Torn Together

Torn TogetherMy Review 4 Stars, 2 FlamesThis was a difficult book for me to read, though not from anything the author did It was just that I could relate to Daly on many levels, starting with the traumatic death of her father to cancer Daly grew up and led a challenging and somewhat painful life, having been essentially ignored by her mother following her dad s death She had a few dragons to fight before she could live a peaceful and happy life.The Good My heart was either in my throat or with Daly from almost the beginning of the book until the end Meeting Kashi although his name makes me think of having cereal was quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to Daly He lit up not only her world but the entire book with his optimism and joie de vivre The story that developed between them could easily have been the sum total of what the book was trying to get acrossbut it wasn t Daly had to slay her own dragons and Kashi was there, all along the way as she met the challenges that she had to face to develop into a healthy, happy adult Laine was an unlikeable character as far as I was concerned throughout most of the book Self centered and wallowing in her grief over the death of her husband, she was insensitive to the needs of her daughter The remaining characters brought depth and life to the story and helped to ground it in reality Over all, a well done book.The Bad As I mentioned, I had a hard time reading this book, largely for personal reasons and perhaps that is why but it seemed the book took a little too long to take off Once it did though it was fine and the story dynamics carried it from there There were several rocky points in the storyline which would have been problematic if you were expecting a perky little romance As I stated, however, this is Fictional Women s Lit thus there isdrama andtears I don t know what I expected but I know I got a lot of those tears.The Snuggly Snuggly does not play a large role in this book There is some romance along with some sex, but it is chaste and appropriate to the needs of the characters.The Wrap Up For once, the male lead was the character who delighted the most Kashi was fun, free spirited and uncharacteristically unconventional Time Daly spent with him was the breath of fresh air the novel needed I understand that the purpose of this book was for Daly to stretch and grow and learn to be a well adjusted, self sufficient adult but the ending of the book was difficult and not what I expected I won t spoil it for you but I was in a bit of shock I think Torn Together is a book that I do not feel needs an age limit however it will have limited appeal to most teens This is a book full of emotion, relationships, and turmoil While there are parts that seem fairly low, I walked away feeling strangely uplifted as will you An excellent choice for book clubs and women of all cultures Note I received this book in exchange for my unbiased and honest review All opinions are 100% my own. When it comes to review writing, there are some books that are so easy to reflect on that the words come easily and naturally without much thought, and then there are the books on the other side of the spectrum, which are extremely difficult to write about As a reviewer, you want to give your readers enough information about the book without spoiling the experience for them, but you also want to give them honest information so that if they pick up the book because of you, they re not foiled by your words Without that being a challenging enough feat as it is, you sometimes then get the added complication of a book like Torn Together which leaves you with so many mixed emotions that you re not entirely sure where to begin, let alone what to include within the review Therefore, for once, I have decided to scrap the way I normally do reviews, and to simply write this in the best way I can right now.Before I started reading Torn Together, I was actually a little torn myself Generally speaking, I get a little nervous when it comes to reading romance novels as I m extremely picky with how I like my romance Most of the time, I prefer it when the romance is a sub plot to a much larger story You may ask then, why did I bother even attempting to read Torn Together The answer is easy I wanted to try something new I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and using my blog as a branch to do it Fortunately, after having completed this book, I am so glad that I took the leap because Torn Together is a book that I truly enjoyed and am incredibly happy that I read.Emlyn Chand s writing style took me a small while to get used to or just reverting back to a kindle after many paperback s could have been the problem but once I was used to the style, I found myself enjoying the book It was creative, unique, and imaginative, and in all honesty, I devoured every single page in the book with ease and anticipation Chand takes you out of your daily life and pulls you first into