ToxicHighly highly recommended paranormal romantic adventure This book has action and build up than sex so story does not disappoint The daemons are coming to invade earth the vampires know and are trying to help our world to prepare to fight Our heroine s battleplan is that those that don t fight can become food I WANT MORE bring book two. Well, this was mainly written in Ellie s POV but at the last of it we get Rafe s POV briefly I kinda wish that we got a little with Rafe cause lets be honest we wanna know what he s thinking too However, I think she might have done it this way to keep Rafe a mystery I think I figured out what he was maybe about Chapter 5 or 6 I mean at that point what I read so far his name kinda gave me an inkling I knew there was something about him and he was than human He had a geek persona but the real him there is NOTHING geeky about him Wowhe was hot All dominant yumminess Ellie was different I m not used to reading about strong females cause sometimes they sorta turn me offdepending how they are written So, I was nervous before starting this book even though its by one of my favorite authors I ended up loving Ellie She s strong and powerful and she knows it Very confident and deadly She was awesome though because although she was deadly she had a pretty big heart she hid She laughed and cried and got her feelings hurt Definitely all woman with the moodiness lol I dont recall Eve writing about vampires before I mean characters yes but having a book based on a vampire characters throughout is different I loved the book One thing though is that Queen of the vampires Lily she seemed sorta unqueen like when we actually meet her She waited too long to get this stuff going There was a good build up to her character but once Ellie goes to see her to request she make the announcement about daemons to the public she seemed kinda weak to me Ellie acted like a Queen than she did cause she is very take charge and get it done This book surrounds Ellie and Rafe though so maybe Lily is just misunderstooddunno Thats just my take I kinda hope she does and makes this into a series cause those Angels joined them in their fight and that d be awesome to do stories about them and perhaps Lily A recommended read. A Dark Vampire RomanceDon T Play With Your Food, The First Rule Of Etiquette Vampires Are Taught, And Yet I Am So Tempted To Nibble On The Mortal Doctor I M Forced To Work With My Weakness For Raphael Is A Problem For Him My Touch Is Deadly To Humans, Although They Do Tend To Die With A Smile On Their Face Vampires Are Real The World Now Knows, And In A Gesture Of Good Will, We Ve Allowed Them To Send A Human To Study Us That The Populace Might Understand They Ve Nothing To Fear We Re Not Savage, Mindless Killers We Re Cold, Calculating Survivors, And We Know How To Keep A Secret It S Up To Me To Make Sure This Human Doctor Doesn T See Too Much So No Eating Him, As I M Sure His Demise Will End The Precarious Truce Vampire Kind Has With The World It Saddens Me To Admit We Will Need Their Armies And Weapons In The Coming War A War They Refuse To Believe Is Coming Fools I Haven T Lived This Long To Suffer Them, And I Didn T Become The General Of The Vampire Queen S Army By Being Diplomatic Everyone Will Fight In The Upcoming Battle, Or They Ll Feed My Troops All Things Living Will Do Their Part, Or Die Just Like Raphael Will Die If He Keeps Tempting Me With Those Lips Because Everyone Knows A Vampire S Kiss Is Toxic Wow What a great story Great chemistry between Ellie and Rafe and a creative and imaginative story I definitely want to learn about who Lily is perhaps Lilith Love the idea of a demon invasion of earth with vamps teaming up with humans to protect the world Can t wait to read the next one in the series. If I m screaming, NOOOOOOOOOOOO , mentally when a book ends then it deserves 5 freaking stars I swear if there s not a sequel coming, my life is over Daemons are coming to take over the world so the vamps have to come out of the closet I m not going to lie, when I first started reading it I thought it was going to be like the Southern Vampire series I love being proven wrong Nothing like that series at all.Ellie is such a bad ass vampire She is hardcore kicking some ass in this book I can honestly say that I did not expect for her to fall for Rafe at all I mean you can t blame her though He s a totally hottie Rafe is not who he seems to be at all Again, I was shocked There were so many twists with the plot that I didn t see coming The ending was so heartbreaking and unexpected I m just hoping and praying and wishing that there is another that follows up I can t be left hanging like that, Eve LOL Another awesome book Eve really knows how to dish them out I can t wait to read check out this review and other ones like it at The End What