Volley Balls

Volley BallsDavid Underwood Needs To Go To AA Alpha Lovers Anonymous His Last Attraction To An Alpha Male Got Him Into An Abusive Relationship, And Now Ogling Two Hot Members Of The Australian Volleyball Team On Laguna Beach Gets Him Harassed Yet Again Australian Gareth Marshall Needs To Come Out A Lifetime Of Hiding His Orientation From His Best Friend And Volleyball Partner, Edge, As Well As Everyone Else Around Him, Has Left Him Hurt And Frustrated When Gareth Gets A Load Of David Posing Nude As The Michelangelo Statue In The Famous Laguna Pageant, He Knows His Days In The Closet Are Numbered And David Is Than Willing To Help Him Take The First Step Out Of The DarkBut Gareth S Teammate, Edge, Has Secrets Of His Own, And David S Ex Lover Will Never Be Happy Without David Under His Thumb With Everything Stacked Against Him, Can A Gay Laguna Man Find Happiness With An Alpha Male Or Two

Tara Lain never met a beautiful boy she didn t love at least on paper A writer of erotic romance, mostly m nage and male male, Tara loves all her characters, but especially her handsome heroes A lifelong writer of serious non fiction, Tara had the first novel she ever wrote accepted for publication in 2011 She s now on book 45 and counting After an exotic life of travel all over the world an

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  • 09 June 2019

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    Well, that was a huge miss.This book was a disaster for me I hated the instalove, I hated the strange homophobe morphs into gay lover plot, I hated the awkward menage, I hated the dialogue I could go on and on David s hip pushed up as Gareth came down, and he knew his cock must be halfway to the big guy s tonsils, but he was taking it all, and shit, it was heaven David couldn t help hoping that it wasn t Gareth s tonsils he was tickling He hoped it was his heart.Oh, gag me And this was less than 48 hours after their first conversation, no less I couldn t wait for it to end Read for project GRL 2014 My quest to read authors that I ve never tried before

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    Art gallery owner David hasn t been lucky in love With a restraining order out against his abusive ex he s trying to stay away from alpha males, even though they totally do it for him But he can t help himself when he meets, and falls in love pretty quickly, with Australian volley ball player Gareth, who s still in the closet but willing to bust down that door for David.Unfortunately, Gareth s best friend since childhood, and volley ball partner, Edge isn t happy with this new development but the reason why is a complete mind blower.Short, slightly angsty, and with a twist at the end that I absolutely did not see coming, it took me a little to get into the rhythm of the story, but once I was in I was riveted A lot of that is due to Nick J Russo s narration While he doesn t have the best Australian accents, he does a great job giving each character a distinctive voice and with his timing and the way he performs the emotional scenes was absolutely wonderful.If you are looking for a super hot, sexy, insta love romance with a twist view spoiler M M M M nage hide spoiler

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    This is my second m nage book I ve read in a weekdoes that mean I need an intervention I don t think so because this one wasn t that good I don t like insta sexor insta loveor insta m nage with the homophobic BFF Like seriously Nah, I didn t believe that for a second It would have been believable if it would have only been Gareth and Edge together since they ve been best friends forever But I still didn t believe Edge could be so accepting of David Eh, worth reading if you are into all the insta stuff.

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    This is a really good story about 2 hottie Australian volley ball players, Edge and Gareth, and David, the man who makes both men come to terms with their closeted sexuality The first 2 3 s of the book is about David and Gareth becoming a couple, Gareth admitting he s gay and dealing with Edge s homophobia The reason i took off one star was because only the last chapter finally pulls Edge into admitting he s gay too and their becoming a menage The ending was rushed and I was really wanting to know what happened to Phil, Davids abusive exboyfriend.

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    I read this 8 months ago and was so impressed I practically purchased every one of Tara Lains m m books but it was before I began writing reviews I have just finished book 4 in this series brilliant and was just checking to see if there was any new books I d missed, when I noticed this only had one 3 review on UK Why the problem with the condom I m not sure safe sex and responsible writing, surely Didn t bother me but respect to others views.The whole series has been a 5 rating for me and as book number 1, this too deserves 5 stars David is adorable, Gareth and Edge are perfect as his love interests and its one of my favourite threesomes , this is slightly different in so much as Edge is portrayed to be homophobic and very straight so it isnt an easy relationship but its great watching it all pan out.The love scenes and romance are sizzling hot and all the characters in Laguna Beach are quirky and loveable Fun and so easy to read, I have loved every single one and hope there will be lots to come In fact I m going to have a Balls to the Wall back to back marathon to remind me of all my favourite characters Putting the kettle on as we speak.

