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Wall and Piece Banksy, Britain S Now Legendary Guerilla Street Artist, Has Painted The Walls, Streets, And Bridges Of Towns And Cities Throughout The World Not Only Did He Smuggle His Pieces Into Four Of New York City S Major Art Museums, He S Also Hung His Work At London S Tate Gallery And Adorned Israel S West Bank Barrier With Satirical Images Banksy S Identity Remains Unknown, But His Work Is Unmistakable With Prints Selling For As Much As ,

Banksy is a pseudonymous England based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter.His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine irreverent dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilling technique Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.Banksy s work was born

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  • 09 October 2018
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    Everyone in Britain knows Banksy, but I m often surprised to find that my US friends haven t heard of him He s one of the funniest artists around, and has taken graffiti to a completely new level The paintings and installations just turn up, in the most unlikely places Here s one of my favorites, which was discovered one morning on the wall of a family planning clinic in Bristol Note the thematically appropriate content The local authorities were going to remove it, but the doctors asked if they were crazy Erase an original Banksy He s incredibly good at outwitting security One of his greatest coups was the following exhibit, which turned up in the British Museum They also decided to keep it This book collects together most of his work, and is wonderfully amusing to leaf through The thing I like most about him is his complete refusal to take himself seriously what a contrast with Damien Hirst and the other pretentious idiots currently getting absurd sums for stuff that isn t any better than the pieces Banksy does for free And although his main purpose is to entertain, he does have a serious side too I ll give the last word to the man himself.

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    After seeing this next post on Tumblr, I simply had to add this book to my TBR A wall has always been the best place to publish your work I was looking for something to lift my spirits a bit, and thank the stars for sending this piece of art in my direction Wall and Piece is guaranteed to brighten even your bleakest day.Banksy, Britain s now legendary guerilla street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world.Wall and Piece sets the mood with a phenomenal introduction that not only made me open up my eyes to a new world but also seriously educated me The people who truly deface our neighbourhoods are the companies that scrawl their giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff They expect to be able to shout their message in your face from every available surface but you re never allowed to answer back Well, they started this fight and the wall is the weapon of choice to hit them back Not only is Bansky an incredible artist but his way with words lanced my heart And thankfully that wasn t the only written part because we then smoothly move onto the works of Banksy, where he occasionally attaches a piece text to describe the art.Here are a few of my favorites And lastly, I was greatly surprised when it mentioned a short story that was also featured in Almost Famous Women Overall, I was incredibly amazed with Wall and Piece, especially getting to know that some of the works took only minutes to get done MINUTES Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Wall and Piece, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils

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    Disclaimer Haters are not cool I m not hating Banksy because it s the hipster thing to do go grab an art school undergrad, you ll see what I mean One problem with reviewing solo artist art book is that you can t avoid talking about the actual artist, so here it is I can t even be bothered to write about graphics I mean, surely you re only considering buying this book because of the guy not the pretty layout right Why do people like Banksy It seems like people either hate him or love him, and not the traditional oh he s so controversial edgy can t possibly be in between kind Serious practicing artists loathe this guy because 1 he s an auction babe and 2 non serious artists love him His fellow graffiti artists have similarly divided opinion about him, ranging from the Robbo Vs Banksy hatred to admiring him as the God of stencil art A couple years ago when he first started doing those gallery stunts where he sneaked his own work in major museums Brooklyn, MoMA etc in that masked Sherlock Holmes outfit, I thought why, this guy is not a popular artist, what he s doing is clearly conceptual and bravo to someone who is expanding the boundary of performance art Over the years as he got public attention, Banksy became reserved and civilised in the media There is a trend in the rising street artists where the stereotypical persona of the rough, I m from the hood attitude is discarded for a safe, white bourgeoisie irony of look I m fiddling with something cool and dangerous but remember drugs and alcohol are bad for you kids Remember Twilight Remember how bad ass things were actually bad ass, but now the symbol of rebellious angsty anti authority icons are either Gossip Girls or Jersey Shore excluding ironic Che references What Banksy does is arguably beneficial to the art community, in a way that he exposes the traditional obscure and anonymous operation of street artists to a wider audience But he IS Edgy, Dangerous and c00l, you might say, look at what he did in Palenstine Paris Hilton CDs See, Banksy works best with a contextual focus rather than technical originality In terms of fame and money, yes he makes a lot of those but he is by no means the first one haters, please remember Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons are still out there Andre, Basquiat and a bunch of other artists have benefited from the popularity of street art by boxing it into Sotheby s home If you want to be extreme, you can even argue Banksy isn t an artist at all What he does is make statements and provoke his audience through civic sentiments He is not consciously creating art Even traditional graffiti tags have a narcissistic quality that is unique to art Similar to Twilight, Banksy is another subject I avoid talking about Yes, he s a serious artist and interesting phenomenon but many of his fans are obnoxious in labeling him as an academic artists because of this political nature and somewhat unconventional genre Banksy never publicly denounced other sell out street or shock artists and I respect his unpretentiousness Of course, people say well, I don t care if you re only into those serious minimalists, abstract nobody except your art professor understands or installation art, Banksy is too cool for definition However, you can t discuss the artistic merit of Banksy without including him in the circle, an exact contradiction to his principle Well, now that he s widely accepted in the art crowd I m sure he doesn t have a problem with it, considering his generous rise in pay check only complicates the matter Is he still a serious street artist Sure he works with the same medium and similar themes, but his works are getting safer and political for politic s sake It is a shame considering the artistic merit of his works although that is also debatable, some graffiti artists consider stencil art contrived Personally I believe efficiency is important due to street art s, well, illicit nature of production It is perhaps unfair to hate on Banksy for all the above reasons After all, can you name one popular artist who hasn t been called a phony in recent years The point I m trying to make is that if you re serious about art, or street art for that matter, Banksy is merely credible and nothing unusual beyond that Banksy is not 1 breaking new grounds, or rather, not that new in the course of art history 2 technically structurally innovative 3 authentic just because he works on the street and break laws and shit I m not saying he s not a good artist if such thing exists , but I m just going to avoid the next person that calls him the greatest artist in the century, not that Banksy himself, I imagine, would care about this anyway, so why should you

