Visions Prudence Bailey Has Just Learned That Laura Bailey, The Woman She Has Always Believed To Be Her Mother, Is In Fact A Distant Cousin Laura Adopted Prudence When She Was Four Years Old After Her Father, Joshua Adams, Brutally Murdered Her Mother, Jane, Then Killed Himself She Has No Memory Of The Past And, After Laura S Death, Decides To Return Home To Salem Massachusetts To Learn Twenty Years Have Now Passed Since The Murder Suicide Took Place Almost Immediately She Meets Detective Matt Cavanaugh, Her Neighbor Matt Is Gorgeous And Sexy And Pru Is Instantly Attracted To Him Matt Is Also Linked To Her Past His Father, Now A Retired Police Officer, Was First On The Scene The Night Of Her Parents Deaths From The Moment She Returns Pru Experiences Visions That Lead Her To Believe That The Circumstances Surrounding Her Parents Deaths Are Not As They Seem The Facts Don T Add Up And When A Recent Murder That Matt Is Investigating Is Linked To The Past They Discover That Pru Is Right And The Killer Is Still On The Loose Will They Discover The Killer S Identity In Time Or Will History Repeat Itself

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Visions book, this is one of the most wanted Anna James author readers around the world.

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  • 02 April 2019

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    I received this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics My thoughts on this book It was too short felt like I was being rushed through the story and I didn t like that.Even though, Pru had had a vision that Matt was her soul mate, I found Matt s attraction to her rushed and not believable.There was no connection with the Salem witch trials then why use the town for the back drop I loved that the killer turned out to be someone else than who I thought it was but again, if only there had been some details about the killer..This was a simple story and I liked that about it but I just wish it didn t feel so sudden.I d like to read from this author.

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    I first came across Vision s through an author giveaway from R2R and to my shock it was actually good I was a little put off by how short the novella was I understand the point of a short story it just felt stuffed and rushed It was a good story that could have been great had it been a full length novel Nevertheless, for a novella it packed quiet a bunch with its fast paced story line of murder, mystery and romance that flows until the very end I would recommend this an adult looking for a well written quick read.

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    I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review.Overall, I really liked this book The mystery part of the story was well told in novella format The writting was well done and flowed making the story easy to read I was very surprised by the who done it part of the book which I m generally not easily fooled So that was a good thing For a novella, I know that an author has limited time to unfold a story But for me the romance all be it for the most part realistic, felt rushed and not needed If not for the romance, this story would have been five stars and here is why view spoiler I know that meeting someone and having sex can happen very quickly Wham bam thank you mam comes to mind But here is my problem with how it was handled in this story After a first date, Matt drops off Pru and home and gives her a kiss But next thing we know his hand is on her breast and she s ok with that From her mind, she s only just met the guy I might have been ok with that if not for me stopping and re reading the previous pages to see if I missed something And I hadn t Prior to this moment, Matt s hair and eyes are described and nothing else Nowhere did I find that Pru saw he was attractive or she lusted for him, giving us any reasons why she d be ok with this A sentence even saying why she was ok with his forward behavior would have gone a long way So as I m reading I m thinking I ll let that go Until the end when he confesses love for a girl he s met again a few days ago and now is asking to marry her I just can t buy it Even though it flowed as a story, it just wasn t believable for me hide spoiler

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    Vision s is a short novel about a woman named Prudence Pru we are first introduced to her waking up after having a nightmare of a brutal murder She doesn t understand why she keeps having this reoccurring dream.Prudence has just found out on her mother s death bed that she was adopted and her parents are both deceased, their lives ending very tragically Travelling to her home town of Salem, Massachusetts she enters her childhood home, she immediately starts having visions and experiences some very loving scenes of what she believes are of her parents Not understanding how this loving couple could have been the two people she was told about and how their life s ended in murder suicide Totally confused about what she is experiences she questions the idea of her father killing her mother Then we are introduced to her handsome police officer neighbour, he also tries to fill her in on the facts of the mystery of what happened in this house so many years ago This is a murder mystery romance all wrapped up in about 57 pages The writing of Anna James is good, the story is fast paced, well written and the story flows well.I have rated the book around a 3.5 as the story is good and I enjoyed it, the only downfall was that it was a bit too short fast and some of the romance happened at a speed I would say unbelievable but one could hope The romance between these two are well written and felt very sensual Great writing.This is the first book I ve read by Anna James and her writing is of good quality and I will look into her other books.I would recommend this book to my friends especially if they would like to read a fast paced novel.

