What Would Susie Say?

What Would Susie Say? IN WHAT WOULD SUSIE SAY , Susie Essman Sheds The Crasser Layers To Reveal How She Went From An Anxiety Ridden, Struggling Stand Up Comic To Being One Of The Funniest Women On Television, Playing Susie Greene On HBO S Curb Your Enthusiasm Emerging As One Of The Most Successful Performers In Her Field, Essman Goes Behind The Scenes Of A Life In Comedy With Her Funny Cohorts, Including Joy Behar, Rodney Dangerfield, And, Of Course, Jeff Garlin And Larry David, While Also Providing Sidesplittingly Funny Wisdom On A Range Of Topics That She S Highly Unqualified To Expound Upon, Including Men, Sports, Hypochondria, And StepparenthoodWHAT WOULD SUSIE SAY ABOUTMARRIAGE It Took Me A Long Time To Find The Man I Was Willing To Commit Myself To Even The Word Commit Is Troublesome One Is Committed To A Mental Institution MEN WITH DOGS As A Dog Lover, I Ve Researched Many Different Breeds And I Ve Begun To Realize That You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By What Breed Of Dog They Choose To Associate With A Bit Self Conscious About Your Cellulite A Guy With A Shar Pei Is For You They Re Hard To Find, But Cheaper Than Lipo THE BEAUTY OF MENOPAUSE I Guess I Just Have To Accept The Fact That I M Going To End Up A Bald, Fat, Sweaty, Irritable Woman With A Dry Vagina And A Full Beard Who Never Sleeps And Has Memory Loss So I Won T Even Be Able To Remember How Hot I Used To Look STEPPARENTHOOD My Mother Used To Tell Me You Can T Buy Your Kids Love Bullshit You Can, And It S Exponential They Re Like Russian Mail Order Brides The You Spend, The They Love You WHAT WOULD SUSIE SAYis Essman S Irreverent, Refreshingly Candid, And Hilarious Retort To The Dubious Facts Of Life That We All Face

Susan Susie Essman is an American stand up comedienne and comic actress in television and films She is best known for her role as Susie Greene, the verbally abusive wife of Larry David s manager on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • What Would Susie Say?
  • Susie Essman
  • English
  • 06 February 2017
  • 9781439150177

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    Until now, I ve never read a celebrity book Mostly because there are so many other books I d rather read and I really don t give a shit about celebrities political opinions or personal lives So why did I read this celebrity book Believe it or not, Susie Essman is actually our neighbor My wife loves that a celebrity lives on our street and I tease her saying that she stalks Susie So I guess I read this book for a few reasons 1 Susie Essman is a hilarious, seasoned comic and actress she s in her seventh season on Larry David s Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO I ve seen her stand up routine on Comedy Central and on the occasional Celebrity Roast she s a riot.2 Like I said, Susie s our neighbor so her take on parenthood and living in the suburbs hits close to home literally , and if I bump into her, I want to be able to say, Hey Susie I read your book it was great and say it with honesty.3 My wife met Susie at a local book signing, bought the book, got her autograph and photo taken with her and also read the book.I have to admit that there were several moments that I literally laughed out loud while reading this book Like all good comedians, Susie instinctively knows what s funny the book is a culmination of her comedic life experiences, observations and pearls of widsom.To me, the best part of the book was learning about the behind the scenes action of HBO s Curb Your Enthusiasm.All in all, I have to say, SUSIE BIG FAN

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    not as funny as I d hoped it would be

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    Susie had some funny one liners in here I liked that she was a 1st time bride at 53 Also, how interesting that her dad made the US Olympic team for fencing I love that Larry David cracks up uncontrollably every time Susie Green screams curses at him on set.Her immigrant grandmother had a very hard life Susie described her as having survivial mode humor that really resonated with me I think that really applies to life in general.She identified types of men byt he dogs they have Terrier owners are premature ejaculators LOL

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    3.5 stars.

