Vixen (Kyn, #2)

Vixen (Kyn, #2) What happens when Kyn doesn t find their bond mate They turn rogue and dangerous preying not only on their own kind but humans as well Of course warriors are born of the Kyn to fight the rogues and protect the humans We have one of the baddest warriors, deadly quick with blades as well as tongue Psstt she s a woman Oh yeah Vixen is all that and big can of whup ss and taking names Mina Carter such a wonderful story teller Her imagination, her talent to spin a story for us that encompass most of our emotions at some point She is a joy to read The only female warrior on the Kyn and she is very good at what she does She is sure no male would ever want her and goes out of her way not giving any a chance smacks her head a bit Kalen been drooling at a far over the female bad ass He can see himself with that sexy baddy, but its obviously she can Vixen shuts down any attempt that Kalen to show her how it could be between them When she has to be all girly and dress in a dress her guard is down and softens toward Kalen In the course of events Kalen and Vixen will see just how much they need each other Situations amass, the past lingers to cause mischief and danger looms close at hand We can t forget the mmm hot, hot scenes mixed throughout the story, get your fans at the ready Another great book I voluntarily read and reviewed Enjoy Title Blood Sacrifice Kyn Series Book 2Vampire Warrior RomanceRelease Date AlreadyReleasedAuthor Mina CarterReviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre PRN KynWarrior 10Stars I thought book one was fantastic book two is absolutely magnificent Did I expect anything less from Ms Mina nope her books are all award winners I didn t want to put this book down it is AMAZING Had to keep reading no matter what time it is, yep 2 30 am, I still had to finish this book, it is phenomenal Definitely a Must Read Vixen is a Kyn Warrior, she spent her life proving that she was a warrior, the Elder Council finally let it be known she was born a Female Warrior with marks on her face to prove it The day she walked in with all the other male Warriors, she knew this was going to be harder than training to be a warrior, none of them trusted her they were worried she would not be there to back them up Finally she proved herself and life was good, until she had to put a dress on That s when things start to get complicated, she caught the eye of someone she didn t want to catch or did she want him to catch her Kalen Sauveterre is a Noble Born Kyn Warrior and a good one at that.His first marriage that was complete chaos and tainted in a pain and anger he wanted nothing to do with marriage As we know life doesn t do what we want, it does what it wants and his soul had different ideas A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion. There was so much promise In fact it s because of this reads synopsis that I started this series.Vixen and Kalen flicked all my curious switches A female trying her hand in a male dominated field A cocky hottie pressing her buttons Dangerous situations, court intrigue and broken pasts Everything But it fell so short There is an unexplained past, and future tidings, that needs to be explored for the two main characters It s because of this frustration that I have given it a bad rating As for everything else I will admit that it deserves at least 3. 4.5 stars Everyone knows I am a bit of a pnr addict junkie, and I loved this book First book from this author, but already started stalking.err following her on social media I have no idea how in the hell I have missed her books, but that has been corrected now I may or may not have gotten a little one click happy.just sayin.Kalen Vixen are both Kyn warriors, which are chosen by markings their race is born with If they have the warrior markings then they are trained to protect their people from the rogues of their kind Their race has bond mates, but they are incredibly rare and hard to detect So, the only reason I gave this 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because Kalen was married before he found his bond mate Vixen, so I had a little issue with that and his ex wife was a total bitch His bond mate is Vixen, whom he worked with, but didn t realize was his bond mate until after they are together and her mark finally appears.Kalen Vixen are always sniping at each other Then she is asked to be in her King and fellow warriors wedding as one of the know to protect the bride Once Kalen sees her, he really wants her Of course his bitch ass ex wife ruins the moment for them, causing Vixen to be really hurt and pissed off There is a lot that goes on in this book, but once Kalen and Vixen get together.dayum, just dayum I know for sure I blushed, that s how hot these two were Vixen has a great sarcastic sense of humor and she was tough as nails.not gonna lie, girl power and all that She s a bit of an icon in their world since she is the first female warrior.In this series the Kyn warriors fight rogue Kyn that succumb to the blood lust that takes over them when they never find their bond mate We get other fun paranormals and pixies too..but the pixies are ornerier than hell and mean as shit They get into a bit of a tiff with the Kyn warriors by taking something that does not belong to them.This was a great storyline and I could not put this book down I even teared up at the end, love a great love story If you are a pnr addict junkie like myself, then this