Veritys Lie (The Huntley Trilogy #3)

Veritys Lie (The Huntley Trilogy #3) Charles Huntley, Lord Ryevale, Notorious Rogue And Government Agent His Latest Assignment Is To Protect A Politician S Daughter, Verity Verrinder, While Her Father Negotiates An Alliance Against Napoleon But When Ryevale Embarks On A Campaign Of Seduction So As To Keep Verity Under His Watchful Eye, He Doesn T Anticipate Falling In Love With His ChargeWhen Lord Ryevale Turns His Bone Melting Charms On Her, Verity Suspects She S Exchanging An Overbearing Parent, For A Domineering Rogue Denying Her Attraction To The Handsome Lord, Verity Goes In Search Of Freedom, Only To Run Straight Into The Clutches Of Kidnappers This Leaves Lord Ryevale With A Stark Choice Between Saving Britain S Peace Negotiations Or The Life Of The Only Woman He Has Ever Loved

Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night She believes that intelligent people need to read romance as an antidote to the modern world Grace lives near London and is housekeeping staff to five cats, two teenage sons, one husband and a bearded dragon.

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  • Veritys Lie (The Huntley Trilogy #3)
  • Grace Elliot
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  • 20 June 2019

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    Thank you to the author for sharing a free copy of this book in exchange for my review Verity s Lie, is an historical romance set in London around the year 1815 It tells of the love affair of Lord Ryevale Charles Huntly and the Lady Verity Verrinder during a time when he, a secret service agent, is assigned by the prime minister to protect her Because her father is a well known politician and is sent on an errand to parlay with the French government, there is concern that she could be in danger of retaliation if things don t go well in his negotiations I enjoyed the novel tremendously for two reasons 1 I loved the author s writing style She captured the language of the times so well, and her choice of vocabulary and word nuances at just the right times made me smile And 2 I felt she captured the time period in her descriptions brilliantly, and I could see everything so clearly in my mind Her writing style could be easily compared to some of the best 19th century authors I definitely enjoyed the first half of the book better than the second I thought the romance moved along at a nice pace However, I wasn t fond of the inappropriate sensual encounters early on in the relationship The scene at Vauxhall, for example, seemed a bit too early And it was inconsistent to have the couple kissing and groping at one minute, and shy and awkward around each other the next That sort of threw off the rhythm for me But, up until the kidnapping, I was enthralled.The second half of the book swayed too far away from the main plot and focused solely on the romance which did lessen the quality a degree I know some readers will be all about the romance, and they will enjoy this section The last several chapters felt extremely rushed, and I was irritated with the wavering affections and proposals of the main characters Neither one of them could make up their minds Their conversations and actions became inconsistent, and it all made me a bit dizzy I just wanted to scream at them to quit wavering and get on with it It did become a bit tedious I just really didn t like the Grange section I also feel that Lord Ryevale s ostracism from society was unwarranted, as he was simply undercover working for the government He really wasn t a scoundrel, and so Verity should have picked up on that quickly.There were quite a few very noticeable grammatical errors missed by the editor, but overall, I did enjoy this book despite my few criticisms The character development was superb, and that is a huge must for me and is why I give this book four stars I will definitely recommend it.Casey HaysAuthor of Breeder

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    Verity s Lie is such a wonderful, passionate love story that was told with skill and talent There is nothing better than a strong heroine that comes to life in the pages I love the history and LOVE the way Ms Elliot ties it all together I am hooked on this author s style and will be reading all of the books in The Huntley Trilogy

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    I really want to award this book four and a half stars I m very picky about editing otherwise this would have been a sound 5.The plot in Verity s Lie sticks to very traditional lines in that the hero meets the heroine, she s involved in a dangerous abduction and he rescues her However, the skill of the writer makes that plot seem fresh since the pace is good throughout The heroine is quite gutsy even though na ve of worldly ways I liked very much that although Verity Verrinder s father is a repressive character, there is genuine love between them, and that any rebellion on her part was not out of spite but from a real desire to be educated The hero s viewpoint is skilfully divulged to the reader we get to know Charles Huntley quite well learn of his strengths and fears and empathise with his feelings of failure.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Regency novel, and loved that the accurate historical detail of it was beautifully intertwined throughout the story The addition of minute detail is important to me as a reader, since it really gives a rounded overall impression of the times By that, I m not referring to greater description of clothing, people or surroundings it s in the detail that Lord Liverpool is the Prime Minister, or that Napoleon has just been exiled, or about a statue in Vauxhall Gardens Little titbits like that give me a good time frame to plunge back into I found this a well written Regency novel.

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    My wife is a true romantic She read this book and asked me to do the same I am glad she did There is history with some fiction and it is a great mix of the two I love to read and this book really captured me from the get go The heroine Verity is a strong female character which is unusual in the mushy romance novels If it was me I would rather have a strong woman by my side than someone that is naive and vulnerable Ryevale agrees with me and I think that is one of the reasons I loved this book so much I am a true romantic at heart just like my wife I just read that this is the 3rd book of the trilogy now I am sure my wife has already either read them or is about to Once she is done with the other two I will read as well so we can discuss this awesome trilogy.

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    The main character named Verity had me hooked with her strong yet sweet demeanor, and I immediately fell hard for the head strong, and mysterious Lord Ryevale.I m a big sucker for love stories, and this book had everything I love in a romance Verity and Ryevale are wonderful, I throughly enjoyed reading there beautiful yet dangerous adventure I will definitely be reading of this well written series by Grace Elliot.

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    Has potential, but 21st Century morals and dialogue are out of place in a regency Also, editing errors such as peaked for piqued and rouse for ruse detract from the story Not good enough that I ll give the other books in the series a try.

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    Napoleon, spies, deceptions within deceptions peppered with passion and love just the thing to win over any reader Read full review in the

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