Trinity Trinity, The Debut Graphic Book By The Gifted Illustrator Jonathan Fetter Vorm, Depicts In Vivid Detail The Dramatic History Of The Race To Build And The Decision To Drop The First Atomic Bomb This Sweeping Historical Narrative Traces The Spark Of Invention From The Laboratories Of Nineteenth Century Europe To The Massive Industrial And Scientific Efforts Of The Manhattan Project Along The Way, Fetter Vorm Takes Special Care To Explain The Fundamental Science Of Nuclear Reactions With The Clarity And Accessibility That Only A Graphic Book Can Provide, Trinity Transports The Reader Into The Core Of A Nuclear Reaction Into The Splitting Atoms ThemselvesThe Power Of The Atom Was Harnessed In A Top Secret Government Compound In Los Alamos, New Mexico, Where Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds In The World Gathered Together To Work On The Bomb Fetter Vorm Showcases J Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, And General Leslie Groves, The Fathers Of The Atomic Bomb, Whose Insights Unleashed The Most Devastating Explosion Known To Humankind These Brilliant Scientists Wrestled Daily With Both The Difficulty Of Building An Atomic Weapon And The Moral Implications Of Actually SucceedingWhen The First Bomb Finally Went Off At A Test Site Code Named Trinity, The World Was Irreversibly Thrust Into A New And Terrifying Age With Powerful Renderings Of The Catastrophic Events At Hiroshima And Nagasaki, Fetter Vorm Unflinchingly Chronicles The Far Reaching Political, Environmental, And Ethical Effects Of This New Discovery Richly Illustrated And Deeply Researched, Trinity Is A Dramatic, Informative, And Thought Provoking Book On One Of The Most Significant And Harrowing Events In History

Jonathan Fetter Vorm is an author and illustrator His first book, Trinity A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb was selected by the American Library Association as a Best Graphic Novel for Teens in 2013 His Battle Lines A Graphic History of the Civil War, co authored with historian Ari Kelman, was published in May of 2015 His work has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, and Guernica.

❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Trinity  Author Jonathan Fetter-Vorm –
  • Hardcover
  • 154 pages
  • Trinity
  • Jonathan Fetter-Vorm
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9780809094684

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    Great scientific and historical overview of the making of the first atomic bombs and the decision to drop them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Well written and well researched, with simple black and white drawings, this graphic novel was an informative and satisfactory read Now I need to find some uranium and plutonium to try this at home.

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    I picked this graphic novel up purely because I needed a book about technology for a reading challenge, not a topic I naturally gravitate towards in my reading I certainly don t think I would have come across this particular book without that nudge This is a fantastic discovery for me, the power of graphic novels to tell a story like this in a way that doesn t feel dumbed down, yet neither is it obfuscated in dry facts and dense prose For readers who shy away from reading non fiction I think this is a perfect introduction to the fascinating story of The Manhattan Project It presents the science, history and ethical considerations around the development of the first atomic bomb in a way you can digest in one sitting The quotes come directly from source documents where possible and the imagery is particularly brilliant at explaining concepts like nuclear fission and isotopes of Uranium I think even the most scientifically adverse would appreciate the domino analogy used to explain the concept of critical mass Obviously, if this graphic novel sparks your curiosity for the topic there are in depth works which are cited for interested readers in the back of the book There were certain areas of this story I wanted to know about, I think some of the politics was glossed over and the aftermath was touched on very briefly However, on the whole I thought this was exceptional.

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    More than a history of the atomic bomb, Trinity is also a primer on the physics and history behind nuclear fission, and simultaneously a social history of the Manhattan Project Fetter Vorm is a storyteller and an educator, seamlessly weaving the story of Oppenheimer and General Groves collaborative project in the desert of New Mexico not too far from where I grew up with the history of science The above panel likens the work of the Manhattan Project with the Greek myth of Prometheus stated many times before this book one of Oppenheimer s biographies is called American Prometheus You can see Fetter Vonn s attention to detail and natural ease of storytelling.One of the standout sections of the book for me was the countdown to the test explosion in Los Alamos, interspersed with Oppenheimer quoting from the Bhagavad Gita The book states that the conversations and situations within really happened, so Oppenheimer, a scholar of Sanskrit and ancient Indian Literature, truly did quote Krishna s words to Arjuna Fascinating.The end of the book was very difficult to read, knowing the history and the end results of this creation Trinity is a very important addition to the growing number of graphic histories I hope to see work by Fetter Vorm.

