To Every Birth Its Blood

To Every Birth Its Blood Extremely good book it was hard to put down For me it really painted a picture of everyday life for black people living in Apartheid era South Africa Much better than Cry, the Beloved Country. Popular Book, To Every Birth Its Blood Author Mongane Wally Serote This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book To Every Birth Its Blood , Essay By Mongane Wally Serote Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I read this book twice It is well written and vivid and very disturbing It takes place during apartheid in a township in South Africa and as a reader you feel the constant fear of the main character and his stress and the overall lack of quality of life His writing is such that you feel like you are actually there and it isn t a pleasant experience.Not a light read by any means. A Long Jazz RiffTo Every Birth It s Blood is, stylistically, a long, singing, constantly surprising jazz improvisation Now lyrical, now rhythmical, now piercing, now chaotic always returning, just when most needed, to heart stomping drumbeat and wailing melody. This is a very special book for me, for my people of Leslie, now known as Leandra It is the only book I know that gives tribute to the people of Leslie for their contribution in the struggle against apartheid As Bra Wally concludes in the last chapter he tells the story of the people of Leslie, now forgotten, how they influenced the schools boycotts in the 70 s across the country The incident started at a small school in a small township near Springs, near Kinross in Leslie The children at this school told the teacher, who came to teach Maths, that they could not learn if he had his holster on They told him that they thought he should go to the operational area and teach the people there the Maths of life That there were no longer any borders to protect When he did not listen, they told him they were walking out of class At this point, he threatened that anyone who left the class would be arrested The government could not allow lawlessness and disorder to rule Whose government, one pupil asked The man said that this pupil was marked and would regret the question The class stood up and was walking out, when, out of frustration, the teacher pounced on the boy who had asked, whose government The whole school joined in the protest The police came They were stoned They opened fire The other schools in Springs joined the protest Benoni joined Boksburg joined Brakpan joined Germiston Johannesburg Cape Town Durban The system of discriminatory education must be scrapped, the students said The streets of South Africa s cities were again filled with two types of uniforms, both feared camouflage dress and school uniforms The parents and the children domestic servants, street sweepers, bus drivers, gardeners, everyone joined In Leslie, the children disappeared Trucks were coming for them The trucks did not find the the children the next time they came They took the mother s and father s instead From the main cities came demands that they be released The mineworkers joined the strike The trucks came for them too The churches came out, saying they would disobey the government A lot is known and documented about the schools boycott of the 70 s but almost none about Leslie From this, Bra Wally paints the people of Leslie as brave fighters for what is just and good I am proud to come from the loins of such courageous people who raised their voice against authority for what is right and just I am sad that there is not a lot that is documented about the true story and history of my people and of the place I call home, where my remains will be brought from any corner in the world to Leslie, to be buried when I reach my demise It is also painful that 30years after this story was published, a series of protests spread across most South African townships, Leslie amongst them, almost 20 years after the fall of the apartheid government and its brutal police force and a supposedly government of the people consisting of the former students who protested and ultimately overthrown the apartheid government were in charge When the so called service delivery protests happened, across the country s townships, the new police force which was supposed to have transformed from brutal to a caring force that protects its people responded in the same way as the apartheid police The Hippos came, the police took many people and killed others In Leslie, a former school mate, Nobie was shot dead by the police The protests ended, Nobie was soon forgotten and the many others who lost their lives Leslie remains largely undeveloped with high rates of unemployment and poverty in the area As the saying goes, there things change, the they stay the same. Color and word juxtaposition like none other.That moment, as she went about the house opening the windows, taking off her shoes, unbuttoning her blouse, looking calm and friendly, I wanted to weep I did not know how I was going to tell her, Baby, most things about this earth want you to run, want to make you weary, want you to faint So I sat back on the chair I said, Honey, why don t you play Nina Simone Streets full of people all alone, Nina was saying from, iEveryone s Gone To The Moon I have always tried to talk to my Baby with music So, I thought, Ausi Miriam has her way about this I pushed the button to reject Flipped the record and put on Woza Alexandra is one of the oldest townships in South Africa It is closely related to Johannesburg From the centre of the Golden City to the centre of the Dark City is a mere nine miles Where one starts the other ends, and where one ends, the other begins.Alexandra is a creation of schizophrenics like Jan Smuts Jan Christiaan Smuts was a prominent South African and British Commonwealth statesman, military leader and philosopher it is a makeshift place of abode, a township that is, black people live here Live here only if the whims of the Verwoerds are still stable to that end.Memory can be an unreliable mirror It shirts and shifts, now and then emphasizing the dramatic, now and then leaving out detail, now and then flushing out detail at surprising moments.It was a winter night, chasing everyone home, with its cold whistle.I felt as if I was going to choke, any minute Everything became so heavy Silence Talk Coming back from Lesotho, I felt grateful for what Alexandra s streets had taught me Having had a chance to look at them from a distance, I had discovered that they had taught me a kind of animal agility, a kind of tiger alertness, cynicism, distrust, and a