the mundane life of Oxford, Michigan, before flying out of your comfort zone and landing you in New Delhi, India I loved this part of the book Embracing new cultures is something that I have always enjoyed some of my favourite films are foreign films as they encapsulate different cultures incredibly well and witnessing Daly s transformation in this city was a part of the book that really spoke to me I could really imagine the place due to Chand s impeccable description, and felt it was the perfect setting for the story.When it comes to romance, insta love is really something that I struggle to get my head around and I feel it is important to add this in here because Torn Together is an insta love story The reason I dislike this style of romance is because I enjoy reading how the relationship develops over time, I like feeling like I, too, am falling head over heels for the other guy and while it was disappointing that I never truly felt that in this book, and while it was actually the only major problem I had with the book, I soon found myself truly affected by this relationship my heart beating in tune with their relationship completely Honestly, for me to still truly love a book that has insta love at its centre is quite astonishing, but I would mention that if you re also not a fan of this style, while this book may not be for you, I would recommend you read it but also to stick with it Don t give up halfway through, you ll be rewarded if you continue.All of the characters in this book were riveting They all had interesting personalities and were all really well written I loved that they all went on their own personal journeys throughout the story and that it wasn t just one story changing Chand has a way of bringing the right emotions throughout and due to this I found myself connecting with and empathising with the characters on the page as though they were real people in my life There were many times when I cheered in happiness or wished to reach through my reading device and hug them for one reason or another.Aside from the insta love romance, the plot of this book was incredibly riveting and powerful The final messages of the story were deep and full of intensity I found myself rippling through the last few chapters of the book, my mind wanting to devour the information in my hands as the plot finally came to a close There were many different sub plots interlinking throughout the book but it was when the story finally ended that it was clear the biggest sub plot of them all was actually the main relationship This story was not about the insta love, it was about familial love and friendships It was about not taking life around you for granted but opening your eyes and making note of what was around you and just holding it and treasuring it for dear life It was about moving on, staying strong, but never forgetting A book that takes you on an incredible journey.Overall, Torn Together is a book that I would highly recommend to others It is inspirational, full of creativity, and holds such deep and powerful words that it is hard not to enjoy every single moment of it It is one of those books that has an ending which makes you reflect on the rest of your book and changes how you interpret the rest of it It is an enjoyable read and one that I doubt you will regret reading about Unfortunately, the insta love did almost make me stop reading as it got a little bit unbearable in the middle but I was incredibly glad that I decided to continue reading and I hope that if you do the same, that you will too This is an incredibly powerful book that I feel you would be missing out not to read. Why Does Growing Up Have To Be So Difficult Daly English Is Having A Harder Time Than Most Her Future As An Artist Is Unclear, Her Relationship With Her Mother Is Damaged Beyond Repair, And To Top It All Off Her Long Term Boyfriend Is Having An Affair When Daly Befriends Two Unlikely Individuals First A Pregnant Teen, And Then A Light Hearted Charmer From India Her Cynicism Begins To Melt AwayMeghann Provides Insight Into Daly S Life And An Endless Stream Of Good Advice, Comforting Daly Despite Her Own Less Fortunate Position Kashi Proves He Cares Too Much About Daly To Let Her Fade Into The Background Of Her Own Life After A Series Of False Starts, Their Quirky Romance Carries Them To India, Where Daly Must Win The Approval Of Kashi S Family In Order To Seal Their Forever Will These Friendships Be Enough To Turn Around Daly S Directionless Life Will She Move Past The Hurt And Learn To Trust Again Or Will Her Mother, Once Again, Ruin Everything She S Worked So Hard To Achieve Torn Together, Emlyn Chand S First Sojourn Into Literary New Adult Fiction, Weaves A Tale Of Friendship, Dreams, And A Lingering Loss, While Illustrating How Our Similarities Often Drive Us Apart Emlyn Chand has this remarkable ability to bring diverse characters to life There is nothing two dimensional here I wasn t crazy about Daly I actually hadsympathy