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Waiting To Score Quirky, Smart, And Good Looking, Zack Chase Is A Book Loving, Talented Hockey Player But He Doesn T Want To Turn Pro Like His Late Dad, Despite His Mom S Hopes New In Town, Zack S Pitted Against Obnoxious Mac, The Hockey Team Captain With Something Against Jane, The Alluring Goth Girl Who S Caught Zack S Eye As Incidents On The Ice And Off Force Zack To Decide What He Really Wants, He Copes With Sore Losers, Other People S Drinking Problems, And The Consequences Of Making Out With Too Many Girls As Zack Focuses Even Less On Hockey, He Discovers Other Ways He Wants To Score In Life, Especially As AYear Old Guy With Spiking Hormones He S Being Chased By Hot Little Mona His Best Friend Sheila Has Curves That Make Him Sweat And He D Like To Show Jane That He S Not Another Typical Hockey Player Soon Zack Finds Out The Hard Way That People Have Secrets And Burdens All Their Own, And That Some Actions Have Tragic, Far Reaching Consequences

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Waiting To Score book, this is one of the most wanted J.E. MacLeod author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 199 pages
  • Waiting To Score
  • J.E. MacLeod
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9781934813010

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    On the surface, Waiting to Score seems like a book about hockey I was delighted to discover that it is so much Rather, hockey is a backdrop for the relationships between main character, Zach, and his mother, the Goth girl he s interested in, his best friend Sheila, and the dead father who is a constant shadow stalking Zach s life And these are not simple characters or simple relationships, which was one of the things I love most about this book Going into it, I kinda thought I had it figured out good looking but empty headed jock, aloof but intelligent Goth girl, popular brainless queen bee, perky best friend But these characters defied every expectation in every good way True to life, Macleod s characters are richly drawn, full of complexity and contradiction, good and bad Evenly paced and finely executed, Waiting to Score is one of those rare books that will appeal to both girls and boys, teens and adults, Waiting to Score will draw you in so effortlessly, you ll be hooked before you even realize it Basically I loved this one

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    J E MacLeod s debut novel is a well written, genuinely suspenseful tome on living, losing, and loving From page one, the author dives straight into the world of high school, hockey practices, and parties and explores the complex relationships of contemporary adolescence with an authentic teen voice You will find genuine characters and portrayals of Zack, his enemies, his friends, and his than friends until the very last page.Waiting to Score will have you riding a roller coaster of emotion you will be laughing out loud one minute and gasping in shock in the next You don t have to be a guy, hockey fan, or young adult to love this book Waiting to Score definitely scores.

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    I really don t like writing negative reveiws, and you may read this and love it This is the kind of YA book that I don t like and I ended up skimming the last half just to get it over with I could tell from the first chapter, maybe even the first page that I wasn t really going to like this one I prefer uplifting books, even when there are tough topics, I like books that make you feel better while teaching a lesson For me, this was just a downer In one review I read they said that the author tried to take on too many issues, and I have to agree considering the plot consisted of all your typical teen stereotypes underage drinking, bullies, date rape, hook ups, parties, suicide, mean parents, and absent parents just to name a few I also didn t really care for Zack and by the third chapter I was tired of hearing how different he was from all the other guys I personally thought he was a little arrogant, and while he did do some good things most of the time I did not like the perspective of a horny teenage boy I also didn t feel any real chemistry between Zack and Jane I know I skimmed the second half so maybe I missed something later on I don t think Zack was feeling the chemistry either since he cheats on her with his best friend Sheila, just another issue I guess the author wanted to tackle In a nutshell, I wouldn t recommend this one.It does contain a lot of underage drinking and a lot of sexual content.

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    I liked this story, but I did have some problems with it.Zack s voice is entertaining and I liked his character, until he does a few things that make him not so likable and he doesn t seem to understand why he s done them, other than he s a fifteen year old boy.I understood why Jane made the choices she did, but Mona s motivation, after what had been done to her, didn t make sense at all She was a troubled young woman, but why would she have turned her back on her friend and tried to find acceptance from the person who d hurt her I also would have liked to know why it was so important to Zack s mother that he become a professional hockey player Did she think he wasn t smart enough to do anything else Zack asks this question to himself at some point, but doesn t get any answers from his mother He gets great grades and mentions that he admires teens like himself with a good vocabulary, so we know he is very intelligent and successful in school It is a compelling story, once you start the book you won t want to put it down until you finish it I will look for this author again.

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    The cover of this book could use some work, but I didn t factor that into my rating Overall, I found this to be a nice story, but I didn t find the characters to have much depth, particularly Jane I didn t like many of the decisions the main character made and felt like these weren t addressed at all I wanted to feel for the characters, but I couldn t attach to them emotionally The book is definitely sexually explicit, but I think it does fit into the reality of what teenagers are doing today I might give it 2.5 stars if that option was available.

