Tyler Whether Winning Championship Belt Buckles Or Dealing With Hollywood Types For Endorsement Deals, Former Rodeo Star Tyler Creed Can Handle Anything Except Standing On The Same Patch Of Land As His Estranged Brothers Yet Here They Are In Stillwater Springs, Barely Talking But Trying To Restore The Old Creed Ranch And FamilyLily Kenyon Knows All About Family Estrangements And Secrets The Single Mom Has Come Home To Set Things Right, To Put Down Roots For Her Daughter What She Doesn T Expect Is Tyler Creed, Whom She S Loved Since Childhood Now The Handsome, Stubborn Cowboy Who Left Home To Seek His Fortune Just Might Find It Was Always Under The Montana Sky

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • Tyler
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • English
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9780373773640

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    This was my first book by Linda Lael Miller and I m not quite sure what I should say I know she has written a zillion books so I m aware she is quite popular but this oneOk, here goesFirst of all, there were a dozen little plots that all centered around the hero, Tyler Creed Tyler is on his way home to Montana after being on the rodeo circuit for about 12 yearswhere he became famous We meet him in the parking lot of Walmart where he is swapping his brand new Escalade for an old man s beat to hell pickup truck Why did he do that, you ask Damned if I know It never comes up He DOES cuss the old truck out since it blows up about a mile away, and a few days later he stops at a dealership and buys a brand new truck with leather upholstery, custom tires, sound system, etc Go figure Anyway, as he is walking down the highway with Kit Carson a stray dog he found , his ex girlfriend, Lily, sees Tyler stops to pick him up She just happens to be on her way home for the first time in 12 years also to tend to her father who is recovering from a heart attack Since Dad Lily s 6yr old daughter, Tess, are also in the car, Dad, Tess Tyler chat for the duration of the ride End of scenario.Next, Lily is doing some reflecting and we find out that Tyler, who she dated for several years the love of her life but never had sex with, was sleeping with a woman 15 years his senior the entire time he was with Lily What a despicable cad Tyler was only a teenager, however, so I m willing to let him grovel his way back into Lily s heart Never happened What did happen was that Tyler asked Lily out to dinnerthey got in the truck and as they drove away, Tyler says let s just skip the dinner get down to business UmmLily agrees All of a sudden they can t go a mile furtherTyler pulls over, tosses up Lily s dress and gives her about 10 orgasms Not once is his betrayal mentioned or remembered, nor is any mention made that this is their first time having sex after all those frustrating years they refrained ahem I m thinking Lily should see a shrink The next day Lily and her father make peace they were estranged for all the years she was away because he ignored her and never told her why Of course she assumed he didn t love her, but he assures her it was quite the opposite he drove her away because he didn t want her to be near Tyler Huh A father daughter 5 minute chat might have been a viable alternative to 13 years of silence But Lily understands why her dad was so mean to her because he knew she would ve taken Tyler back without question Where is Frasier when you need him Jump to Tyler who is checking out the cabin his late father left him Lo and behold there is a frightened teenager hiding there with a tat on his neck several piercings Hmmhe s got that sexy Creed smile and he is about 13 Could it possibly be Say it isn t so LMAO Tyler Lily go on a second date a few nights later Yup Out to the cemetery to have sex What the heck Maybe 13 years ago that would have been acceptable, but what s wrong with a no tell motel for the 30 something duo At the peak of his climax, Tyler asks Lily to marry him She agrees enthusiastically Uh, by the way Lily says Tyler, there s this kid I found and I think he s mine He doesn t explain why he thinks that, but Lily s a smart girl and she ll catch on Yessir Ever the trooper, Lily has no problem there WTF I have a problem there In fact, I had one on the first date when he couldn t bother to take her to dinner first I assumed they had MUCH to discuss before getting busy Not so Did I mention they were having unprotected sex because Tyler said he was clean ROTFLMAO and Lily was positive she couldn t get pregnant again because she and her ex dead husband had tried for years after the birth of their daughter With great reasons such as theirs, what could possibly happen haha Lily never expected her mother in law to call the very next day and tearfully admit she had found some papers among her son s personal belongings that proved he had a secret vasectomy Oops Meanwhile, Tyler is busy writing out a check for 100,000 to buy the teen from his creepy mother.Ok, enough is enough You might be wincing at all the spoilers but believe me I haven t even scratched the surface This book did nothing but leave me wanting for a GREAT Western romance and, since cowboys aren t usually my thang, I have no clue where to look next I gave this book 3 stars mainly because it was an audio book, so I didn t waste any valuable time reading and I enjoy the narrator who also read Sarah McCarty s Hells Eight series Overall, the book wasn t awful but suspending disbelief became a serious struggle With the hope that this was an off book for LLM, I ll read something else by her provided it comes highly recommended.