of her mother, Laine, although that could be an age thing although she grew on me and I did care about what happened to her Chand s YA experience came through very well in the character of Meghann, who was a delight I hope this isn t her last women s fiction novel. Where should she go now Her few friends left over from high school had all gone on to universities peppered across the country, and she d spent so much time with Rick during the past two years, she hadn t even bothered to make new friends didn t think she d be needing them Should she return home That idea left just as soon as it came After all, the last person she wanted to spend any time with was her cold, uncaring mother Aspiring artist Daly is no stranger to heartbreak and isolation Her father died of cancer, her boyfriend left her for another woman, and her mother maintained a cold distance from Daly at all costs She has no close friends or family members, no successful job, and no real hope for the future Her art, although impressively skilled, showed no real passion Would it be too much to ask for Daly to find love and closeness somewhere in her life Although Daly s mother, Laine, is insensitive and unfeeling towards her own daughter, she seems to have no lack of motherly instinct towards Meghann, the young pregnant teenager that Laine is counseling lately When Laine insists that Daly spend time with Laine, providing the friendship and advice that will be much greater appreciated by someone closer to Meghann s age, Daly has no idea that this young woman will soon change her life in ways that she could have never imagined If we are meant to meet again, we will The universe will push us together in the most unexpected of ways. And when Daly runs into Kashi, a friendly, handsome Indian gentleman who instantly strikes up a conversation and a spark with Daly, she finds herself undeniably drawn to his charming, compassionate ways Although she wishes to pursue a future with the kind stranger, Kashi advises Daly that he is not yet ready to chase this new passion Instead, he will let fate determine their future If they meet up twice again, then fate has decided the relationship to be worth a future.Resistant to opening her heart and mind first to Meghann and now to Kashi, Daly struggles to overcome the iciness of her relationship with her mother to seek something different in her new friendships When a trip to India inspires Daly to look beyond herself to embrace relationships in an entirely new manner, Daly learns important lessons about love, loss, inspiration, and family that will forever change the way she views not only herself but also the world around her as well Trust in Fate, Daly. I was completely and totally surprised by how much I really fell in love with TORN TOGETHER The characters were relatable and the story was incredibly well written, keeping my interest from start to finish, all the while taking me on a crazy emotional roller coaster that made this reading experience one that will be particularly memorable, I think.Chand just explores so many thoughts and feelings throughout the novel, ranging from love to loss from isolation to true togetherness on so many levels I adored the way that Daly described her passion for her heart and the way she allowed two strangers to become her muse, inspiring heartfelt works full of depth and beauty I also appreciated the common ground that Daly found with Laine, especially when her mother was finally able to put her grief into words, relating to her daughter on a level that was never expected in the beginning of the novel.And then that trip to India The descriptions were so magical that I nearly felt as if I were there myself Kashi was an amazing love interest, so thoughtful, compassionate, and truly family oriented without seeming overly perfect or stereotypical at all The way in which he tried to balance his family s traditional beliefs with his own new personal aspirations was just so sensitive and beautifully handled in such a way that really added depth to the relationship.Without giving away too many details, that one big event near the end of the story really just had me STUNNED I definitely hadn t expected this novel to be such a tearjerker, but I was so invested in all of the characters that I felt Daly s pain right along with her TORN TOGETHER is definitely a beautiful, emotional story not only about love and family, but also about the roots of inspiration, distance, and finding one s self among all of the outside chaos of the world I give this one two thumbs up and I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to anyone who wants to FEEL a good story.Give it a try You won t be disappointed. Torn Together is a poignant story about the complexities of relationships and learning to cope with loss, being able to trust, experiencing love that is lost and found, dealing with societal issues and embracing new beginnings.For Daly and Laine English, the death of their father and husband