To the Fifth Power (Powers, #1)

To the Fifth Power (Powers, #1) Three Years Ago, Zola Noite S Nemesis Killed Her Sidekick And Forced Her To Watch The Guilt Drove Her To Hang Up Her Cape Zola Knows One Thing For Certain She Will Never Be A Superhero Again Psychologist Dr Arturo Fort Forte Specializes In Super Powered Mental Health He S The Only Reason Zola Can Once Again Call Herself Sane Although, Truth Be Told, The Heat Between Them Is Slowly Driving Her Back To MadWhen Three Mega Villains Escape The Prison Fort Oversees, All Zola S Best Laid Plans Go Up In Flames Fort Asks Her For Help, And She Can T Turn Down The Man She S Secretly Come To Love As Battles Ensue And Clues Add Up, The One Thing Zola Trusts Is Called Into Question Fort S True Agenda And Which Side He S On

alter ego When not working in graphic design or hosting The Fantastic Forum a celebration of comics speculative fiction she writes stories inspired by the art, literature, international cinema, and anime she grew up with.In her own storytelling, Shirin spins tales of sci fi and urban fantasy with romantic edge The battle between good and evil, humor, and break neck action are ink to her imagination.Culturally, she s half American, half British and very southern right down to the accent and love of grits Government reports show a residence in DC, but Shirin lives largely on the astral plane and hopes to meet you there.

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  • To the Fifth Power (Powers, #1)
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  • 07 April 2017
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    Originally published at Book Lovers Inc.I m not too sure about the costume, or her pose on the cover, but I really liked the story Then again, I love a good superhero romance Actually, I kind of enjoy a good supervillain romance too, but that s not what this is.One of the neat things about the worldbuilding in this one is that everyone knows that there are both superheroes and supervillains in the world Some of the heroes hide their secret identity, and some don t, but the general populace knows that big evil is out there, and that there are people who protect them.Batman wouldn t get arrested for protecting the Gotham City from the Joker in this universe It would be his choice if he hid behind Bruce Wayne, or not.Zola Noite, the heroine of this story, is a bit like Batman Her power as The Watcher is in her ability to assess and strategize It s not that she s not strong, but she out thinks her opponents long before she comes to fight them.At least she used to The story is that she s an ex superhero, or she s trying to be It seems to be a gig that you can t really retire from Three years ago a supervillain named Charlatan forced her to watch as he killed her sidekick After years of therapy, Zola is still only partially functional.And she s fallen in serious lust with her gorgeous psychiatrist, Dr Fort , otherwise known as Fort.However cured Zola is, it has to be enough Three of her enemies have banded together and broken out of the superhero psychiatric institute and are coming after her They ve made it their personal, pet, mega villain project to make her relive every failure in her life, just so they can break her down and take her out.Even if they have to destroy the city to do it.Fort needs Zola to get better, because he s been in love with his patient since the first time they met But he can t step over that professional line until she s out of his care So he s hoping that a lot of tough love will put The Watcher back together.No matter how many rules he had to break to make it happen.Verdict Check your logic at the door and hang onto your seat To the Fifth Power is one hell of a fun ride.Zola and Fort have sizzling hot chemistry from the very beginning, the BAM and POW come from watching them negotiate how they re going to have a relationship when the power situation starts out unequal, not because she s a superhero but because he s her shrink and knows way too much, where he s been the king of secrets There s sexual attraction but not a lot of trust It takes a chunk of story before they negotiate that minefield, and it should Then ZOWEE The reader can guess how the supervillains got loose, but it took awhile for me to figure out who they were I ll admit that it was a cool idea.I loved the concept of the Society of Superheroes They were all really tight, and they seemed like the best of friends An awesome case of the family you make as opposed to the family you re born to who in Zola s backstory sucked major rocks The S.O.S were her brothers and sisters.I also adored her best friend Keiki The concept that there were meta naturals people who had an extra something but were not at the level of the supers helped make things make sense, too.Read this one for the pure fun of it.4 StarsI give To the Fifth Power by Shirin Dubbin 4 purple stars read the story and you ll understand

