Undeniable When Cecilia Warden Comes Out On Her Terrace On A Cold Winter S Night To Find Julian, The Duke Of Of Lyndam About To Throw Himself To His Death, She Will Do Anything To Save Him Including Enter Into A Wicked Affair That Lasts The Length Of The Storm Which Traps Them In Her Estate But With Every Touch, Both Cecilia And Julian Want Than Mere Passion, But Ghosts Of The Past May Not Allow ItNovella

Jenna Petersen now writes historical romance exclusively as Jess Michaels Please check out her self published and Samhain publishing books here

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 116 pages
  • Undeniable
  • Jenna Petersen
  • English
  • 25 June 2018

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    Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time serenity, that nothing is by Thomas Szasz 2 1 2 stars.1898Cecilia Warden finds the desperate Julian Blake, the Duke of Lyndon, on her terrace He wants to throw himself off the ledge in an attempt to commit suicide A few months ago Julian s wife died of a sudden illness He tries to ease his pain by drinking too much alcohol Cecilia succeeds to save Julian They are spending a few days together and are enjoying their carnal encounters Cecilia has been a widow for three years and is living rather seclusively she has her own problems to cope with, and she refuses to let Julian get close to her While having sex they can comfort each other.Honestly, after reading Everything Forbidden I was so excited to read Undeniable, and when I was halfway through the book, my excitement was nowhere to be seen any I had a bad feeling after reading the first few pages The main protagonists just rubbed me the wrong way, and there was something else yet After Julian was rescued, they just jumped each other s bones Basically I have no problems with that, but it felt kind of odd I didn t understand why it was necessary to write a sex scene there I got it that Julian was distraught, and he was thinking he had sex with his late wife, however beyond that fact I just couldn t relate and it seemed kind of misplaced Additionally, the plot AND the character development was far too weak Therefore, I just wasn t invested in their story provided there was even a storyline It happens that I truly like a book even if the plot is weak as was the case with Everything Forbidden but I can t say the same about Undeniable Julian and Cecilia were too pale and boring they were just too shallow to keep me on my toes On top of that, not even the sex scenes could save the story Somewhere along the line my interest just petered out, since the story was too tedious I m rather disappointed.

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    I ve read a few titles by Jenna Petersen and I do like her stuff..this one for me was just okay There s a lot of sex in it, which I m not saying is a bad thing, but as this is a novella I just felt like there wasn t much else to it and towards the end of the story I was skimming over most of that..gosh imagine that skimming over the sex I feel bad only giving 2 stars, but 2 stars is it was okay and that is how I feel about this book I liked Julian, he was a pretty nice guy I didn t really warm to Cecelia, I didn t really relate to why it was such a big deal for her not to get involved with Julian in anything beyond a brief affair They never used any contraceptive methods during the affair yet there was never any mention as to avoiding conceiving and no mention of her being unable to have children or whether or not she even wanted children as she hadn t had any children with her first husband I would have thought that might have been a big deal if she had conceived during an affair yet had no intentions of marrying again I suppose that may have been dealt with if it was a novel rather than a novella.Anyway enough rambling, if you like Jenna s stuff you might like to add this to your list, its an inexpensive read through , only 0.99.

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    A short story that had me inthralled from the moment Cecilia talks Julian down from the ledge She was wary of allowing her heart to be involved but so lonely for a man s touch Julian had a story that was his hidden pain not what everyone thought it was When they fell they fell hard Since this was a short story, not expecting much, but a lot was packed in the pages Definitely an unexpected treat

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    My goodness It s hot But I would ve liked to see of the story at the end, maybe in the form of an epilogue It felt like the story ended way too abruptly I was trying to turn the page on my iPad thinking no way, there has to be it s definitely lacking a certain closure at the end, but overall a yummy book.

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    An entertaining steamy read, with a genuinely romantic storyline.

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    Great novellaThis was a great story It s a timeless tale that is as fresh today as it was 100 years ago I would have so enjoyed this as a full length book.

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    Sexy read

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