Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim

Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black MuslimA Searingly Honest Memoir Of One Young Woman S Journey Toward Self Acceptance As She Comes To See Her Body As A Symbol Of Rebellion And Hope And Chooses To Live Her Life UnapologeticallyEver Since She Was Little, Leah Vernon Was Told What To Believe And How To Act There Wasn T Any Room For Imperfection Good Muslim Girls Listened Than They Spoke They Didn T Have A Missing Father Or A Mother With Mental Illness They Didn T Have Fat Bodies Or Grow Up Wishing They Could Be Like The White Characters They Saw On TV They Didn T Have Husbands Who Abused And Cheated On Them They Certainly Didn T Have Secret Abortions In Unashamed,Vernon Takes To Task The Myth Of The Perfect Muslim Woman With Frank Dispatches On Her Love Hate Relationship With Her Hijab And Her Faith, Race, Weight, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Sexuality, The Millennial World Of Dating, And The Process Of Finding Her VoiceShe Opens Up About Her Tumultuous Adolescence Living At The Poverty Line With Her Fiercely Loving But Troubled Mother, Her Deadbeat Dad, And Her Siblings, And The Violent Dissolution Of Her Year Marriage Tired Of The Constant Policing Of Her Clothing In The Name Of Islam And Western Beauty Standards, Vernon Reflects On Her Experiences With Hustling Paycheck To Paycheck, Body Shaming, And Redefining What It Means To Be A Good MuslimIrreverent, Youthful, And Funny, Unashamed Gives Anyone Who Is Marginalized Permission To Live Unapologetic, Confident Lives

Leah Vernon is a plus size Hijabi model, social media influencer, public speaker, and freelance writer She s been featured by Buzzfeed, Yahoo, CBS, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Seventeen, and The New York Times, and worked with brands like Adidas and Lululemon She grew up in Detroit, but currently resides in New York City Connect with her on Instagram Lvernon2000 and on her website Leahverno

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim
  • Leah Vernon
  • 19 October 2017
  • 9780807012628

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest UNASHAMED was a lot of fun Sometimes you read a memoir that is filled to the bursting with personality and you can literally imagine them regaling you with their adventures in person, in their own voice, just by reading their words on the page This memoir was like that Leah Vernon has an opinion and she doesn t really care if you like it or not and whether or not you approve of that, having that sort of fierce, haters gonna hate attitude is really appealing especially to someone like me, a social weenie.In this memoir, Leah Vernon talks about growing up as a Black Muslim, and what that intersectionality looks like and feels like She talks about what it was like to grow up poor She talks about her toxic relationships with men and family, and how she either learned to work them out or leave She talks about miscarriage and abortion She talks about body positive rep, and the pain of being the poster child for whichever part of her identity she s supposed to be representing at the moment based on the arbitrary biases of whoever is interrogating her There s a LOT to unpack.And for the most part, I think Leah did a really good job Everything in here is written about so thoughtfully She is an exceptional story teller, and her toxic saga with her ex husband felt like something out of a Lifetime drama I also enjoyed reading about how she grew from her negative experiences and what they taught her, and how that equipped her to deal with internet fame as a fashion blogger not just on how to deal with trolls, but also on how to be grateful for attention and support when representing a body type and look that hasn t been typical in the fashion industry.If you re looking for a book that talks about religious diversity, body positive rep, hijabi rep, Black Muslim rep, and all sorts of other variations on intersectionality, I think UNASHAMED is a great book I m going to recommend it to several friends I know of who enjoy reading inspiring memoirs like these that really open your eyes to the things that modern women do to make a difference Writing style wise and humor wise, she reminded me a little of Phoebe Robinson I really hope she writes another book Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4 to 4.5 stars

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    I received a review copy from Vine and voluntarily provided an honest review This does not affect the opinion of the book or the content of the review I m not really a fan of biographies or memoirs but something about this person made me want to read Maybe it was the cover The title The blurb Who knows but I am so glad I took a chance because this was a very good read The author was raw, explicit, honest and kept it all the way real with their story I am not Muslim but I was able to relate to this author when it comes to religion and certain expectations I think anybody who struggles with body issues and finding their beauty within can really learn something from this book as well I loved how it touched on the stigma associated with mental illness as well I must say this book will make some people uncomfortable and that is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much This book also had me doing some reflecting, nodding my head in agreement and highlighting passages as I read I can t tell you the last time I highlighted in a book I love when a book can stop and make me think and I can use this motivation in my everyday life Well done, Leah Vernon.

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    This Is an interesting read about a woman who had an unconventional upbringing THe author struggled with a dysfunctional family and with her own self image This book is about her own self discovery and living life on her terms Sometimes the author was crass and crude, which wasn t necessary Overall, it s an interesting memoir Thanks to Edelweiss for the advance read.

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    A gritty portrayal of a Muslim, African American girl living in the US I love her resilience and her strength through it all It reminds me of Trevor Noah s autobiography Similarly, Leah also shines through after she finally accepted the things that made her different are the very things that made her unique You go, girl

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    I was done being told what to do It s not often that you read a memoir that you can only describe as freeing as if it healed some broken part of you that you have long ago tried to keep hidden from the rest of the world Unashamed by Leah Vernon brings it along with plenty of opportunities to chime in with a yaasss girl It is by far in the top five of my all time favorite memoirs, and I have been recommending and talking about it incessantly in the last week Let me just tell you, though, if you aren t ready to write a new chapter in your life, this is probably not the book for you If you are done with living your life for the pleasure of others, you ll find a nice dose of inspiration within these pages to get you started.

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    Honest and powerful book written by Leah She s unapologetic and inspiring Great read.

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    Please see my review on com under C Wong Thank you.

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    Leah Vernon is a badass, quite frankly I vaguely knew who she was before picking up this memoir but I had no idea she was such a fighter She had absolutely nothing handed to her No one gave her the support she needed to make it in a difficult business Her husband, her mother, her father, who also stole from her none of them gave her guidance At every step she had to fight for herself, she had to pound the pavement for jobs, she had to find ways to pay for trips and clothes, she had to be her own cheering squad, she had to fake it till she made it And she succeeded despite being three things that normally would kill a career in modeling fat, black, and hijabi Leah never took no for an answer, she never let anything beat her or deter her from what she wanted, not even her own insecurities Leah inspired me She reminded me that I am amazing and that sometimes the only person who s going to help me is me She s a beautiful, incredible, tough wonder woman I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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