TressaI was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.What a truly beautiful story.Tressa is a hard working young woman in Ireland, who marries a man who isn t what she thinks.After months of rape and the murder of her mongoloid baby baby she escapes to America to make a new life for herself.Can she make it work What will befall her in America This really is a truly beautiful story and I look forward to readingby this author The Story.Tressa leaves her loveless marriage behind as she covers the expanse of the ocean to reach America Her dream of starting a new life is beautifully depicted as she transforms herself from being a nursemaid to an owner of a bakery Her business acumen makes her different from other women That along with a fierce sense of loyalty makes her a very charming character.She is a very strong woman who always stands beside the man she loves So much so that even when she is tortured and humiliated by her husband, she does not tell her own family but rather braves the ocean to reach America to start a new life.When Ethan faces eviction from his own home, she stands by him, supports him and fights for him She is one woman who even in today s world would be considered admirable.What I liked.The flow of the story is beautiful with each character being very much the part of the story The evil Heaton versus the goodness of Ethan is beautifully depicted.Tressa is a beautiful person who is sensitive to all the relationships around her She is gutsy enough to start her own business, foresighted enough to plan her future and sensitive enough to care for the less fortunate.Not to forget she was damn smart planning the escape, landing in America and starting her business could not have been done if she did not have a sound head over her shoulder A beautifully depicted strong character.Ethan was an equal partner Though crippled at an early age he was the motivation behind her actions He too comes out as a strong character as he moves out of his father s house and makes his own living He could have depended on Tressa, but he chose to make a life of his own.The best part I loved was the relationship between them A sweet understand, a camaraderie which encouraged the goodness in each other.What I did not like.The only point I can think of is not about the author s depiction of Tressa leaving her family behind Agreed that her situation was difficult but her parents loved her, her cousins adored her, so why did she not contact them later Or did she. maybe if I let my imagination run wild I can imagine that she might have contacted her familyWell, that sure seems like I would have wantedin this story. Escaping An Abusive Husband And The Tragic Loss Of Her Newborn Child, Tressa O Daire Leaves Her Home Of Dublin, Ireland, For The Unknown Shores Of New York City There, She Finds Work In The Powerful Langley Family As A Nurse Maid To A Baby Girl The Langleys Allow Tressa, A Master Baker By Trade, To Use Their Baking Oven And She Starts A Business And A New Life Ethan Langley, Crippled In A Riding Accident That Left Him Bound To A Wheel Chair, Has Spent The Last Eight Years In His Room Escaping The Embarrassment To His Family And The Hatred Of His Brother, Heaton The Only Bright Spot In His Life Is His Sister, Sarah Until A Certain Irish Baker Arrives And Turns His Life Upside DownTheir Very Lives Are Threatened When The Head Of The Langley Household Dies Unexpectedly Leaving The Business And Family Fortune To Heaton As Heaton And His Wife, Victoria, Bring The Family To The Brink Of Ruination, Tressa And Ethan Must Save Whatever They Can, Including The Budding Love Between Them It isn t everyday you come across a romance novel that tells a delicate story with such strength, style and grace. 3.5 stars for me Its well written and and oh so good book, but I can t help feeling I ve read or watched something similar to this before..that said..Tressa is the main character in this book Its based around Dublin, especially at the start as this is where she works as a master baker in the family business She has hopes and dreams of opening her own bakery some day She loves inventing new things and is a master at what she does which comes out evenlater in the story Tressa doesn t have any thoughts about marriage and suitors etc, but Seamus has his beady eye on her Under encouragement from family she courts him He seems a lovely man, they eventually marry.Something happens at their wedding reception as she is opening the wedding gifts that carry on into the marital home as they arrive That is the first time you see another side to Seamus, he also rapes her.The scenes of the rape aren t too graphic but the abuse is paramount to the essence of the story to show how what eventually happens.Muchhappens whereupon she needs to escape Without going and spoiling the rest of the story, she does manage to flee to America with several things happening along the way and where she ends up.Does Seamus find her Does she fulfill her dreams Its a very touching story, it also because of the time in history this book is written in bestows you to throw back your thoughts in time and surrounding how people lived back then.Tressa is no doubt a heroine and saver of the day in many ways.This is the first book I have read by Barbara T Cerny and I wouldn t be averse about reading another of hers, It was a good book, solid, well written all rounded story.I would like to thank the author for allowing to read this book direct from her. I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review This was a clean romance with only a brief description of the heroines rape by her husband Story The story starts in Dublin with Tressa the heroine working in her Uncle s bakery and at the same time being courted by Seamus Her ultimate dream is to one day own her own bakery Before the marriage, Seamus plays along and acts like the attentive suitor Soon, they are married and everything changes Seamus is abusive and controlling He rapes her every night and makes her life a living hell He makes Tressa give up her job and stay home Eventually, she becomes pregnant and this is when she starts to plot a way to escape She will not bring a child into this situation She starts to bake on the side and horde money Her plan is to purchase passage on a ship to America Eventually, she gets enough money and goes to the docks and purchases a ticket Now, she waits for her baby to be born and the day she boards the ship Tressa s baby arrives, but