When I Was You

When I Was YouWhat did I just read Oh my gosh this book had me at the edge of my seat I didn t know who to trust or believe Brienne Dougray was attacked while leaving work barely surviving her attack she s now afraid to leave her home or talk to anyone She decides to rent out a room upstairs in her home to the handsome Dr Niall Emberlin She soon finds herself relying on him and his friendship as she heals from emotional and physical wounds When she receives a key in the mail for an apartment she supposedly rented she s confused Why would she rent an apartment She becomes scared did the person that attacked her steal her identity She begins to investigate and soon discovers a woman whose using her name and looks looks just like her, even dresses like her , drives the same car and seems to be living her life What s going on Both Briennas drink the same alcohol drink, wear the same jewelry and could be twins With digging she starts noticing things that are odd in her life, is she going crazy With the help of her tenant Niall she begins to uncover things about herself that confuse her She doesn t know who to trust or who to believe in her life and with her mind fragile from her attack she feels like her life is falling apart around her Is she really Brienne or is something sinister going on What she uncovers is disturbing and will truly shock you So many twists and turns in this book I loved it This was an amazing psychological thriller and I highly recommend it Five stars It blew me away This was my January pick for the Prime first reads and it was an enjoyable book that moved along with good pace and seemed to break some of the rules of suspense by revealing the why of the manipulation before the book was half done It s much typical to have to hang on right to the end to figure out why baddies are baddies and why they re up to no good The start is rather abrupt and we re presented with a back story of why Brienne finds herself lonely and friendless after an attack that nearly killed her half a year earlier It read like one of those recaps at the beginning of an episode of a TV series I found myself wondering if I was reading a sequel but I wasn t It s not a long book and the background canvas could have been painted in detail and depth without making the book overly long.There are holes in the plot you could drive a truck through Surely anybody doubting if they are who they think they are would be able to confirm their identity easily This poor woman had police contacts from her assault but never thought to call them and check Who am I It s also very clear that the key to an apartment that starts Brienne wondering who is pretending to be her could NOT have been sent to her unless she was who she was Baffling But if you re willing to suspend disbelief and accept that gaslighting can be so convincing, then go for it It s an enjoyable read, looks like the kind of thing that could be made into a best selling film like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train or any other of myriad books with girl shoved in the title Plenty of suspense, a smattering of mystery, but I remain unconvinced that revealing the why so early was really a good idea. Another great one from Minka Kent I have been a fan of this author since her debut The Memory Watcher After Brienne s attack and her return from the hospital,, she is afraid to leave her house and becomes somewhat agoraphobic When she receives a key in the mail from Harcourt Property Group and informed that it is for the 1 bedroom apartment she rented, she is floored Why on earth would she rent an apartment when she owns her own house Fear starts to set in and she needs answers Enter her tenant, Dr Niall Emberlein With no friends or family, she must rely on him to find out what is going on This book was suspenseful and intriguing and had me guessing from the very start I have found each book by this author very enjoyable and I can t wait for the next one If you have not yet read a book by this author, you need to try one, I highly recommend Thank you so much for the advanced reading copy Are you looking for an edgy suspenseful thriller When I Was You is EXACTLY what you are looking for Minka Kent s books are always a good read, but this one really takes the cake in how freaking good it was It has the reader feeling as if they have what is happening all figured out to have something happen that completely changes EVERYTHING What a freaking amazing bomb it was too I can t say much because spoilers aren t cool and anything I say will give something away Just know if you like thrillers and suspenseful reads, then I HIGHLY recommend you checking out When I Was You, it is that freaking good 5 outta 5 stars from me PS I want to thank Minka Kent for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly My Recommendation A year ago, Brienne Dougray is assaulted, robbed, and stabbed, and left in an alley She survives the assault and as a result, she is now experiencing PTSD, OCD, and nightmares Her close friends recommend that she get a housemate tenant so she feels safer, and she advertises for one She finds a physician to rent one of her rooms Shortly after Dr Niall Emberlin moves in, her friends disappear from her life She wonders why, but never bothers to ask them about it She