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    2 18 10Page 100Pretty funny S s It reads well, like having Susie YELLING obscenities in your ear while you re trying to find the..spot Need I say She s hilarious on Curb Your Enthusiasm and she s almost as good in bed 3 6 10What would Susie Say BS Wisdom About Love, Life and Comedy, by Susie EssmanI had to pick up something much lighter and truthful after trying to feel for Pelzer pact of lies, A Boy Called It Essman s advice and recollections of coming up through the business was far what I needed to be focusing my time upon It s like she writes, in her letter to her four children Gravitate toward people who like themselves They won t suck the life out of you They need less from you and therefore can see you clearly Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, and I don t mean ass kissers or sycophants I mean people you are your best self with People who like themselves are less self involved and therefore have to offer, 175 I particularly like when she continues by saying trust your gut feelings when someone make you feel icky Run as fast as you can AWAY from these types of people And before I even got 20 pages into Pelzer s I began to get an icky feeling that the text simply didn t ring true I began to go research, learning how that particular author may have withheld documents that may BLOW HIS SPOT up If you were abused, tell you tales, show the proof, should you have it and move on What s there to hide You ve written not ONE, but three books on this topic and the accounts, according to those who wasted their time reading all of them all the accounts change slightly with each fresh new telling Nuf said about that glory seeking d bag Now, on the other hand, I can sympathize with Essman, trying to connect with her teenage kids when she blunders with, Didn t Fergie used to be in the Black Eyed Chili Peppers Loooooong pause and then the ultimate sign I did something horribly wrong eye rolling, eye rolling, eye rolling.I was the queen of the eye rollers In fact, I was so good at it, you could actually hear me roll my eyes OK, so less than half the time to get that above icky feeling, we get this comfortable, I hear you feeling from Susie We re buds, walking through Central Station, standing on the platform waiting for the dreaded 4 Train Well, not quite that friendly, but she rings TRUTH And, I lmao, for those of you tweens still reading Lol OPage 8 living the uncommonly happy and carefree maxi pad commercial life.13 I did some research on the teenage brain and learned that the cerebral frontal cortex cfc is not fully formed until the age of twenty five This comes as no surprise to any teacher or social worker or anyone else in the human sciences However, her take on this is standard Essman, and I won t blow the punchlines here, go out and get into her head as she s done mine Likewise, her eight questions for trying to protect and warn her teenage daughter about the dangers and joys of sexual desire while they are extremely cfc deficient a few pages also shows how worried a mother, guardian or teacher truly gets for their kids.Other pages I ll update later are 22, 31, 73, my mother s been dying since 1963 83 6, and dry vaginas , 94 5 another teaching moment concerning her grandmother s motivations for learning not always modeled by all parents or adults in one s life Page 98 and her love of walking the streets of NYC I love her observations, as the majority of her insights about PAYING ATTENTION page 129 and 110 completely different hilarious geysers of massive proportions You will laugh, you will learn and you ll want to hear from this veteran of the Comedic Stage and hopefully she ll be performing somewhere downtown soon.

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    This book isn t what I thought it would be, which means it is only good and not great.I had high, high hopes for a book by Susie Essman because Susie Essman is hilarious on Curb Your Enthusiasm I crack up every time she calls her TV husband a fat fuck Maybe Essman is one of those people who are funnier in person than they are in writing.I thought this book was an enjoyable read, but I was hoping for really, really funny, and it was only humorous.That said, there was a lot I liked in this book I liked the parts where Essman shared candidly about being sunk in the depths of depression I liked it when she explained the patriarchal roots of common wedding traditions I liked it when she questioned why anyone would want to be or pretend be a virgin when she got married I appreciated her honesty at every turn.I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to fans of Essman and to anyone who wants a perspective on stand up comedy

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    If I was older I probably would have enjoyed this book audiobook a lot I couldn t relate to her issues with marriage and children or menopause, but it had some good moments My favorite parts were her chapters on how why she got into comedy and Curb Your Enthusiasm, which were the reasons I was interested in the book in the first place I don t like self improvement books and this is what What Would Susie Say mostly was She talks about relationships, friendships, germs, health and so on Most of her advice on relationships and kindness were just cliches, and a lot of the book was very redundant Essman also pointed out the obvious, a lot, like if you re in an abusive relationship you should get out Had I actually read this book instead of listening to it I probably would have like it less, listening to the author tell her own story definitely adds something to the book.

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    Got this from Border s Closing Sale if I m not mistaken I don t watch Curb, so I wasn t previously familiar with Susie, but I judged the book by it s cover and it looked good for 1.75, so it came home with me thankfully I don t use the same method when choosing hookers It reads like a collection of short stories rather than a thought out memoir, but it has it s funny points, since she is a comedian This worked out for me since I was reading it in between all 3 Hunger Games books, so I was able to pick it up at different points and not feel out of place Good while reading it, but not super memorable You d probably enjoy it if you were a fan of her previously or watch Curb Your Enthusiasm Give it a try if you are, but if you re not read something else first.

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    Susie Essman is a character actress and an improvisational comedian These two things do not make for a decent book Considering Curb Your Enthusiasm is notorious because it has an outline of a story but not a script, she does well there This book is really random tidbits about her thoughts that quite frankly are rarely very funny And she does not have significant enough thoughts to make it worth your time in my opinion Read someone like Chelsea Handler who has talent and can truly write, deliver and improv jokes.

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    I listened to the audio book as I usually always try to do when comedians write books it s always so great to hear the words in their own voice I really enjoyed it Susie s funny, clever, and her takes on love, life, and performing are actually dead on I d have given this 5 stars, but I knocked half off only because it was a little repetitive and at times the audio was a bit too read y, which was a little disappointing 4 1 2 stars

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