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Vampires RuleGoodreads Synopsis They don t call him Jackpot for nothing.Jack has always beat the odds at least until now When he was attacked by a werewolf, vampires saved him When he got tired of living the vampire life, another werewolf attack freed him, making him human again Now Jack just wants to live a normal life, but what s normal about a hunter girlfriend, a brother who wants to stake him to be on the safe side, and a head werewolf building an army to rule the world Jack gets caught between his old friends and new, hunters and vampires He wants to stay loyal to both, wants to protect everyone Unfortunately, both sides are determined to kill the other In the end, he ll have to make a choice.My Review I have to say, this was a fun book to read I wasn t sure I d like it from the synopsis, but took a chance anyways It was fun from the very beginning, although I definitely feel like I missed out on a lot of the book for some reason The characters had stories that you just heard about, didn t get to experience them with them Like all of Jack s friends His transformation Pretty much his life before was gone, and we didn t get to know his vampire friends, but we got to know about his life after he was a vampire The story was interesting It was fresh I haven t read something like it before, and I m glad I got to read it The cover is alright, it s not the most fantastic, but it s good enough, you know It could definitely use some work, though, I think It s not very eye catching The characters in the book were easy to get along with, in my point of view, and the school was just like any other high school I think Jack felt weird going back to school after ten years of only looking like a teenager, he got to be one again I just wish I could ve gotten to know his vampire friends better Got to actually know them instead of hear about them Definitely check this book out if you get the chance Thanks for reading review by cfmomLisa Warning possible spoilers ahead This book is a quick and easy read at 260 pages in the ebook format The story follows Jack, a ten year old vampire that was killed at the age of seventeen along with his parents, leaving only his younger brother Billy behind Every year Jack returns to his childhood home for a trip down memory lane, only this year the visit goes horribly wrong After almost being caught in the house by his brother, now a fully grown twenty five year old, Jack escapes and visits his own grave at the cemetery There he encounters a fascinating teenage girl named Silver Rein She has the ability to suck the soul out of werewolves, and she s been dreaming about Jack for years According to Silver, Jack is destined to help her save the world How can a vampire and a human girl accomplish that Well, Jack is attacked by a werewolf again and this time the scratch of the werewolf turns him from vampire to human It s a rare phenomenon and one that Jack doesn t completely understand Overjoyed with his second chance at humanity, Jack throws himself into being a normal teenager He moves back home with his brother, who has known all along that he was a vampire instead of truly dead, and he also returns to high school as a student Being normal doesn t seem to be possible for Jack as his vampire powers begin to return and he discovers the school is becoming riddles with werewolves Silver is so sure of her destiny with Jack because of a diary left to her family and passed down for thousands of years The diary belonged to a woman named Lovely who was banished from her own planet to live out her life on Earth Lovely was the creator of the very first vampire, and the very first werewolf She s foretold of a war that will be coming, and how Silver and Jack will only be able to defeat the head werewolf together Does that mean there s no other choice This story felt very rushed, fairly predictable with the big plot points ie who the head werewolf is , and there were quite a few distracting editing errors For example Silver is referred to as Starr midway through the book, which must have been the author s first choice for the heroine s name It was distracting, but not completely disasterous There was a very Dirty Dancing exchange between Silver s disapproving father and our hero Jack that contained the When I m wrong I say I m wrong short conversation almost verbatim This was also distracting, and I felt it could ve easily been avoided There are alot of similarities between current published books and this one, which considering the genre isn t that uncommon The battle between vampires and werewolves with a human heroine thrown in to the mix has been extensively written.I do believe she tried to make the story fresh by introducing wraiths and angels into the story, but much of the how or why of their existence was left untold making it hard to care about them I do realize that this is book one in the series, and perhaps in the future books the characters and the story both will be fleshed out so that the reader can become invested in what happens to them I feel there is a lot of potential there, but the reader needs to know about the backstory to understand why Silver is so determined to follow out the destiny laid out in Lovely s diary And why did Lovely create the first vampire and first werewolf if she could also foresee that it would eventually bring war What happened to Lovely All in all I would give this book 2.5 out of 5 Fangs I just feel the reader was expected to just know too much about things that were left unsaid. Vampires Rule took me by surprise I was not expecting this book to have the awesome story line that it did K.C.Blake has written a winner with this series Jack s character is terrific He s a human turned vampire, then back to human again, who says you don t get a second chase at life Jack s second chance comes with a beautiful werewolf hunter whose name is Silver They are destined to be together, in order to kill the first werewolf and save the human race But that same destiny has a plan for Jack and Silver s love life, which Jack s ex vampire girlfriend, Summer, isn t too happy about I fell in love with Jack Jack is seventeen, handsome, and has a down to earth attitude His great sense of humor had me laughing the whole time as I read this book Silver is also seventeen, strong willed, and a take charge girl that can kick some serious werewolf butt The romance between these two has lots of laughs, a few tears, but is definitely hot Jack has a younger brother Billy, who now is his older brother This is a funny situation that they find themselves in Vampires Rule has fantastic romance, humor, action, and I enjoyed reading this book from Jack s POV Especially