just lets her friendships die Regardless, weird things start happening, and one day, she receives an apartment key in the mail When she questions it, she discovers that someone is impersonating her Her name is unique, and before the assault, Brienne ran her own business, so her name is out there Yet, no one questions having two people in the town of Quinnesec Bluff, Iowa with the exact same name Both Briennes share the same habits, look similar, drink the exact same unique drink Sazerac , and wear the same type of clothing Both own the same high end purse, sport the same bracelet, and drive the exact same car It s creepy how the ambiance of this book digs deep within the reader, and won t let go And it is creepy that it seems relatively easy to impersonate someone This book grabs the reader and will not let go The reader wants to understand what is happening to Brienne, and why Most of the story is very believable, with the exceptions of the things mentioned in the previous paragraph The pacing is even and the tension builds steadily The entire book is eerie in that there are so many things that are copied relatively easily, to allow this imposter to take over certain aspects of Brienne s life The reason why this all happens is revealed gradually, which leads the reader to have empathy for the woman impersonating Brienne It also leads Brienne to take control of her life again, instead of watching it happen from behind her locked windows Her growth as a character and her fight to take her life back are additional delightful aspects of this book.There are many things about this book that are worthwhile Be prepared, however, as the creepy factor sticks with the reader long after he or she is finished reading. Minka Kent is a very talented author I have read a few of her previous books so was looking forward to this one which I received as a Kindle First.I got about 30% in and thought I knew where this was going but then everything changed and I found myself turning page after page to find out what happened next A brilliant adrenaline pumping page turner.Brienne was brutally attacked and it has left her with memory loss and severe anxiety She is financially loaded with money than she could spend so she doesn t need the income from a tenant but she does need someone around for support and reassurance Niall fits the bill perfectly A single doctor with compassion couldn t be perfect But all is not as it seems.Brienne soon realises she has a double Why does someone want to be her Or is it her that is pretending to be someone else A very unique and intriguing read Well worth the 5 stars. A Stolen Identity Leads A Woman Down A Dark And Desperate Path In A Gripping Novel Of Psychological Suspense By Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Minka KentAfter Barely Surviving A Brutal Attack, Brienne Dougray Rarely Leaves Her House Suffering From Debilitating Headaches And Memory Loss, She Can Rely Only On Her Compassionate New Tenant, Dr Niall Emberlin, A Welcome Distraction From The Discomfiting Bubble That Has Become Her ExistenceBut Brienne S Growing Confidence In Her New Routine Is Shaken When She Stumbles Across Unsettling Evidence That Someone Else Is Living As Her Same Name Same Car Same Hair Same Clothes She S Even Friended Her Family On Social Media To Find Out Why, Brienne Must Leave The Safety Of Her Home To Hunt A Familiar StrangerWhat She Discovers Is Disturbing Than She Could Have Ever Imagined With Her Fragile Mind Close To Shattering, Brienne Is Prepared To Do Anything To Reclaim Her Life If It S Even Hers To Reclaim Very intriguing thriller ish mystery There are some twists and surprising revelations.You ll have your suspensions about certain things, and just when you think you ve figured out what is happening, you are slapped in the face with the truth There is only a bare minimum of violence only one scene, and that is mild No sexual content It definitely keeps you enthralled with the story and wanting to find out how it ends How far will the criminal get away with before the victim succeeds if they succeed in stopping it There are a lot of little things that had to happen to keep the criminal s game going and this author really thought of every little detail It is written in a way that you don t really know who the victim is and who the bad guy is until you get further into the story This isn t really a dark read, but it does have that cloud hanging over it This is a well plotted, well executed story Once you get into the nitty gritty of it, it was hard to put down I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley. INGENIOUSLY CRAFTED IMPOSTER THRILLER A mindboggling imposter story that blew my mind What a crazy ride this mesmerizing suspense thriller was in tackling an extreme case of identity theft, and the thrill ride left me breathless with excitement I kept asking myself what the heck is going on here The imposter twist gets taken to a new level, with chilling ironies The story was clever, unsettling, and proved once again that the author a pseudonym of Winter Renshaw continues to have thriller tricks up her sleeve On edge for most of it, I was delightfully sucked into every fresh angle and crazy dip that took the story in wild and unexpected directions The twists and turns never stopped, as I frantically