Unspeakable Things

Unspeakable ThingsI couldn t stop reading this bookand read it in a day Jess Lourey does a great job with murder mysteries I definitely recommend this one. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I ve read every thing that Jess Lourey has written and this is the best yet The suspense was high and the pages were filled with tension as I raced through this coming of age novel inspired by true events My heart was thudding in my chest as I finished up the last pages I can t wait to see what else comes from this incredible author, because I am HERE FOR IT. Review to follow Although the readers are warned that this book is dark and one where children get hurt, it s also based the author s, Jess, childhood and family secret Although Jess wrote this as a fiction novel, I sense I ll dive into an emotional roller coaster Getting a chance to have a glimpse of one of my favorite authors personal life will be awe stricken Because it reminds us readers that in the end, authors are human too.With that said Unspeakable Things dives into the world of Cassie, a young girl living in a rural part of a small Minnesota town While Cassie daydreams about how to get her boy crush to date her, she also struggles with having to keep a family secret to herself because family matters are to be kept in the home all the while boys are being harmed around town.Be forewarned that the novel is written in a 12 year old narrative that can get a bit childish because duh.Normally while reading any of Jess s novels, I dive right now and cannot escape the story However, with this novel, I had mixed feelings and therefore it s a bit difficult for me to write a review Some points of the novel it felt like the chapters were dragging and other chapters I couldn t stop reading I felt anger towards Cassie s family and their dynamic of living seriously, if I could jump through the book and kick her dad in the balls, I would Her sister reminds me of my relationship I use to have with my sisters distant but yet close.I wish the character development went a bit deeper into who they were i.e the villain, the sheriff, the mom, the aunt, the dad Some of those characters probably would have helped to get a clear insight into Cassie and her life.I feel so much was left unsaid and I hope to see a second novel. 3.5 stars I devoured this book in two days Young boys in Cassie s small town are being molested and she doesn t think the police are doing enough to solve this mystery The innocent 13 year old has her own handful of suspects the creepy police chief, her gay band teacher, the scary man called the Goblin, as well as her own father This story is pretty dark and disturbing molestation, incest, swinger parties, etc and it s all told through Cassie and her innocence A lot of the bad stuff is implied and covered by Cassie calling it gross.I loved Cassie as the main character She s a child and some of her thoughts are juvenile, but I loved it I loved the suspense throughout the entire book I was constantly switching who I thought the molester was and was curious about the entire town in general The reason for the 3.5 star rating is because of the ending I didn t feel like it addressed all the questions that were raised and the ending seemed rushed I would still recommend this book to people because the suspense had me hooked, but I d give fair warning that not all your questions will be answered and there is a lot of vagueness where you have to fill in the blanks.EDIT Jess Lourey has released an epilogue She said she wanted readers to form their own ending so she left the epilogue out of the book Here is the link to the epilogue it contains spoilers so don t read it until you re done with the book I thought about raising my rating, but I m not going to. Summer of 1983, boys in Cassie s small town are being molested by a stranger in a mask The almost thirteen year old has a number of suspects, her gay music teacher, the scary man kids call Goblin, the creepy police chief, even her own father.UNSPEAKABLE THINGS drew me in with Cassie s wise, yet innocent voice Jess Lourey skillfully showed the difference between what the tween understood and what certain characters in her life were actually doing Because of Cassie s na vet , Lourey skirts around some of the bigger issues going in in her home like incest and sex parties.Lourey doesn t shy away from the prejudices against gay men and a conservative, judgmental small town mentality that I remember well from living in a small town in 1983 when I was nineteen I assume she chose to set the show during the years of her own childhood, when similar kidnappings occurred I remembered all the cultural references Lourey threw in the mix to remind readers of the era The plot of UNSPEAKABLE THINGS is dreary As good as the story starts out is as bleak as it becomes, and not because the story is dark Cassie s father, drunk and inappropriately sexual, controlling and erratic was much awful than she realized not a spoiler, readers will pick this up from the beginning Her mom didn t have her back, suffering under her own learned helplessness UNSPEAKABLE THINGS uneven pace seemed to have a lot of scene fillers than didn t advance plot or characters I didn t feel any tension in the story although I didn t guess the perp, though he was among the handful of people I suspected at one point during the story.The ending of UNSPEAKABLE THINGS made me glad the book wasn t longer I didn t feel much else. This book is emotional and intense and just so compelling I was flipping those pages like mad with my heart in my throat It s out of my normal genre to read, but OMG so grateful I got an early copy Beautifully written Definite winner. UNSPEAKABLE THINGS is a work of suspense and mystery with than a modicum of horror Jess Lourey has created a book that lures the reader on and on, the story of a young girl and her unorthodox family, living in the outskirts of small town Minnesota in the 1980s Children always boys are being taken, are disappearing and then reappearing, changed, and 12 almost 13 year old Cassie wants to know why The book is peopled with adults who can not be relied upon to protect children, the evil taking many forms It is loosely based on something that really occurred during the 80s, but the author takes a leap into the unexpected The hints of a broken family persist, a back story that is as fascinating as the search for the one boy who didn t return I was unable to stop turning the pages.I have received an ARC from the author for review Inspired By A Terrifying True Story From The Author S Hometown, A Heart Pounding Novel Of Suspense About A Small Minnesota Community Where Nothing Is As Quiet Or As Safe As It SeemsCassie McDowell S Life In S Minnesota Seems Perfectly Wholesome She Lives On A Farm, Loves School, And Has A Crush On The Nicest Boy In Class Yes, There Are Her Parents Strange Parties And Their Parade Of Deviant Guests, But She S Grown Accustomed To ThemAll That Changes When Someone Comes Hunting In LilydaleOne By One, Local Boys Go Missing One By One, They Return Changed Violent, Moody, And Withdrawn What Happened To Them Becomes The Stuff Of Shocking Rumors The Accusations Of Who S Responsible Grow Just As Wild, And Dangerous Town Secrets Start To Surface Then Cassie S Own Sister Undergoes The Dark Change If She Is To Survive, Cassie Must Find Her Way In An Adult World Where Every Sin Is Justified, And Only The Truth Is Unforgivable This story touches on subject matters otherwise not spoken about The storyline is gentle and transitions smoothly yet bold and uncomfortable at times Jess Lourey does a great job of drawing the reader in and keeping your attention I m a fan of her work.


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  • Unspeakable Things
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  • 21 December 2019
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