When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls In The Latest Novel From The Bestselling Author Whom Critics Have Called The Thriller Writer To Watch, Lawyer Jack Swyteck Tackles A Case In Which The Life Of His Best Friend Hangs In The Balance And In Which Nothing Is As It SeemsMiami Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Swyteck Isn T Looking For A New Client, At Least Not One Who Is Homeless And In Jail For Threatening To Jump Off A Bridge But From The Moment Jack Is Called To Defend The Man, Who Goes By The Name Falcon, Something Is Amiss For One Thing, Falcon Comes Up With The , Bail In Cash Then The Body Of A Brutally Murdered Woman Is Found In The Trunk Of The Abandoned Car In Which He Is LivingPanicked And On The Run, Falcon Takes Jack S Best Friend, Theo, Hostage They End Up Barricaded In A Motel Room, And Theo Isn T The Only One At Falcon S Mercy Jack Must Work With The Cops And Their Crackerjack Negotiator To Free Theo And The Other Captives Before Falcon Decides He Has Nothing To Lose By Killing Them AllWhat Jack Doesn T Know Is That Falcon Has A Much Bigger Agenda, And That There Are People Behind The Scenes Who Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Dangerous Secrets Thus Unfolds A Riveting, Lightning Paced Story, As Only James Grippando Can Tell It

Jack Swyteck

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • When Darkness Falls
  • James Grippando
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780060831134

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    RATING 4.25Most defense attorneys will tell you that many of the people that they represent are not innocent In spite of that fact, they are sworn to provide them with the best possible legal defense Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck finds himself in a real dilemma when he is assigned a homeless man known as Falcon He is certain that he won t receive his fees much to his surprise, Falcon has no problem at all coming up with the required 10,000 In fact, he sends Jack to Bermuda to retrieve it, at which time Jack finds Falcon has stashed 200,000 in a safe deposit box Falcon had been arrested after threatening to jump from a bridge unless the mayor s daughter is brought to the scene Once released from jail, he is implicated in the brutal murder of a woman found in the trunk of the abandoned car which he had been calling home Panicked, Falcon takes Jack s best friend, Theo, hostage, along with two women and a man found in a seedy motel room Grippando takes us deep into the twisted mind of Falcon Along with the police, the reader is never certain what he will do next Will he kill one of the hostages Will he be satisfied if the mayor s daughter, Alicia Mendoza, comes to talk to him The motel is surrounded by SWAT teams and eagle eyed snipers Alicia s former boyfriend, Vince Paulo, is assigned as the negotiator There s a lot on the line for Vince, as he lost his sight during a similar stand off Alicia, Jack and Vince form a team who desperately try to figure out how to put the Falcon out of commission without harming the hostages.WHEN DARKNESS FALLS is a suspenseful thriller that goes beyond action and provides a good look at the motivations of the various characters in the book, as well as portraying some of the political influences that are impacting the situation I really liked Jack Swyteck, who was a defense attorney with a conscience In spite of the fact that he had an extremely unlikable client, he provided him with the best defense that he could and would not allow himself to use information about Falcon to barter with the mayor and others for personal gain Grippando also did a great job in his depiction of Vince Paulo, who was only recently blinded and struggling with other people s reactions to him as well as finding a way to live a meaningful life.In addition to the present day situation, Grippando weaves in a sub plot about Argentina in the late 1970s and early 80s having to do with the Disappeared during the dirty war The connections to the present day were a little too convenient, but do add another dimension to the narrative.WHEN DARKNESS FALLS is the sixth book in the Swyteck series This is my first exposure to the author and the character Based on how much I enjoyed this book, it won t be my last.

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    This was the first Grippando book that I have read, so Swyteck was a new character for me This was a free read in three parts from the kindle store, but I waited for all three parts to be available before I started reading I did not want to risk being left hanging From the book description, I though that this book would have a legal or sleuthing edge to it, but it was of a thriller suspense read However, there were not enough nuggets given to uncover the mystery during the first two thirds of the book Because of this, the events from the first part of the book, although they involved the same players, just seemed like random events The last third of the book, then, had an overload of information finally linking all of the earlier events together When the last thrilling event finally ends, the book should have ended there Instead there are about four chapters extending the story out than it needed to be The book was well written otherwise, and there were interesting parts in the book Perhaps I would have enjoyed this if I had read other books in the series I cannot tell After having read this one, though, I have no plans to read any of the others.

