Desire to Die For

Desire to Die ForKenric St James Is Out For Revenge OverYears Ago, An Ancient Female Vampire Turned Him Against His Will And Killed The Woman He Loved He S Spent Than A Century Building An Enclave Of Warrior Vampires Who Have Sworn To Defend Humanity Against His Evil Sire And Her Minions But When Kenric Finds A Woman He Finally Burns To Claim As His Own Again, Kenric Knows Loving Her Means Giving His Sire Another TargetEmily Ross Just Wanted A Fresh Start She S A Survivor, Coming Off The Tail End Of An Abusive Relationship, And Craves Time Alone To Learn Who She Is And To Save The Home That Holds Her Heart The Last Thing She Needed Was A Controlling, Alpha Male Calling All The ShotsMeeting Kenric Might Just Have Changed Her Mind, Though He Is Wrong For Her In All The Right Ways But In Order To Keep Her Heart From Breaking, He First Has To Keep The Hoards Of Evil Vamps From Stealing Her Very Breath jessicaleenovels

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  • Desire to Die For
  • Jessica Lee
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  • 01 November 2017
  • 9781620611760

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    3.5 STARSPretty typical PNR Girl manages to live 30ish years problem freeGirl meets vampire, and DAMN he s HOTVampire notices something different about herVampire saves girl from whatever it is image error

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    Kenric is a 300 year old vampire who lives for the day he is finally able to kill his sire Marguerite Since she changed him by force and killed his only love, all Kenric has lived for is to seek his revenge With the help of friends he started the Enclave, a group of vampires who keep humans safe from DEAD vampires vampires who are addicted to killing humans and keep the secret of vampires hidden from humans One night while he s fighting DEAD vampires Kenric is hurt in an ambush and after loosing to much blood passes out Emily is finally trying to get her life in order she left her abusive ex and is moving past the abuse from her father and her mothers death On the way to the hospital Emily works at as a nurse she see s a man bleeding and stops to help After her long shift at work Emily decides to check in on John Doe and gets the surprise of her life when he awakens and drinks from her When Emily passes out Kenric decides to take her home to make sure she is ok and to protect his existence, and when she wakes erase his visit from the hospital, what Kenric and Emily neither expect is to find the other so attractive something neither of them expected or want When Emily recovers she agrees to help Kenric collect everything that remains from his hospital stay The time kenric and Emily spend together the harder it is to say good bye, but Kenric has a good reason not to get involved Marguerite has found a way to get into his dreams When Marguerite see s Emily in his dream Kenric knows that she will be coming after Emily he also knows that Marguerite has found something to make her stronger and she won t stop till he agrees to be her mate Kenric knows that the only safe place for Emily is with him he is quickly growing to care about her than any one before but Emily is stubborn and wants to live her life her way With Marguerite getting closer and closer Kenric will do anything to keep Emily safe, and the longer they spend together the he knows he wants to claim her as his This was a really good start to a new series it was really well written and reminded me of the start of other great paranormal romance series The world building was great and very extensive, It s very obvious Jessica Lee spent a lot of time planning this series and it really paid off in a big way The characters, both main and side are very well developed and the set up for not only book two but the entire series was great It s clear to me that this is a new series to keep an eye on My only problem with this book is that the heroine has a few TSTL moments I wanted to reach into my kindle and strangle her for the stupid choices she makes and for her twisted logic Emily does grow from this and realizes herself how stupid she is which I was very happy about The hero Kenric was fantastic he was strong possessive and a great leader I loved how Jessica showed the villain and created another in this story we get to see his fall from good to bad I m really excited to see who book two is about though I am pretty sure I know who I was really impressed with this book and this author All I read for years was PR and then after finding so many books that weren t great or even good I moved to other genre s Jessica Lee is what s right and represents all that I loved in Paranormal Romance, she made me feel like I used to when I loved PR, she made me excited again and for that I am so grateful This is an author I will be following to see what comes next thank you NetGallery for this book fro my honest review