to cancer ten years ago had a devastating effect on both of them, for each dealt with the loss in a solitary way that pushed their relationship to the limit Daly was only twelve years old when her father passed away, he was her world, the only one who believed in her dream of becoming an artist Now ten years later at the age of twenty two, all that she has left is a journal of memories and the dream to attend art school Laine struggles with her husband s death and widowhood by retreating into the world of books while pushing Daly away and focusing on her duties as a social worker counselor at a local crisis pregnancy center What neither had was an open and warm mother daughter relationship that they could cling to, embrace and help them move forward.When Daly catches Rick her boyfriend of two years cheating on her, Daly s world is turned upside down But destiny intervenes and brings two people into Daly s life who will unexpectedly change the way Daly views her life and the world around her, and repair the torn relationship that she has with Laine When Daly meets Akash Kashi Malhotra, he teaches her to open herself up and enjoy life Their romance will take them on a journey to his homeland of India, where societal contrast of culture and traditions are tested Laine introduces Daly to Meghann, a pregnant teenager that she counsels at the crisis center Laine s hope is that Daly will be a positive role model for the young mother to be, when in fact it is Meghann that shows both Laine and Daly how to cope with adversity with strength, grace and faith For what can be torn apart can ultimately be put back together.Torn Together is a beautifully written story combining romance with the complexities of relationships and life experiences Written in a thoughtful style, the author weaves an emotional tale in the third person narrative that engages the reader to follow the mother daughter story of Daly and Laine, along with Kashi and Meghann who would help to change their lives Author Emlyn Chand takes the readers on an emotional roller coaster ride, you can t help but feel the gamut of emotions as the story unfolds, this is a powerful story filled with hope yet has a bittersweet poignancy that will simply touch your heart and soul.Rich in detail and vivid descriptions, the author transports the reader to the mystical country of India With wonderful descriptions of the Indian culture and traditions, you could easily close your eyes and picture being among the people, sights and sounds of that country The author also provides wonderful illustrations and a snippet from Daly s journal entry at the beginning of each chapter.The author s strength lies in her ability to create a cast of characters who are realistic, easy to embrace and relate to I loved the complexity that makes up both Daly and Laine s personalities I was fascinated with their troubled relationship, you can t help but get caught up in their struggles and feelings, their dialogue and interactions are palpable The addition of Meghann into their relationship was priceless This young girl who has a soul older than her years teaches the mother and daughter how to cope with adversity and learn to trust through strength, grace and faith, in order to heal and rebuild their relationship I would be remiss if I didn t mention my favorite character, Kashi This thoughtful young man simply stole my heart with his positive attitude and easy going demeanor He brings out the best in Daly, their romance was like a breath of fresh air, he teaches her to embrace the moment and believe in destiny even when a twist of fate could bring a bittersweet change to their lives.Torn Together is so muchthan a love story, it is a powerful and compelling story of relationships and life experiences that will resonate with you long after the last words have been read Author Emlyn Chand has branched out from writing YA fiction with this wonderfully inspiring Women s Fiction, I hope that she will consider writingnovels in this genre.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot My review Emlyn Chand is a wonderful author and her novel Torn Together well written The language flows very smoothly, it is easy to read and you find yourself in a world which you can easily relate to and amongst captivating characters What caught my eye even before I really could start reading was the design of the book Not so much the cover, but inside the book Each chapter starts with a small artwork together with the sentence which describes the chapter and besides that, you can actually see, from which point of view this chapter is told from I liked the idea a lot It s a brilliant way of both catching the interest, but also describing the main story line Loved it Plot Daly is a lonely young woman with cheating boyfriend, emotionally unattached mother and dad, who died several years ago This is the picture which you get quite quickly when starting reading When Daly meets Kashi, a very charming man from