Eve Langlais s books don t end with cliff hangers Yikes Great story though I liked this one It was different then the last few books I read from her I was hoping for a POV from Rafe but that didn t come until the very end and that was mean Of course we can figure out how the ending goes, though So It was a good thing The book starts off as we met with Ellie Under orders from her Queen, she is publicly announcing herself as a Vampire something the Humans need to know but are they ready to except it Not really So Her Queen brought in a Geeky scientist to ask questions, take samples and get all the answers a human needs to believe Vampires are not out to kill them Ellie has a problem with excepting athroity from others especially a really good looking in a Geeky type way Scientist But under orders from her queen she allows this guy to poke and prude all while trying to convince herself that she is NOT attracted to him and why isn t he responding to her like every other human would be doing With trouble on the horizon with the Demons approaching, she tries her best to put her thoughts of this Scientist away and concentrate on the upcoming battle for her life But when he keeps popping up to talk to her, she has a hard time listening to anything but what her body is telling her With suspense and a lot of action both inside and outside of the bedroom This book was a great read Who would of thought, a bad ass vampire who bathed in the blood of virgins at one time would find her humanity and fall in love with a very unlikely source Then there s the geeky scientist who turns out to be pretty bad ass and not at all who he seems This is an awesome book You get just the right amount of romance and are on the edge of your seat the whole time wondering when they will get it on I loved the connection with the two characters We get one amazing sex scene that will leaving you wanting Plus there is a battle coming, one where Hell is coming to Earth and the vamps and humans will have to fight for survival I can not wait to read the next one We are left on a bit of a cliffhanger and I really want to know how this all going to play out This is a great book for paranormal romance lovers or urban fantasy readers Entretenido hasta cierto punto, tiene elementos interesantes como el unificar la comunidad sobrenatural para una batalla com n Pero lastimosamente las descripciones son nulas, no explica del todo como est estructurada la raza sobrenatural e igualmente los escenarios son bastante pobres.La protagonista tiene potencial pero me gustar a que dejase de ser tan invencible Algo que no me gust para nada fue el romance espont neo, muy mal llevado.A n le falta bastante trabajo por delante a la autora. Ellie is a vampire and general of the vampire queens army Because of a prophecy regarding the Demons from Hell breaking free and reeking havoc on mankind, the Vampire Queen gives Ellie the task of bringing Vampires out in the open That way ensuring their cooperation in the up coming battle Vampires gotta eat something right Because of all the vampire myths and technology in the modern worldnot a lot of humans are buying the fact that vampires are real So the government appoints a scientist to run test on Ellie to make sure her claims are true The scientist,Raphael, is sent to Ellie s home to study her and he s incredibly hot but for some reason is trying to suppress his true feelings for Ellie Of course she see s this as a challenge and tries her damdest to seduce the stick up his ass Dr.I loved everything about this story Ellie was awesomethe daemons were evil and disgusting and Raphael was delicious I can t wait til the next one.I swear I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end..LOVED IT I can definitely see this series as being one of my favs right up there with Princess of Hell I thoroughly love a great story line with a strong female front and center Ellie is a vampire and the head general for the vampire Queen She s all business and emanates strength tenfold until she meets a man of science.The inevitable attack among human kind is coming from the depths of the daemon hell Ellie and the Queen are gearing up for battle Revealing their identity, appeasing wide spread panic, enlisting help from the Other races, training armies, tracking daemons, collecting intel and the list goes on Ellie surely does not have time to do something as human as learn she has a heart and emotions other then the pang of blood hunger.Toxic is equal parts urban fantasy and para romance and with a character like Ellie who throws curve ball after curve ball any reader will be entertained I will note that the ending certainly leaves an urge to throw a tantrum like a baby who has lost their binkie until the next installment is released.

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