VHS and Why its Hard to Live

VHS and Why its Hard to Live VHS And Why It S Hard To Live Is A Chapbook Of Flash Nonfiction These Mini Essays Touch On The Childhood Experiences That Make An Adult And The Many Moments Of Disillusionment Along The Way Praise For VHS And Why It S Hard To Live Get Ready, Reader, For A Lightning Fast Ride Through The Omnivorous Observations Of A True Literary Artist VHS And Why It S Hard To Live S Brief Flashes Of Insight Are Real Essays, Testing The Implications Of Experiences Both Intimate And Public, The Kinds Of Things We Know And Yet Never Give Ourselves Time To Think About Tatiana Ryckman Masterfully Utilizes The Detritus Of Her Experience And Memory It S A Joy To Accompany Her In Her Peculiar, Humorous, And Sometimes Devastating Speculations Patrick Madden, Author Of Sublime Physick Essays VHS And Why It S Hard To Live Is Like Mourning The Thing You Re Happy Is Over Sadly, There S Little Confetti To That Feeling, Which Is What These Stories Are Go Outside For Like Four Minutes And You Ll See All This Shit In The World This Chapbook Is Better Than That, Or At Least Occupies A Space In The World That Could Ve Been Occupied By Something Shitty Ier If She Hadn T Made It There S A Lot I Don T Understand About Why Life Is Hard To Live, But Tatiana Makes That Okay Or At Worst Sufficient Jon Michael Frank, Author Of How S Everything Going Not Good

Tatiana Ryckman is the author of two chapbooks of prose, Twenty Something and VHS and Why it s Hard to Live She is Assistant Editor at sunnyoutside press and leads Creative Writing workshops through The University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Paperback
  • 31 pages
  • VHS and Why its Hard to Live
  • Tatiana Ryckman
  • 13 August 2017

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    If childhood and growing up were a ball of yarn, Tatiana Ryckman would be one of the few writers I d trust to unspool it, just so patiently and sweetly Some of the strings she pulls out are so soft, yet vibrating with tension, humming with sadness.

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    Maybe it was a commentary, a riddle, a statement about the evolution of our culture and our values and our needs and the way some needs never leave us, no matter how we cover them up How even if we stop watching Wayne s World both I and II every few months, we can t escape the fact that it shaped us Shaped us into the equilateral triangles of something mass produced but iconic, a tiny piece of our cultural geometry.

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    Tatiana Ryckman is the voice inside of your head I d never found too many writers that inspire me to be better, but Tatiana does just that I m very much in awe of her talent, and that might skew my view of VHS.When reading this collection, I didn t know if it was non fiction or fiction, and after reading through all the stories, it mattered even less to me There s a darkness to the humor in the collection So many moments where I m not sure if I m supposed to be delighted, but the writing just pulls it out of me My House Burned Down is a perfect example of the things I m describing.Personally, I think everyone should seek this chapbook out It s an easy and quick read, but you ll find yourself revisiting the stories for about a week The writing is very nuanced and particular Check out these stories if you enjoy being introspective.

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    Ryckman s collection is one I will read again, and one I will place into the hands of others with great urgency It takes a rare talent to articulate so clearly some of the subtle, yet hugely defining, perils of being human Read my full review here

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    My friend Tatiana wrote her second book Loved it.

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    Full review up soon at Heavy Feather Review

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