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    I really enjoyed this, but wish there had been worldbuilding.full reviewI love comics and superheroes so when I saw To the 5th Power, I really wanted to read it I ve had good luck with other Entangled Ever Afters, too, so I was quite eager to dive into this one I enjoyed it a lot The world building was a little weak, but for a novella, I wasn t expecting a highly detailed explanation behind all of the super powers the heroes possessed Instead, this is a kick ass adventure, following Zola on her path to rediscovering herself The romance wasn t as prevalent, with the focus instead being on Zola s battles with the escaped villains The tension between Fort and Zola is nicely established, though, and because Zola is so strong, Fort s character was painted with the complexity to deal with her He s a stubborn, strong willed man, and he has to be, or Zola would call all of the shots, and that s just a little boring.Fort approaches Zola and requests her assistance recapturing three escaped criminals that were under his care They are all powerful, convicted murderers, and insane Sounds like fun, huh Zola is still suffering from a mental breakdown after her sidekick was murdered in front of her She is consumed with guilt because she couldn t protect and defend one of the people closest to her, and she blames herself for his death Every second of the day She s hung up her superhero costume and is trying to be a normal person, though in her case, normal is far from it Fort was her psychiatrist, and he tried to put the shattered pieces of her mind back together after her breakdown Zola doesn t trust him, and she knows that he s not giving her the whole story about the escapees, but she s attracted to him so she ll at least hear him out When the villains attack her one after the other, she is thrust into survival mode She is forced to pick up her super powered persona, to fight for the lives of all she holds dear Will the battle cost her her already fragile mind To the 5th Power is basically a comic book in prose I loved it Despite some occasional confusion at some awkwardly explained background, Zola s race to recapture the bad guys and save herself at the same time was impossible to put down She is a legendary superhero, suffering from a complete, and quite possibly, permanent, mental breakdown She doesn t want to have anything to do with heroes or villains, for that matter , but she still feels obligated to protect the citizens around her She is grappling with serious, overwhelming issues, and it made for a compelling read How can you be expected to save the world when you are two steps away from being committed to the insane asylum While there is a romance between Zola and Fort, this is primarily an action read, with an engagingly damaged protagonist I hope we can visit with Zola and Fort again in the near future.Grade B B

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    With the whole big hubba baloo with superheroes right now, I felt that I just HAD to read To the Fifth Power by Shirin Dubbin A superhero gone into retirement now being hunted by three escaped mega villains Sounded pretty awesomesauce to me.Zola Noite was once the most sought after superhero around, until she was forced to witness the death of her sidekick, which in turn, sent her from numero uno to numero zero Leaving the world of crime fighting behind, Zola has been seeing psychologist, Dr Forte aka Fort , who has helped her out of her climb out of her dark hole, and rejoin the living.But when three of mega villan s escape the very institute that Fort works at, their main objective seems to be destroying Zola But how does Fort play into all of this And will Zola be able to overcome the darkness that has seeped into her very soul, and defeat these villain s before they destroy her.Although there were elements in this book that kept my attention, there was just something missing With only being just over 100 pages, the pacing was a little quick, with short glimpses into the character s background At times, I felt as though the story was a bit rushed, and as an epic fight scene would ensue, just as my interest was peaking, it was over all too soon.The characters in To the Fifth by Shirin Dubbin were ones that readers will easily enjoy, but again, the lack of character background left them a little hollow I felt like we were offered just a taste of, what could have been, some pretty epic fight scenes There is a very sexy time scene in the book, which would make this suitable for a mature audience But again, that scene seemed to have happened in a blink of an eye.Don t get me wrong To the Fifth was enjoyable, it was just very quick More like a movie preview, rather than the full length movie I would recommend this read to fans of superhero reads, and are into reads that have intriguing plot twists.