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    Prior to this book I had never read a Graphic Novel I will admit to even being a bit of a book snob, the type who thought Graphic Novels were just glorified comic books, and not real books I read literature, I read 1000 page classics Graphic novels Pshaw But this book has changed my opinion of Graphic Novels I didn t know they could be this good I didn t know they could be this emotional I didn t know they could be this educational It could be that I am going through a reading binge on the atomic bomb, Los Alamos, Trinity, etc., so I am interested in this topic, but the way it was presented was incredible The book tells the story of the scientists, of the development and testing of the bomb at Los Alamos, and then the use of the bomb on Japan The black and white drawings are very well done Some of the pages really made me stop Yes, stop Stop, stare at a page Stare at a picture Stare at the simple dialogue, or no dialogue, and just think Imagine Digest Absorb Cringe Put in a bookmark, set the book down Think Open the book back up Look at the page again Wow Really Intense And yes, this is from a Graphic Novel, what I used to consider a glorified comic book But this is no comic book.So thank you to Mr Fetter Vorm for changing my viewpoint on the Graphic Novel I hope there are other similar educational, non fiction books of this type I will now be on the lookout for them Because it is true, a picture can be worth 1000 words.

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    I have two history degrees and have taught social studies for 19 years I ve become a huge fan of non fiction graphic books and graphic novels the past few years because they draw in reluctant readers in my classroom But here s the thing about TRINITY the book is better than a lot of adult works on the subject, and I think it comes down to the riveting pictures and writing style of the author.TRINITY is impeccably researched and does a splendid job of retelling the story of the Manhattan Project The author does an especially solid job of presenting the working relationship between General Groves and Dr Oppenheimer Further, anybody who is a visual learner will appreciate the simple way the science behind the bomb is presented.I highly recommend this for high school history teachers, students, and adults who want an outstanding primer on the Manhattan Project Personally, I can t stand textbooks and would love to see quality non fiction graphic books like this one in classrooms.

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    a very good graphical history from the discovery of atoms to the first nuclear bomb y

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    A really good, if quick, history of the development of the atomic bomb I don t have much in the way of prior knowledge here, and you don t really need it There are a few names that are casually thrown out without much, if any, explanation, but those moments were few and far between The graphic format really works well with the scientific explanations for how and why the bomb works.

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    Part science textbook and part historical documentary The book is well researched overview of the science of building the first Atomic bomb and the historical circumstances that led to building it The Manhattan project was started in the deserts of New Mexico Los Alamos and led by General Groves Administration and Robert Oppenheimer Science.The artwork is pretty good though not extraordinary but the given the scientific context it is quite dense with information especially about nuclear physics I wish the author had spent some time dwelling on the personalities of the scientists that made the nuclear bomb Many of them are mentioned in passing with no details of their contributions or personalities The only notable exception to this is Robert Oppenheimer and General Groves The author admits as such in the afterword It is a good read for someone who is interested in the history and science of making the atomic bomb.

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    I d never read a graphic story novel before, so I decided to start with a historical event I know well in order to see if this really is a format I could appreciate and learn from I liked it than I expected, though it did take me several tries to really get into it Much to my surprise, I found that the graphic format required even focus than usual this was nothing at all like skimming the comics section I have a lot respect for the medium now As far as the storytelling itself went, I felt that the author did as good of a job as one can do with limited text and little than 100 pages I was pleased to see that women s contributions to the Manhattan Project were pointed out, at least in part, and that the horrifying effects of the bombs and their power were told with such emotional intensity There is a vignette at the end featuring two boys that makes the entire reading experience worthwhile There was a solid mix of politics, physics, and psychology All in all, a pretty good introduction to the format for a newbie And an outstanding overview of the Manhattan Project for students who don t need every little detail.

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