Visions (Same Face Different Place, #2)

Visions (Same Face Different Place, #2) The Year IsIt S BeenYears Since Eleanor Fled The Horrors Of London Hiding In A Remote Country Village, A Place Where She Truly Believes She Is Safe Until A New Era Of Evil Starts To Unfold At First, The Story Branches Down The Convoluted Paths OfDifferent Characters Eleanor, Reminisces Over Her Turbulent Past But Is Yet To Catch Up With The Lives Of Her Neighbours, James Barton Wells And His Family Their Beautiful Historic Country House Is In Need Of Restoration, Which Has In Turn, Attracted The Attention Of A Wealthy Property Developer From London Destined To Lure The Family Into A Risky Partnership, But Who S Real Motives Are Yet To Be Unveiled Jarred By Suspicion, Eleanor Consults Her Dearest Friend, Charles Bailey But Charlie Has His Own Story To Tell, Fearful That Perry Hampton Is The One Man, Who Undoubtedly Ruined His Future Wondering If It Was His Calculating Machinations Alone, That Plunged His Family Into PovertyAgainst All Odds, These Characters Are Drawn Together In A Concentrated Battle To Save Westbourne House, Oblivious To A Growing Force Of Darkness About To Infiltrate Their Lives James Daughter Avalon Is Being Stalked By A Sinister Psychopath While Eleanor Is Led To Believe That, The Enemies She Left Behind In London, Are Watching Her Again Yet, It Is Not Until She Comes Face To Face With A Deadly Adversary From Her Past, That She Finally Understands The Danger That Once Again, Threatens The Lives Of Those She LovesVisions Is A Tense Psychological Thriller, Based In Rural England And BookIn The Series, Same Face Different Place

Powerful sagas with great characters are the stories I most love to write and my own series Same Face Different Place promises to be a real page turner Set around the counties of London and Kent, in England, the story takes place across 4 decades The first book titled Beginnings is a fast paced thriller set in the dark criminal underworld of 1970s London, of two young people caught up in a

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  • Visions (Same Face Different Place, #2)
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  • 13 December 2019

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    5 Fantastic Sequel, highly recommend Visions is the second book of the beginnings series.After reading the first book I became a HUGE Fan.So when I got the opportunity to read the second book I was so excited, and Helen J Christmas didn t disappoint.Visions is a slower paced read that creates excellent character development, builds suspense and drama.We are back where Eleanor was left will Eli Safe and about to start her new life in Aldwyck living in a caravan in Westbourne House land with James Barton Wells.It s now 12years on and Eleanor and Eli had settled into village life so well She has become a pillar of the community.Never forgetting her past she has been able to settle.However things are about to be shaken up when James is struggling to keep Westbourne House With major restoration needed he has no where to turn and with his health becoming effected he is seriously considering selling up.Well that is until Perry Hampton arrives There is something just not quiet right about Perry He tries to con James, he tells James he will pay for all of the refurb on the understanding he owns the business and takes a profit.But when he finds our Eleanor is the person living on James land his interest is even sinister.Who is Perry Hampton He is not a person to cross he knows dangerous people in high places.Could he be connected to Eleanor s lover murder at the hands of the sadistic and dangerous Dominic Theakston Can Eleanor help James save Westbourne House and still keep her and Eli safe or will she never be truly safe.Whilst she is alive secrets that should be dead and buried may threaten to expose powerful players These people will stop at nothing to protect themselves.There is plenty of references to the 80s Which I could relate to although I was born in 81 I still appreciated all the little added touches making it relatable.I can t wait to see what is next for Eleanor in book 3 She is one of my favourite characters.I was so relieved that she might of found happiness and freedom But I guess it wasn t meant to be when you leave behind a dangerous past like Eleanor s.Visions didn t have the same fast paced thrilling brutal feel as Beginnings did.But it wasn t meant to.It was very much character driven.It was still suspenseful and eerie, dangerous and unnerving I thoroughly appreciated how all the stories weaved together perfectly Giving the reader little insider peaks at what was going on behind the scenes Building up the suspense.I highly recommend reading book 1 first then to read this fantastic book next you won t regret it.I can t wait to read the next book to see what is in store for Eleanor.Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my blog website

