Une vie

Une vieOne of the most wonderful books I ve ever read in my life I read it when I was in high school 10 years ago, and it still makes me emotional when I think about it A must read 1 L HISTOIRE Une Vie, c est l histoire de Jeanne, jeune femme fraichement sortie du couvent, sur le point d emm nager avec ses parents dans le domaine qui lui reviendra Elle y rencontre bient t le vicomte Julien de Lamare, qu elle pouse C est le compte rendu scrupuleux d une faillite.2 MON AVIS Ce texte est d une tristesse accablante Lors du d m nagement hors des Peuples, on croirait relire un chapitre des Choses de Georges P rec dans les deux textes, la m me r signation devant la m me accumulation de biens, comme un s diment laiss par le temps la surface des choses.Une vie me hante autant que le P rec Il est parti pour rester longtemps en tapinois, sous la surface mais bien l , me poser la m me interrogation et toi, que fais tu de ta vie Te laisses tu porter par le courant, combien de temps est ce que tu t es encro t dans telle activit , combien de temps est ce que tu comptes encore tenir ce train de vie l Il me ram ne la s paration devant l a roport de Saint Denis.Il me pose la question de ce que je ferai, lorsque les tres qui me sont le plus chers viendront mourir.Une vie me met le nez dans mon inertie, me requiert et r veille ma conscience alanguie.Il m agace, devant les milles manies de Jeanne qui passe tout son temps l impossible entreprise de restaurer les jours pass s.Il me fait douloureusement exister et me r inscrit dans l coulement du temps, sans ambages et sans quivoque.Bande son La niaise Le la Huissoud Compared to Bel Ami, this was a slower paced read, but the writing is nonetheless beautiful I was captivated by Maupassant s sensitivities in his descriptive skills in general It is a carefully crafted story of an aristocratic lady with a sheltered bring up who has lived through shattered dreams about love, unhappiness in marriage, betrayals by husband, best friend and friends, disillusions with the s of her times and disappointment with life in general Maupassant writes with compassion where the protagonist is concerned, and with clear sighted satire on the subject of religion and dogmas.The setting is mainly in a seaside suburb of Rouen with some diversion to the island of Corsica, all beautifully portrayed The times are in the early 19th century.I was totally transported by the writing, whether it was the twists and turns of the story, or the enthralling descriptions of thoughts and emotions, or the refined painting of places and scenes My only complaint is that the ending seemed to be a bit abrupt. Life doesn t always turn out as one would hope.Wonderful prose , beautifully translated and there was a happy ending after all My first foray into Maupassant and won t be my last.Loved it. In France of the Modern Age the young Jeanne who had been living in a convent since she was a child finally returns home to Alamos, full of dreams of love So still dreaming of living a romance and getting married, finally being happy forever with her eternal love, she meets a young gentleman named Julien, beautiful, young and sweet for whom he delights After a trip that he does with the priest, his father the Baron and Julien, this one asks in marriage and they marry Before ending the party, Julien begins to reveal herself, saying that that night she would be of him, which Jeanne does not understand thinking that she was already of him, since the little girl knew little of the tricks of love.So that night is the honeymoon, which for Jeanne was strange, because he did not know what was going on between the four walls of a couple, but even so he was happy because he believed that things would go well.However Julien happens to be stingy and rude, ending with the sweet, beautiful and youthful image that was at the beginning of the book In the midst of the monotony of Jeanne s maid and friend, Rosalie gives birth to a boy, Jeanne does not understand and wants to find her father to take her son On a rainy night when it goes badly goes to Rosalie s room and does not find her, so goes to her husband s room so he can help her and finds Julien and Rosalie lying naked, so discovers the son of the maid was of her husband, he d betrayed her since the engagement.Jeanne after this great deception finds herself pregnant and gives birth to Paul who is called Poulet Julien is jealous of his son, but still becomes loving The son becomes the life of Julien after the death of its mother Jeanne wants another, but Julien does not.The couple begins to befriend