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    In 2003, Banksy donated one of his artworks to the Tate Gallery in London The thing is, the Tate Gallery hadn t actually asked for anything of his He just walked in or had a friend walk in, or had a member of the collective walk in Banksy s true identity is uncertain and stuck it to the wall This is just the kind of appalling disrespect that I think the world needs of.Over the next couple of years, he made similar donations to the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, the Natural History Museum in New York and the one in London, and the British Museum At least two of the museums have added these donations to their permanent collections.It takes a special kind of mind to tag Trafalgar Square with an enormous sign reading DESIGNATED RIOT AREA Also to sneak into the penguin enclosure at a zoo and leave the message We re bored of fish And the Lady Di ten pound Banksy of England notes are incredible too bad he would face 12 years in prison if he actually distributed them.It s a shame that Batman and Wonder Woman aren t real, but at least we have Banksy.

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    Imagine a city where graffiti wasn t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases Where standing at a bus stop was never boring A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall it s wet.

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    I loved this Particularly this

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    There are two kinds of people in this world those who know the work of Banksy, and those who should I recommend this book to both.I think this quote from the back cover says a lot about Banksy There s no way you re going to get a quote from us on your book cover Metropolitan Police spokesperson________________Update 6 October 2018Banksy artwork doubles in value after being shredded in front of stunned onlookers moments after it was sold for over 1m at Sotheby s auction.Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    my copy has the now with 10% crap red sticker in the lower right corner This book holds examples of graffiti stencil artist Banksy, from 2001 to 2006, which aren t always on walls, and not always just with paint Sometimes it s just his name Often the photographs have information with it time, place, how long did it take to do it, how long it lasted at least once in the last one the art was saved into a collection Surfaces walls, animals, on grass and beach sand, vehicles of road and water, street itself, some zoos.Themes war, consumerism, thinking outside the rules, freedom, criticizing narrowness of what is art definiton etc.Types policemen Buckingham palace guards, certain animals monkeys, rats, cows, birds etc , war machines, famous people, children, designated _ area , and so on.As I ve said, it s not always art sometimes it s fake museum pieces, or sneaking art pieces traffic cone art, decorating cameras with stuffed animals, putting shark fins in park lakes, stickers etc I do have to admit that I don t like him spraying live animals, but him sneaking into zoos was amusing He does most of his work in southern England, but has also done it in US and Israel, and it non UK cities like Vienna, Berlin, and Paris.This is a good view into his art, thought provoking and often amusing As many are no doubt now gone, this is a good way of seeing them now Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.

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    Thought provoking and powerful a tour de force of the absurdity that has become institutionalized in our modern world.

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