To Love A Dom (The Dominants Series 2)

To Love A Dom (The Dominants Series 2) Gia Is As Independent As They Come On Her Own At Eighteen, Her Future Was Hers To Mold Now With A Successful Career And A String Of Failed Relationships, She Meets The Man Who Will Introduce Her To Her Inner Most Desires Will She Allow Herself To Surrender Completely JP Stone Is A Successful Entrepreneur And A Dominant In The Bedroom He Is Ensnared With A Dark Beauty Who Tests The Limits Of His Patience But Sets His Blood On Fire His Goal Is To Make Gia His Without Breaking Her Free Spirit Will His Sacrifice Be Enough

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✫ [PDF] ✑ To Love A Dom (The Dominants Series 2)  By Mina J. Moore ✸ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 122 pages
  • To Love A Dom (The Dominants Series 2)
  • Mina J. Moore
  • English
  • 11 January 2019

10 thoughts on “To Love A Dom (The Dominants Series 2)

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    Mina has done it again Her point on this story is spot on I can t write to much with out giving everything away, but let s just say she delivered If it was the sexy, domineering JP you wanted you got it And if you wanted the strong, yet submissive Gia, you got that too Plus a few extra bonus features Bravo Miss Moore for a job well donenow the third is coming out when

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    First let me say that I loved The Dom Prize and assumed To Love A Dom would be of the same Which it was.with a twist And the twist was incredible I am not the type of reviewer to rehash the synopsis of the story, but I am happy to give you my honest opinion READ THIS BOOK Read The Dom Prize first, of course JP is a strong and Dominant man with a huge, loving heart He cares for others in a way that not many people in his position do.Gia I think we may have been separated at birth She is strong, independent, lovely, bratty, with a spot or two of sarcasm and flirt.Their chemistry is off the charts and they have a hard time denying it In every good story there is a villain In most stories of this nature the villain, often than not, is the female leads own jealousy self conscience.Yes Gia has a moment or two, but it is not the main villain.I will not spoil it for you, but it was something going into this book I didn t fully expect.I cannot wait for book 3

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    Absolute Craziness I was so excited for this book Gia stormed out of the hotel and away from JP He had come after her and was going to explain Things were not as they seemed and I was floored by it all JP came across as a control freak at times and as he pushed his way into Gia s everyday life she sees an entirely different side of him and finds another side of herself as well I loved the emotional turmoil in this book as GIa struggles with her acceptance of her feelings from JP that are very fast and deep The fact that she doesn t want to lose herself but that she must surrender to JP to be able to love and be loved There is great banter between them as Gia defies JP at almost every chance and I think secretly he really likes it HA HA HA A crazy man is after Gia and like I said things are NOT what they seem and I was on pins and needles throughout the entire book Mina did an amazing job with this and I can t wait for .

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    A big fan of the 1st in this series, I ve been looking forward to this book It did not disapoint This story was even better than I could imagine The depth in JP s character just blew me away And you gotta love Gia s snarky, flirty, adorable personality The chemistry between these 2 are just awesome as they learn about each other And the bantering between them is very entertaining And lets not forget about the villan will this villan destroy their relationship Or will love conquer all You ll have to read to find out no spoilers here I could not stop reading once I got started Mina J Moore has not disappointed me at all with her writing style Waiting inpatiently now for the next in the series Moore please LOL

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    Mina has done it again I was such a big fan of The Dom Prize so when To Love A Dom hit my kindle I devoured it JP and Gias story continue as they learn about each other and Gia is still not sure she can fully submit to JP As Gia learns about the man a ugly twist shows up to destroy them bothNot long enough for me, but I am greedy could read about JP all day long A MUST READ

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    The first book was good, but this one was better, with some action and suspense involved I felt the story could have had detail and drawn out a bit further If it had been, I would have given it 5 stars I do highly recommend this follow up to the first book It is amazing

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    To Love a Dom, what is there to say about this book I absolutely loved the Dom Prize and I wondered how Mina J Moore could top the Dom Prize Holy amazeballs, I was absolutely shocked The twists, the turns, the heartbreak you feel when you don t think the book is going to go the way you want it to The unexpected people showing up, The explanations Need I go on I loved the new characters, I loved the plot, I loved absolutely everything about this book It was totally worth the wait.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book what a great story further what a great author.The story kept me involved throughout This book was given to me by the author today and I m so happy I was able to finish reading Gia and James story Thank you Mina J Moore

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    3.5 starsShort, but sweet

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    3 stars It wasn t as good as the first book.

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