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    This is my first book by Linda Lael Miller I wasn t sure what to expect, but I wasn t expecting for our hero Tyler to get a free pass on what happened 13 years ago with Lily Tyler is home to face his past and face the Creed demons that plague him view spoiler The emotional development is non exiting for our leads Tyler was married, but his wife died Lily was married too, but was getting a divorce when her husband died Tyler and Lily are back home for different reasons and meet up again She still has feelings for him, first love, no one really gets over them I couldn t tell if Tyler ever cared for Lily or not, then and now Back in high school he was dating Lily for several years They never had sex during that time, yet at the same time he was dating Lily he was sleeping with a women 15 years his senior Infidelity Cheating Big no no for me even if it did happen as teenagers I expected their to be groveling, major groveling, and addressing this issue between the characters They don t talk about the past, what happened in between, then and now What they do is act like horny teenagers We have the first date going out to dinner, but instead of dinner he says let s just skip the dinner get down to business. OMG And, what does she do, she agrees Not once is his betrayal mentioned or remembered These two have two dates and all they do is have sex What the heck And, the sex It was unprotected OMG Their is a brief mention that he says he s clean and Lily thinks she can t get pregnant because her and her dead ex husband had tried for years to have another kid, with no luck That s it Then her mother in law called the next day and tells her about her ex hubby s secret vasectomy. Uhhh When they do sit and talk, it s no big deal No addressing any of the issues As for his infidelity he says it was just sex with Doreen, nothing She just lets it slide At this point I m shaking my head and throwing my hands in the air How in the world can that be it of the talk How can she not care Ahhh It clearly affected her life, with the distance her father put between them and that she only married to try and move on, but she didn t truly love her ex husband Then their is a 13 year old kid that might or might not be Tyler s from his affair with Doreen and Lily is like, A OK with this WTF Then theirs the blatant flaunt of money and things that are nice and fancy Family secrets that come out So many little plot things going on with Tyler Creed and not all the plot things ever get resolved or completed hide spoiler

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    I think of the three Montana Creed books, this one was probably my favorite It had a little extra zing to it Tyler, for as stand offish as it was, came off rather endearing And the romance between him and Lily was excellent Montana Creeds Tylers is the 3rd book in Linda Lael Miller s Montana Creeds series which is about 3 brothers who have been estranged since the death of their father It s important to note that this series should be read in order The books are pretty connected.Tyler is the youngest of the Creed brothers, and he s the one having the hardest time getting over what happened between him and his brothers after their father died So he s pushed away any attempts from Logan and Dylan to reconcile But lately, he s been feeling a need to return to his roots and to do some serious thinking Which leads him back to Stillwater Springs He d hoped to sneak back into town with no one noticing, but luck isn t with him.Before he even hits the town limits, he runs into Lily Ryder Kenyon, his teenage sweetheart and the girl whose heart he broke by having an affair with an older waitress Then he finds a battered, rebellious teenage boy hiding out in his cabinworse, he comes to realize that the boys mother is the waitress he slept with around just the time the boy would have been conceived So the stealthy visit he planned to his cabin turns into something else because he can t seem to stay away from Lily and he has to know if the boy is his son HmmI took a moment just now to peruse some of the other reviews of this book And it got me thinking Some of the criticisms about the book are correct Which makes it hard to decide on a rating for this book I really enjoyed it a lot and found it to be an easy read But there were some story aspects that were neglected For me, they didn t ruin the story, but if they d been addressed, I think this book and the series as a whole would have been 5 star reads.On the plus side, this book us rather steamy, much so than the first two Lily and Tyler are hot together I admit I was a little surprised by the sexiness of the story Didn t put me off, of course, just surprised me.And I enjoyed a lot of other aspects of the book Tyler having a hard time coming to terms with what happened between him and his brothers and accepting that his dad really was a bastard Lily working things out with her Dad and deciding where she really wanted to be The romance between them Tyler finding out he might have a teenage son and all the things associated with that All those things made the story rather engaging for me.Like I said, though, in reading some of the other reviews on this book, I agree that there were some things that could have been done better The resolution of the problems between the brothers was done rather subtly along the lines of okay, I m over it Let s move on when some serious discussion would have made things solid And Tyler never talks to them about things he went through like being married before and having his wife die In all three books the brothers just never really talk that deeply and it does take something away from the renewed relationship between them.One other thing that bothered me a little was that there was a bit too much symmetry between the three books All three involve a single parent All three have custody issues to a varying degree All three have the hero proposing out of the blue for a reason other than being in love at least they wouldn t admit that was the reason All three had the hero taking in a stray dog.It was just a little too much common ground It s one thing to tie the stories together with a similar theme, but another to repeat too many main themes But it didn t bother me all that much I could mostly overlook it because I enjoyed the stories so much Still, I wouldn t have minded a little variety.This was a still a great series, though It s not perfect and could have used some tweaks, but I had fun reading all three books Miller has a way of writing a story that makes me want to keep reading.

