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Twilight Zone The problem with any comic in a franchise goes double for those licensed from other media everyone s going to have slightly different ideas both of what the original property was, and of how best to get its essence on to the page I ve not seen anything like every Twilight Zone episode, so perhaps I m unaware of a load of filler and misfires and unfairly comparing the short stories here only to the classics And even then, this collection is not without some worthy contributions, but I think the problem may be in the format as much as anything The first story here is the longest and also the best, following an author who goes back to his home town insenses than he intended From the opening monologue on, it really captures the show s feel, where as in Ray Bradbury, or Stephen King any street in any small town in America can take you on a detour into the uncanny That s written by a chap called Mark Rahner, not a name with which I m familiar, and though it was the presence of Tom Peyer and John Layman in the credits which led me to grab this from Netgalley, it turns out they only contribute a short piece each, with the vast majority scripted by Rahner And possibly it s just that each person only has so many good Twilight Zone stories to tell, at least solo and in a short space of time, but Rahner rapidly gets into diminishing returns, and I think a lot of that is simply because the subsequent stories are mostly far too short to capture the right sort of mounting unease, meaning they stand or fall on the set up alone and bare like that, too many of these set ups feel lacking Two consecutive stories are variants on careful what you wish for time travel the one with a Rand fan US lawmaker thrust back to the Depression, and still missing the point, could have been hilarious with a bit of room to breathe the one with a mediaeval re enactor in the middle ages states the bleeding obvious, and doesn t even have the depth of research to do so properly And so it goes on too many pat morals and cheesy twists especially the social media story ugh , too little time to develop any extra layers, with only the one about the space colonists saved by the authentically Twilight Zone look of its retro styled monochrome art Peyer s story makes good use of the comics form to homage a classic episode Layman s is excellent, but then I m a sucker for anything driven by loathing of the anti comics liar, prig and general shit Frederic Wertham. Presented for your consideration, The Twilight Zone Shadow Substance, a collection of macabre and fantastical tales to chill the bone and boggle the mind Featuring a dozen short stories, this graphic novel contains the complete 4 issue Shadow Substance miniseries along with two one shot specials and the series annual A couple of the stories are based on, or are variations of, classic Twilight Zone episodes, and included in the artwork are a number of Easter eggs that reference or call back to the television show However, the comic lacks the cleverness and wit of the television series, and is extremely heavy handed in its political messages Also, the tone is rather dark and tendstoward horror than sci fi fantasy Still, overall The Twilight Zone Shadow Substance is an entertaining and imaginative anthology comic. There Is A Fifth Dimension Beyond That Which Is Known To Man It Is A Dimension As Vast As Space And As Timeless As Infinity It Is The Middle Ground Between Light And Shadow, Between Science And Superstition, And It Lies Between The Pit Of Man S Fears And The Summit Of His Knowledge This Is The Dimension Of Imagination It Is An Area Which We Call The Twilight ZoneDynamite Entertainment Proudly Takes You On A Journey To Wondrous Lands In Eleven New Tales By All Star Writers Mark Rahner, Tom Peyer, And John Layman, Featuring Artwork By Edu Menna, Randy Valiente, Rod Rodolfo, Colton Worley, And Jose Malaga Collecting The Complete Four Issue Shadow Substance Miniseries, The Lost Tales AndOne Shot Specials, And The Twilight Zone Annual , This Graphic Novel Anthology Proves That The Spirit Of Television S Most Groundbreaking Science Fiction Program Endures For Generations Anew Twilight Zone Shadow Substance by Mark Rahner, Tom Peyer and John Layman is a collection of 7 different comics, including the Shadow Substance miniseries and some one shot issues I liked it, but felt that something was lacking.A famous author returns to his home town for a book signing and steps back in time, and meets his younger self A man living among group of people live in a strange type of prison where the rooms have no houses have no roofs and food comes in from the sky in feeder tubes decides to fight back A filibustering senator opposed to aid for the poor finds himself among them These andare the stories that take the reader to The Twilight Zone.I m a fan of The Twilight Zone I remember the television show, and read some of the novelizations by Rod Serling These stories felt like the mediocre stories from that series, not the better ones To Serve Man anyone The art quality varies thoughout, and while the covers are pretty nice, the interior art is just mediocre I was excited to read this, and while I liked it, I just didn t love it.I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Dynamite Entertainment, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel. A mixed bag of horror and science fiction all tipping over into that undefinable space we call The Twilight Zone.Some tales better than other, but the artwork is great through and through This is a comic that suits the late hours of night, possibly hidden underneath a blanket. Being such a huge fan of the original series of The Twilight Zone , I m an instant sucker for anything based off of it Unfortunately, most of the time things inspired by the series fail to capture Rod Serling s magic and this set of stories in this graphic novel is a prime example.The stories are barely interesting and all seem to make a generic attempt to mimic the TZ aesthetic I honestly can t remember one that was worthwhile Most ended flatly and some made no sense at all The art is serviceable but at times rather bland It took me over a month to finish it because I had no desire to Finally did though and it was an absolute chore to do so. Not for me I loved the TV shows, but I didn t think this worked as a comic The illustration was not great, seems to be digitally enhanced from photographs I could be wrong but it s definitely not in the great tradition of comic book illustration I could not really get into it.A preview copy was provided by the publisher in return for a review. Reading this comic, I couldn t escape the feeling that this less like the Twilight Zone andlike the jokes people make about the Twilight Zone I might crazy in thinking that the Twilight Zone was always less of a defined style as a collection of short stories dominated by Rod Sterling s voice This collection felt like reading someone doing an imitation of Sterling s voice and an imitation that fails to live up the legacy.You can read my full review here I received a free advance review copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed these comic graphic stories True to the style of the original Twilight Zone stories yet updated withmodern subjects and treatments of older themes, I feel that the intent was achieved for the most part The art was spot on for the nostalgic intent as well As with any story collection I enjoyed some storiesthan others, but that is always a subjective thing and the stories that fell a bit flat for me might be the ones that another reader enjoys the most In fact, for the last year of so I have been rereading classic Creepy and Eerie comics and those are the same way not every story is a winner for me.As a horror fan foremost, I was wishing forsinister twists to these tales but to be fair, that isthe style of horror comics than Twilight Zone stories, which haveirony than bloody vengence.Somewhere between 3 and a half and 4 stars for me That is from a reader who wasa fan of Rod Sterling s Night Gallery than of Twilight Zone so you may have a different view. Twilight Zone Shadow and Substance is an absolute fantastic graphic novel that is meant to be cherished and re read Taking a nod towards the classic 60 s television series and keeping faithful to Rod Serling s vision of this essential piece of television history has been lovingly crafted by Mark Rahner, Tom Peyer and John Layman.Each panel is extremely well executed with fantastic attention to detail The stories give a real punch in the true spirit of the Twilight Zone name This is a must buy for any fan of the graphic novel or the Twilight Zone Unfortunately, the world has stopped producing the Twilight Zone but hopefully through the graphic novel, it will live on and on I can not wait to read the next installment.

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✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Twilight Zone  By Mark Rahner ⚣ –
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  • 20 March 2019
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