readiness to defend my life at all costs Yet my awareness of the rules of the streets made me, to my surprise, an observer rather than a participant In Lesotho, with its emphasis on communities, gentleness, there was a circular movement where the beginning is humility and the search is a desire to be humble, in the process of making a life It taught me the value of human life Perhaps it was that realisation that showed me something else that when man allows his heart to rot, we are capable of beginning to feed on the worms that rise, weave, create all sorts of patterns as they emerge from the rot We can lick, and begin to enjoy their taste I did as a reporter.My grandmother would say, You choose how you do it, we are going, we are on our way We tried to show you everything, we loved you, took your hand and walked with you One day you will have to remember that you are alone, among other people, and that you have a journey to make We moved, and we were back in the streets, Alexandra, fucked up, filled with its Sunday afternoon people, who seemed to be walking aimlessly, looking at the passing cars as if we were caged monkeys.Now I could not bear to relate what had happened to anyone It was my secret Suddenly a strange, heavy sadness set into my heart, or wherever it is that these things happen It was as if the car would go out of control.I feared for Mary, the day she found what the street had for her The streets in which her mother would not be, with her biting tongue, to tell her that she would be climbed, make to take journeys into the centre of the sea, and be left there, to be mocked while she was fighting the current.I began to understand why my father never wanted me to talk to him about the streets, or the city, or the police stations I began to understand why he had forbidden that in his house I wished he could die, and rest.The streets, perhaps because the scars were so visible, still demanded a photo from me, or cued me for my part after someone had been murdered I responded, but this time without a pen and note book, and without the camera I witnessed I left the white paper blank I refused to return the stare of the typewriter keyboard The terrible township images, which forever kept staring at me in the dark of the darkroom, because just that, a dark room, blank I had been naked In the brightest of days, in the most open space, I had first, unwilling, then willing because of what was pushing me dared to be naked I flushed it out, raw nakedness, as clean and bright as the sun and as pure as filth It seems there is always something terrible which happens when suddenly people discover the value of something they had, because they had taken it for granted.Wherever I had been, before, I had seen something similar to what I was becoming I did not believe it, there was no way that I could, until one day I saw it in my father s face He became silent I heard the silence in me When sat in a shebeen, or kept talking to Lily, I heard the silence It was tangible, it had colour, it had smell, it was familiar there was no way I could not recognise it, it had been with me while I was still learning how to hold my cock and pee It was here now with me I took it with me, home, and it kept us company with a bottle of whiskey which Lily brought for us And then I began to become aware that between the melody, harmony and rhythm of the music that now and then filled my house, from Hugh, Dollar, Nina, Letta, Miriam, Kippie, Cyril Magubane, Coltrane, Miles between their melody, harmony ad rhythm, when the pants are down, the silence is there This is not an easy find It is heavy I could no longer listen to the music that had taught me so much Education is a socialising agency in South Africa, black children are subjected to an education which is instrumental in imparting the dominant ideology of apartheid or separate development, a system which the black peole in general abhor.There is abundant evidence that no black child is encouraged, in any way, to attend school In face, the contrary is true.There is an alternative to present educational system for blacks The alternative system would be based on the dynamic relation between consciousness and reality, and would respect the principle that knowledge must be supplemented by action I do not underestimate the work that has to be done to re establish an educational system which will teach the black child that he is a citizen of South Africa, and that he bears responsibility for this country.So now and then one slept with a sore heart one feeling ignored, another feeling invaded.DARING TERROR ATTACK ON DURBAN OIL PLANT.The planes arrived in Mozambique Thunder Fire Smoke Silence.The Prime Minister declared a news blackout.All I know is that besides being a loss of safety, change is also a promise These planes cannot bomb us forever Nor are we going to queue for bread for the rest of our lives I am sure about that I saw the women and the children come with their bundles I saw their eyes I saw their faces I know that this cannot go on forever The first leg of the journey is now well and truly in progress There is no safety anywhere not for anyone The pilots who fly the planes like these mothers and their children and their bundles stare and stare and stare, in the way that only a human can, in the only way that a human fears At a certain point, the stares of fear and of hunger look alike It does not matter whether one flies a plane or stands in a queue Now and then we look at the mighty planes with their mad speed, hovering and swooping above us But we also know that, while we fear them, they also are in great fear to fall We know as they roar above our heads that since we are human and they are not, we can wait and they cannot They cannot fly and wait In the same way that we cannot wait and starve for a long time We can fall, and they will fall We see their huge shining bodies whizz past and roar afterwards, and before we know where they are they come back But that is because they do not see us, or know us, or want to know us The strongest will win this game It is costly But the strongest will win it.Who is the strongest Push, push, push New York Gaborone Kanye 1975 1980 Gaborone is located in Botswana

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the To Every Birth Its Blood book, this is one of the most wanted Mongane Wally Serote author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • To Every Birth Its Blood
  • Mongane Wally Serote
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  • 05 August 2019
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