Untamed Hunger (The Infinite City, # 3)

Untamed Hunger (The Infinite City, # 3) SHE S ONE HUMAN IN AN INFINITE CITY AND HE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL HE POSSESSES HERIt Should Have Been An Easy Job Deliver The ID Chip, Get Paid, And Get Out But When Drakkal Sees A Beautiful Human In His Client S Private Zoo And Instantly Recognizes Her As His Mate, The Situation Gets Complicated The Motto He S Long Lived By Don T Be Stupid Is Cast Aside As The Beast In Him Demands He Take This Female And Make Her His No Matter What He Must Do And When She Runs From Him, The Hunt Is OnAfter Being Impregnated By Her Dirtbag Ex Boyfriend, Abducted, And Sold To Be A Breeder In A Rich Alien S Basement Menagerie, Shay Has To Admit Things Aren T Looking Great But She S Determined To Give Her Unborn Child A Decent Life Her First Opportunity Appears In The Form Of A Gruff But Insanely Attractive Azhera Who Forces Shay S Owner To Sell Her To Him Refusing To Trade One Alien Master For Another, She Escapes Him At Her First Chance Yet Shay Can T Forget The Intense Azhera And His Heated Stare And Soon Realizes That He S Not Going To Forget Her, EitherBut Shay S Former Owner Also Remembers, And He S Determined To Retrieve His Prized Possession And Have His Revenge On The Azhera Who Took Her

Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund, a husband and wife writing duo Tiffany was born and bred in Idaho, and Robert was a native of New York City before moving across the country to be with her The two have always shared a passion for reading and writing, and it was their dream to combine their mighty powers to create the sorts of books they want to read They write

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 433 pages
  • Untamed Hunger (The Infinite City, # 3)
  • Tiffany Roberts
  • 27 April 2019

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    Hard to get intoThis book dragged a lot, especially in the beginning I skimmed a lot of the scenes where they were pleasuring themselves while thinking about each other do we need 2 or 3 pages per character describing this Nope and repetitive love scenes that added nothing to the story and lasted 3 or 4 pages Once the plot was moving it was better, but those long love scenes kept breaking it up I liked the supporting characters than the mains for most of the book because both mains were emotionally closed off except for when they got mad at someone Overall I was just bored for most of the book.

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    Totally Five Stars Loved the book with so many twists and turns keeping you at the edge of your seat from start to finish It s packed with adventure, action, drama, kidnapping, humor, passion, and steamy sexy scenes that leaves you saying ahh with awesome characters Definitely a must buy and keep them coming they are awesome

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    Hungry for MORE What an Amazing Adventure In this book of the Infinite City , we find Drakkal on a delivery for Arc Routine nothing to be excited over That is , until he comes face to face with his Mate Once he sees , and smells her That was IT He throws caution to the left , and a phenomenal right hook into the Volturian guards face all of the fighting and Action is like watching my favorite movies And I LOVE IT Shay has had a Hell of a couple months She finds out she is knocked up , dumped her ex boyfriend , been abducted and sold , and is being kept in a zoo type environment , and put on display like an animal As soon as her child comes, she will be expected to breed and produce Animals for her owner He is part of the Guilded community , and believes that he is practically untouchable by the law, and anyone Not of his circle of acquaintances, is so FARRRRR beneath him Both financially and intellectually He has No idea what is on the horizon Shay is perplexed by the azeraha s focus, but when she realizes that he is about to help her escape, she goes along with it Until they get away Then she turns the tables on Drak, and gets away Desk only wants to protect her, but his chance slips away..On a planet of BILLIONS , How is Drak supposed to find her This book exemplifies the magic of TIFFANY ROBERTS The characters are incredible Especially when they are pushed beyond their limits.The action is movie screen worthy I pour over the fight scenes again and again And the Love scenes How do they think up these Anatomical parts BTW, if you go on their website , there are PICTURES This is a must have for serious fans like myself and a wonderful addition to this series If their are Billions of stories in the Infinite City , I am GOING TO READ THEM ALLLLLLL

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    Tossed it back at forty eight Tossed it back at 48 percent This was far enough in to know for certain I did not care for the h, Shay They re finally just then living together after he gets her to accept a job She s basically used Drak throughout the book up to this point She had no desire or use for him except what he could do for her She robbed him after he freed her Then she ran from him again Then she was cold to him She comes off cold, mean, snippy, a user and a loser She is somehow pregnant, only thing disclosed at this point is that the baby daddy was a mistake somehow and he cheated So I guess that s that She s all distraught after losing her parents separately and she s doing that whole oh I can t be your mate because everyone leaves blah blah excuse like her losing her parents is justification to be cold, mean, not wanting to be his mate and a criminal She isn t being sweet, kind or affectionate to Drak at all And the constant feline jokes to him when he s of a wolf were super annoying Not into cold mean heroines so I m tossing this one back.

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    Fantastic Yet another awesome story by this talented duo I thoroughly enjoy how vibrant their world building is I am constantly pulling for their characters to succeed even their supporting characters get my attention Love this series Can t wait for the next one

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    My favorite in this series so far Five kraasz ka val stars I loved all the three main characters in their own way but Drakkal is the one I love most He and Shay are my favorite couple I hope we ll hear from them some time soon.

