Visions Another exceptional read from Larkin Rose The anticipation, the tension and release of excitement and rooting for Mayson last throughout every page I was captivated I howled, applauded, panted, and dabbed away the tears from pure pleasure while reading this book This is a wonderful multi layered love story, peppered with nearly devastating confusion, and practically undermined by misunderstood class collision I think it would be divine to see this as a play or movie, but the remarkably pure sexual heat would definitely limit the distribution venue What a shame At least there is the written word and that has masterfully unraveled the intimacy and details allowing me to savor the humor, the women, and the monumental obstacles seeking to crumble the wishes and desires for the star crossed characters I unquestionably recommend this Paige Burton came alive in New Orleans She was supposed to be in Jamaica, but an airline booking snafu gave New Orleans the chance to become the birth place for all the magic On one night with an adroit mystery maiden hidden behind a mask, she reaches the Mt Everest of sexual highs again and again Now for six years she has been haunted by that experience She has accomplished a great deal on her own Built her amazing club, called Visions, in honor of the secret password leading to New Orleans heated encounter, from practically nothing and gathered a coterie of followers for her X blog However, that memory of the masked woman who took her to the unparalleled climactic highs hovers over all experiences since that memory was created and all of themthan pale in comparison Fascinating Mayson Montgomery was born to rich parents However, as she adroitly said one time, They were rich, I had to earn my own way and sometimes it was messy It would probably take a passel of experiences, exposure, and flat out heroism before Paige s view of Mayson, the rich bitch in her view, transformed to the real Mayson in Paige s eyes Hence, the brilliantly elaborate subterfuge that Mayson orchestrates involving an amazingly ingenious fan of X the blogger in the form of Vinden Gudinna This alter ego may be the most extraordinary, imaginative, creative, and inventive ploy I have ever read Vinden provokes all the amazing responses I listed in my opening above Vinden Gudinna is a virtuoso creation in Swedish, since Sweden was the site of one of Mayson s breakthrough North Atlantic aquatic wind farms Mayson may be too good to be true, but I choose to believe her parents and a solid upbringing laid the foundation for this phenomenal woman Bless the gods Two very strong women with a pointedly painful history from a single moment in their youth which ended when Mayson pushed Paige into a fountain soaking her and her diary Mayson knows all the underpinnings leading up to that moment, but Paige paid the price of losing her sanctuary and so started Paige s utter contempt for Mayson That is the uphill travail that faces both of these women This is a story that should not be missed I relished it and I exhort it wholeheartedly Magnificent NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. A fun and cleverly constructed story. This book sent me inrages then I could count Also, there were major editing issues, characterization issues, and horrible analogies HULK SMASH I don t think the author has ever heard of the word consent While the whole idea of masks was super sexy, I had major issues with how Mayson dealt with her knowledge of Paige Yes, Paige consented to sex with the masked woman, but Mayson knew that Paige would never consent to sex with her It was rape via deception like a rape y x rated version of You ve Got Mail When Mayson was herself, not hiding behind a mask, she used her money to force Paige into inappropriate situations Paige said nothan once, and Mayson forced her to go on dates She put her hands on her after being told not to She kissed her after being told directly that she shouldn t I don t care what Mayson felt This isn t okay If Mayson were a man, people would be livid with this, but because it s a queer romance, it s suppose to be sexy NO Still assault The entire time I felt uncomfortable It wasn t sexy It wasn t romantic AND at the end, Mayson says she WON T let Paige get away again What No You may not want her to go away You may not want to lose her, but you don t fucking own her Mayson is fucking insane A stalker, an assaulter, and a complete creep Editing There were a few grammar errors, but a lot of the issues dealt with what should and shouldn t have remained in the book So much of the book repeated itself The characters had the same thoughts, responses, and reactions, over and over again At least half the book could have easily been cut, and nothing would have been lost plot wise Another issue with the editing involved the sex scenes This sometimes happens with queer books, but all the she s stats to get muddled and it becomes lost on who is doing what to whom Also, I had to read a few scenesthan once, and unfortunately, not because they were good I was trying to imagine what was actually happening and it didn t really work Having readers focusing of the fact that doesn t work like that during a sex scene means the