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    Helen J ChristmasVisionsSame Face Different Place 2By the time I had finished reading Beginnings, I had become emotionally attached to the characters and longed to see what was to come of Eleanor and her son Within pages of Visions I was completely immersed back in their story, despite it being years later, and I was surprised at how much I missed Jake throughout the whole book It is obvious that the author has done their research and with the descriptive nature along with the writing style I was transported right back into the 1980 s.The author really knows how to draw the reader in, and the characters became so real to me that I had to remind myself it was just a book Every character has their place in the story, even the minor ones, and it s like they are all pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, you need all of them to see the whole picture I can t wait to see where the story is going to lead, and if they finally manage to bring Jake s killer to justice.I received an e copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    With thanks to the author for the copy received This is book two in the Visions series Eleanor has moved on the best that she can with her young son Elijah She has built a strong friendship with James and his two children, Avalon and William She finally feels safe But James has severe financial issues combined with various structural problems with his home and his attempts at solving these places Eleanor, Elijah and his own family in danger I found this novel to be a lot intimidating than the previous one But there are also people who are willing to help, some of whom have already had dealings with the Hamptons This family and some of the other powerful and wealthy people who appear are very unpleasant and will stop at nothing to get what they want The control that they have over business, local decisions and people s lives is frightening I enjoyed reading about the 1980s I was the same age as Avalon and I listened to the same music, although I had completely forgotten about the singer Divine, and shopped in the same high street stores I could also remember with prompting various political issues at the time Many of the characters who appear were also in book one, their storylines are ongoing but much of the storyline is addressed so you could read this and follow it even if you hadn t read the earlier book There are further books in the series, it isn t a cliff hanger ending as such but there is still plenty for Eleanor and the ones she loves to deal with And I hope that at least one member of the Hampton family get what they deserve.

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    Visions by Helen J Christmas is the second in her inspired decade spanning Same Face, Different Place series The book is a dark but subtle psychological thriller with an authentic setting in the British 1980s.The story jumps twelve years from 1973 in the last book to 1985 In the first book our heroine Eleanor Chapman only just escaped a very dangerous situation in London and now resides presumably safe in rural Rosebrook, hoping to lead a peaceful life there Unfortunately for her however she cannot escape the shadowy characters that messed up her life back then Their paths cross once again and the same villains are watching her, fearing that she still might pose a threat to them.In a separate storyline her neighbour James and his family experiences problems with his ancestral Westbourne House and he is forced to either restore the building or sell his house which is his pride and joy.Eleanor and her new partner Charlie are getting involved to help him to prevent the house from falling into the hands of greedy villain and property developer Perry.The subtle suspense and the looming threats make for a very atmospheric read and the unknown and the suspected is woven into the story lines very well, making you feel as unsettled as the characters at times For those who don t know about the British History of that time, housing and mortgage payment were a huge issue under the Thatcher government and a massively prominent theme on everyone s mind Uncontrollable interest rates cost many their homes and fortune and for the decade to come this was a very sensitive issue Christmas does an excellent job at capturing those times, not just with the property aspect of the story, but also in the many other excellently chosen details of the story that describe the era so well for me the most enjoyable of these were the many musical references.The characters are very relate able to, this is a great story and a gripping read.

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    is the second book in the Same Face Different Place series, and after reading the first book, Beginnings I was certainly looking forward to this one This is an excellent sequel and I really do recommend that you read book one before this story, I was certainly emotionally involved with the characters and couldn t wait to see what had happened to them It is a great series with some brilliant characters and excellent story telling.This is another five star read from Helen Christmas very highly recommended

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    I have not read the first book in this series, but I found this book to cover most of what the reader needs to know to read this book Such a great story and great writing This book will take you on a journey back in time, as well as an emotional roller coaster It is called a Psychological Thriller, and it most definitely is that, but it s much For me it was a time travel, love story, emotional thriller, as well as psychological thriller.Peregrine Hampton, a ruthless business man, who always gets what he wants and he let s no one stand in his way to get it He will stoop to many lows to get the Westbourne House that he wants in the countryside of England The time is the 1980 s and the reader is put in the time with this story He has big ideas of how he can make money with this property, but he has to acquire it first.James Barton Wells, the original owner of the Westbourne House is determined to make the necessary repairs to keep the hotel up and running while still making money It s his families heritage after all He wants the house and property to go to his children when he passes on Avalon and William, James children are both in their teens William is still in school and helps out when he is home on vacations from school, but Avalon works with her father daily and is very proud of what they have in the hotel and surrounding grounds to offer their guests.Eleanor Chapman, a young woman who came to Aldwyck to hide from a tragic past and survive She lives in a caravan on the surrounding property of Westbourne House and is a very good friend to James and is children Eleanor has a son who she is protecting by living in an unconventional way She works as a nurse and is very caring She will do anything she can to help those that she cares about Unbeknownst to Eleanor, she has met Peregrine Hampton before, and she worries about his motives in trying to acquire Westbourne House Her past will come back to haunt her in ways than she is prepared for.I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the continuation of it in the near future If you like a book that will take you on an emotional and psychological thrill ride, then you should pick up this book Great job with this story, Ms Christmas I look forward to reading of your work I give this book a 5 star review.