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    3.5 stars Superheroes and villains are always an entertaining read, and wrapping them up into an adult romance story brings that extra something to the table that the gals can enjoy There was also a psychological element to this book that I wasn t expecting, woven through the characters and creating the foundation for the whole storyline Zola was one complicated woman underneath that costume As far as superheroes go, Zola was pretty bad ass on paper but was still reeling from the aftermath of her sidekick s death She d retired herself from the job as superhero, but one man was determined to bring her back to her full glory Fort, the man who helped her out of the dark abyss that was her life after having to watch her friend be brutally murdered As much as she claimed to be cured, Zola had really just bottled up all of the pain and wiped it clean from her memory Fort knew this and wanted for the woman he was falling for We ll just say that the doctor patient boundaries don t apply here since there are superpowers and questionable behavior already involved, because I was definitely okay with Fort making the moves on Zola There weren t fireworks and shooting stars flying between these two, but their attraction was still steamy and they both needed to let off some of it Zola is literally just tossed back into the world of superheroes as the escaped villains come after her with a vengeance She struggles with getting back in the game both mentally and physically, but Fort was there to support her even when she questioned his motives There were some great fight scenes for the action fans out there, and some seriously twisted characters that Zola was up against As far as the romance side of the story, I don t know that I felt the love Zola and Fort claimed to feel for each other, and that was one drawback for me We re thrown into it and it feels like there s an expectation to just get everything from the start Their love for each other, the fateful day when Zola s mind broke, her relationship with the other superheroes at times I felt like there were chapters missing from the book that I missed, and I had been left trying to play catch up without them There were also a LOT of superhero true identity names being thrown at the reader all at once, and it got a bit confusing following along with all of them To the Fifth Power is captivating and the writing is very good, and I will admit that I didn t catch on to the big twist until it was actually revealed It was a clever aha moment that really wrapped everything together in the end Shirin Dubbin s society of superheroes and supervillains existing in the open amongst the rest of society is a cool concept, and though I wanted meat of the story I did enjoy what we re given Overall, I see definite potential in Shirin Dubbin s writing, and anyone who loves a good action story with a hint of heart and spritz of sexy will find Zola and Fort s story right up their alley Quotes Archesis Institute can t seem to hold on to its inmates, can you She stepped over to the ledge, with arms crossed, and looked out over the city Perhaps you should try the revers and see if villains can get in You ve certainly proven they can get out Zola, p 11Zola s physical wounds had amounted to a cut lip and facial abrasions, but her eyes had been empty, staring inward into nothingness He d reached out with his ability to probe the broken parts of her psyche and found alackso profound he d staggered back Fort, p 12This is what she wanted from him, moments like these A man she could trust to stand by her side One who saw all of he, judged none of her, and loved her completely Zola, p 40 Find this and of my reviews at

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    I received an ARC through NetGalley.I just discovered superhero romances earlier this year, so I was eager to read To the Fifth Power Unfortunately, it wasn t quite what I was expecting Zola, aka the Watcher, is one of the most beloved superheroes around, but she s in retirement Three years ago her sidekick was brutally murdered in front of her, and she never recovered With the help of sexy meta natural psychologist, Dr Forte, Zola has some semblance of life back even if she refuses to don her costume and save the day At least not until three villains with an obsession with her escape from the hospital and come for her.I really wanted to like To the Fifth Power, but almost everything felt underdeveloped This novella is a bit too short to accomplish everything that it set out to There are a lot of great ideas, but ultimately it all fell flat I had a lot of questions about the world that it s set in and about the superheroes who inhabit it A few things happen that left me extremely confused, since they weren t explained at all For instance, one character is nearly fatally wounded and the way they get healed seemed random I wanted to know why they chose that method and why it worked The battle scenes were also lackluster I didn t understand the motives, and I thought that Zola rushed into them despite not wanting to be a superhero any.The romance was also disappointing I will say that the one sex scene was great, but other than that, I didn t believe Zola and Fort as a couple He s her doctor, or was at one point, but I never fully understood the nature of their current relationship Was it still professional, but with forbidden attraction Were they some kind of friends after her treatment I just didn t know They both admit to caring about the other and being attracted to them, but I never felt it Essentially there s a lot of telling rather than showing To the Fifth Power could have been amazing with a bit development As it is, it s too short and missing a lot of essential elements The twist at the end did catch me off guard, but I did really like it But as with everything else, it did need explanation It was a very neat idea, but we re quickly told about it in vague terms and that was that I definitely think this story could have worked better as a full length novel, but despite my disappointments, I will continue the series Hopefully the following two books build upon the world set up in this one.Read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.