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    Very sweet story I read it in one sitting David is super sweet Gareth is sexy, especially after he becomes friends with David, though their relationship felt really rushed Edge was a total jerk, but it seems he may have seen the light We will see The cover is super hot as well.My only real complaints about this story are that it was too short, felt like everything happened too fast and too many descriptions details were left out Still couldn t put it down though, and am off to read the next one

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    Forse sto attraversando un periodo poco fortunato con le letture, per i libri precedenti di Tara Lain mi erano piaciuti e quindi pensavo che questa sorta di spin off di Laguna fosse dello stesso genere Direi non proprio Nel senso che ci possono essere due registri di lettura per questo libro Se uno lo prende come una sorta di sogno onirico, una sorta di divertissement del tutto disancorato dalla realt , allora ci pu stare come lettura scacciapensieri, focalizzata soprattutto sul sesso E addirittura con scene di m nage a trois, consumate in grande spensieratezza e senza tanti problemi pratici W gli amplessi multipli tra ventenni, il mondo sorride dietro l angolo, e non pensiamoci pi Qui darei pure 3 stelline e mezzo Se invece un lettore suo malgrado volesse leggerla comunque come una storia con una struttura, al di l delle scene hot, il tutto diviene molto ma molto surreale Dire che poco verosimile un eufemismo gente che lascia un continente per pochi giorni il tempo di fare una gara e poi decide di cambiare vita e stato, troncando in un colpo possibili legami familiari, in circa mezz ora Gente che si conosce, fa sesso, capisce di aver trovato l a eterno in quarantotto ore, e nello stesso sprazzo di tempo capisce pure che il proprio a ancora pi libero e va ben al di l delle solite coppie Sorvolo infine su chi passa dall omofobia al proviamo una volta , sino all illuminazione definitiva, in appena una notte A mio parere, si insiste un po troppo sull alibi dei genitori ottusi rimasti da qualche parte in Australia per giustificare stravolgimenti esistenziali e legami di fiducia che hanno bisogno di ben pi tempo per divenire cos forti In conclusione, poich non sono riuscita a decidermi per quale registro propendere, rimango su una votazione media.

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    2.5 starsThis was an ok story, but the entire thing seemed rush I especially had problems with this at the end view spoiler the stuff with Edge went by really fast, and the guys are only together as a threesome for one sex scene and then its over, except for a very brief one page epilogue hide spoiler

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    This book is awkward The instalove is awkward, the homophobe turned hot gay boy is awkward, the menage is beyond awkward None of it really made a whole lot of sense, especially the menage since there wasn t much chemistry between the characters.

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    Tara Lain is one of my favorite authors and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of her books So you can imagine that I was anxiously awaiting the release of her new book Volley Balls Her previous two books Genetic Attraction and The Scientist and the Supermodel were wonderfully written I didn t want them to end Volley Balls was no different This short novel is a sweet story about three men coming together unexpectedly and revealing things about one another they never expected Oh yeah. did I mention that it s HOT The sex scenes had my heart racing and my body sweating The image I had in my head from Ms Lains excellent descriptions of how these men look made those sex scenes that much hotter David is a genuinely nice guy who has a past that he is trying to forget He meets Gareth who is sweet and loving which is something that David is not use to Can the feelings Gareth has towards David help bring him out of a closet he s lived in his whole life Enter Edge, who is gorgeous but unkind to David at first Why Well, he has his own issues to deal with as well Can these three gorgeous men find love Ms Lain again did not disappoint Her books always display an array of emotions She has a way of grabbing the readers attention from page one and keeping it until the final page is read Volley Balls is no different I would have read this book in one sitting but unfortunately, life got in the way This book made me smile and kept me fascinated Ms Lain is a terrific author and I can t wait to read Deceptive Attraction which follows Caleb from The Scientist and the Supermodel along with her m m m romantic suspense book called Golden Dancer.So please visit her website www.taralain.com to find out all the latest information on her books And don t just take my word for it go and read them all yourself I promise you will not be disappointed with any of them So if you want a hot and sexy read while you are basking by the pool this summer, than this is the book for you But make sure you are at a pool with lots of hot men so you can let your imagination go wild Kelley1893

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