the neighbors, the Fourville Mrs Gilberte Fourville begins to have an affair with Julien, Jeanne knows, but nothing says A new village priest, young and hangman, begins to chase them, and certainly tells Mr Fourville of treason This one discovers and it kills the couple throwing them of a cliff, inside a house of wood with wheels Jeanne who was pregnant, gives birth to a dead girl.Paul, Jeanne s son, grows spoiled, and she becomes an overprotective mother This one goes to the school, but after a time leaves to come home, ends up individuating, his grandfather mortgage the house of Alamos The Baron dies, and the dull aunt Lison, too.Paul leaves with a woman leaving Jeanne desolate, but a woman comes to take care of her It s the maid Rosalie, who was happier than her former boss Due to the child debts, Jeanne has to sell his beloved home of Alamos, going to live in a modest house After receiving vague letters from her son, Jeanne goes to Paris after him, but finds only the debts left by her son Jeanne returns to her house, but soon receives a letter from Paul saying that his wife had died and that he had left a daughter who would like his mother Jeanne to take care of So the maid Rosalie is going to get Paul s daughter.Finally Jeanne is happy to have a granddaughter to take care of.The book ends with the phrase spoken by JeanneLife is not as good or bad as people judge Jeanne grew up in a sheltered life, being the heiress to a fortune and having gone to school at a convent After finishing school she meets Viscount de Lamare who woos her, weds her and takes her off to Corsica for a spectacular honeymoon Upon returning from France Jeanne finds her new husband is not quite the man she expected Her naivety is overwhelming at times, but clearly that is point We follow Jeanne s life through all of her disillusionment across the years into her senior years She never quite shakes the rose tinted glasses off her eyes and the reader feels simultaneously sorry for and angry at her for it.Being the first novel written by Maupassant it s a rather decent book, though as an early novel it s clear to see why he s better known for his short stories The attempt at character development falls short since Jeanne remains relatively the same throughout the story Maupassant s descriptions of landscapes are probably the best part of the book, and surprisingly he delves into a blatant sexual territory complete with orgasms outdoors.As a parody of contemporaries of Maupassant and the novels written before 1883 this is really a fun book The important thing is not to take it too seriously because you will want to smack the shit out of Jeanne. I love Maupassant and always find he tackles the timeless difficult issues of life, that resonate down through the ages, with masterly and devastating acuity The life we examine is that of Jeanne, a naive young country girl, born into a life of privilege and convent educated, but destined to misfortune and tragedy Poor Jeanne who is slow to acquire any degree of self knowledge and never really understands the realities of the life with all its brutal contradictions, and so is a victim in devastating fashion Her early life is idyllic and she lives with adoring parents in beautiful seclusion in a chateau in Normandy on an estate by the sea,..facing her was a broad lawn as yellow as butter under the night sky Two tall trees rose up like steeples in front of the house, a plane to the north and a linden to the south Jeanne gazed at the broad surface of the sea, which looked like watered silk, sleeping peacefully under the stars In the quiet of the sunless sky all the scents of the earth rose up into the air A jessamine climbing round the downstairs windows gave a penetrating scent, which mingled with the fainter smell of the young leaves Gentle gusts of wind were blowing, laden with the sharp tang of the salt and the heavy sticky reek of seaweed At first the girl was happy just breathing the night air the peace of the countryside had the calming effect of a cool bath From daydreaming and being a free spirited youth where her whole childhood at the convent had been taken up with the future, and she had busied herself with fantasies but reality stalks her upon her wedding night, and all her illusions are shattered when her Father suddenly draws off our spirited young innocent to invoke her submission, remember this and only this, you belong totally to your husband , and from that point onward poor Jeanne is wracked by the vicissitudes of a cruel world she doesn t understand and knows, only fleetingly, love and