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    This book surprised me in an extremely good way I can t stand sports, but this book rocked It was a little slow for about the first 50 pages Despite being a hockey book, it s not all about hockey The complicated characters face a lot of true high school dilemmas This is a great book for teens, especially boys

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    Language R 110 swears, 0 f , Sexual Content R Violence PGZach is new in town and plays hockey After he tries out for the local hockey team he sees Jane at the arena and falls for her The problem is that she doesn t like hockey players.It started out as a good book, but I had a hard time reading it after page 43 because of the sexual content I forced myself to finish it, but am ashamed that I ever picked it up and put the sexual content into my head.Reviewed for

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    i like that the characters were almost visible, i pictured their voices, faces, how they interacted so perfectly in my mind the story wasn t solely about hockey but about the real struggles of our youth definitely recommend.

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    Authors, editors, proofreaders, publishers everywhere, I bid you now Learn your homophones Hour and our there, their, and they re hair and hare red and read led and lead where and wear would and wood no and know its and it s principal and principle stationary and stationery capital and capitol heal and heel lane and lain your and you re hear and here dun and done pair and pear yew, you, and you bore and boar air, heir, and err plait and plate right, rite, and write and most importantly Learn your peels and peals For homophones, visit this list Peel note the ee combination , the noun, is 1 the skin or rind of a fruit or vegetable, 2 a baker s tool for moving bread in and out of ovens, 3 a fortified type of house or tower built on the Scottish border during the 16th century Peel still with that ee combination , the verb, is to shed skin, bark, etc to remove the skin or rind of a fruit or veggie to come off in layers or flakes, like old paint or slang to undress Laughter does not peel clocks chimes do not peel The handbells I play each week do not lose their finish like dead skin off a sunburned back No, my bells shine, finish intact if, occasionally, a little fingerprinted , and when rung, they peal with a rich tone, their notes lifting to the rafters and sweeping across the audience or lack thereof They are gorgeous when properly handled , and they never, ever peel Unless you wish to earn my eternal disdain perhaps you do, but then you would be rather silly and rash, wouldn t you and that of anyone else who understands the English language, you had best remember that a bell, laughter, a grandfather clock, and anything else that might be said to make a loud, prolonged sound, as of gunfire, thunder, laughter, etc , never, ever, EVER makes a PEELING sound Peeling is silent and ugly pealing is quite the opposite.That said, J.E.MacLeod only makes this mistake once probably because she only used it once , and I found the rest of her book quite enjoyable The protagonist was a little bit of a human balance than I sometimes find he was not always perfect He actually did this thing or started to do this thing that he disliked so many of his peers for His doubts about the kind of person he was becoming were rooted in the evidence of his mistakes, not in the hypothesis of his flawed nature Does that make sense Anyway, while I wouldn t call this the most intellectual read ever, the characters were realistic and relatable, the plot was comprised mostly of things you might see actual high school students doing, and, most importantly, it was an enjoyable one day escape from the rigors of real life, which mostly sucks.I received a free copy through FirstReads in exchange for an honest review.

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    As a serious hockey fan who just had her team win the STANLEY CUP woo hoo Penguins , I have to say that this book was exactly what I needed I loved it and I couldn t have picked a better time to read it Zack Chase has got serious skills on the ice It s in his blood, after all His father was a famous hockey player who met an untimely demise leaving Zack to continue his legacy But that isn t all there is to him He loves to read, he plays the guitar and he s also just a normal teenaged boy When he and his mother move to a new town he finds himself faced with a whole new set of problems The Captain of his new hockey team is a pompous bully who is jealous of Zacks talent and a war seems to be brewing between them Zack also has problems off the ice He has to deal with a mother who thinks that the most important thing in life is making it to the NHL, a teammate who drinks too much, hockey chick groupies and his own doubts about what he really wants to do with his life Not only that, but he has just met the most amazing girl who probably wont give him the time of day Her name is Jane, and she is a gorgeous Goth girl who hates hockey players Zack is determined to get her attention, but will his own hormones betray him as he is tempted by other willing females who practically worship him As the year and hockey season draws to a close, Zack will find out that everyone has secrets and insecurities Some will surface with devastating and life altering consequences It s time for decisions to be made Pass or shoot, Zack Perhaps there is than one way to score I just loved this book It s not just about hockey It s about life, the choices we make and the hardships we may face along the way I can honestly say that I could relate to almost every character in the book in some way Mostly Zack s best friend Sheila, who knows hockey better than half of the team and is the perpetual friend , and gulp Zack s mother Yeah, I can absolutely see where she is coming from Plus, she s a tiny lady who tries to fight a giant man Hmm.maybe I shouldn t say any about that part She wants the best for her son, but she also seems to want him to be like his father I could also see a little of me in Zack He s really good at something, but he isn t sure that it s what he wants to do with his life Maybe it is, maybe it isn t, but he should be the one to decide Aw, heck This book was great And hockey rocks GO PENS

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