Vegan World Fusion Cuisine : Over 200 award-winning recipes, Dr. Jane Goodall Foreword, Third Edition

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine : Over 200 award-winning recipes, Dr. Jane Goodall Foreword, Third EditionVegan World Fusion Cuisine, A Groundbreaking Work That Has Won National Awards Cookbook Of The Year, Best New Cookbook, Best American Vegetarian Cookbook And Best Book By A Small Press The Book Is A Celebration Of International Gourmet Vegan Cuisine That Introduces Us To The Simplicity Of A Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle Much Than A Cookbook, This Artistic Treasure Contains Stunning Food Photography, Inspiring Graphics, Natural Food Cooking Charts And Kitchen Wisdom For All A Foreword By Dr Jane Goodall Highlights Its Aim To Inspire Peace And Understanding Amongst Individuals, Cultures And All Who Care About Our Planet Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Contains Sumptuous Recipes From The Award Winning Blossoming Lotus Restaurants, Uniting Cooking Traditions From Around The World Its An All Encompassing Guide To Health, Beauty And An Inspired Lifestyle It S The Perfect Gift For Anyone Into Art, Culture And Sustainability Mark And Bo S Aspiration Is To Awaken People To The Healing Potential Within Themselves Through Conscious And Wise Food Choices We Can Heal Our Bodies And Restore Balance To Our Planet While Supporting Local Farmers

Mark Reinfeld has been preparing inspired gourmet vegan and live food cuisine for over 15 years He is the recipient of the 2006 Platinum Carrot Award for living foods a national award given by the Aspen Center for Integral Health to America s Top Healthy Gourmet Chefs Though his roots are in New York, he developed his love for World culture and cuisine while traveling through Europe, Asia, a

✻ [EPUB] ✰ Vegan World Fusion Cuisine : Over 200 award-winning recipes, Dr. Jane Goodall Foreword, Third Edition By Mark Reinfeld ❅ –
  • Hardcover
  • 243 pages
  • Vegan World Fusion Cuisine : Over 200 award-winning recipes, Dr. Jane Goodall Foreword, Third Edition
  • Mark Reinfeld
  • English
  • 04 September 2017
  • 9780975283721

10 thoughts on “Vegan World Fusion Cuisine : Over 200 award-winning recipes, Dr. Jane Goodall Foreword, Third Edition

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    Took Mark s course last week taught by the ever awesome Deb Kay in the first step toward getting certified and it was fabulous Absolutely wonderful book.

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    Just as the review says This has become my favorite cookbook The images consist of various photos and artwork all with sacred international vibes, and every page has some sage quote garnered from people of all spiritual traditions It gives a concise briefing on the nature and context of the vegan diet in the beginning, and various technique tables at the end The recipes themselves are, so far, seemingly all good There is a lot of raw stuff The recipes aren t too hard or complex, and there is a definite consistency in the use of certain liquids and powders to round them out Much thanks to my aunt for providing this.

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    This beautiful book is by the group that owns and manages the Blossoming Lotus restaurants in Portland and Kauai The pictures of both the food and sites around the world are gorgeous I have to admit that the book sat on my shelf for some time, in part because of my meat a tarian boyfriend and in part because the recipes were at first a little intimidating because of ingredients I wasn t familiar with spelt sucanat nutritional yeast In the last week, though, I ve tried several of the recipes and they were very easy to create as well as delicious Said meat a tarian even enjoyed the Thai Spicy Noodles and spelt pizza dough with vegetables and daiya cheese.

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    this book rubs me the wrong way cultural appropriation to the max the recipes require you to make about 3 of the other recipes from the book and it makes for some expensive cooking i recieved this as a gift, i wouldn t have bought it for myself.

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    I just ate at the author s Kauai restaurant, and the food was astoundingly good.

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    This is a beautiful book, great presentation, gorgeous photos A mixture of raw food and wholesome cooked vegan dishes, these recipes are sure to satisfy any eater.

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    Since it is a cookbook, I have read reread numerous times, most recently to choose recipe for Vegan Society of PEACE 2nd Saturday vegan potlucks where the theme was vegan fusion Never gets old, really, with its healing recipes timeless wisdom from our hearts to yours Inspirational quotes interspersed throughout the gorgeous food photos make for a truly lovely book.Includes a special forward by one of my favorite She Roes, Dr Jane Goodall The recipes are from those served at Portland s very popular Blossing Lotus restaurant Ethical as tasty as the photos accompanying them My go to recipe for potlucks is the Om Great Spirit Black Rice Polenta Casserole, baked served from 9x13 dish so makes enough for a crowd Can also be dressed up with additional ingredients suggested, yet is delicious as printed.Lots of basic information, hints tips for going staying vegan, enjoying sharing the lifestyle.

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    This is a truly beautiful book It s lovely enough to be considered a coffee table book It s from the Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Hawaii I d love to go there It s supposedly a recipe book, and there are gorgeous photographs of the food and also of places around the world It s chock full of information about veganism and the environment, and there s a resource section with contact information for groups promoting world peace, world hunger issues, the environment, animal rights The recipes are divided into sections by type of food and place of origin is told for each recipe There s a handy glossary to explain some of the less familiar ingredients in the recipes The recipes don t look simple but the directions look easy to follow.There s now a restaurant in Portland, Oregon as well, which makes it likely that I will get to eat at a Blossoming Lotus some day.

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    Although the recipes in this book that I tried were very delicious, that s not the only criterion I use to evaluate a cookbook that works for me I don t live in a large urban area with well stocked co ops or ethic stores I need cookbooks that meet the limitations of the ingredients sources available I tried five recipes One I had to wait two weeks to make until I tracked down all the ingredients locally, with rose water being the most difficult to find Another called for three types of mushrooms and it WAS delicious, when I finally was able to find the third mushroom after several shopping trips.I will use this cookbook occasionally for special occasions, but unfortunately it is pretty much just a very pretty book on my shelf.

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