with his humor The second book in this series is Werewolf Rule I ll be putting it on my to read list I definitely recommend Vampires Rule as a must read I was a little surprised to find that this book is Young Adult but that s only because I didn t read the description before reading the book It being YA is not a bad thing it just caught me off guard This was not an edge of your seat type of book for me but it did keep a steady pace and had some interesting and unique at least unique for me twists.I liked that both of the main characters were able to defend themselves and didn t constantly have to depend on others They have their vulnerable moments but overall they were strong and determined.Wraiths were new to me and although they didn t play a huge part in the book, it was easy to visualize them as ghostly, wispy beings with mouths full of sharp pointy teeth In my mind I pictured something like the cover of 99 Coffins by David Wellington CreepyI like it Another interesting idea is to be transported into someone s memory by touching that person or an object Although I don t think this is a completely new concept I think it is well done in Vampires Rule.I m looking forward to reading the next book in the Rules Series Werewolves Rule when it s released. 3.5 stars for this effort.In this story, we are introduced to a young man named Jack Creed Ten years ago, werewolves viciously attacked his family, but a vampire gave him new life Jack seemed to miss his old life, so he would drop by once a year to his home where his brother, the sole survivor of the attack, still lives He wouldn t make his presence known, but he would just reminisce about his old life.During one of his visits, Jack comes upon a werewolf attacking a young lady Unbeknownst to him, the young lady is a werewolf hunter named Silver Reign, and she was not in any real danger Jack goes to rescue her, but ends up hurt by the werewolf Evidently, werewolf scratches and bites are toxic to vampires, so Jack dies What actually happened is the attack gave Jack a new lease on life he is no longer a vampire, but a human again This is when the adventures of Jack and Silver begin.The story unfolds, that Jack and Silver were destined to meet We also learn their destiny includes leading the fight against an army of werewolves bent on world domination Finally, we follow along as Jack and Silver fall in love as prophesied.I really liked the plot and I found it engaging However, I did not feel the connection between Jack and Silver nor Jack and his brother Billy I felt of connection between Jack and Jersey Clifford, the villain There seemed to be genuine regard between the two, whereas Jack and Silver s love felt forced, like they have to be together because of Lovely s diary In addition, the plot was very predictable and lacked any real suspense A book has to have something to keep you looking forward, and I was going along to get confirmation.I am looking forward to the sequel because there were a few questions that weren t answered in this book For instance, how did Summer get into Jack s house How or why do Vampires rule How do Vampires fit into Jersey Clifford s plan Why were Silver s parents so hostile, if the relationship was fated anyway How was the wraith able to come back and save Silver when her soul was released and she shouldn t be a wraith any I don t know why but I liked Jersey Clifford and didn t really see him as the villain Instead, I saw Lovely as the villainess or the master manipulator.I would like to give the plot a four but the character development, as well as a lack of depth in the story, warrants a 3.5 I would like readers to keep in mind that this is book 1 and as such, the author is setting up a world and book 2 tends to be better I did enjoy it though, but hope Book 2 is developed Review as a member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Paranormal Romance Guild This is a promising beginning to a new series There was a lot of potential in the pages of this book Some things worked really well, and a few things needed a little polishing But, it was a pretty enjoyable read, and I will be interested in continuing this series in the future There is an interesting little twist in this book when compared to other vampire genre books that I have read Jack begins the book as a vampire, but he quickly turns back into a human after a werewolf attack I thought that there was a lot of potential in this story line It was dealt with to a point, but I was curious to hear even about the struggles that Jack had with his newly returned humanity I especially liked reading about his inner fight between his joy at some of the rediscovered joys of humanity like daylight and eating food and his longing to have some of the perks of his life as a vampire One part of the book that really needed to be developed fully was the relationship between Jack and his vampire friends His new humanity throws a huge wrench in their relationships, and these struggles are briefly touched on, but they are never really explored to my satisfaction The vampires just sort of pop in once in awhile, cause some havoc, and then disappear for a huge chunk of the book Some of their actions are really inexcusable, and yet Jack seems to just brush them off and never confront anyone about it Cowboy and Summer do a couple of horrible things that in my opinion demand some sort of confrontation or retaliation Yet, in this book at least, there is nothing The main conflict in this book is the fight between Jack, Silver, and the head werewolf I also felt as if this fight had a lot of potential There is the issue of Jack and Silver meeting their destiny or is it Jack forges an interesting relationship with the head werewolf, and that ultimately interferes with his ability to do his supposed predestined duty and kill the guy There is a pretty well written villain in this book He is charming, smart, and layered He doesn t come across as totally evil He has many sides to his personality He is also full blown crazy, and that s pretty interesting to read And, as an added bonus, this character made me want to pick up my books of classic poetry and read them again I wish there had been of him in this book.Also, there is the interesting relationship between Jack and his younger brother who aged while Jack was a vampire so is now the older brother Then there is the relationship between Jack and Silver All of these plot lines were interesting, but I never felt satisfied that any of them were really developed as much as they could have been I really think that this was just a result of this being a first novel, and I thought that the writing was good enough throughout the book that it will only get fine tuned the that