author is doing something incorrectly Characterization Mayson and Paige were such cliches Mayson was the perfect billionaire Paige was ridiculous How she was an adult, I m still not sure She acted like a snotty, teenage bitch the entire time Both apparently have only a one track mind SEX We get it You both think the other is hot Fucking the frak out of one another didn t give that away already At one point Paige sees Mayson as a humanitarian doing volunteer work, and finally realizes that Mayson isthan just a billionaire Any other person would look in awe and pride Mayson s response is to lick the sweat off of her neck Really Your girlfriend is in the middle of a disaster zone saving children and your first thought is Can I fuck her Grow up Analogies Oh dear gods, the analogies So many and they were so bad At first I thought they were funny, but then they just started getting worse and worse The first I remember tweeting about was along the lines of humming like a hungry animal Yes Because that analogy makes perfect sense headesk And that s one of the better ones All I can say is save yourself from this book because there are certainly better ones out there that are much sexier, involve masks, and don t make you feel like you re reading something that will eventually be turned into a horrid episode of SVU. Once in a while you come upon a book, that is almost perfect It took me several hours and all I want is onechapter or just long epilogue.pleasewhat a wonderful book Please pay no attention to some of the reviews I expected it to be a boring cliche like most les novels but it was exactly what I needed straight up erotica not mushy or angsty most les novels tend to drag the story and end up disappointing those that want a quick escape Just check out your brain for a few hours and enjoy this one I thought I was going to hate this based on the reviews and the butch femme dynamic but I was surprised while I prefer femme femme like thirteen hours this was a fun read and Mason was just too sexy In my head she isn t butch butch cos the author didn t exactly describe her as a stereotype The reviews almost made me hate paige too but I liked her from page 1 Keep an open mind and enjoy After thirteen hours this one is the next best les erotica Its trashy i know I know but At the end I wantedMy secret shame I kind of understand some of the beefs that other people had with this book, but I actually really loved it I ll definitely be reading it again. I absolutely loved Paige and Mayson s story I feel there was just enough angst, hurdles, mystery, heat, passion, and love I have read this twice sine I bought it a couple of weeks ago I would definitely recommend this to those who love to jump on the rollercoaster of emotions along with the characters This author gives you no choice but to enjoy the ride. I felt like I gave Larkin Rose a bad rap in my last ARC review, and wanted to give one of her other books a chance I was gifted this book, and was in a mood yesterday, so decided to give it a shot Yes, it s definitely a smutty read, lower on plotline, high on sex, but I still really enjoyed it Glad to know that that Rose s new one wasof a fluke I can t say this book will change my world view or anything, but if you re looking for a smuttastic read, this may be up your alley And I appreciated that this one didn t have any BDSM in it, which seems to be the norm these days, but isn t all that enjoyable for me.It s the common rich billionare meets poor stripper dancer and they fall into bed together troupe, but had just enough twists to make it different and enjoyable 3.5 stars I m rounding down though since I doubt I ll re read, and it s not like any of us are really reading this for the plot line oO Paige Burton Meets The Love Of Her Sexual Life At A Masked Sex Party When She S Too Young To Realize How Special Their Connection Is After Years Of Searching For Similar Sexual Bliss, She Has Officially Given Up Now She Pours Out Her Frustration Via Her Online Blog And By Dancing Away Her Frustrations In Her ClubBillionaire Architect Mayson Montgomery Made Her Fortune Building Eco Friendly Offshore Wind Turbines She Learned Quickly That Money Stood In The Way Of Finding A Happy Ever After But She Still Remembers Her Masked Angel Years AgoWhen They Meet Again, Paige Doesn T Make The Connection Between Her Masked Lover From The Past And Galveston S Raunchy Rich Heart Throb Fortunately, Mayson Is A Little Aware And Won T Give Up Until Paige Has Fallen Head Over Heels For HerWill Paige And Mayson Grasp The Love In Front Of Them Or Will They Let It Slip Away A Second Time

Larkin Rose lives in a blink and you ve missed it town in the beautiful state of South Carolina with her partner, Rose hence the pen name Her writing career began some years ago when the voices in her head wouldn t stop their constant chatter After ruling out multiple personalities, and hitting the keyboard, a writer was born The voices continue The clatter of keys continues The birth of

[PDF] ✓ Visions  ✫ Larkin Rose –
  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Visions
  • Larkin Rose
  • English
  • 04 May 2017
  • 9781626390652

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