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    TO THE FIFTH POWER was an unconventional superhero romance Dubbin takes our main character, Zola and hands her to us so broken and unstable that when she s overwhelmed she astral shifts leaving behind a dust afterimage She was the Best She was Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman all rolled into one and was revered as much as she was feared We see the team she used to lead and without any apparent bitterness her former teammates admit they can t keep up with the workload without her.I ve often wondered how superheroes bounce back from watching their sidekicks brutally killed or vice versa Batman alone has lost several of his sidekicks to violence either to death or to handicap , and his sidekicks have lost their families because of their association with Bats sorry Tim Yet without fail at some point the Hero returns, probably grimmer and whole lot gruff and caustic Tim had to almost blackmail Bruce into accepting him as Robin after Jason Todd s brutal death , but we rarely see the fall out.Dubbin shows us just how bad that fall out can get Its been several years since Zola s sidekick was brutally beaten by her arch nemesis, but she never forgets The sounds of bones crunching, blood splattering, the bravery that kid showed every detail is indelibly seared in her mind and she can t handle it So she runs She hides out as a normal person and avoids all things Superhero Honestly what choice does she have Even if she suffered such a meltdown what does the world notice Like our celebrities humanity just assumes that they will shed their tears, mourn privately for a little while and then be back in action before the soil has set on the grave There s a price to pay to be a hero and Dubbin shows just what that price is through Zola.And that That s what kept me hooked Oh the chemistry between Arturo and Zola was good, and I was genuinely interested in the mystery that were the rampaging criminals which I ll give Dubbin credit, I was surprised by the answer , but watching Zola pick up the pieces that kept me reading You could feel how painful it was for Zola to talk to her fellow comrades, what strained she felt trying to keep it together so what happened to her sidekick wouldn t happen to people Her utter horror when Arturo reveals why the criminals are fixated on her.As a romance this was okay, but as an analysis of what it takes to be a herothis was out of this world.

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    To the 5th Power takes place in a Gotham Metropolis type city named Argopolis.Zola Noite is a retired superhero known as the Watcher She s extremely damaged emotionally and wants nothing than to escape her past Dr Arturo Forte , however, has other plans.Dr Forte aka Fort is Zola s psychologist and in charge of super powered psychiatric care Fort also exhibits super heightened sensitivity to emotion an empath.When 3 villains escape the facility Fort is employed at, he seeks out Zola to help bring them back, all while bringing her the new that the 3 are after her What Zola doesn t know is that Fort has an ulterior motive Zola fights against Fort but when the villains each find her, there is no backing down or hiding from who she is or was Zola wasn t completely well, but she d been shattered by Scout s her partner death, and Fort has rebuilt her from the shards Dubbin, S., 2013, pg 40.I found this short story to be a pretty good read It s short, yes, but it packs a punch Zola has been through a lot at superhero Watcher She s still struggling with the death of her partner, Scout, since she was forced by her arch nemesis to watch the slaying Fort believes he s made significant headway with Zola in dealing with the Post Traumatic Stress but he s about to crank it up a notch And what he has planned will either strengthen her or destroy her forever.Woven through the novella is some humor and sarcasm just enough to lighten up things and not make the book a farce There is also a light romantic element that we get to see between Zola and Fort that doesn t overpower the overall theme of the novella.Review Copy Courtesy Of Entangled Publishing at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is going to be a very short review as it is a fairly short story.Zola has gone thru hell and back watching her sidekick get killed in front of her threw her in to a mental breakdown that she still doesn t feel healed from She s given up being the main planner for the superheroes guild but isn t really living life yet She s brought back in to the fold when 3 major criminals get loose from the psychiatric facility they ve been held in but she s still not convinced she s really ready to be what people desperately want from her.Fort was the one who managed to get Zola functional but has his own major secrets that he holds on to until the very end of this story He s sexy but you always get the sense that there is something holding him back from really taking what he wants from Zola I liked him and loved what he risked to help her He s very much than just a doctor but is really a great match for Zola.This was a very neat take on superheroes and I am looking forward to from this series I can t say much because there is a nice twist in this story that deserves to stay hidden until the reader finds it Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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    My Thoughts 3.5 out of 5 unicorns I liked it Received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewOkay to start out, I love the cover It grabbed my attention to read it I love superheroes At first, I have to admit that I was confused and lost I didn t get into the book until about half way through and the author totally surprised me because I didn t see where the ending was going I love when an author does that I think this book had some awkwardness being the first in the series, but I think this series is going to be fabulous in the coming books I definitely wonder about Zola before her retirement and want to read about her and her friends Superheroes are people too, and they have drama just like us That s what this book is about If you are interested in superheroes and the drama that goes with the job, you will definitely enjoy this book Keep in mind this contains adult content and is not YA.

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    I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Entangled Publishing and Shirin Dubbin 2.5 stars.I love superheroes so I was really excited to receive a copy of this book to review It s an 85 page long book about Zola, a retired superhero, whose sidekick was brutally murdered in front of her The story takes place three years later when Zola is forced to return to her superhero ways when three villains escape from an asylum and come after her.I don t know whether it was the writing style or the characters but I didn t really connect to this story I liked Zola who was broken after what had happened I also liked the other superheroes that featured in the book I didn t really like Fort the love interest Some of the things that happened were a bit confusing and weren t explained that well So overall I found this book to be a bit disappointing.

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