Trial by Fire (Covencraft, #1)

Trial by Fire (Covencraft, #1) This book is incompetent in all areas The protagonist reads like a character pulled directly from the Mary Sue test, with a piercing, intense stare She acts rude to other characters and authority figures without getting into trouble Paris s POV only exists so he can talk to other characters about how awesome the protagonist is at magic, as while she s new at magic, she s one of the strongest witches ever and can do things that make the other characters gape The antagonist is against her out of jealousy because she s great at everything.The plot doesn t show up until halfway through the book The first half is a slog, and while the the second half moves quicker, the plot is executed clumsily The mystery is about who in the Coven is against Jade and at the end it s revealed It s some guy who s never been mentioned before No questions are answered, and little thought has been put into this world The prose is a bit better, but it s drowning with fancy dialogue tags and ly adverbs.Perhaps the author gets better in the next book, but this one is bad. I recieved an e book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have to say, Trial by Fire is a pretty good book It is really well written With all the action and humor, not once do things get boring in this book.I was also surprised to find out that there was no romance involved in this book The plot was focused mainly on friendship, trust, and finding a place where you truly belong I noticed some subtle hints though, in which it seemed like Jade is starting to like Paris Which is a good thing, if it happens that there would be some romance involved later on in the series I d prefer if it would happen naturally, unlike the plot of some of those insta love rubbish I sometimes read.What I didn t like about this book, is that aside from Jade, the other characters have very little to none character development I also hated the pacing Funny how the climax was just squeezed in there like it was nothing.Overall, I ll give this book four stars since I could say that I somehow enjoyed reading it I m really looking forward to reading what happens next. Jade Leads A Structured Life Routine JobCaffeine AddictionNo Serious RelationshipsAnd Now, She Can Spontaneously Set Things On Fire With Her MindWell Perhaps Normal Was Never In The Cards For Her As She Questions Her Own Sanity And Spirals Out Of Control, A Man Appears On Her Doorstep And Tells Her That, Like Him, She S A WitchPulled In All Directions, Her Unbridled Magic Draws Dangerous Attention And Jade Wonders If She S Made The Worst Mistake Of Her Life By Joining A Coven, Or If She Ll Even Live Long Enough To Regret It While the novel had a good premise, there were just some things that didn t work for me While the first half was great, the second half took a major nosedive The ending wasn t that great Talk about anti climactic As for the characters, I couldn t get a clear handle on their ages This is probably due to the fact that they all lacked character development I thought the female protagonist, Jade, came across as rude, abrupt, childish, immature and often angry She didn t come across as remorseful for some of her actions One thing that didn t make sense it s pretty obvious to everyone that Jade had a very traumatic childhood So why did the witches not complete a full background check on Jade when they were trying to find out about her as that s what they do You d think that at least Paris seriously the guy s name is Paris Cue eye roll would have delved into it And let s consider this they re witches You d think a spell of some kind would give them information with the whole see all, hear all, and know all crap Out of everyone, the only person who I found interesting was Seth which is unfortunate as he barely makes a presence Trial by Fire is book one in The Covencraft series I don t think I ll be checking out book two when it comes out I m going to have to give this one a pass. Jade suddenly develops the ability to set things on fire She has no idea what s happening Her magic catches the eye of the local coven Apparently, witches have to be part of the coven The local coven leader, Paris, finds Jade and convinces her to try the coven out She doesn t know it, but if she decides not to stay with the coven, Paris has to take her magic Jade is very powerful and Paris is worried that he will kill her in the process.Jade has serious PTSD She has a shadowy past that includes someone named Lily, she hates being touched or grabbed, she wants to be on her own, she needs to make her own decisions, etc She goes it alone so no one can hurt her again I found her emotions and actions very believable and well drawn She manages to make friends with Paris best friend and the awesome receptionist Jade has very strong boundaries and old protective habits Over the course of the five hopefully soon to be six books, Jade develops better coping strategies, but for now keeping people at arms length and making all her own decisions is her go to way of coping Here s a sample of her early conversations with Paris ParisI won t let anything hurt you She turned her back on his earnest eyes and committed tone and stalked up the stairs, calling her shoulder as she did Jade Again, pass I don t let anyone or anything hurt me You re just going along for the rideShe says no and means it Jade asks intelligent questions when someone is trying to talk her into something.Once Jade gets to the coven she has to get tested She doesn t want to be fussed with, but she s talked into going to the test She is weak with earth, water, and air, but extremely strong with fire and in general Dr Gellar wants to do tests, but Jade has all she can take with being the subject of so much attention and bails She moves into a small home owned by the coven A demon appears in her bedroom This, understandably freaks Jade out Seth, the demon, tries to talk Jade into making a deal with him, but she s no dumb bunny and refuses However, the whole episode makes her suspicious of the coven Why wasn t she warned It s because demons are very rare, but Jade doesn t know this.Paris, the hero, is very much a beta hero despite being the coven leader He understands and respects Jade s obsessive need to control her life There is one thing about him that I m confused about Maybe I missed something, but why does he have a British accent He mom did, but Paris grew up in the coven so what s with the accent This is a very slow burn romance, but the books are so good I didn t have a problem with it The plot is interesting and this book was really enjoyable.There are a lot of typos in all five books in the series I wish the author would find someone else to proofread it. I loved it Great, strong female lead Loved that. This girl is suuuch a bitch DNF 13% Trail By Fire Covencraft 1 Jade had a very routine life nothing out of place everything down to schedule Lately, she s been having some issues Nothing bigjust the ability to start fires Maybe it s stress or not enough sleep or diet, but she s trying to keep things under wrap Out of the blue, this guy just shows up at her door gives her the truth WITCH Now, she has so many decisions to make about her life trust this stranger and move away to join a coven Sounds crazy, but so is starting fires with just a thought But, unfortunately, this is just the beginning The longer she sat there, the she convinced herself that there couldn t possibly be anything supernatural or bizarre going on She just needed to get sleep or learn to relax or something.People couldn t just become pyrokinetic The Universe didn t work that way I loved the Jade character, just a no nonsense, straight forward person Some past issues, but who doesn t have them The interaction with all of the characters is just entertaining This whole book was just that very entertaining Can t wait to read the next one I received this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book The references to Magick and witchcraft are so spot on I enjoy a book that gets that part right Cheers to the author The main character,Jade, could be one of my friends, she is down to Earth and so relatable I like the way she thinks and talks.I wasn t expecting the protagonist to be who it was, I thought she may get betrayed by someone closer to her Paris is a great character also and Callie and Henri have stolen my heart as friends I would greatly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Magick Spelled with a K to differentiate between on stage magicians and Wicca. Excellent I loved this book and all of the characters I can not wait for the next book in this series This book was so well written, I couldn t put it down Well worth your time.

Margarita loves the art, creativity and romanticism of storytelling Sometimes, however, the act of putting pen to paper proves challenging, elusive She develops genuine, relatable characters which grow in the hearts of her readers From that foundation, the stories flourish into a warm friend.She enjoys pursuits which blur the lines between the analytical and creative sides of her brain This in

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  • Trial by Fire (Covencraft, #1)
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