whipped through the pages for answers POVs and revelations kept shifting and left me constantly off kilter The slow wind up followed by the unwind of an inventive plot was deliciously devious and complex, and everything spiraled in faster and faster freefall to conclusionIt never fails to amaze me all the things people do when they think no one s watching, the things they think they can get away withAn assault left Brienne Dougray with severe headaches, memory loss and blackouts Fear of her still at large assailant has made her a recluse in her monstrous home Her friends ghosted her as a literal pariah after the incident, though she has no idea why Worse, there s a lookalike woman in town openly living as Brienne, and using her name But, who is the real Brienne and why are false memories real than the supposedly true ones she can t remember No one not even the police seems to take her claims of an imposter seriously, nor are they doing much to find her attacker Instead, she is treated like a stalker If not for her recent boarder Dr Niall Emberlin lonely Brienne would lose her mind But, she doesn t even know the worst of it yet This noirish thriller had me off balance in all the best ways The beginning strikes just the right unsettling chord of introducing Brienne and her situation, never giving us the full picture, while teasing us with tidbits that slowly help unravel this mindboggling mystery What is truth, and which, if any, characters are reliable I m always a sucker for the unreliable narrator angle, but don t think you have all, or any, of the details of this puzzler figured out because the imaginative story keeps shifting focus and revelations at a snappy pace It was interesting that we only see the facade in the beginning, but slowly have knowledge and insight than what the characters That technique doesn t spoil the surprises, at all The multiple POVs were deliciously manipulative And once the answers start flowing, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground because I never imagined the story would be so intricate in motivation and detail While I was busy screaming in my head at the actions and sometimes foolish mistakes of characters, I was still enormously entertained by how ingeniously crafted the story was There was a very noticeable flaw in logic in a scene dialogue that I can t mention without giving too much away, but that mistake wasn t enough to spoil the story for me in any way The plot starts getting real and gritty once distractions occur, and over confidence leads to sloppy, mushrooming mistakes and possible exposure of the truth The concept is brilliant, and the plotting insanely clever, along with my love for the author s writing style Just let yourself go and accept the logic and dynamics of this generally satisfying thriller It wasn t perfect, but it was extremely entertaining and I can t even say a thing about the most riveting character that blew me away the mostWhen I was you, I learned about the person I was, the person I wanted to be, and the person I didn t want to be any And after meeting you today, I learned about the person I hope to become like someday After barely surviving a brutal attack, Brienne Dougray rarely leaves her house Suffering from debilitating headaches and memory loss, she can rely only on her compassionate new tenant, Dr Niall Emberlin, a welcome distraction from the discomfiting bubble that has become her existence.But Brienne s growing confidence in her new routine is shaken when she stumbles across unsettling evidence that someone else is living as her Same name Same car Same hair Same clothes She s even friended her family on social media To find out why, Brienne must leave the safety of her home to hunt a familiar stranger.I was in the mood for a good mystery or suspense thriller and this book ended up being a good choice I m giving it 4 stars for two reasons because it kept me glued to it all day and because I found it refreshing that it wasn t full of unsavory characters and expletives Nowadays it seems rare to find a book like this that doesn t include those I ve had a hard time finding suspense thrillers that even have a main character that I can like I would probably give everything else about the book 3 stars It was easy to figure out what was going on from the beginning, and the author lets you in on it as soon as the point of view switches I was a little disappointed in that There were also some holes and implausibilities that bothered me There were two things in particular that were never explained One was the facebook page Why was it created in the first place if Brienne never used social media anyway and who created it view spoiler I m assuming Shane created it since Sam didn t know what was going on, but why friend her distant relatives And how did he know who they were in the first place And it seemed like Sam was the one posting on it, so it really didn t make sense hide spoiler

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When I Was You book, this is one of the most wanted Minka Kent author readers around the world.

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  • 288 pages
  • When I Was You
  • Minka Kent
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9781542005555

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