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    Pru Bailey has just found out that Laura Bailey isn t her birth mother, but her mother s relative that adopted her when she was 5 years old She inherits a house by her real parents and is on her way from California to New England to see the house But the house is haunted by the ghost of Jane Adams, her birth mother that was stabbed to death by her father At least, that s what the rumors say and the police who didn t really have much evidence, except the fact that Mr Adams committed a suicide after The logical explanation was that it was a crime of passion and the reason for it were their marriage problems.However, Pru is suddenly having visions that will revel the mystery of her parents death.I did enjoy this read, though it s a novella, and I rarely read novella s because I know I will have some issues mostly because they are too short and the author doesn t have the space to express him herself Yes, I had the same feeling with this novella too It felt like the story would have been interesting if there were pages to it What bothered me the most is the romance element in this book It just felt like it was added during editing..Let me explain, I didn t mind the romance scenes and I am not saying they are not well written, but somehow felt they were introduced too early What I loved was the mystery and action element in the story, that s what made this novella interesting to me It felt like watching and episode from Ghost whisperer and I love that series It is an easy and enjoyable read, and I am grateful to the author and the R2R program for giving me a copy.

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    ADULT BOOK ADULT REVIEWFirst Thank you to the brave author offering up her work for my humble opinion and thank you for Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics, Read to Review program.Now.What I did like.Great story, very original, and mysterious I do not typically read mysteries but because this has some paranormal elements I gave it a try I liked the characters and the plot and surprises It is also sexy without being erotica if you are into that sort of thing Now here are my issuesWay to short, if I would have paid for it I would have been a little ticked Everything happens to fast I understand it is a novella but the character development and building romance isn t there.If you want my constructive opinion this should be a freebie to turn you onto the author, if that were the case I would give it five stars.If you don t want my opinion, then why the hell are you reading this

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    First, and as always, thanks to read 2 review, for the copy This is of a short story than full novel, but not novella either because it has all 3 stages, beginning, middle and end Now, it s written well, flows, and has, of course a hot guy who s a good detective I actually had guessed the real killer were two other people, so I was quite wrong, which is good That means the mystery stayed until the last pages And there s a happy ending so ya know, can t go wrong there The only reason not 5 stars, is not because it s bad, just not my particular type of story I read, but I liked it anyways

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    2,5 starsI always have problems with novellas or overly short books or stories I feel they don t have enough character depth and details to feel attached or to care about them And I don t like this because I am usually never sure if it s about the writer or the amount of the pages in the book My idea of this situation didn t change with this book either And truth is, I think I don t care much for ghost stories Prudence called as Pru has just learned that she was adopted by a close relative Laura Bailey of her mother s and inherited her birth parents house through Laura Bailey Right after arriving the premises, she started to have visions, which some are memories and some are the things happened to her family in the past From here, we are to find out the truth about her parents death Matt, is the police officer neighbour and highly attracted to Pru from the first moment they met Apart from that I don t know much about him.In fact, I don t even know much about Pru but at least with the first POV I know somethings about her Actually, until meeting Matt, I thought the story could be interesting and exciting But with Matt s introduction, there was a constant, and forced romance between the two There were no possible solid grounds for the attraction or development of their relationship, yet it was there all over No reason why they liked each other or how they liked each other and that bothered me, because I cannot stand the too shallow, fluffy romance books They never seem realistic to me And there was the issue of heated scenes,not that I don t like reading those, because I do but then whe there is no solid grounds for a relation it s just instictual sex and that s totally another genre for me I wish, this book had the slightest hint of their mutual attraction but didn t jump into the relationship immediately I believe it would have depth I must admit, I didn t expect the killer to be that person, so the twist was pretty neat but still the reasoning wasn t very satisfied What I like about it was her storytelling, it was captivating I was hooked right away even if I didn t care much for a ghost story Her descriptive writing was beautiful, everything was easily imaginable and I enjoyed that Thanks for R2R Read to Review and the writer, for giving me this copy

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    I came by this book via R2R.This was a fun, quick read The mystery part of the story was well plotted, and fast paced, keeping the reader guessing who done it until the very end.When I first started the book, I didn t realize it was such a short read and I questioned the rate at which the romance progressed Once I clued in that it was a short story novella, I was able to appreciate the speed the author had to implement to move things along and I was able to get past my disbelief of the romantic storyline Was the romance even nececessary No This book stands alone as a mystery, but the romantic element sure made it fun to read Recommended for a quiet night in on a dark and stormy evening.

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    See the original review here you like short reads filled with passion and intrigue, this novella by Anna James might be right up your alley.The story begins when Prudence Pru Bailey arrives in Salem, Massachusetts to acquire the house her parents owned when she was born The relative who raised her admitted that both her parents both met their untimely demise at the hands of her father in an apparent murder suicide Though too little to remember the events of that tragic night, immediately after moving in, she s haunted by visions of what really happened, though the killer s identity remains a mystery.Detective Matt Cavanaugh remembered how scared Pru was as a little girl back then, and is intrigued by her visions He s determined to find the truth and dispel the rumors of hauntings and madness surrounding the house He s a sexy, protective guy and provides good hero material.Pru and Matt share an instant attraction, which leads to some pretty hot though not overly graphic love scenes Pru s visions are vivid and interesting, and the story culminates with a nice, and unexpected, twist.On the downside, Pru and Matt s relationship felt rushed, and a little bit of expansion on that aspect would have given it impact for me However, for quick read with a paranormal, sexy slant, it was worth it.I d recommend this story for adults who enjoy a short, hot, tale of murder and mayhem But don t take my word for it Grab your own copy today Mysti Parker

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