her husband kills it because it has downs syndrome She is devastated On the day she is to board the ship, she endeavors to be alone She makes it and waits for the ship to depart hoping her husband does not find her On the ship, she meets an indentured servant Nuala and her baby Matty On the way to America, Nuala dies and gives her baby to Tressa to raise.The ship docks in New York and she disembarks She notices a man buying an indentured servant for a maid and then overhears that he also needs a wet nurse She speaks up and is instantly hired From there, she and Matty are transported to the Langley s house It is here that she finds a new family and the man she will marry There are some interesting secondary characters and the story did keep my attention The only drawback is that I think the romance between the hero and heroine needed to be drawn outOverall, a good historical romance about two wounded people who help each other heal from the past. Reviewed on behalf of Readers FavoriteTressa O Daire loves one thing in this world baking In her small hometown in Ireland, she works diligently for her uncle, eventually earning the title of master baker, relatively unheard of for a woman in the late 1700s Urged by her cousin to settle down, Tressa accepts a young man, Seamus, as her beau However, once married, their life descends into something she never expected or wanted Rather than face an abusive life for herself and her unborn child, Tressa makes a courageous decision to travel to New York There, she finds employ with the Langley family, but her troubles do not cease The eldest sibling, Heaton, is bent on making the lives of his younger siblings, Sarah and Ethan, a living hell Will Tressa be able to overcome the new obstacles put in her way Tressa by Barbara T Cerny is a nicely written historical romance, with a great heroine I loved Tressa s perseverance to do something different than what was expected of women at the time Her relationship with the servants and younger Langley siblings was entertaining, and I thought she was quite ingenious in finding solutions to her problems My one complaint had to do with approximately the final one third of the novel I felt things wrapped up a bit too well, and I almost wantedI also felt things from the first portion of the book went unresolved It was frustrating to be left with unanswered questions, especially such pertinent ones However, I did enjoy Tressa by Barbara T Cerney, and it kept me reading to the very last page. This is a beautiful story I really enjoyed it Set in Dublin a young woman escapes an abusive husband and flees to start a new life in New York Anyone who enjoys historical romantic novels will enjoy this It s long and detailed maybe a little too much is some parts , so the reader feels apart of Tressa s entire journey What made it evenspecial to me was while I was reading this book I was actually holidaying in Ireland I know most of the book takes place in America but it still made it special, especially now that I understand how many Irish did immigrate to America back in day The romantic aspect of this book was lovely I guess after reading so many YA books it s nice to read one where the two main characters don t fall for one another straight away It s long and gradual, realistic I think that s what made it exciting, their moments together didn t need to be huge and earth shattering, they were small and meaningful.Just to explain, my rating is based on the fact is obviously wasn t professionally edited although there is a update available so maybe it is now , and although I love long books, this one felt a little too long There were a few parts where it felt like it was being dragged out unnecessary Having said that, it is defiantly worth a read Life is a journey It has its ups and downs For Tressa O Daire, master baker in Dublin, soon to be wed to the handsome bricklayer, S amus Bannon, little did she know that life would have so many downs and such a long journey, far from home, before things would start to look up for her It took a lot of courage and the will to protect her unborn child to force her decision to leave her home and family and cross the Atlantic to start a new life in New York, a life where she hoped that one day she would be able to have her own business, her own bakery Barbara T Gerny s novel, Tressa , is a compassionate tale of love, hardship and both the horrors and the joys of life itself Set initially in the early years of the nineteenth century in Dublin, Ireland, the story moves across the ocean to New York where the lives of many were just as difficult as they had been in the country they left behind From a master baker to a nursemaid and then a baker again, Tressa saw the wide extremes of good and evil, not just in the people around her, but also in life itself Her character glows through the pages of this story, her strong personality and courage growing with each new challenge, each new experience The reader is pulled directly into the story to follow the plot as it leads this wonderful, passionate woman, an amazing baker and a caring individual, through trials and hardships and so muchWith the clever and accurate insight into the lives of women in this era, the author has created a powerful story about the working class that equals the intensity of many Catherine Cookson novels A great read and a thrilling plot Reviewed for Readers Favorite I enjoyed reading about Tressa, an Irish immigrant making a new life in NYC in 1801 The time and setting is very different from the other books I ve been reading which was refreshing for me I liked Tressa very much She is brave and compassionate and a smart business woman She is a master baker who dreams of owning her own bakery when very few women own their own businesses I enjoyed the story.

Barbara T Cerny grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado She served twenty two years in the US Army Reserves, retiring a Lieutenant Colonel in 2007 She is an information technology specialist and supervisor Barb writes historical romances, fantasies, and paranomals good for late teen and adults She puts a lot of history and adventure into her work Words are her passion, they do matter

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Tressa ✩ Barbara T. Cerny –
  • Hardcover
  • 294 pages
  • Tressa
  • Barbara T. Cerny
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781612043418

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