happiness, but experiences at great length loss, betrayal and humiliation From this moment onward the life of the poor ing nue disintegrates and degradation follows, and after a short lived romance, surrounded by greed and avarice, she is given over to despair, She believed herself to be so directly the target of unrelenting misfortune that she became as fatalistic as an Oriental and the habitual experience of seeing all her hopes and dreams crumble and vanish meant that she shrank from all further endeavour The author shows the slow disintegration that follows and the complete demoralisation of the young girl now become the embittered middle aged woman, Sometimes she would spend the whole afternoon sitting looking at the sea sometimes she went down to Yport through the wood, repeating the walks of old days which she could not forget What a long time it was since she had wondered through the countryside as a young girl intoxicated with dreams Those closest to her will disappoint and betray her and she is shocked and repelled, at the cravenness of human beings, slaves to the foul procedures of carnal love that makes cowards of the heart as well as the body Mankind seemed to her unclean when she thought of all the dirty secrets of the senses, the degrading caresses, and the dimly discerned mysteries of inseparable couplings Not just a coming of age novel but a slow crumbling of the edifices of love and marriage, organised religion and human greed Maupassant lays bare the ugly side of life with all its degradation and disappointment, in chilling and controversial too explicit for its time fashion. C est la premi re fois depuis le lyc e que je relis un Maupassant Et je vois qu il n a rien perdu de s duisant, d attachant Le sous titre du roman est Humble v rit J ajouterais qu on pourrait aussi l intituler De l art de se g cher la vie Mais l h ro ne ne peut agir autrement, elle est Prisonni re du Temps, des conventions, de l ducation qu elle a re ue, mais aussi de sa na vet , de sa bont et de son manque d action Que pourrait faire Jeanne, face un mari qui ne l aime pas Qui pr tend tre un gentilhomme, mais qui est le pire des hommes, un avare, un s ducteur, un pauvre con Avec Julien et autres familles aristocratiques du roman, Maupassant nous montre deux choses la d ch ance de l aristocratie face une bourgeoisie industrielle, bancaire et son rigidit qui ne permet pas de compromis L aristocratie et l Eglise se lient, et qui n est pour eux est contre eux Cette liaison du tr ne et de l autel peut para tre obsol te apr s les grands changements et secousses qui avaient eu lieu au XVIIIe si cle, culminant avec la Grande R volution Jeanne, l enfant de l Ancien R gime, doit quasi souffrir pendant toute sa vie Chercher son bonheur ailleurs, comme l avaient fait tant d hommes et de femmes, c est dire hors de son mariage, n est pas une alternative pour elle.C est un roman m lancolique, et cette m lancolie devient de plus en plus grave quand on approche de la fin Mais ce qui sauve ce roman du d faitisme total, ce sont les descriptions de la nature, de la mer, de la vie des paysans normands que Maupassant ins re remarquablement tout au long d Une vie Maupassant n analyse pas, il donne seulement la description qui est de telle nature que chaque personnage appara t devant nous avec une nettet , avec une clart tr s pr cises Et la fin du roman donne aussi penser que Jeanne, prouv e toute sa vie durant, trouvera enfin son sens, sa raison d tre Mieux vaut le trouver tard que jamais. IntroductionNote on the TranslationSelect BibliographyA Chronology of Guy de Maupassant A Life Explanatory Notes Jeanne, Ayant Fini Ses Malles, S Approcha De La Fen Tre, Mais La Pluie Ne Cessait Pas L Averse, Toute La Nuit, Avait Sonn Contre Les Carreaux Et Les Toits Le Ciel Bas Et Charg D Eau Semblait Crev , Se Vidant Sur La Terre, La D Layant En Bouillie, La Fondant Comme Du Sucre Des Rafales Passaient Pleines D Une Chaleur Lourde Le Ronflement Des Ruisseaux D Bord S Emplissait Les Rues D Sertes O Les Maisons, Comme Des Ponges, Buvaient L Humidit Qui P N Trait Au Dedans Et Faisait Suer Les Murs De La Cave Au Grenier

Henri Ren Albert Guy de Maupassant was a popular 19th century French writer He is one of the fathers of the modern short story A protege of Flaubert, Maupassant s short stories are characterized by their economy of style and their efficient effortless d nouement He also wrote six short novels A number of his stories often denote the futility of war and the innocent civilians who get crushed i

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