Unwritten Entrepreneurship Mirrors Life Both Are About Creation, Creating Ourselves, Reimagining The Future And, In A Very Real Sense, Building The World Around Us Jack Delosa, Entrepreneur, Investor And BRW Young Rich List Member Unwritten Presents A Startling, Revisionist Approach To Our Understanding Of Entrepreneurship And Living A Life That Aligns With Your Purpose Through Personal Reflection And Stories Of Unconventional Wisdom, Adversity And Success, Jack Examines What It Means To Be Great, How We Can Achieve Our Life S Best Work, Shape The World Around Us For Good And Leave A Legacy Far Valuable Than Wealth Alone Unwritten Is A Book That Will Inspire You To Grow Into Your Best Self And Make Your Life An Example For Those Who Want To Do The SameYour Future Is Unwritten Reinvent Tomorrow Jack Delosa Is A Real Entrepreneur In Unwritten, He Elegantly Uncovers How To Build Something Truly Great Matt RockMan, Co Founder Of Seek, Entrepreneur And Investor Jack Delosa Is A Heady Mix Of Intelligence, Passion, Humour And Humility In Unwritten, He Propels Us To Be Better Humans And In Doing So De Nes The New Measure Of Success Megan Quinn, Co Founder Of NET A PORTER, Non Executive Director At UNICEF Australia

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unwritten book, this is one of the most wanted Jack Delosa author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Unwritten
  • Jack Delosa
  • English
  • 06 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Unwritten

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    Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book I m not usually one for motivational self help books referencing the usual cast of business success stories such as Jobs, Musk, etc however there was something about this book which really resonated with me I ll buy Jack a beer if I ever meet him.

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    This book had some inspirational parts.However, I didn t like that when Delosa mentioned some famous people I got the feeling he had just tossed into his book a bit of research done on Wikipedia J.K Rowling s history sounded like he had just looked up what it said about her on Wikipedia and copied it word for word Same about Einstein s history Although it is widely believed that Einstein s daughter Lieserl had died of Scarlet fever it is possible she had been adopted and most sources do mention that However, Delosa to just claimed in his book that the child died of Scarlet fever, which I felt left out the other possibility and states her death as a fact.Also when talking about the the painting of the Sistine chapel by Michelangelo, Delosa says that he painted God in the shape of a human brain Not so God was painted as the traditional bearded man, who sits with at least 11 angel type figures inside some curtaining type material that is vaguely shaped like the human brain I have thus removed one star from my rating.

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    I found parts of this book insightful, and other parts that simply lacked fact or depth to provide solidarity to the points the author was trying to make Overall worth reading if you enjoy inspiration personal development books.

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    Well meaningA great summary of inspirational people and how vision, mission and purpose has guided their journey.By using so many well known examples, so frequently, the lesson they have intended to illustrate is often obscured or not made at all Regardless, it s a wonderful anthology of success stories that are retold in an engaging way.There seemed to be a lot of promise in the area of OPR Other Peoples Rules , although in delivery of this idea, felt a little short.

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    I have read a lot of these inspirational motivational books This is another to add to the shelf I liked that he focused on case studies, discussing what sets successful people apart.

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    Amazing By far one of the best books I ve ever read.

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    This book was only given to me as a gift from my school And of course, like any other individual who looks at a cover has a first impressions about a book My thoughts were how to be successful in life Instead, I was wrong Because Jack Delosa does than just write about how to be successful He helps you find solutions by getting into the context about wisdom, theories, and persuading the inner mind Delosa is currently an entrepreneur, who has influenced me on how I want to see the world around me and be my own sense of self The book itself gets you into the inner perspective of the heart of the greats who have changed history, as to how they have changed history but also how they are so human like to everyone else Delosa also influence your inner self to be who you want to be in your life and take charge As he further explains in the book about himself and the obstacles that he faces in his life This book has inspired me for my life s own alignment I m only 16 years old, and I m so thankful that I have read this book I like how he adds inspiring quotes This made me set goals to succeed at school,my HSC in the future, and study hard in a effective way Much of what I say about the book itself may sound cheesy Though it isn t I recommend you read this book as it will hopefully influence how you see the world.

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    I really enjoyed this book Very thought provoking as it appealed to me at an airport book store and took it as a sign from the universe and it was just what I needed.

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    Compelling book that makes me want to get out and try new things with new approaches and see what I can do.

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