India, Daly s world changes She is step by step finding her faith again, learning how to open up and start trusting Besides Kashi, Daly finds another unexpected friend in a teenager mom Meghann, who is introduced to Daly through her own mother Daly s mother, Laine is Meghann s councilor and what start like a favor for Laine, Daly actually finds a wonderful friend in Meghann As Kashi s and Daly s relationship develops, it getscertain that these two belong together and they have both deserved happily ever after But this is where the author surprises you and turns the story to a very unexpected path I think that was one of the best things which happened in Torn Together the sudden story development which is both heart wrenching as it is surprising and brilliant After a tragedy, everything changes again and Daly finds herself in the middle of the worst and biggest battle of her life.Characters Daly was a nice young woman, who seemed a tad boring for my taste in the beginning of the book boy, does she grow during the novel I grew on Daly quite quickly right after she decided to take a huge step and travel to India with Kashi For me, this was the turning point for a good book turning into a very good novel I loved seeing Daly grow as a woman and as a person I cheered for her when her relationship to her mom improved and I ached for her through her losses.I think that I have a slightly different opinion on Kashi compared to many other readers of the book, but I was not a very big fan of Kashi Don t get me wrong, I did like him, but I did not love him I think he was weak in the moment where Daly needed him most When his own family gotimportant and he was obeying his parents wishes, I found myself thinking Daly you are so much better off without him It s probably because I have never and will never understand how grown up man can not defend the love of his life in front of his mother and turns into what I call a mommy s boy I do understand that it is due to cultural differences and the circumstances in the story also changed, but I would probably not have forgiven him as easily as Daly did.Meghann was my favorite character in the novel She was so admirable and strong for her age I loved the way the author saw her with strong faith to God and better life, very mature love for her unborn son She was a person, I would love to meet in person Alone against all the odds, she had a will made of iron and heart made of gold I also liked Laine During the first chapters when I realized that she loved reading, I already liked Laine Laine was complicated character She loved her husband and she died inwardly together with her husband I can understand that, for me she was easy to relate to I was so happy to she when she helped Daly through the tragedy, was there for her and I admired her when she manned up for the last scenes in the book, taking Daly with her to a plain trip It was beautiful and emotional, so I cried while reading.There are many other wonderful characters in Torn Together Emlyn is absolutely wonderful character creator and did an excellent job with all of them Generally Torn Together by Emlyn Chand is a fantastic read The story is engrossing and you will be carrying the characters of the book with you in your heart long after the book is finished It was really that good Bu yaz daha nce da yay nlanm t r Gen edebiyat yazar olan Emlyn Chand in ilk yeti kin kitab Torn Together, ge ti imiz aylarda yay mland ve bende Novel Publicity nin d zenledi i blog turu sayesinde, olduk a g zel yaz lm bu kitab okuma imkan buldum.Kitab m z n kahraman Daly nin erkek arkada taraf ndan aldat lmas na ahit olarak ba l yor hikaye Babas n n l m sonras kendini sanata vererek bu kay pla ba a kmaya al m t r, ancak i ler tam olarak umdu u gibi gitmemi tir Annesi ile de babas n n l m sonras iyice uzakla m olan Daly, bu son darbe ile yenilmi ve y k lm hissetmektedir.Yarat c l n kaybetti ine inand bir anda hayat na giren yeni insanlar yeni bir umut do mas n sa lar Kashi ile ayaklar yerden kesilecek ve Meghann ile kaybetti i cesaret ve inanc n yeniden bulacak Bir yandan hayat n toplamaya al rken ve yeniden y re ini a may renirken, bir yandan da kendini Kashi nin hi beklemedi i d nyas nda, Hindistan da bulur nk hayat n n a k i in nce kendisini onun ailesine spatlamas gerekiyor Hintli Kashi ile olduk a farkl k lt rlerden geldi iniz Hindistan a gitmesiyle t m ger ekli i ile fark eden Daly, Kashi i in uygun bir e oldu unu g sterebilecek mi Kashi, ekici bir Hintli dir, son derece beklemedik bir ekilde Daly nin hayat na girmi ve iyi niyetli, s cak ve hayat hafife alan tavr ile onu kendine ba lam t r Daly nin kendini hayat n gerisine atmas na engel olmu tur ama ailesinin tepkilerine kar durabilecek mi li kileri bu kadar g l m Laine, Daly nin annesi, ok gen ya ta dul kalm t r ve bunu bir t rl kabul edememektedir Kitap okumay seven bu kad n, 10 sene nce kaybetti i kocas n n ard ndan iyice kendi d nyas na ve kitaplar na d nm t r B ylece k z ndan da giderek