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    Good storyI liked this addition to the series Shay is a fighter and perfect for her mate I love his character a lot as well.

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    I adore the Infinite City First, I have to say I m so grateful and relieved o hear that this is NOT the last book in this series I ve become quite attached not just to the city but the amazing characters who live in it From the minute I first entered the world of Arthos I was enthralled and enchanted with its dark and gritty atmosphere The beings who live here are dangerous, deadly and beyond appealing I can t seem to get enough I ve fallen in love with an assassin, a hacker forger and now I ve been swept away by a fighter lion a male who understands the importance of security and taking care of those you love And to know there is to come makes my heart do a happy dance for the new year I now know I have something to look forward too This story like the last two have a strong fierce human female lead Shay has done things she regrets in her life, but she recognizes her mistakes and is trying hard to make sure she fixes them and has a better future especially now that she is carrying a child Before she can really set her plans in motion she s tsken, sold and made a part of a rich male s zoo in the underground of Arthos But she is tough and God help anyone who tries to hurt her child Drakkal our wonderful head of security from the last novel enters the story He s there to collect payment for services rendered What he sees instead is Shay a beautiful, strong fierce human he realizes is his mate All his good advice and common sense fly out the window and the adventure begins when he busts Shay free of her prison The development of not only the story but the characters is phenomenal Nothing feels rushed Drak might know Shay s his mate but there is nothing Insta about their relationship Trust is painstakingly built, pasts are shared and feelings grow true and strong old friends are revisited which I love and some of those characters we get to know better and fall a bit in love with them too This has everything I want and need in a novel I need to be whisked away and transported, to feel like I m immersed inside a story with the characters in reading about and these stories give that to me each time As the previous books did this one is loaded with action, adventure , passion and all consuming love I couldn t put my kindle down and was sad when I read the last word only to be comforted in the knowledge there will be to come I can t wait to return once again to Arthos, the Infinite City Ps I forgot to add how much I enjoy how alien, yet compatible the male leads are it makes me wish for my very own

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    Rainbow_Unicorn Reviews SPOILERS AHEAD mmm yeah I d risk hairballs for a piece of thatFirstly i will just say that Im not a fan of humans who are already knocked up. i want alien babies damn it But lets just see how this plays out.Drakkal was sent to seal a deal with a rich ass client and ended up on a tour of his private zoo this is where he laid his eyes on Shay, a beautiful human with pup Drak buys her, but she escapes He spends weeks searching for his mate with a few close calls that will have you trying to speed through the pages Will our pussy cat be able too woo her without looking like a ferocious lion An eternity later Shay slowly forms a bond with Drak this chick is like a yoyo with her feelings toward him. ughhh The lead up to intimacy is agonising and a little frustrating c mon hurry up I want some hip thrusts and mane tugging I feel like I ve been reading for hours and they are still so distant, sigh.Hallelujah They finally fuck and it s like a gift from the gods Drak is a wild beast thrusting his hips into her doggy style or in this case kitty style He plugs her up with his knot, exploding what seems like a years worth of splooge into her womb I was left wondering what his dick looked like. is it furry Surely not that would be far too messy and crusty. gross view spoiler Behind the scenes, the evil bastards are planning something well. evil But wait. Shay pumps out her baby Shits about to go down, I can feel it hide spoiler

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    What do you get when you cross a bad ass pregnant mama, with a wolf man lookin kitty cat hybrid Alpha Man A damn good Alien romance, thats what.Dubbed one of probably the last books ill be able to finish before 2019 is done, This book highlights everything that drew me in to the scifi romance genre as a whole.As always, Roberts brings in the magic that lays the foundations for her storytelling and draws you into a world that you can t help but stare at in horrid fascination and secretly wish you were living in it The infinite city is growing, as is our list of potential future suitors here And that just absolutely Hypes Me Up Bish.Drakkal and Shay were so cleverly put together It was sooooo refreshing to see an h who got stolen, literally never stop fighting or feeling all woe is me, poor me, pity me You always worry with the fated mates hullabaloo, but Drakkal and Shay built a relationship over time through struggle, robbing, chasing, and Cat Puns abundant The chemistry between D and S was almost like a burn that aches and builds over time, and comes together so steamily that you just can t help but end up wanting an Azhera of your own to get coughcough knotty with.AND ILL SAY IT ONCE, ILL SAY IT AGAIN Mama s a sucker for a big quite teddy bear COME TO ME RAZI BOO To say this year has been a discovery of self is putting it likely I will easily say the Tiffany Roberts is leading that charge with all of her infinitely entertaining books that have opened a few new doors for myself, and others cause nothing says community like a bunch of women discussing their mutual appeal to alien paranormal romance with creatures that Look Like Creatures Im so excited to see from the Infinite City, and all to come in 2020 But than anything, its time to go back to my favorites.4.54 Cat Puns And Knotty Times Are My Jam stars

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