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    Wow I couldn t get enough of this book, It had me page turning well after midnight Kenric St James is a 3oo year old vampire bent on revenge for the one who changed him He has a group of warriors behind him to help him fight the Margerittes minions Until the one night when he is knifed and passes out and along comes Emily a nurse who stops to help him out As he is in the hospital he is considered john doe When he wakes he sees Emily and things shift for him and his life takes a total turn around The spitfire he calls wildfire is his salvation His mate in every sense until the fateful night where things change for the both of them This book had a great cast of characters Kenric is walking talking sex on a stick and Emily is a spit fire who wants to be independent but loves the way keneric is in every way The supporting characters are great and would love to read their stories also I would so recommend this book to anyone who loves a good vampire romance Check it out , cant wait for the next installment Check it out you will not be disappointed

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    Free 10 29 15 PNR Vampires

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    Kenric St James is a vampire on a mission for revenge against the vampire that turned him and murdered the woman he loved He has spent decades creating the Enclave, a group of vampires whose only mission is to keep humans safe from his kind Enter Emily, a nurse with guts an attitude, who threatens to steal Kenric s heart, something he vowed would NEVER happen again Unfortunately, the vampires that turned Kenric has decided she is not finished with him yet and attempts to use Emily as a pawn in her evil plans.This is a real action story, filled with good vamps and bad, along with some spicy sensual romance, and a wonderful collection of characters, all well defined and colorfully animated This book is well edited and planned out with fast pace and detailed scenes, everything ties up nicely and there s a way left for books in the future Great paranormal reading A review copy was provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for my honest review For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    I loved this book and can t wait for the next in the series Jessica Lee is an author you can expect great things from

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    Kenric St James has been a vampire for 300 years That s 300 years living the life of a monster a life that was thrust upon him by an evil bitch called Marguerite Devonshire Marguerite turned Kenric with every intention of mating with him, and sharing his master vampire powers Instead, Kenric refused her advances and she killed his fianc e.Kenric has lived 300 years waiting to take revenge With his band of fellow vampire warriors, Kenric has spent the centuries fighting off Marguerite s vampire junkies and waiting for the night he could end her evil forever.One night Kenric is fighting Marguerite s minions when one gets in a lucky cut He s lucky that nurse Emily Ross finds him, unconscious and bleeding to death, and takes him to the hospital where she works What Emily doesn t realize is that by rescuing John Doe, aka Kenric, she has endangered his existence by exposing him to scientific scrutiny And what Kenric doesn t realize is that in Emily, Marguerite has discovered a way to wreak vengeance first Desire to Die For is the first book in Jessica Lee s paranormal erotic romance series Warriors of the Enclave The Enclave refers to Kenric s band of merry vampire warrior men and their home base This fanged troop have made it their unlife mission to bring Marguerite down and save humans from blood lusting vampires.I didn t particularly like this book, but only because I felt like I d read it before The storyline is not uncommon to the paranormal romance genre in fact, vampire warriors could almost be a sub genre unto itself You know the plot a group of hunky vampire men who have sworn to protect the human race from their own monster species This storyline blends romance, erotica and offers up a cast of delicious men and their mates to explore in each book Only a couple of pages into Desire to Die For and I had this book all worked out I m sorry, but there was nothing in here that surprised me, and for that reason I was a little disappointed This story has been done before JR Ward s epic and wonderful Black Dagger Brotherhood series Diane Whiteside s Texas Vampire trilogy and Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed The Warriors of the Enclave is closer to the Lara Adrian end of the spectrum with heavy doses of erotica mixed with the action But overall Jessica Lee isn t offering up anything new Because I have read so many variations of this storyline, I did find my patience maxed out while reading the book I didn t find Kenric and Emily to have much sparkage, the other Enclave vampires didn t stand out as distinctive secondary characters and the villain didn t get enough page time The erotica was smutty and delicious, at least I love you His velvet voice caressed her, drawing her gaze to his I m yours, now and forever Take me for your pleasure, my love My flesh, my soul, and my blood, they re yours Draw me into your body Blend your essence with mine, and spend the remainder of eternity with me Overall I finished this book thinking been there, read that, bought the t shirt 2 5