uzakla m t r Peki ya anne k z aralar ndaki ili kisi Bunu d zeltebilmek i in ok mu ge kal nd Meghann n, Daly i annesine do ru y nlendirmesi i e yaracak m Tabii ki, bunlar n hepsini okuyup g rmeniz gerekecek Ama size u kadar n s yleyebilirim Torn Together, incelikle yaz lm , keyifli bir a k hikayesi olman n olduk a tesinde Ayn zamanda bir kendini bulma hikayesi ve bu yolda ilerlerken okuru birka kere a rtmay ba aran bir kitap.Yazar n anlat m ve karakter geli imi, tam da b yle bir hikaye de olmas gerekti i gibi, olduk a ger ek i Kitap boyunca geli en karakterler, hikayeyi onlarla birlikte ya aman z ve Daly nin ya ad klar n i inizde hissetmenizi sa l yor o unlukla Daly nin bak a s ile sunulan hikaye, yer yer ustaca kat lan, yan karakterlerin anlat mlar ile zenginle iyor ve okurun ya ananlar daha iyi anlamas na ve hissetmesine yard mc oluyor.Yazar, yas ve kay p ile ba a kmay etkili bir bi imde ele al yor ve t m kitap boyunca ince ince sundu u hafif ve esprili hava ile okurun y z nde hep bir tebess m b rakmay ba ararak, bu tarz bir hikayede ki ba ar s n g zler n ne seriyor Yine de birka yerde s z len ya lar tutamad m s ylemem laz m.Ayr ca bizim Daly ve Kashi ile birlikte taa Hindistan a g t ren Chand, anlat m ile yaratt atmosfer ile ya am ve k lt r farklar n da t m ger ekli i ile sunuyor Adeta insanlar g r yor, sesleri duyuyor, lkede k sa bir gezinti yap yorsunuz Ben ahsen farkl k lt rlere dair hikayeleri okumaya bay ld m i in kitab n girdi i bu a rt c yola zellikle bay ld m.Bir kere ba lad n zda bitirene kadar elinizden b rakamayaca n z bu kitab maalesef u an i in okuma ans yok, kimbilir belki bir g n o da olur. It is once again my privilege to introduce to you, and hopefully to entice you, to read a book by Emlyn Chand Emlyn has been an especially good blog friend of mine, almost from the beginning of my blogging career She wants me to assure you, however, that my personal relationship with Ms Chand does in no way affect the content of this review I respect her talents far too much ever to do what is, in my mind, an injustice to the whole concept of Emlyn s venture, Novel Publicity Forinformation on this wonderful organization, which does its best to highlight the work of authors both experienced or brand new to the biz, please visit the Novel Publicity website and readabout it here.The name of Emlyn s newest book is Torn Together The title alone is enough todraw almost anyone in at least long enough to read the flyleaf or whatever passes for one in the e book trade Reading the synopsis is thenthan enough of an invitation to get a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and find yourself a nice comfortable place to sit down, relax and get to know some wonderful people Daly sounds like tally , Laine, Meghann, Kashi, and a host of Kashi s family in India.Each of the characters that populate this book, Emlyn s first venture up and away from the Young Adult genre into standard Adult Fiction , is someone you feel you either know or at least know of Each has their share of grief and joy, although the shares are not equal, and each deals with the twists and turns of their lives in a different manner Torn Together is the story of how the lives of the characters have been torn apart,or less left to ravel, and how such apparent ruin can be and is mended not back to what it was, but refashioned into a new and less fragile, reinforced whole.Daly English is a talented, but floundering 20 year old artist, who lives with her mother, Laine, a dedicated and capable social worker We meet the two of them several years after the death of Oliver, Daly s idolized father and Laine s beloved husband Despite the fact that a significant amount of time has passed since Oliver s tragic death from cancer, neither Daly nor Laine has managed to dig themselves out of the grave they dug for themselves to isolate them from the world in which they once lived together as a happy family.An angry Daly has no room in her heart for her mother s heartache that heartache made manifest in her emotional abandonment of Daly, and the constant reading and re reading of her collection of books For Laine the books help her immerse herself back into the world she once had but lost when Oliver died Daly was her Daddy s girl, and in her grief she is either unable or unwilling to recognize her mother s need for solace or comfort As the years pass, the fabric of their lives is gradually torn apart, as individuals and as mother and daughter.Daly keeps herself busy with sketching, painting, and various visual arts She wants very much to attend art school, but another point of contention with her mother is that since she sees art as a frivolous pursuit, she will not pay for Daly s tuition to art school If Daly wishes to attend, she must produce a portfolio worthy of a scholarship Laine expresses little interest in Daly s art and tries to convince Daly to attend school with an aim to auseful line of work, such as nursing or social work Laine herself is a social