Way Past Midnight

Way Past Midnight Wow I wasnt sure what to expect with this set of horror shorts but Im glad to have read it Each story was chilling and entertaining from beginning to end Combs writing style is wonderful and i feel as though she completely mastered the art of The Short Story I look forward to readingfrom this author WAY PAST MIDNIGHTA collection of horror stories by Samantha CombsNight Crawlers Beware of who you trustWifeBeGone.com Loved this one Do not pick on children, someone has their backsThe OFFERING This one was deeply disturbingKiller Shoes After reading this story I am so glad I am not a shoe girl It gets scary once you have killer shoes.The ANGLERS Beware of your sacrifices You can t be sure if it will be enough.My reviewI adore these horror short stories The characters, caught as almost a photo would, in a short moment in time, really comes to life in the readers mind It is these short periods that make them seem all thereal, all theplausible Short periods of being human or somewhat human t its worse I am an avid fan of horror thriller and this, the second such anthology I have the privilege to read by Samantha Combs is like a fix of my favorite drug I give this anthology a raving 5 chill review. I don t usually like short stories, but I liked these 5 stories all together I will keep this short and sweet Night Crawlers 4 different points of view that come together in the end, don t get in a cab at night Wifebegone.com Creepy Internet Danger The Offering Babysitter Thriller Killer Shoes Plain Jane in hot evil heels The Angler Best friends, bad boss, and a special trip You will enjoy this book, but you have to go buy it first. Have you ever read a book and then thought could that really happen That s the feeling I got after reading this book There are five totally different tales in this book that will stay with you long after you read the last page After reading the stories, I had all these questions going through my head good questions, provoking questions, questions that made me wonder about how I see the subject matter I had just read I can tell you, I will definitely look at high heel shoes in a different light, I will look at puzzlesclosely, and I will wonder about that big oak tree in my parent s yard, I will See, my life has changed I can t really say which one was my favorite as a few of them were, but it was definitely worth reading Night Crawlers had many different angles starting out and then bam, they all came together and then it gets creepy The players all played their role and their true colors shined This story had a lot of different elements that had me thinking, definitely creepy I really enjoyed the tale Wifebegone.com, as the characters and storyline were amusing and mysterious It was an engaging story that anyone might wish to be at their disposal Killer Shoes had me thinking that I might need to start wearing heels I normally wear flats but after reading this piece, I am reconsidering my options I will most definitely be checking out people s shoes in the future and whether they are appropriate The Anglers and The Offering were also good stories The Anglers dealt with some men going on a fishing trip and how special this trip was for the men The Offering, well I like my parent s oak tree but after reading this story.I see things in a different light I like the writing style of the book and the variety of the stories You just have to read it it might help you see things in a new perspective, or you just might just discover something unique. Samantha Combs Takes Us On Another Excursion To The Dark Parts Of The Human Mind Against The Backdrop Of Horror And Fantasy, Come Along For The Ride And Discover Basic Human Truths Amplified For Both Your Enjoyment And Your Fear Samantha Introduces You To Her Creatures Of The Night And Tells You Stories And Tales Of Things That Only Exist In The Wee Hours, Those Hours Way Past Midnight

Samantha Combs is a multi published, young adult middle grade author living in Southern California The award winning author of nine books, five are young adult paranormals Spellbound, Everspell, Ghostly, Waterdancer, and The Deadlies one is a middle grade horror novel The Detention Demon and three are adult horror collections Teeth and Talons, Way Past Midnight, and Helloween Samantha has t

[PDF / Epub] ✍ Way Past Midnight ☁ Samantha Combs – Webcambestmilf.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 74 pages
  • Way Past Midnight
  • Samantha Combs
  • English
  • 07 October 2019

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