Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled

Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the NondisabledI have read this book 3 times, the first two about 10 years ago, either right before or right after I graduated from college The first time I read it, it was a library copy, and I couldn t mark it up the way I was dying to, so I dog earred pages and used slips of paper as bookmarks to share passages with others.Then, I bought my own copy and was liberal with the yellow highlighter This time around, I used an ink pen, to differentiate between my different readings And, somewhat surprisingly, I managed to underline different passages than I did before, even though those yellow words still resonated.It would make sense to recommend this book to anyone who uses a wheelchair, because, even though our experiences are vastly different, Mairs and I have a lot in common, as evidenced by her essays here However, I would recommend this book to nondisabled readers, even those who have never had an encounter with someone with a disability.It might seem like a depressing read to someone who doesn t understand the differentiation between the words cripple, handicapped, or disabled But, though Mairs doesn t shy away from the harsh realities of living with a disability in a world that actively seems to say We don t want you here, her writing is also sharp and funny sometimes even LOL worthy It will have nondisabled readers thinking differently about the world they traverse on two legs, and readers with disabilities will revel in the fact of knowing that someone, somewhere, understands.Visit my blog at Bums Bellybuttons. Written in a pleasing combination of poetic and scholarly language, this memoir was a delight to read Mairs writes, that This is not, however, a feel good bookI suppose you might call this instead a feel real book 18 Love it Evidently feel real books are just my kind.Mairs addresses topics from sex to morality to travel as a woman with progressively advancing MS Her musings are personal but also thoughtful in all of the best meanings of the word One of the things that I love best about reading is how books can give you an idea of what it is like to exist as a different person Mairs writes about what it is like to be a person in a wheelchair but makes it abundantly obvious that she is not just a person in a wheelchair but that it is an integral part of who she is. Mairs, Nancy Waist High in the World A Life among the Nondisabled Massachusetts Beacon Press Books, 1996 Nancy Mair s writing contains a very sad but still optimistic tone to it in her poignant memoir, Waist High in the World A Life among the Nondisabled She uses many bits of unconventional and witty humor to keep the tone of the story as light as possible, even though it is describing her experiences with multiple sclerosis, or as she refers to it, MS In some ways, using this tone helps to push the story along although sometimes it hinders its progress Mairs is a master of keeping a light tone to her illness and not just writing a novel so others will pity her unfortunate circumstances She knows when to be serious and when to interject a funny anecdote or quote, which helps the reader connect with her as a human It was easy to visualize what her life is really like as Mairs describes all of the activities she partakes in As a reader, it was always effortless to feel a connection with Mairs disability and how she handles it She feels regrets about how her children had to be raised by a mother who had limited walking ability and energy, and she mentions how her husband had an affair with a healthier woman, becoming the single, carefree, sexy youth he yearned as who does not at times to be Many of her words are deep and have other meanings, making the reader think hard about what her message is trying to get across At many times while reading, it was easy to feel extreme sympathy for Mairs, while at other times it did feel as though she was trying release all of her emotions and make the reader feel what she feels She describes all aspects of her life among the nondisabled, including her sexual life As a reader, it felt very bold for her to venture to such private aspects of her life and allow others a full on view of being a cripple She hides nothing and holds nothing back, which is refreshing to see from someone who could easily find no positive in their life She describes the mundane matters of life that people who are healthy would never give a second thought to Simple tasks such as using the restroom, showering, and getting dressed are impossible for her to handle on her own, yet when she writes about such topics, the reader can t help but take notice of her extreme inner strength, even though her outer strength is lacking Her purpose for writing this book was to help others with MS to show them that you can overcome your inabilities by focusing on what you can do This simple yet empowering fact allows all readers, regardless of having a disability or not, connect with everything Mairs is saying It was interesting to read about the true thoughts of someone with such limited ability, yet such positive thoughts. chapters from varying interest, over all cool A fantastic memoir on disability, womanhood, and writing Mairs shows what it s like to go from able bodied to disabled suddenly, what it s like to physically view the world from different positions, from standing and from sitting A must read for any person interested in the lived experience of a wheelchair user with MS. In this collection of ten poignant essays, Nancy Mairs discloses the acutely intimate and at times distressing revelations of living with a disability Through the phenomenological dimension of an experiential locus, Mairs encourages the reader to travel along on a journey through the thoughts, feelings, and actions allied with an authentic accounting of her disability, and how it saturates the seemingly subjective experience into a recognizable universal attitude towards those regarded as less fortunate.Throughout the essays, it is apparent that Mairs is both an expert writer and a remarkable storyteller From seemingly grounded self evident truths to prodigious interpretations of things as they really are, Mair s prose and poesy coerce the reader to recognize the staggering abilities of the human mind that are sometimes dismissed in those considered disabled.As Mair explains in the penetrating essay Young and Disabled, to build a life based on my needs rather than on other s expectations of me is a battle cry easily understood by many both those able and disabled 132 And, in a rare understanding of the deeply ethical complications of disability, Mair exclaims, people who act on principle are likely to sacrifice the individual for the agenda, which is frequently shaped by their own, often deeply buried, presuppositions about what constitutes an acceptable life 120.The writings of Mair are undoubtedly readable Not because they are unpretentious but because Mair has mastered the art of conveying profoundly personal modes of being in writing This is an arduous craft which makes all but the simplest existential and phenomenological ideas problematic In Mair s writing, there is also a stout Feminist influence This persuasion, however, is a pleasantly interwoven part of the whole It is not overpowering, nor is it defensive It is exactly the right amount for any reader to appreciate the importance of feminist theory to any experiential understanding of the human experience.I would recommend this book to many diverse readers From those new to studying disabilities, to those struggling to find their voice in writing, Mairs style of writing is both accessible and informative.Enjoy the Read Amazing Book, Waist High In The World A Life Among The Nondisabled Author Nancy Mairs This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Waist High In The World A Life Among The Nondisabled, Essay By Nancy Mairs Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Of Plaintext, Carnal Acts, and Waist High in the World, this book feels most developed to me These essays deal with representation of disability in media, the importance of accommodations, life as a woman with MS, and so much , all from a feminist and deeply thoughtful perspective The book ends with the line, I choose joy which sums up Mairs outlook on life. What a spectacular essay collection Nancy Mairs weaves together autobiography on illness, disability, marriage, and feminism in her essays that comprise Waist High in the World I would highly recommend this book alongside the work of theologian John Swinton for forming a robust picture of disability and disability theology. A collection of essays that form a sort of memoir about her life coping with Muscular Dystrophy I liked all of the essays a lot, though they ranged from intimate musings to political pieces about the American with Disabilities Act One of my favorites was about her helping to bust snake oil salesman who robbed desperate ailing people of thousands of dollars by selling sham treatments Wonderful.

Nancy Mairs was an author who wrote about diverse topics, including spirituality, women s issues and her experiences living with multiple sclerosis She received an AB from Wheaton College, and an MFA in writing and a Ph.D from the University of Arizona.She was diagnosed with MS when she was 28, and wrote several essays on her experiences as a self described cripple , including On Being a Cripp

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