worker who works primarily with unwed mothers and other women in crisis While Oliver and Laine raised Daly as an activist for social justice, Daly has no interest in making activism her sole way of life.Much of the book is written from Daly s point of view One of the very few criticisms I have of this book is that Laine, and the reasons for the estrangement from her daughter is kept a mystery until over half of the book has been read Ms Chand does, however, introduce us to Laine through the eyes of the pregnant, very young teenager Meghann, who, as one of Laine s clients, has attached herself to Laine as a loving mother figure We begin to see the relationship between Daly and her mother through Meghann s perceptive and somewhat precocious eyes.The themes of fate and destiny are woven into Daly s life by a chance meeting with Akash Malhotra, known as Kashi, a kind, mysterious, and handsome pharmacist from India with whom Daly falls in love Kashi believes in fate, and will not begin a relationship with Daly unless it is meant to be meaning they must run into each other three times before he will consider their relationship one that is supposed to be.Meghann is a survivor, or of the type of personality that sociologists refer to as invulnerable She is from an affluent family, and their social prestige isimportant to them than their daughter s welfare and what to them is the embarrassing predicament of their 8th grade daughter s pregnancy Because her parents are angry, and wanting little or nothing to do with her, Meghann seeks out and finds help and support at the crisis center where Laine works, and the work of mending is begun.Daly and Kashi have their third chance meeting, and that begins the relationship that blooms into love, and leads her and Kashi on a trip to Kashi s native home in New Delhi The Indian tradition of marriages prearranged by the parents is a stumbling block on the journey to a new and happy life for Daly and Kashi A great deal of hurt and alienation further rending of their lives takes place before the difficult job of repairs and reparation can begin Learning how the story ends is your task should you choose to accept it I sincerely hope that you will.Ms Chand s writing improves with every book and she has far exceeded my expectations in this, her first novel for adults However, I believe that I can also recommend this book to young adults While there are some sex scenes that are a necessary and not gratuitous part of the book s story line, Torn Together could definitely be part of an older teen s reading repertoire Torn Together is a story of people s lives that are torn apart at the same time, but for different reasons and in different ways But ultimately, the heart of the book, indeed, its charm, comes in learning how those lives are mended not by stitching them all together into one unit, but by showing the reader that repairing the individual in the manner each one needs makes each one whole, unto themselves, and once again able to live a complete life, independent and together.My wish for you all, my Gentle Readers, is to get a copy of Torn Together read it, and then let me know your thoughts And above all, I wish for each of you enough. Is it really fair to teach a life s lesson by taking a life I really felt as though that s what this book was trying to do I know it wasn t but I thought it was cruel to take away something as perfect as Daly and Kashi Daly s life fell into pieces the day her father died Not even her mother could help her through it because Laine was fighting her own battle Ever since that day their relationship was barely together by a thin thread With each passing day it got worse and before they knew it mother and daughter were strangers living together Laine is a social worker and is mentoring Meghann Meghann is a freshman in high school and is pregnant She doesn t have the best life at home and finds comfort with Laine and Daly The friendship with Daly might have been forced at the beginning but before long they become very close Daly is kind of jealous of the easy relationship between her mother and Meghann but soon she realizes that there s nothing to be jealous about Meghann might be hanging aroundbut she s showing both her and her mother that they must work together to patch what s been broken in the years they ve fallen apart Three fateful occasions later Daly and Kashi both find something they never thought they d find Love And they fall fast and hard Neither want shy away from it They want to be in it for the long haul But Kashi heritage wont allow their union Can he convince his parents to consent to their love or will they forbid it Or will it all end oh so bitter sweetly With everything that happens in all the characters lives a message, kind of muddy at times, is there Do they learn from them I believe so but only after all the debris is removed 3.5 stars Learn about her other author alias at

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