is the series for re welcome. I like MC s work, I really do, I like the worlds that she creates, and the characters she brings into those worlds This writer has an unbelievably versatile imagination.Some of her romance however leave me unsatisfied The H can be the rudest, coldest, nastiest ass out there and all he has to do is say a few nice things and drop the L bomb and all is instantly forgiven, no hesitation, no earning back broken trust, nope, he often doesn t even have to apologize, it s ok if he implies he s kind of sorry, and tells a sob story that s supposed to excuse bad behaviour But I still like her stories so I grit my teeth and get past it. Blood Sacrifice is a heart pumping ride as two stubborn warriors find love through loss and sacrifice When I started reading this book, I was in a very cranky mood, having just DNF ed a rather awful book Perhaps starting this book or any book for that matter was not a good idea since I was feeling very testy My temper was further strained by how horrible Kalen s ex wife was Man, what a horrible she devil she was She was a nasty piece of work However, once I got past my bad mood, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and classic Mina Carter.Kalen is your typical kyn warrior An alpha male through and through He s also stubborn as heck and makes all the wrong moves along the way with Vixen even though he s been attracted to her for years but hides his feelings behind snarky comments and jibes at her Underneath it all though, he s a man wary of love because of the way he was treated in the part horrible ex wife, remember She really did a number on him, and he s unwilling to let himself be hurt by another woman again Hence the cocky facade which rubs Vixen the wrong way.Vixen may appear tough and capable on the outside, but inside, there s a soft core to her that is easily hurt and filled with pain from being treated poorly and shunned all her life It doesn t help matters when others are mean to her, calling her names and being cruel Again, like Kalen s ex wife who says some really horrible things to Vixen causing her to misunderstand Kalen and leave in hurt and anger.Ultimately though, both Kalen and Vixen are meant for each other because they are both honorable and protective of those they love They were both in their own way willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the other.While I understood what stood in Kalen and Vixen s way to being happy, I sure wished the both of them weren t so pigheaded They were both blinded by their own anger and misconceptions, and a pet peeve of mine an unwillingness to communicate with each other There were times when I wanted to knock some sense into both their heads and yell at them to just talk to each other and work things out Argh Overall, this was a very satisfying read I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ms Carter brought them together and the ending was simply perfect Feral s book is next, I think I m looking forward to reading that.See from Deanna s World Vixen is my Shero The only female warrior of the Kyn has to work twice as hard, or so she believes, to prove herself though she handles herself just as well as the males Aside from her partner Feral, the rest of the warriors give her a wide berth Except for onethere s always one.Standing a statuesque six feet tall, Vixen s always lacked confidence as a woman but never as a warrior so while she has had her eye on Kalen for a few years, she s never felt compelled to act on it Same for Kalen who has been dancing around his attraction as well and instead taunts her like a fifth grader Good to see some men prefer a woman instead of waifs, pixies and childlike girls YOU GO KALEN Vixen is asked to be a bridesmaid for Maria and Marak s wedding to provide extra security Vixen feels ridiculous in the form fitting pink nightmare called a dress and tells herself she looks like a damn gorilla in a dress As if she doesn t feel self conscious enough, the other women at the wedding are doing nothing to help those feelings by whispering nasties about her knowing she can hear them Women can be so pettyKalen catches sight of Vix in her bridesmaid gown from the back and is doing his best to figure out who this woman is and when can he pounce on her When Vix turns around and they lock eyes, that s it for Kalen He s done playing the uninterested jerk and decides to make his move When Vix makes her way to the empty balcony to regain her composure, or so she thought it was empty, Kalen pounces and the two share a kiss that each has been longing for years Just when Vix lets her guard down for half a second, in steps Kalen s ex wife Astra, though she insists she s his wife, to shake Vix s confidence even Humiliated and embarrassed Vix flees from Kalen to the safety of her apartment.Kalen s not giving up that easily Kalen follows her scent to her apartment and tries to explain the truth about his ex but Vix is not hearing it The kiss still remains the elephant in the room between them Undaunted, with Marak on his honeymoon and in charge of the patrol schedule, Kalen sticks Feral with a newbie and puts Vix as his patrol partner so he can talk to her Kalen and Vix get separated during patrol only to realize the rogues are getting smarter Later the two engage in an unplanned anger fueled quickie in the shower room and things get out of hand quickly and Kalen s in the doghouse onceagain Vix gets her patrol partner back but is