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    The concepts I found most interesting in the book, was how Grippando based the circumstances of the plot and it s characters in part on the story of the Disappeared s from Argentina s Civil War as well as the idea to have a blind negotiator who s blindness was influenced by his own father s blindness due to macular degeneration The race to discover the truth behind homeless man Falcon s past and his reasons for holing up in a hotel with four hostages while 200,000 is being kept in a Bahamian Bank in his name was both intriguing and kept me reading without breaks in order to discover the frightening past of Falcon and the truth behind the Mayor s daughter s heritage Having completed the book, I find myself interested in wanting to read about the Disappeared s of Argentina, as well as take a mini vacation down to Miami for the beach and some good Cuban food Well worth a read for those who like mysteries and interesting enough that I may read by the author.

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    this story was a little weird a bit graphic at times.an intriguing mystery.w out giving any spoilers A homeless man Falcon is obsessed w the mayor s daughter Alyssia who s a cop Why Jack is Falcon s lawyer.a hostage situation occurs I wasn t sure where the story was going b c the suspense seemed to happen too early.then some things happen, and clues are slowly brought to light pieces to the puzzle to figure out.I like Vince I already read the later book that explains how he lost his sight so this was his introduction to the series which was interesting.I must say, Grippando certainly doesn t shy away from relevant, news worthy topics as themes for his books W out giving away a big spoiler, i will urge those to google dirty war after finishing this book It is a subject worth knowing about.

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    Si ets spraigs, un, j saka, ar t ma oti laba.

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    Good book made greater by Narrator Jonathan Davis Easy to follow and not too many characters Hostage situation may have been to drawn out but finally wrapped I ll read another Grappando book as long as it s narrated by Jonathan Davis.

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    On the suggestion of a fellow reader we both enjoy Harlan Coben I entered the world of James Grippando it was a fast and twisting read and I did enjoy it but not as much as Myran Bolitar Will, however give him another shot in the future.

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    Goodreads needs to improve its rating system, because I want to give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars, but I couldn t do so The book is not that perfect to be given a round up of 4 stars, yet not that bad to be given just 3.I like how the majority of the plot was actually revolved around a hold up situation, which means, it didn t dragged on from day to days It also didn t felt like a rush, although I hate to say that the way it ended was anti climatic and waste of adrenaline, actually Here we had Theo, his life hanging by the thread, teased with death just hovering over him, and I expected a little bit of a fight from him to save himself, but no, it didn t happen that way He just got lucky This book is mostly about a day in a life of Jack Swyteck and Theo, so if you are expecting a mystery that is a little harder to resolve, this is probably not the one for you But hey, Jack Swyteck is always a breeze.

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    Jack Swyteck, a Miami criminal defense attorney, isn t looking for a new client, at least not one who is homeless and in jail for threatening to jump off a bridge But from the moment Jack is called to defend the man, who goes by the name Falcon, something is amiss For one thing, Falcon comes up with the 10,000 bail in cash Then the body of a brutally murdered woman is found in the trunk of the abandoned car in which he is living.Panicked and on the run, Falcon takes Jack s best friend, Theo, hostage They end up barricaded in a motel room, and Theo isn t the only one at Falcon s mercy Jack must work with the cops and their crackerjack negotiator to free Theo and the other captives before Falcon decides he has nothing to lose by killing them all.What Jack doesn t know is that Falcon has a much bigger agenda, and that there are people behind the scenes who will stop at nothing to keep their dangerous secrets.

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    Audio book read by Jonathan Davis who always does a great job I didn t care for this book very much I want to see Jack do criminal defense work, not be involved in police cases where he is pretty much a bystander, in my opinion Sure he starts out defending the character Falcon , but then becomes involved in Falcon s craziness due to his past and hostage situation These last two novels have not met my expectations of what a true legal thriller is.

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