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    Crammed with Eighties references from Margaret Thatcher, Echo the Bunnymen and Jane Fonda aerobics to Laura Ashley d cor, Visions quickly immerses you in the world of Eleanor Chapman Visions is part two of Eleanor s story which started in the 1970s in Beginnings and will ultimately end far into the future Same Face Different Place by Helen J Christmas is an ambitious thriller series focussing on a single gangland incident which has reverberations across the decades It is a study of how to react to threats and violence, the nature of victimhood, and the power of fighting back.There are times in Visions when it covers old ground from book one, but nevertheless the story slowly reeled me in After the events of Beginnings , Eleanor and her son Elijah live in a caravan in a Kent village, safe from the London criminals who threatened them Their neighbours, James Barton Wells and his children Avalon and William become close friends However Westbourne House, the ancestral home of the Barton Wells family, is crumbling When the house is declared a ruin and the repairs too expensive for James to pay, a sinister property developer offers to help All too soon, his nasty son and equally nasty sidekick bring terror to the quiet village as the tentacles of threat from the past find Eleanor s hiding place.There are scenes of nasty violence which remind the reader this is not simply a story of petty crime Eleanor, her family and new friends must face intimidation, assault, sinister stalking and abduction At the heart of their survival is a defiance born of knowing they are right.Read of my book reviews at

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    Helen Christmas is adept at weaving sub plots into her second in the series of Same Face, Different Place and dropping in enough subtle explanation of the back story It is very smoothly done There is plenty of action to keep momentum going I enjoyed the descriptions of English countryside and country mansions She s thoroughly researched the 1980 s and the flavour of the era shines through It was nostalgic for me to glimpse fashions, d cor and music of the time Despite the pleasant country snapshots, there is always an undercurrent evil and menace in the background, with sinister gangster game plans, deadly adversaries from the past, as well as a couple of horrifically violent episodes against the youngsters in the book Eleanor is a convincing, empathetic character, which is just as well, as the story continues with some of the main protagonists for another three volumes I would have given this book 5 stars, but I felt I had to deduct one, as I feel the language is at times over written Less is should be the rule, and some adverbs and complicated verbs could be simplified to make impact It is, after all, an action story and I feel the pace would be maintained to the maximum if some of the wordiness was cut down However, I applaud this author for the general concept and her ideas that keep coming from all directions I can imagine the story on film I wish her good luck with her writing.

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    Visions is the second book in Same Face Different Place series after reading the first book Beginnings and loving it I couldn t wait to get stuck in.Following on from Beginnings we are transported into the 1980 s which is my favourite decade Where we catch up with the main character Eleanor The prologue starts off in 1986 setting the scene for what s to come There are plenty of references to the 80 s making me actually feel like I was there.So the story or less carry s on from where we left off with the first book set in the 70 s.But for those of you who haven t read book one this can easily be read has a standalone the author gives plenty of references in this story about what happened before.I love the author s writing she style she certainly knows how to make the characters jump out the pages Full of people that you will love and hate but Eleanor is one of those characters that you cannot help but love.For me I found this a slow burner to begin with, but then the story soon picks up speed and takes a turn that I wasn t expecting where I found myself well and truly hooked The author has done a brilliant job of building up tension making this another gripping read.This is a series not to be missed which I highly recommend giving it 4 stars

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    It had been 12 years since a young, frightened and pregnant Eleanor had fled London to escape the men who had murdered the man she loved She vowed to create a society where everyone will be able to live in safety , and thought she had found just the place to raise her son until several deadly men stepped out of one horrific chapter in her life only to jump into another without warning They were determined to ruin the lives of the people she loved and who helped her when she needed them most How can she repay their kindness when her knowledge of a deadly conspiracy in the 70s could put everyone in danger See my complete review at The Eclectic Review

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