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    Title Undying DestinySeries A Novel of The EnclaveAuthor Jessica LeeGenre Romance, Sci Fi, FantasyBlurb Kenric St James is out for revenge Over 300 years ago, an ancient female vampire turned him against his will and killed the woman he loved He s spent than a century building an Enclave of warrior vampires who have sworn to defend humanity against his evil sire and her minions But when Kenric finds a woman he finally burns to claim as his own again, Kenric knows loving her means giving his sire another target.Emily Ross just wanted a fresh start She s a survivor, coming off the tail end of an abusive relationship, and craves time alone to learn who she is and to save the home that holds her heart The last thing she needed was a controlling, alpha male calling all the shots.Meeting Kenric might just have changed her mind, though He is wrong for her in all the right ways But in order to keep her heart from breaking, he first has to keep the hordes of evil vamps from stealing her very breath.Thoughts I had never read anything by this author before, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised Her writing style is oddly reminiscent of J.R Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Lara Adrain s Midnight Breed series both of which are favorite authors of mine Both Kenric and Emily were amazing, and the sparks flying between them were so vibrant it s a wonder my Kindle didn t short circuit from all the heat they generate between the pages Kenric was everything an Alpha male is meant to be strong, sexy, honorable, and willing to do anything for the woman who steals his heart To bad it isn t me LOL Emily was so courageous and independent, and yet vulnerable There were a few moments when you are left thinking, What in the hell is she doing , but overall she was a great female character His nemisis and maker, Marguarite, could have been a bit original And oddly enough, Marguarite reminded me of Glory from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer which made her a bit bearable Even though Glory was ditzy and shrieky, she was also tough as nails I loved the new vampire society that the author managed to weave, and I really hope she branches out from the supporting characters and gives them all their own books In the meantime, I will exploring the other books available by this author.Rate AReview by Sarahhttp

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    For over 300 years Kenric St James has dreamed of revenge on the vampire that turned him and murdered his fiance Careful to never show in interest in any woman, Kenric has lived a lonely existence until the spit fire nurse known as Emily Ross saves his life Now his sire has returned and powerful than before With his new unavoidable attraction to Emily, it puts a big target on her head The Kenric tries to protect Emily the she seems to resent his protection Emily has suffered abuse from the men in her life and has come to a point that she won t tolerate it any Can Kenric convince Emily that he isn t like all the other men before it is too late Undying Destiny was a fast paced, easy, enjoyable story The characters, especially the Enclave, provide great anticipation for the books that can follow If you like strong alpha males, spirited women and a good paranormal romance you are going to really savor Undying Desting.I received this ARC copy of Undying Destiny from Entangled Publishing, LLC Edge in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication June 17, 2013.Written by Jessica LeeSeries The EnclaveSequence in Series 1Published by Entangled EdgePublished Date June 17, 2013Rating 4Genre Paranormal RomanceAge Recommendation AdultAuthor s WebsiteBarnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    Kenric St James is a vampire on a mission He is a leader of vampire warriors called The Enclave that helps protect humans from deranged vampires who are addicted to bloodlust After being ruthlessly turned against his will by an evil, sadistic woman, he s vowed to never take a mate One fight and a hospital visit changes the course of his life forever.Emily Ross is a nightshift nurse at the local hospital One night on her way to work, she comes across Kenric lying helplessly on the ground Thinking he s simply a homeless man that s been injured, she patches his wounds and calls for the paramedics Turns out this chance meeting is all it takes for her life to be forever changed Kenric is scared to let her into their world, but knows that he needs her help to wipe away any and all of his existence to the general public Emily agrees but by doing so, places them in close proximity and untimely sparks begin to fly between the two Emily has been hurt so much in her past that she s afraid of her feelings for Kenric Kenric also shares deep scars from his past but together they can erase the hurt and destroy the insane vampires who plan to destroy Kenric s and Emily s newfound love I really enjoyed this story and was interested from page 1 I loved the interaction between Kenric and Emily Two tortured spirits who found love is right up my alley in terms of a good romance story Marguerite was an okay villain However, I m interested in seeing what pans out with her newfound helper I don t want to spoil the story, let s just say there is a huge betrayal in the mix The writing is wonderful and honestly makes me want an Enclave warrior of my own I can t wait to read the next book I received my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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