Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula (A Wicked History)

Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula (A Wicked History) A Wicked History series provides a quick yet nice overview of the featured leader, in this case Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula whose ruthless massacring of his enemy s made his name legendary These books are perfect for any middle high school classroom or library and are guaranteed to make history exciting for students Additional note out of the books in this series I felt this one was the least memorable when it came to the material The author tried to cover to much and the names and countries allied with or opposing the evil Prince of Wallachia became nearly impossible to follow. Good But super gory. I am always on the look out for books that will appeal to the reluctant boy readerand when I came across this series of books at a Scholastic warehouse sale they immediately caught my attention with their shelf appealthe title and topic alone were intriguing But WOWthis book was way too intense for my taste It is a biography about the real Count Dracula and while it is written on a middle school reading level, the subject matter is way too graphic and gruesome for me I m not sure I would recommend this book to ANYBODYmuch less a hormonal, preteen boyno matter how reluctant a reader he is Gruesome stuff. I read a different biography of Vlad Dracula Dracula s Wars Vlad the Impaler and His Rivals by James Waterson , and wanted a little about his youth I didn t want to read an entire second biography, so I searched for Vlad the impaler in my local library s catalog and requested everything they had on him other than fiction , with the plan that I d just read a few chapters and plug that gap in my knowledge I probably should have paid attention to what I was requesting I ended up with this book, written for young readers, and a graphic novel Lesson learned next time I ll dig in a little further to see what I m getting.Having said that, this is a good book for the intended audience Based on my other reading, it seemed accurate other than saying Constantinople had 20,000 defenders when Mehmet II laid siege to it I ve read in multiple places that it was under 7,000, even adding in the Venetians I liked the writing style and the book was short, so I went ahead and read the whole thing I won t rate it because I only read it on accident, but it s probably a good choice for older elementary or middle school kids wanting to know about the real Vlad Dracula. This biography taught me about the life of Vlad The Impaler, or Vlad Dracula Vlad father was a man who was part of the dragon knights, a group of soldiers who pledged their trust to help the Holy Roman Empire against the Ottoman Empire When Vlad s father was captured by the Turks, Ottoman Empire, the only way he would get freedom was by giving his 2 sons and gold to the Turks The 2 sons, Vlad Dracula and Radu, grew up learning to fight, and learnt how to speak many languages and got a good education When the Holy Roman Empire accused the father of helping the Turks, they killed him Vlad then was allowed to rule the fortress that his father was the ruler of, Wallachia Vlad was still furious about his fathers death and wanted revenge, so he called all the boyars and leaders of he town for a feast When the guests were starting to leave, the guards locked the doors and took everyone in the room hostage Vlad had them all impaled with large sticks, and most of them didn t die right away Vlad was known for his cruelty and was chased from being prince many times He was prince 3 times until a turkish assassin killed A trait is determination because he kept coming back to the throne. i think this book is really cool if you like researching about people like Vlad and I think you will enjoy this I f you like wicked history Preview Have you ever wondered if the tale of Count Dracula has some truth to it As it turns out, there was a real Count Dracula of sorts, his name was Vlad Dracula Vlad, also known as Vlad the Implaer, was a ruthless leader whose desire for power led him to take thousands of lives He claimed power of a city called Wallachia in modern day Romania He reigned for only a short time, but the atrocities he committed are still remembered even today.Response This was an interesting read I am a fan of history, so to me I find this genre very interesting That being said, the tales of Vlad the Impaler are quite disturbing I think the age range for this book is 14 and older I think this book would definitely appeal to teenage boys that to girls.Content Warning Genre Nonfiction Violence 6 10 A lot of Vlad s violent acts are described, some so than others It talks about his burnings, stabbings, and other atrocities that he committed. My child needed to do a book report and wanted it to be different from the others We found Scholastic s A Wicked History series and we figured that no one else would think to pick someone like Vlad the Impaler Is everything 100% accurate Probably not, considering he was alive in the 1400 s and not everything was recorded or recorded accurately Let s be honest and admit that even things reported nowadays are not always 100% accurate Is this an interesting story for teens who want to read and learn something different about someone from the past Yes, it is, but just know that things might be skewed a bit I do think that this book is for teens and those who are not easily freaked out by Vlad s cruelty It s the right size for a book report without it being too overwhelming and it gives just the right amount of information 2015 Book Challenge A Nonfiction Book While it was a nice outline of Vlad s life, it left a lot out, and found it to be extremely biased towards Vlad being the most evil person ever to live Even though at the end they did the whole pretend debate as to whether or not he was pure evil As far as how factual the book is, I really don t know There were no foot notes, end notes, bibliography list, or even a blurb on who the authors were and why we should believe them While a work of non fiction, there was a lot of conjecturing, and not a lot of fact listing And a huge emphasis on Vlad being super cruel and evil Which he was, but there were good things about him and his deeds too As they kind of sort of pointed out in a paragraph at the very end. 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  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula (A Wicked History)
  • Enid A. Goldberg
  • English
  • 12 April 2019
  • 9780531125991

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