitter

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    Find this and other reviews at missed it when selecting Raedene Jeannette Melin s To Crown a King so I m gonna start by noting the book is a biographic piece based on the life of Christina Bruce, sister of that other Bruce, the one carefully omitted from the jacket description in favor of a Mel Gibson reference.All joking aside, I admit I liked this piece Melin s To Crown a King is smaller in scope than J.M Harvey s Sisters of the Bruce 1292 1314, but I think the modest frame of this narrative allowed a nice degree of thematic depth Melin doesn t forget the history, I felt it layered a bit thick in places if I m completely honest, but there is enough of a character arc to balance the fact.My only quib with this piece is the pacing I was slow on the uptake, but once I got my head on straight, I remembered enough to recognize where this story was going and consequently found it hard to rouse my enthusiasm for the twists and challenges the rebellion was meant to create for Christina.

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    I am big fan of historical fiction but this one did not hit the mark for me There were brief moments of intrigue, but overall I was mostly left wanting I believe character and plot development was needed to prevent the story line from remaining stagnant Recipe of this novel Christina rides somewhere, discussions are had, she rides somewhere else throw in some expressions of tiredness and repeat.

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    The thing that attracted me to this book was historical context and location the Wars of Scottish Independence, fought between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries That was promising. I knew nothing about these events and was ready to learn.But execution was not that great I must tell I ve expected Excuse for that may be the fact that book is about history real characters and events , so the author could not deviate from the path which she chose Anyway, that is not a valid excuse for such poor writing style performance I ve read many books about history that were marvelously written That s why I give this one If you love string female characters especially in history you should read this book

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    Set during Scotland s war for independence, we follow Christina Bruce She fights to find her own place in the world and tries to help her country be the country she thinks it can be This biographic piece had a lot of history in it that often at times felt clunky and thick My knowledge of the Scottish war for independence doesn t exist, but even with the history laid on throughout the novel, I don t feel like it s any better It slowed down the pace and didn t make it an easy read for me It wasn t only the thick history that slowed the novel down for me, but the writing in general It was all clunky and didn t flow well At times, the writing felt like it was aimed for younger readers The blend between fiction and non fiction didn t feel cohesive There was a divide there which left me feeling like I was reading a non fiction story than a fiction story based on history.Due to the writing, I had a hard time getting to know Christina The story spanned for around ten years, so I should have gotten to know her and see how much she changed over the years, but I didn t get any of that She came across as rather plain to me when I m sure she was anything but I was eager to dive into this novel, but due to the writing and the ending, this book really missed the mark for me.

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    I was sent a copy through Net Galley in exchange for a honest review This story focuses on the character of Christina Bruce, based on the real life sister of King Robert the Bruce This felt like a middle grade or a very young teen novel rather than a full on historical fiction book The writing was very basic and I felt that a lot of it would have been a little bit of a stretch for the times I doubt Christina would have been left on her own for her to keep bumping into strange men left, right, and centre BUT I would take this review with a grain of salt as I have been in a terrible slump for a little while and nothing has made me happy reading wise By all means, if this summary catches your eye, please give it a go

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    For the first half of this book I though I would be giving it 4 stars, but unfortunately it ended up being a 3 star read for me This book is set during the Scottish war for independence and we follow Christina Bruce or de Brus who was the sister to Robert Bruce, who later became king of Scotland I don t know much about this time period, and therefore can t really comment on how accruent the book are in that regard But from the small amount of research I have done after reading the book, it does seem to be quite accurate but please don t quote me on that So I really enjoyed getting to know some about the Scottish history during my read of this book I really liked Christina as a character and though she was done really well in the book But we got introduced to quite a few male characters, who we met multiple times during the book, but we didn t really get to know them And so every time one of them recurred in the story I couldn t remember who they where, which was quite confusing Other than that I though it was a really atmospheric book, and I was mostly enjoying myself during my read of it.

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    Summary Scotland, 1295.Edward I of England wants control of Scotland A man named John Balliol wears the Scottish crown but not for long Christina Bruce is a daughter of Robert Bruce When the story begins he is in Norway with her older sister Isabel Christina lives with her grandfather, also Robert Bruce She s betrothed to a man she doesn t love She avoids this arrangement She is a woman of determination and rebellion In an era when females were under the control of their fathers, Christina is not a woman who will obey.Throughout the story, Christina seems to be in the right place at the right time to become involved with a strong historical figure involved in the Wars of Independence For example, William Wallace Without being said, she has a reputation as a wise person who can be counted on for planning and carrying out missions.My Thoughts To Crown a King is my kind of historical fiction I love Scottish history I love this time period And, to top it off, I read about an ancestral family member in the story I m not going to name him, because he made a history defining poor choice I read somewhere else he later apologized.Christina is a story hero I love She has strength, maturity, boldness, wisdom, and insight She s an imperfect person and this makes her both enduring, likable, and believable I do have a slight problem with her being in the right place at the right time so often This seems staged However, later in the story this right place ends.I like the story, because it is a story that s not been told until this book.I like this story, because William Wallace is a character I enjoy reading He is a likable fellow He is shown not as a machismo type, but he s shown as a thinking, observing, guileful warrior.To Crown a King shows the Scottish noble families and who they aligned with of course, sometimes they changed to another leader This story told me people betray those thought to be trusted.The story is in an era when the brutality of war and aggression is common It s also a time when vengeance and revenge is expected.The Scottish people did not want their land to be controlled by the English king They were ready to fight and lay down their lives for freedom This is the number one theme.The culture of women is shown However, Christina is a remarkable character for this era.Source NetGalley ebook copy I received a complimentary copy, but was not required to leave a positive review.

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    I would suggest having some sort of pre knowledge of the period in order to keep track of the characters in this fictional account of Cristina de Brus at the time of the Scottish Wars of Independence in the 13th century.The book, for me, was a quick read Whilst attracted to the premise of focusing on a rarely explored period in Scottish history and bringing to the fore one of the less known Bruce women, I really felt no connection with the character of Cristina.I could also not decide if this is a single story or part of something .

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    Review coming soon.

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