Blake continues to write She has created a very interesting world in this book, and I am sure that further books in this series will only improve This is a series that keeps many of the societal rules that we come to expect in the werewolf and vampire world, but she adds some very interesting twists that make this novel fresh and original There were some new supernatural creatures that were sympathetic and terrifying at the same time, and that takes some talent I do recommend this book It is a self published book, so it is an affordable read, but importantly, it is an enjoyable read as well. I just have to say that the possibilities and the real deal with this book are two very separate things In fact, I think they are charged with the types of electricity that makes them get the hell away from one another, and they have absolutely no point of contact.A vampire turned human is every writer s dream come true The whole beginning of the story was truly enchanting he likes a girl who s tough and beautiful, he has friends among the undead, he wakes up mortal and he wanted to be mortal ever since he was turned a vampire 10 years ago , his brother wants to kill him, the father of his girlfriend wants to kill him, he has a friend nemesis that he has to kill but doesn t know if he can or can t Whew, that a lot of stuff to happen to a guy And if it was tackled with enough writing experience, talent and imagination, I believe it would have been a really, really, and I mean really, great story.But what happened is that they re kids Mainly Jack and Silver He s supposed to be a 17 year old boy well, given that he was a vampire for 10 years, 27 year old who is intelligent and who likes to think before he acts She s supposed to be a girl with the power to suck out souls and who goes behind her parent s wishes and catches bad guys all for herself Together they re supposed to be the most awesome couple ever, BUT they re just the opposite.Their conversations remind me of 10 year old who have no idea what they re saying, their love reminds me of something that goes along the line oh we re meant to be together so we really really love each other and hold hands once in a while , and their actions I would describe as most incompetent and stupidly reasoned ones, because they act as children all of the time.And not just them, everyone around them also The bad guy would even make Voldemort laugh at its absurdity, and the people who are supposed to be reasonable around them aren t So no, I didn t like this book much, and I wouldn t recommend it for read, just that you read the summary and imagine what a great book this could be Alas, I lost that dream when I glanced inside the covers. I downloaded Vampires Rule by K.C Blake from Smashwords and I am glad that I did I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free review copy.Vampires Rule was an interesting ride that I truly enjoyed The history myth building that served as the background for the story was a nice change from normal vampire and werewolf stories With the addition of other realms with fairy beings, I was hooked from early in the story I have always been a fan of Urban Fantasy and vampires, but the genre has become predictable and stale Along comes K.C Blake to give a fresh take and breath new life into the genre once again.Unfortunately, Vampires Rule is not all roses for me Although I enjoyed the story, I often felt that the supporting characters were plastic and a bit one dimensional Only Jack, and sometimes Silver, were given any realistic depth I won t worry too much about this point thoughthere is a sequel on the way that should bring a little depth for some of the other characters.Another gripe I have pertains to the editing and proof reading There are some simple typos that made it into the final version, but there is than just typos At one point, the character Silver is referred to as Starr I think that may be a holdout from a previous version and was missed in editing Then there is a continuity issue where Jack is in a fight on the first day of school, two weeks pass, then he is in a fight again and the principal mentions this is your second day and your second fight It seems that the author probably changed the story to allow time to pass before another altercation, but then just missed the principal s line in the editing.I know I harped on the negatives and only highlighted the positives, but that should not deter others from reading and enjoying the book I like the concept and the plot, and I like the character potential that has been built into the story I plan to read the next in the series as well.Story, Ideas and Plot 4.00Execution, Editing and Character Development 3.5Overall I give this a story 3.75. This is the first self published book I ve ever read and I can t say I regret it K.C Blake has a great story here Unfortunately, the book could ve of used one or two edits Actually, my only qualm with the book is the spelling and grammatical errors in it They weren t so awful that they jerked you out of the book though, not for me at least It s really sad she couldn t find a publisher for this book because I bet it would really popular if she d been able to get one On to the review I really loved Vampires Rule s story It was different and fresh to me I m somewhat hesitant to give the book four stars but really, the biggest reason why it s getting four stars is because the story was so entertaining The characters were wonderful and, ironically, my favorite character was Jersey Clifford the bad guy I liked how he was refined and calculating If not for the wonderfully entertaining story and awesome characters, I d give the book three stars Of course, that s because of the errors in it otherwise it d get four stars easy I m not a big fan of vampire books But I really enjoyed reading this book Despite all its imperfections, it pulled me right into the story I stayed up until almost eleven p.m the day I started this book and, by the time I was forced to put it away, I was less than thirty pages from the end I would ve finished it the same day but I was reading it on the computer so I couldn t K C Blake definitely has talent here One or two edits and this book would have been flawlessly executed. Every Year Jack Creed Returns Home For One Night Unhappy As A Vampire And Forever Stuck At Age , He Dreams Of A Life Without Fangs So When A Freak Event Gives Him Back His Mortality, He Sees It As A Second Chance To Be Normal But What S Normal About A Werewolf English Teacher, A Girlfriend Who Is The Werewolf Hunter, And A Brother That Can T Decide If He Should Welcome Jack Home Or Stake Him Through The Heart To Be On The Safe Side

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