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    Considering how many books Linda Lael Miller has written, you d expect some books to be better than others, but wow This one contained a magical sexual technique causing female orgasms in public by touching only a woman s hand, which is over the top for even this author The heroine, Lily, has no problem getting back together with Tyler although he dated her while sleeping with someone else She never asks him about this and the entire infidelity issue is never addressed between the characters In fact, no one, including her father, sees this as a potential problem at all.

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    There is this hot guy who comes back at home with a chip in his shoulder and meets again his young love He is hotter than hot And he has had an alcoholic father and a suicidal mother Girls, let s heal him There are two scenes so utterly ridiculous that will stuck with me for life view spoiler 1 An orgasm induced by his mere proximity in the supermarket I think he touches her arm with his finger.2 Him asking her to marry during an orgasm and wondering if the yes is to I want to marry you or if it s yes keep going hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars

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    Sweet, sexy romance and nice family story Lol at the Walmart scene.

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    Montana Creeds Tyler by Linda Lael Miller is the third and final book in her Montana Creeds contemporary western romance trilogy about three brothers.It s youngest brother Tyler Creed s turn to take center stage in this book Tyler has finally decided to come home to the family ranch to figure out a few things, like his relationship with his older brothers Logan and Dylan Along the way, he reconnects with Lily Kenyon, the girl whose heart he broke when they were kids Lily is now widowed with young daughter, but she s never stopped loving Tyler But complicating matters is a young boy who s being abused by his mom s boyfriend a boy who may or may not be Tyler s son I like Miller s books a lot, but I definitely thought this was the weakest book not only in this trilogy but that I ve read by her I just didn t think there was very much romance in this one Tyler asks Lily out, and before you know it, he s asked her to marry him Their relationship happened way too fast for me.Also, the kicker is that Tyler cheated on Lily when they were dating when they were younger and he might have a son with the woman he cheated with Tyler tells Lily that the boy might be his, and she just accepts it with really no amount of fuss or even hurt That rang a little false to me There s also some question about whether the boy and his mom are trying to con Tyler or not, and of course, the mom s abusive boyfriend has it in for Tyler There was a lot going on in this book, but not enough time devoted to any of the plots.It was nice to see Tyler finally make up with his brothers, and the book ends with a sweet epilogue, but those things weren t enough to save this book for me.

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    This is the brother in the series who is the most hurt, both by his brothers and by his parents The youngest of the three, Tyler refuses to come home to make up with his siblings, but when he finally gets back to the ranch, there s waiting for him than he could have ever guessed Not only is Lily back in Stillwater Springs, but he happens upon a young boy who may be his son.Lily left town years ago with a broken heart after Tyler went from her bed to another woman s, but now a widow with a daughter in tow, she s home taking care of her ailing veterinarian father It takes no time at all for her to realize she s still in love with Tyler, but with so many things working against them, including a son by the woman he chose over her years ago, will they really have a chance to make a life together This is my favorite of the three books, but only by a hair There s just hurt to be salved in Tyler s story, so it was much emotional for me than the other two As with the first two couples, Tyler and Lily have a lot to work out, but they are a great couple and end up sticking together with each other and this big new Creed family that has grown so much And that s what was fun about all three books, seeing a seed planted with Logan being the first to come home and then at the end of the series, this family has healed itself, has grown into a healthy and happy bunch and will leave a legacy for generations to come.See my complete review at

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    Ahh Tyler, t de olho em voc faz tempo Adorei meu bem Achei que voc passou t o rapidinho

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