so distracted Feral knows something is wrong and most likely the who With sad resignation, Feral steals the scene when he says to Vix I guess this means there s no chance for me then and is totally serious Before he has a chance to make things right, Vix is kidnapped and Kalen will do whatever it takes to get her back.On my Were Scale of Hotness, 4 stars. Whatever Else He Was, She Had To Admit He Had Guts She Wouldn T Want To Be Shut Up In A Room With An Angry Kyn Either While His Pixie Heritage Might Have Protected Him From Being Turned Into A Vampire, It Did Bugger All To Protect Him From Being DeadThe Only Vampire Warioress In Existence Vixen Has Spent Most Of Her Life Proving Herself In A Man S World, But She S Never Been Able To Squash Some Very Feminine Thoughts Where Fellow Warrior Kalen Is Concerned Kalen However, Has Sworn Off Love, Preferring To Deal In Lust InsteadBut A Passionate Encounter Blows Their Carefully Constructed Indifference To Each Other And When Vixen Is Kidnapped Will They Be Prepared To Make The Ultimate Sacrifice To Give Their Love A Chance Vixen is deadly and dangerous As the only female Kyn to carry warrior s marks, she stalks the night Her name is whispered throughout the paranormal community with fear and respect, except by the stuck up debutante s in the Kyn community She is not seen as a woman by the men, but as a deadly weapon That doesn t mean that she doesn t have feelings and thoughts that other females have She wanted someone to love her, but that wasn t in the books for her and she was fine with it That is until Kalen makes a move that ignites her passion, only to have that doused with a dose of reality that shows Vixen that love and passion are not in the books for her and Kalen.Kalen loved his ex wife at one point in time, but the ultimate betrayal by her shattered his trust in females But Vixen is different She is beautiful, strong, straightforward, and will cut out his heart if he stops out of line But he knows that it will go nowhere, so he continues to annoy her That is until she stands up as a bridesmaid in the King s wedding Making his play, he is determined that he will have her, but his witch of an ex steps in and shatters the moment and Vixens trust in him with her lies and innuendo s Now Kalen will have to show Vixen that he truly does care for her But all of that is destroyed when Vixen is kidnapped Now he will pull out all the stops to find her, and kill those who took her, even if it means his life BLOOD SACRIFICE was originally published as Vixen and has been revised and expanded And again, Mina Carter shows why she is one of the queens of steam The chemistry between Vixen and Kalen is explosive Then throw in a wicked witch of an ex and you have yourself a good story Vixen is strong and dangerous and she makes no bones about that But she is still a woman and has feelings and she acknowledges them Kalen comes off as a complete jerk when dealing with her, but boy did he surprise me He is definitely a plate of deliciousness that I wanted to gobble up with a spoon The sex is hot, the danger is pronounced, and character interaction is awesome Definitely a winner in my book and I am so looking forward to the next book in the Kyn series.eARC through Ardent Prose Kyn Warriors Kalen and Vixen have been working together for a while now and Kalen has been irritating, always getting under Vixen s skin and teasing her for being the only female Warrior, and therefore presumably weaker During Marak and Maria s wedding, Kalen sees her as a beautiful, vulnerable woman for the first time and Kalen realizes he s been using the teasing as a means of keeping his distance because he can t seem to resist Vixen any Vixen however, doesn t trust Kalen s sincerity in his sudden romantic pursuit of her But those feelings are put to the test when Vixen is kidnapped by Pixies and Kalen is willing to do whatever it takes to bring her back alive My overall impression of this one was good In retrospect, I can see that some of it is a bit of a hot mess of mixed up tropes, but I didn t mind it so much as it kept the angst and drama going I mean, you ve got the evil OW Kalen s ex wife causing trouble for Kalen, the strangely organized Rogues which, come to think of it, never really gets explained and the Pixie guy who kidnaps Vixen for totally unexplained reasonsbut obviously to make her his wife As I said, it was all over the place, but I kinda liked it I didn t however, really like Vixen s boatload of insecurities I mean, she s a badass warrior, does that mean she has to doubt her femininity But on that note, I m glad that she had vulnerabilities and wasn t all wisecracking and hard hearted But where this story really got me is with the angst there at the end I m a sucker for a Hero who freely weeps as his love lay dying in his arms or one who will sacrifice his very soul to save her The emotions that come across when Kalen realizes he may have lost her forever or that he s willing to die to save her because he can t live without herI mean, that kind of angst is my Kryptonite So for the total manipulation of my emotions, I award this book 4 stars Well done.

Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth otherwise known as the Midlands, England and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword with varying degrees of efficiency she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitabl

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